2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

Joylandi 19-Dek, 2020
This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*
Please do not re-upload any of this content
C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Introduction - Sub to LTN
0:22 Day 1000-1100
13:40 Day 1100-1200
24:16 Day 1200-1300
35:52 Day 1300-1400
47:31 Day 1400-1500
1:00:31 Day 1500-1600
1:07:32 Day 1600-1700
1:20:49 Day 1700-1800
1:32:22 Day 1800-1900
1:45:13 Day 1900-2000


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  • Game pleier

  • Uum can we get a 3000 day video..?? Cuz i really enjoy theese 100 or more day videos and so do tge rest 30.000.000 people who watched

  • his voice is so annoying

  • In the beginning he said it wasn’t about vanity now it’s all about vanity

  • It day 2020 gunna be bad just like last year?

  • survive 3000 days in Minecraft hard-core

  • luke makes avieo called l survived 10000 days also luke: lets cover the map with emeralds

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  • Love this man... he always so creative for EVERYTHING heeh

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  • I love it when he rhymes.

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  • Must. Have. 3000. Days. Will. Die. Without. It.

  • I’m ready for 3000

  • He didn’t do anything special for day 2000 he just sat there


  • Pov: you watch the entire video because it's satisfying to watch

  • This was posted on my birthday and I’m rewatching out of respect because of that

  • Can we just appreciate that the video is exactly 2 hours long

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  • 1:54:06 *Luke_TheNotable experienced kinetic energy*

  • I am ready for the cave and cliffs update 1000 more days


    • @Segundina Rativo maybe giants

    • That too easy for it to be in such a long amount of time also what do u mean even zombies? They are so common lmao

  • U didnt Beat the game u need every advencment

    • He did beat the game

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  • challenge idea: 100 days vegitarian. that means nothing can be obtained with clear evidence of killing animals.(example: killing sheep for wool for beds isn't allowed, but shearing them is). hostile mobs don't count for this challenge

  • When the vid has 30M views but luke only has 3M subs :/

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  • 19:25 he must not level up

  • I can't believe I watched 2 hours of minecraft 🤣🤣🤣 but it was enjoyable never the less

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  • You should do 3000 days keep the series going it’s really popular and I really like it

  • hey my nickname is viper

  • luke:"sure my house is tall but maximum height u can go in minecraft" 1.17:perthetic

  • @lazarbeam he’s copying you with the melons

  • 3 thousand days

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  • You should make a enderman xp farm

    • @Hinata Naki you can do it easy in the end

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  • Pink sheep at 1:02:57 I did not watch 1st part 1000 days

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  • 30.000.000 views and only 3.000.000 subscribers? Are people THAT lazy?They just have to press on the subscribe button:/

    • no

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  • If you want to use the anchor then use it in the nether. Kind of like an Opposite bed.

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  • 1:21:25 foreshadowing

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  • Plzzz do a 3000 days video! We would enjoy it sooooo much!

  • this guy is such a good minecrafter