100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

Joylandi 20-Fev, 2021
This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

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0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100


  • Have a notable day (Pls subscribe)

  • In old m I n e c r a f t it’s flat


  • 3000 days

  • Moreeeeeeee


  • Can u pls give another Ep of this

  • Can you make a 200 says of this? I LOVE this

  • Playing survival in superflat is basically removing the mine from Minecraft

  • Ok

  • interesting... this video has 696629 likes

  • well theres accully a 0.000000001 percent chase to spawn a end portal in super flat

  • Try 100 days minecraft old map

  • luke the nether use to be flat in a super flat not anymore by the way if peacfuls on mobs can still spawn in thee nether

  • Boredom: exists Luke TheNotable: *we **-do-** dont do that here*

  • Continue this series pls

  • 22:51 jesus my grandma has blood cancer

  • Fun fact when you spawn in a flat world there should be a village in each direction and they will continue on

  • If u play on console edition u can get a superflat nether

  • An apple a day keeps anything away if you trow it hard enough

  • I did it to the slime I loved before now when I see one I kill

  • The spicy exhaust comparably pray because corn unlikely match midst a quarrelsome ear. fanatical, creepy banjo

  • Do this with Toris

  • the no slime thing is throwing me off while you're talking. it's quiet. too quiet.

  • 何故スーパーフラットにしたんだ..

  • 22:49 Ha jokes on you, my grandma is no longer with us... 😥

  • Amogus

  • Great video

  • You said bitches :D

  • Part two plz🥺

  • We all want 200 days !!

  • Pls do a part 2

  • Feeling good... Just killed a million of slices and people

  • Luke. I find iron farmers vary crel Luke in his 2000 day . I kill horse for leather Me. NOW LET THAT SHINCK IN

  • “Feeling good” Just killed a women feeling good.

  • Because of you.. Farming is my favorite thing to do in minecraft

  • bro at 25:35 you will see him shoot the creeper but it will deflect an arrow

  • Do park 2

  • I was the 696,000th like. Nice

  • "Oh, and I definitely know it's not pronounced Elytra" Wait... It wasn't?

  • Infinte gta money trick he can buy 4 glass blocks for 1 emerald then he can sell glass panes to cartographers for 1 emerald for 1 glass pane

    • So basically he can turn 1 emerald into 3 emeralds

  • How you get a village in a flat world


  • Hmmm. How do you go to the end in super flat?

  • This is four months old and people are still commenting lol

  • 13:29 That transition was so dam smooth

  • Dude a mob farm is gotta be goated in a super flat world

  • Me trying minecraft superflat challenge myself *slime noises* My parents wondering what I am doing

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  • and make always part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 CONTENYOU

  • lol you can make char coal to cook

  • LTN should be on the dream smp

  • 5:51 that one caught me off guard so bad I've never heard Luke swear

  • This was the very first video I saw from this dude, and damn is he cool

  • on day 15 his shovel healed itself

  • search for the skin you want and download

  • if you hate that skin just change it on google

  • Will did you know that I remember in the older versions on the bedrock Minecraft it had only 2 layers of dirt?

  • hOW

  • 11:08 Me when I see something green

  • Slimes spawn in slime chunks at any time from about Y layer 12 or so down since your on Y layer 4 on super flat any slime chunk will spawn slimes and slime chunks are common so he just based in a area that wasn’t a slime chunk also good video

  • Just saying he could have done this on bedrock maybe slimes don’t spawn in bedrock.

    • as a bedrock player who lost a fake hardcore world to slimes, no

    • Bruh

    • They do

  • 👁👄👁

  • 13:47 at least i have a mom

  • Nice

  • Ltn there is a way to craft end portal framed apparently I ttied in bedrock edition and it didnt work

  • This is a really good tip. When your anvil is on low health, break it and place it again. You will thank me later😉

    • A damaged anvil has a 1 in 8 chance of breaking it’s just a chance not a finite number of uses left

    • Thank you

  • Your gonna be unspeakable

  • 11:36

  • i wish to see you suffer for another hundred days if slimes noises >:]

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  • The villagers purpose to notable (p r o f I t s )

  • Luke: I have to get rid of b*tches Everyone: 0-0 Also luke: wait witches

  • 5:51 the first vid that Luke swears

  • No one Absolutely no one Luke: I HAVE A BUCKET

    • There's more

  • "I gave them some bread and they started reproducing faster than your mom" XD

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  • Yeah i know slimes sound is anoying i

  • You don't deserve 3 million subscribers you deserve 20 million subscribers

  • You could just make a base from dirt with no windows or doors, and just do nothing for the 100 days, u jelly?

  • Luke you passed up the rarest banner design in the game at least I think it is it’s called snout

  • Hey Luke can you make 200 in superflat?

    • @Meet Tandel if you will count the stars you see in the day,you will realise who asked you

    • No


  • So, in older builds of the game (i.e.- back when you used to customize the blocks of the Superflat and Console), the fortress could still spawn, but it was very unlikely and was connected to having structures generate.

  • You hacker you don't have corners on the nether portal you hacker I'm telling Mojang getting you banned!!!!!!

  • 11:34 that is how you pronounce it lol

    • its pronounced eh-lee-tra but nobody calls it that because it sounds weird

  • I can't wait for 3000 days

  • Dude, 8 blocks between your water sources for you farm, not 4. much better:)

  • He didint make the 69 pun

  • I want part 2

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  • Day 100-200 would be great!

  • this guy gets more progress in a superflat than i do in a regular world

  • Luke's treating the slimes like chinese citizens lol

  • Remeber when stampy did this?

    • God that’s nostalgic, now I need to re watch that series

  • Can we have a 200 day

  • uhhhhh elytra is pronounced ee-lie-trah, not eh-lee-trah

    • It’s the same thing

    • I know youre joking but there isnt a right way to pronounce something lol its just whatever your accent is