19 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Base

Joylandi 22-Fev, 2021
19 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Base! There are plenty of different locations to build your next minecraft house, but some of them are pretty rare that (almost) nobody builds a minecraft base there. So today, we're traveling to some of the rarest and strangest locations to build your new minecraft base, whether that's under a friend's base, in the rarest biome in minecraft, or so much more. Let's see the ridiculous places to build your Minecraft base in this minecraft 1.16 Skip the Tutorial list video!
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Edited by: haleyascharf.com​​
Research and map by Jonah Walters
Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at uzfire.info
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Other Credits:
The house used in the intro:
Minecraft Ravine Base with Everything you NEED to Survive!!!
Hermitcraft 5: Episode 18 - MONUMENT BASE!
I made a Walking House in Minecraft 1.14
AFK Ocean Monument Draining 1.11+
The build modified for thumbnail:


  • Subscribe or evicted

  • All I could think of while watching this was philza end build

  • Me and my friend have a world where I live in a pillager outpost.

  • I have actually gone into a creative mode world, and restored a ship, and created a glass bottle around it, then drained it

  • 0:20 american when gender reveal party

  • I actually made a base with a pirate ship

  • For my base I destroyed and end city and recreated it in the overworld

  • I swear there are no fossils in the over world

  • I love how he said pillager but Minecraft said vindicator... XD

  • purple IS my favorite color so i wont mind :)

  • I didn't even know fossils were in Minecraft-

  • Did you say a jungle is hard to find :0 I’m the most luckyest person in the world XD

  • How about a house on a mushroom?

  • In total I have seen 16 ghost towns so there not that rare (I’m on pocket edition)

  • He- zombie villages are rare Me who just found 8 zombie villages while finding a Normal village :- ._.

  • 5:32 you wrote fungeon!

  • The first one i build before with my friend

  • that building in the thumbnail is my build but smaller

  • 4,044th

  • I find those vacated villages so much in bedrock

  • Ya me to

  • In a multiplayer server I set up shop in a ship. Made a whole bunch of islands above it to serve as my above ground base. Honestly my favorite base I’ve built so far. Even had a conduit. Sadly the world is reset now, but I enjoyed it while I had it.

  • Minecraft is not sandbox okay wait before you go to hate, let me say what I need to say. Minecraft is sandbox-like game BUT there is objective; KILL A ENDER DRAGON! And fine video btw.

  • skip: "there is a 2% chance of finding ghost villages also me: cant find real villages fr i have not found a real village for like 6 months now

  • :-D

  • so you’re telling me there is a 0.00027% chance to BUILD my house in a random place

  • I once made a base in a ravine that opened up to the ocean cause it was a sea level ravine but also going into land, and I made it an under water house

  • For living on top of the nether I can’t do that on bedrock

  • I subbed. Did I prove them wrong?

  • What if you modified a mineshaft into a HUGE underground complex? Well, once I find that mineshaft in my one minecraft world, I'm gonna do that!

  • 10:01 we have an smp that we play with origins mod and i literally used to live in under one of my friend's house :D i'm a phantom yes

  • me who has lived inside of an undrained ocean monument, and a ravine in the same world: 👁👄👁 ✨interesting✨

  • I lived in a pillager tower they never stopped spawning but we got lots of arrows

  • respawn anchors work in the end

  • 2% chance for zombie villages My worlds: 50% take it or leave it

  • my friend is building a secret base on bedrock in one of the ocean monuments and he has already gotten rid of the water

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  • Lol im a male and i like Purp

  • I lost my friend 27 days in minecraft, i thought my friend live in another island and then i'm suprised when i saw my friend building his house in inside my toilet.

  • i cant wait make base at warder dungeon and let the warder be my friend :D

  • Me and my friends live in a nether fortress base but have our main ones in the over world-

  • My friend lives in a ocean monument.

  • Skip: abandond village rare me: *spawns next to one*

  • I noticed super mario maker 2 music in the video

  • *Umm..* Me: thinking about every abandoned village I see in my world🤐

    • I made my abandoned village a village for myself

  • Him: most of us live in skeletons Me: MOST?

  • I live in tnt and my friend troll me

  • I have a house one block below the build limit lol I also made a house in The end like yesterday

  • I'll do you one better. Live inside an End Crystal Pillar. I hope you have unbreaking 3 on your netherite pick.

  • Once you realize that someone’s house so that you realize that you can never build something as good as it

  • 6:55 me whos built an entire dragon town on a jungle tree inside a jungle: *am i a joke to this*

  • I was in a dessert once and I started to dig straight down and I fell into a ravine and landed on a ribcage

  • Me: under sand seems dangerous

  • Me And An Family Member Of Mine Actually Found A Floatin Shipwreck In Minecraft That We Turned Into Our Base

  • sosig

  • The nasty school radiographically wink because sock bailly deserve with a truthful rowboat. flippant, lying improvement

  • my sister and her friend found a fossil i told her it was rare and she took a screenshot and dug it up????

  • I saw a fossil under a sand temple now i live there

  • Sir I have a mushroom biome seed you can try. Zion

  • you cant respawn in the end can u use respawn anchor in the end or in nether only

  • In my minecraft world my base is in outpost

  • hol'up the jungle biome is RARE!?!?!!

  • I made a "sky" base in a jungle because I ended up cutting down the tree holding it up. Then I made too much space up there so big that it's as big as at least 37% of my map

  • 6:02 after playing MC for more than 3 years i only found those thing NOT in the nether for only around 1 or 2 times. I think it's rarer than netherite

  • Once I had a world with 3 undead villages in the space of 500 blocks. Like, really?. I’ll give seed if u want me to

  • i actually have 2 worlds with the 0.00027% biome

  • Who needs dirt houses when we can life under lava?

  • I have 2 worlds creative) with a raid tower that i am repairing on those worlds they are mah home

  • We lived in ruvin me and my brother in mcpe

  • I've had a Pillager house and no matter what I did, they kept spawning. But it was so worth it. I loved it.

  • I play bedrock on the computer and I lost all my netherite gear because you cant build on the nether roof and I didn't know that about bedrock. I hope people read this before they make the same mistake I did. Just makes me want to play java more.

  • AA12 made a reven base it is huge

  • “no way of getting them back” Me with my “Gamerule Keep inventory true”: Huh?

  • I found a fossil once and I didn’t know what it was so I just left it I’m so angry

  • I try building a portal to get back from the ceiling in the Nether, but in Bedrock you can’t build anything there since that’s the building limit.

  • cumgeon

  • u forgot the desert temple i iive in the secret chest place expanded it and its amazing.

  • Wheres the Woodland mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you hear very very closely you can hear animal crossing music

  • what does 0.00027% means -_-?

  • Is it rare that I’ve seen fossils in minecraft Atleast 5 times in the over world (different worlds but I think two were same world) Also abandoned villages are 2%??? I know they’re uncommon BUT IVE SEEN THEM SO MUCH?? IVE SEEN THREE IN MY ONE WORLD

  • I know Atleast one 2b2t player smiled when they saw the end base

  • Me who has a world with 2 Mushroom biomes, 1 Pillager Outpost, 3 Fossil Ribcage (I think?), And a Woodland Mansion of a house.

  • I am really lucky my pretty simple home is by one

  • Does anyone know what the music is at 8:13? I recognize it, I just cant put a name on it

  • I made sky base with bridge

  • I have a masion (Made in creative mode) there's an abonded village and a pillager outpost like less then 50 blocks away from my house!

  • I have found 2 zombie villages every new world I go in

  • i live in a sunflower medaow!!

  • Nice Pokemon pearl Music

  • I’m the king of the bamboo! Well hm not really but I do have some freinds

  • 1:4 we can do it bc we was subscribe everycense

  • oor you could just live in the plains

  • Lol the house will never burn down chests can’t burn

  • Skeleton reveal

  • *talking about minecraft, pokemon music in the background lol*

  • 0.00027% what!?

  • #6 says you can build on the roof of the nether but you can’t. Do you know why?

  • ldshadolady kingdom craft

  • So whenever youtubers say subscribe fast bla bla and stuff i'm like GOTTA GO FAST GOTTA GO FAST But then, I see The subscribe button Already subscribed ;-;