15 Gravity Falls Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

Joylandi 4-May, 2019
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If you watched Disney’s Gravity Falls week after week when the show first premiered, you probably went through dozens and dozens of theories involving the author of Journal 3, the meaning behind so many mysteries, and the secrets Stan has been keeping. Well, after 40 episodes, a lot of those mysteries have been solved and even though the series is long over -- a ton more theories continue to get posted to the web by die-hard fans. Now it’s time to dive deep back into the Mystery Shack and reveal some of the craziest fan theories which might actually be true!
While Cipher was seemingly gone for good in the show’s series finale -- this may not be the case and the one-eyed demon could easily make a return to Gravity Falls in the future. One of the craziest theories to come from this is Mabel’s connection to the future and how her fate will pan out. That future could be represented in a key scene from the first Back to the Future. Ahh, how many times have you run into a Gravity Falls fan and had the conversation of Dipper’s real name come up in conversation. For multiple years it was one of the main topics of discussion and speculation on the show. And while a lot of these presumptions were completely wrong, the reasoning behind them definitely made sense. Watch to see all of these theories and several others as we dive into Gravity Falls characters like Soo, Bill, Stan, and Ford. Some of these theories were already proven while others could come true with some confirmation in the future!
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  • Bill has a twin brother his name is ... billy

  • A theory that I was hopping to see was why Craz and Xyler where real like why didn’t they turned dark like the rest of the characters in maybeland ?

  • He keeps saying Soo, its Soos

  • 9:30 this made me laugh

    • 😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤 10:53

    • AND AGAINN !!! 10:48

    • AND AGAINNNN 10:47

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    • HE SAID IT AGAIN 10:09

  • he says "soo" multipl times. MULTIPL TIMES!

  • it.s soos not soo

  • You're awesome with the Gravity Falls ready

  • Dippers name is Mason

  • This is true it's not fake

  • crazy theory: William from the amazing world of Gumball came to Gravity Falls for a crossover during weirdmageddon

  • My name is Mason and I can confirm my dad teases me by calling me my son

  • I did watch the show week after week waiting for the episodes to air but I was like 6 I didn't make any Theories.

  • actually there is 41 episodes since on disney plus they have 21 episodes on the season 2

  • When you go to the episode when Phil got destroyed put it backwards and you can hear a hidden message

  • This is crazy! Stan and Fords house when they were kids, there is a eye in one of the windows!

  • His name is mason it says in the journal

  • Maybe yar right bill might return

  • What is 618

  • My father!

  • This is one of the best videos I've ever seen.

  • ok you were right theres a lost future episode with a bloody dipper saying on how his MABLE died meaning that he was the lone pine tree

  • What if Bill cipher's brother was the Illuminati


  • Hadn’t Ford meet Wendy!?

  • 10:41 is that goat bill cipher!?

  • Bill is true wow

  • Dipper is called Mason yehhhhh

  • We need a gravity falls movie.

  • Bro it soos not sue

  • and also we all know this three years ago

  • you are copying someone

  • A-X-O-L-O-T-L, wait is bill a axolotl

  • I like how he calls Zeus “Sue” instead of “Zeus”


  • Bill retuns when someone take his hand🔺️🟨

  • it was Bill cipher cause also during the writing of journal 3 if you read the entire published journal 3 it says ford let bill possess him so he could help write in his journal so he could actually rest

  • The axolotl that dipper and Mabel saw looks like the one from Minecraft

  • for theary 9 sooses dad was probably scared to come back, i think that because before sooses grandmother came in his room she said if sooses dad ever come back she would tear him apart limb by limb.

  • in a gravity falls short dipper ask a mailbox when is the end of the world and it says 3012 and when time baby was destroyed it takes 1000 years so the cells come back together and in the time travelers pig when they are in the future thats the end of the world 3012 when time baby´s back!

  • mabel is not dippers twin?

  • Something says that Stan will come back in a different form what if you comes. Back as a star

  • Stan is not what he seems

  • does anyone else notice the dislikes????

  • Bill chiper: rdyytdtjxtujdtuut,Kutcher, A x o l o t o l my time has come to burn i invoke the ancient power that I’ll May return

  • Yup, bill is alive Not surprised and I know everything -_-

  • The m name is mason

  • i have a theory

  • I’m sorry guys but um. Gravity Falls is never coming back

  • The two dippers are the ones toke the bike into the woods

  • Did anyone know that there is a real statue of Bill syther?!😱

  • Film theory al ready did that

  • A-x-o-l-t-o-x my time is to burn i hafe the aciant power i may return bill cipher says that

  • Beeeellllll cipherrr is baacckkkk!!!!!

  • HI SCREEN RANT may i have a shoutout i understand if you dont want to

  • Dippers name is mason cool right

  • This is film theory’s you need to be copyrighted

  • People say bill has 3 brothers will,kill,fill

  • Can anyone here please be so kind hearted and recommend me where to watch gravity falls in full series? Some of the clips on yt r deleted :

  • Dam dippers real name is the name of my brother feel real cool

  • That first fact could mean that the Series could make a return

  • ScreenRant: Dippers true name is never revealed Me watching this in the future: MASON! IT IS MASON

  • I thut soos was zooz

  • i want bill

  • IF bill has a broder he could be the egsact opissete of bill.

  • Maby Bill Will return as the star from the tent of telepathy

  • Bill cipher is the Illuminati dodo he has all the looks of the Illuminati check your dollar bill if you don’t believe me

  • I think I saw the journal. in 4s hands

  • The bird I'm pretty sure bill will possess the bird that landed on him

  • This was such an amazing show! Binge watched the whole show in 2 days! Lololol

  • ah yes *l é b a m*

  • I think bill doesn't only have 1 brother but 3 brothers

  • What is it with you guys mispronouncing names “soo” come on

  • There are eyes in Star vs. the forces of Evil and the owl house. The Owl House or Hooty has a glass window that blinks you only see one of Belos's eyes. In Star the all seeing eye spell narwal only has one eye what is with the eyes. Also in Star there are infinite Dimensions. Until star destroy the magic realm with Eclipsa, Moon and Meteora.

  • Bill cipher just got reincarnated as the beast in over the garden wall... there solved it

  • Hey man as cool as it sounds I think its pretty weird for Quetzalcoatl to be Bill's brother he's a God of life and in his story is kind to mortals even stopped the blood sacrifices, but if we really want to get into a God that just an ass I think the Greek pantheon would work.

  • It's pronounced zeus

  • Bill is in fact based off of the illuminati they where originally going to make him green but he looked like a leaf but if you look in the episode fight fighters you can see a green bill also the illuminati is on the dollar bill hence his name

  • 3:57, sorry bruh but ur way off

  • For the first theory, what if Stan remembered Bill? All his memories come back, so why shouldn't he?

  • Wait... Why didn’t bill come back after Stanley gained his memories back?


  • 41 episodes

  • His name is sues

  • mason hmmm sounds reverse falls

  • Dipper’s real name is mason pines

  • Ok what if all the dipper clones souls went into ipper

  • His nick name is Soos dawg

  • Mason

  • Dippers name is Mason. If you read the first pages of the book you will see that he refers to himself as Mason.

  • Or.... you watched the whole show in two days :) season 1 first day season 2 second day

  • I just knew something bill cipher was illuminati, when u look closer at bill cipher. See it? Yes I'm not telling you guys. I was really excited to tell u guys 😘

  • this show doesn’t look like a kids show

  • Dippers name is mason


  • The pines mall could be referring to the stans

  • The book actually isn't considered canon, this was confirmed by the creator.

  • It’s Soos not Sew

  • and in the legend of Zelda ocarenia of time link learns the song of storms from the old man at the windmill as an adult then teaches the same old man at the windmill the song of storms as a child.


  • Sad