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Joylandi 11-Iyn, 2015
Gravity Falls is a town shrouded in mystery - even beyond the walls of the Mystery Shack itself. Want to know all about Gravity Fall's secrets, ciphers, and coded messages? Prepared to be awed - and possibly weirded out - by 107 Gravity Falls Facts YOU Should Know!
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Bill Cipher still appearing in your dreams? That's okay - that's a common side effect of watching Alex Hirsch's beloved Disney XD show. Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and even Waddles all have stories to tell in 107 Facts Gravity Falls Facts YOU Should Know!
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Graphics and Edited by: Graham Higgins, James Weber, Emily Oetzell & Ashley Ogasawara
Narrated by: Emily Carson
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  • 15:59 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH THATS FUNNY 😆 *slams tabing and laghing*

  • 12:08 Well u had a wrong thing little. Ice: Wendy Lama: Pacifica

  • Oh I thought it was "Chompers"! Ok I get it 🤯💡

  • "Kings of New Jersey! Kings of New Jersey!"

  • Mabel and Dipper together make a perfectly rounded person ❤

  • number 94 is because he killed his parents

  • i do know them, actually. :)

  • “It only make you taller than me in Canada🙄✋”

  • No Dipper's real name is Mason it's written in journal 3 they sell "the journals".

  • Fact 108: Gravity Falls Turkish name is "Esrarengiz Kasaba" which means "The Mysterious Town".

  • I thought Dipper’s real name was Mason ??

  • his name is mason its in one of the journals third im pretty sure

  • 13:17 nice

  • 17:22 it’s because he destroyed his dimension and now lives in the mindscape im pretty sure he said in one of the last episode I can’t spell migedin ;-;

  • so mabels a bird brain i knew it


  • 19:00 what. It’s literally the male symbol. It is the Mars symbol but it isn’t used for that

  • I like how my fav character soos is based on jesus

  • "and he replied with 'not anymore'. what does that mean?" He said it himself to Stanford. he incinerated his home to the very last molecule. this must include his family. he murdered his family.

  • And journal 3 confirmed it

  • Dipper's real name is masson.

  • It's Star Trek: the next generation

  • me: looking for Journal 107

  • I am watching this just now and the show is already over and she doesn’t know that the glasses actually represent old man MCugget and the six fingers represent the author

  • I thought it was confusion hill in calafornia for the inspiration for the show!

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  • fact 11 was portal machine scar

  • i forgot this was before the end of season 2

  • 9:00 it's Mason

  • 12 is actually a symbol from the portal burned onto stans back

  • 4 proves alex is a good actor you cant tell these are the same

  • 13:17 Nice

  • I'm watching Gravity Falls right now-.,.

  • Wow I didn’t know he was so good at voicing so many characters!!!!

  • Its Mason

  • Dipper=mason

  • Gravity Falls is just Alex’s life but more weirdness and animation and all the others

  • Good morning im back

  • wait a minute, i have a great aunt louis too

  • Dipper's real name is actually Mason.

  • For those who don’t know the ice bag is for Wendy the llama is for Pacifica the glasses are for mcGucket the hand with 6 fingers is the author but the rest are true


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  • It literally shows it at the end of the show yet everyone still gets it wrong Shooting Star:Mabel Broken Heart:Robbie Glasses:McGucket Question Mark:Soos Ice:Wendy Clam Moon Thing:Stan PineTree:Dipper Star:Gideon Six Fingered Hand:Ford Llama:Pacifica

    • This video was 5 years ago. When season 2 wasn't out yet

  • does anyone else find it funny that they said impecable taste in founding fathers and this came out a year before hamilton the musical

  • Dipper’s real name is Mason...And these fun facts are boring stuff almost anyone who even spends 2 minutes watching the show would know

  • In question 94 when bill said I don’t have a family any more because he liberated his dimension with everyone in it including his family

  • trees if mystery is in klamath California not Oregon

  • Hadron is pronounces like had-ron not harden

  • His name is mason

  • You forgot Alex Hirsch also plays Quentin Trembly I think more tell me if I forgot also his name is Mason it’s confirmed in the irl book

  • 0_0

  • Dippers real name has yet to be confirmed- Every1 who bought the journal: his name is mason!!!!

  • Dippers real name is Mason its in the gravity falls journal 3

  • Amazing show

  • Know why bill say gompper is better this way? Gompper eyes are horizontal if yoy flip it will look like bills eyeballs

  • That the author is... 107 Me: wow 107 is the author

  • 12:00 wasn’t this confirmed on the show? 😂😂

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  • 9:46 not to be rude but I gald he declined his voice would maybe be deeper and I will probably not like bill at that point the one reason I like bill is of his voice personality and creepyness

  • We'll meet again, Don't know where, Don't know when, Oh, I know We'll meet again some sunny day.

  • Me not realizing this was before season two 🤦‍♀️

  • 12:31 fun fact The llama symbol is Pacifica cause ....I don't know ... Theories?

  • 0:27 looks like the lumber jack it chapter 2

  • I am here after finding dippers real name it’s mason

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/Ynq2jHWaq66mo6k 😎

  • You missed one fact.its that on the episode when the dipper fights robbie and dipper has the video game person to help him fight.Its base on a real game.i forget the name but I was just telling you

  • 7:31

  • "Llamas are nature's greatest warriors" -Larry King . .hence the symbol on the cipher in the intro

  • Is it just me, or does she pronounces Hadron as Hardon?

  • Well now we know... Pacifica is a llama!

  • 11:53 it's not only Dipper that's ambidextrous, the rest of the main characters are as well.

  • So basically Gravity Falls in one word is “inspired” And the characters are basically people created after people who were close to Alex

  • lliB ekil sdrawkcab gniklat m’I olleH

  • Dipper would be great friends with Dib from (Invader Zim)

  • 0:00

  • Was Gideon played as a different person when he said “oh no not the broom!”

  • 'if you like the video don't forget to like the video to let us know you liked the video' Me: Does that mean 5.1k people didn't like this video?

  • Oh the 94th question in gravity falls if you’ve watched the whole seasons you will know that he has destroyed the Flat world or that’s what I think it’s called so maybe he destroyed everyone on that planet (except him ofc) so maybe that’s what bill means.


  • Stan is the one with who you would steal declaration of independence.

  • The lama is pacifica, the glasses are mcgucket, the ice is wendy and the 6 fingered hand is stanford/the author

  • Soo... many... JOURNALS.....

  • Never would've suspected the llama being Pacifica lol

  • 75 is kewl

  • Does alex h have a channle because if he does what is it

  • His tattoo is the burn

  • this video was made on my birthday 6/11

  • ay june 18th is also my bday wow

  • 14:40 wut

  • Hadron, not Hardon

  • Alex is such a troll

  • Thank you beautiful angel for this 💞

  • Bronco Stan is my favourite character.

  • Them mispronouncing abba triggers me

  • Another fact from a Russian: In the Russian voice-over, when Dipper showed Wendy his birthmark, she said: Wow! The big Dipper bucket! Maybe this is a sign of the chosen one? (Ого! Ковш Большой медведицы! А может быть, это знак избранного?)

  • Origin of Stans tattoo: Gravity falls Season 2: Episode 12 at around 20:30 Tip: Pay attention to the symbol he Sears his back on. It’s the same symbol as his tattoo. Bonus: WaIT THerE ArE 107 JOUrnaLS NOw? Double bonus: So you telling me dat the author of the journals is the number 107. Wow

  • fun fact: mabel has as many sweaters as the number of fun facts in this video (107)

  • Therapist: Don’t worry journal 4 doesn’t exist it can’t hurt you Journal 4: Bonjour

  • The llama represents the sweater that Mabel If you wanted to know