2021 Kia Telluride Review: Kia's Golden Goose | CarGurus

Joylandi 21-Yan, 2021
The Kia Telluride debuted to huge sales. But what's new for 2021?

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At Kia, the Telluride's come to be called the "Selluride." Dealers don't need to discount these three-row SUVs to move them off the lot--in some states, it seems that buyers line up around the block. So what new features have the Korean automaker added to the 2021 model? Well for one, there's the new Nightfall Edition.

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Presenter: Christian Wardlaw
Cinematography: Dan Sharp
Written review: Christian Wardlaw
0:00 Introducing the 2021 Kia Telluride
0:49 Exterior Overview
1:29 Pricing
2:48 Interior Details
3:53 Infotainment System
4:27 Rear Seats and Cargo Space
6:05 Driving Impressions
8:22 Final Thoughts


  • I think there are a ton of these on the road because of the value. It has what everyone wants, all at a reasonable price.

  • I want to see the drivers door opened and the entrance, please .

  • Kia will always be garbage. Nice review though.

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  • too much money. same tech as 2014 and up "give or take". Kia was suppose to be affordable no competitive but hey, once a business gets its foot in the door they change the focus and goals. sad!

  • I bought the SX Nightfall but without the Prestige package. I got the butterscotch leather which is the only interior color that comes with a black headliner - which I love.

  • Anyone know if Kia’s are reliable long term? I’m looking to replace a 2006 Acura MDX with 220K miles that has been very reliable at some point so I’m doing my research

    • My optima ex is at 205k miles no issues, granted its mainly highway driven

    • My wife has the 2016 Optima .Top trim. It's our 3rd one. Almost no issues with any of them. One had a sticky gas door release. One had a brake sensor failure. All covered under warranty.I am waiting on my Telluride SX..should be about 15 more days until it goes into production.. It will be the 2022 model, my dealer tells me. It's the exact color combo in the video. I still have time to change colors, I think I will leave it with the Everlasting Silver. Thought about the upgraded Glacier White with the Dune interior. Best of luck.

  • Too bad most dealerships are sticking it to the customer by jacking up the prices way above MSRP.

    • @SarbearNP Greed on the brethren, greed on the dealership. I don't care at the end of the day-my cat has cancer now so I'm focusing on that.

    • They’re not sticking it to the customer. There’s huge demand for SUVs and not a lot of supply. It’s how economics works… Your fellow brethren willing to pay over MSRP are to blame, not the dealerships.

    • I was at a local KIA recently and overheard a employee tell someone that the demand justifies the current prices and then he said 5-8 grand above MSRP, then got off the phone. He was so arrogant about it. It's just a car! Never pay above MSRP, especially that much and for a KIA. It's not worth it.

    • Seriously. I’ve noticed that

  • Omg 😍😍😯

  • Thank you for being so honest! Helps making a good decision that much easier!

  • Don’t like that thick lcd panel sticking up on the dash. That should be at least 1/2 the depth, and should have glass front.

  • This guy tells his family to get some sleep, they have a big day tomorrow

  • is it me or is the seat coming apart above his hand at 3.22?

  • Nice suv but dealers here in PA/NJ are gouging 3k - 10k over msrp. No thanks

  • Wind noise on the driver's side. Real issue that hasn't been addressed. Beware!!!! I own a 2021 nightfall edition EX awd, 2k mile.

  • KIA should replace the steering wheel with the one used in the new minivan.

  • Best SUV .

  • Warning: your kia could catch on fire!

  • apparently CarGurus does not have access to a tripod.

  • This SUV is over hyped, I did not like the build quality it felt cheap to me. I have settled for Chevy Traverse insted.

  • SX fully loaded was going for 65k+. My Ex loaded was 51k. Had a 5k market adjustment

  • Excellent video. Very entertaining and informing.

  • It finally feels like they are selling a car in the USA, that all the other countries want...I remember always wanting cars that they sell in other countries but not in the US. So that's how it feels like..!

  • The Kia Telluride has become to expensive to my liking. Seriously considering it but The Explorer XLT 4WD is now cheaper than this one with almost the same amount of features.

    • Sure, but KIA is far more reliable than Ford

  • A kia is a kia..after two or three years may be start problems..

    • You talking about VW, Rand Lovers?

  • Just put a deposit on mine will be here 3/9/21

  • One downside to this vehicle, is the performance. I have a family of four, and we drove my brother's AWD Telluride, up to Yosemite National Park. Something we frequently do. The vehicle had two adults, two kids, and camping gear. It performed terribly going up the mountains. We decided not to buy one after thanking my brother for the test drive. I'm sure it's fine for everyday driving, but if you're a family that needs strong performing SUV, I'd look elsewhere.

  • Nice rivew

  • Those amber drls are awful. Hope no other manufacturer follows suite.

  • Looks like a fantastic vehicle. I'm going to wait 3 years and buy a pre-owned one at 60% of its original MSRP. I'll let the first owner eat the steep depreciation cost.

    • @atl3630 that’s becuase overall demand for the vehicle is still very high

    • Ive had mine for two years. It has depreciated 12%.

  • I test drove and had a rough ride and that was doing 25 miles an hr dealers are asking 6,000 more for this vehicles no bargain you couldn’t sell it your loan would be upside down I pass you should do the same

    • I have a 2020 Telluride so if it was a rough ride something's wrong with it. That is NOT normal.

    • First I heard of this. I saw plenty of videos and test drove and didn’t experience what you noted.

    • Rough ride? It’s critics say the ride is to soft.

  • Who else HATES the name Kia and their logo?

    • Why would you have to 'hate' them?

    • well, i am good with that :)

  • I need those amber DRL's!! too sad not avail in home country Koreaㅠㅠ

  • Getting my SX in a week. Can’t wait! Thank you for providing a great and strong evaluation of the car.

    • One downside to this vehicle, is the performance. I have a family of four, and we drove my brother's AWD Telluride, up to Yosemite National Park. Something we frequently do. The vehicle had two adults, two kids, and camping gear. It performed terribly going up the mountains. We decided not to buy one after thanking my brother for the test drive. I'm sure it's fine for everyday driving, but if you're a family that needs strong performing SUV, I'd look elsewhere.

  • It’s a Kia = low quality Korean made vehicle. People buys these cars because their cheap

    • If there's supposedly "no reliability", KIA really putting themselves into a bind by dishing out 10 year/100k powertrain & 5 year/60k everything else warranties 🤔

    • @Eddie Stoked sorry, engineered in Korea. Low end, economy cars stay away from unless you like throwing $$ down the drain

    • They are manufactured in America

    • Plus , it's a hight quality unlike their 90s.

    • Did you saw the price tag of the Kia Hyundai? They are not really cheap now

  • 4K video? Looks a bit soft.

  • Lower trims aren't as good as the competition.

  • Only thing I'm not pleased with is the lack of fog lights on my S . Even my sports trac XLT came with fog lights .

    • You bought a low trim. You don’t get things.

  • Great review on the awd and off road capabilities.

  • Love your reviews. Love this vehicle. Especially with the blacked-out chrome.

  • I can't believe you are promoting Kia. Does it also include a fire extinguisher?

    • What’s wrong with that? Dude, these new Kia’s are amazing! And the 6 cylinder engines had no issues.

  • They must change those ugly narrow Headlights

  • lm pleasantly surprised as one of the hardest critic's on the tube,thanks.

    • @gree Well.. new 3.5 isn't that bad

    • because Hyundai engine is crap.

  • A Giant SUV + Giant reviewer, both with great personalities👍

  • I love the Telluride But someone needs to investigate the windshield (easy crack) issues. I’ve replaced it twice so far...

    • I sure hope you didn't have to pay for that. KIA should be replacing a for free.They know that's a known issue God bless.

    • Oh noooooooo. I’m waiting for mine to be delivered. Didn’t hear about windshield issue 😡

  • I’m a Kia fan and I just don’t like those front lights!

  • Just got my 21 SX Prestige a month ago. Fantastic vehicle.

    • @Cboy Seeboy it’s an option for 2022.

    • @Steve Doyel does it have any rear entertainment o haven’t seen any screens for kids to watch a dvd

    • @Julie Rosenson It's quiet and smooth.

    • how quiet or noisy is the ride?

    • Lucky you. I’m waiting for S package.

  • KIA Killed In Action

  • Still cannot make enough.

  • That is a good looking car. No doubt. At 40k these are decent deals. At 50k it begins to compete with Tahoe which really is not in same class, I take Tahoe at 50 but at 40 this creams the competition.

    • @Garrett Harding Where did you order it ? I’ve checked some out this week and dealers marking it up 8k smh

    • @Bianca L Tried pricing a top trim Explorer lately?

    • It’s way more the 40 there up to 60 it’s crazy

    • @Braeton Wilson ordered my telluride and there was no dealer mark up. Anybody paying more than msrp needs their head examined

    • @Braeton Wilson It's certainly the case that the Tahoe has a significant advantage when it comes to serious towing. (Over 8000 lbs rated vs 5000 lbs.) But that advantage is a major priority among a tiny percentage of 3 row SUV purchasers who plan to tow VERY large loads. And yes, the Tahoe is a fullsize SUV compared to the Telluride in the midsize category. But there's a reason that midsize SUVs far outsell fullsize SUVs. When 90% or more of the miles one puts on a vehicle is in suburban traffic and as a daily driver, a midsize vehicle is far more likely to meet most buyers' needs. Finally, I seriously doubt that you can find a Chevy dealer discount a Tahoe to such an extent that you can purchase a vehicle comparable in features to a Telluride for a price difference of only $5000. I may be wrong, of course. Tahoe sales for 2020 are down 26% compared to 2019 so perhaps you can find a desperate dealer.

  • My friends say my Telluride is like a luxury limo with suv capabilities. The Edmunds evaluation of Telluride long term is that it will have excellent reliability as well. A 10 year warranty and overwhelming consumer demand mean that you can also expect excellent resale value.

  • 2022 MDX for great design, reliability and holding value.

    • @Braeton Wilson well they don’t really comepete. That’s a semi luxury vehicle. But this does compete because this feels just as luxurious. Dude you need to get Kia’s history out of your mind.

    • @Braeton Wilson I would choose the MDX too. I might trade in my Telluride if it is a better vehicle but I doubt that dealers will be selling them at MSRP. The MDX will also sell for higher than MSRP because it will be the hot new vehicle on the lot. My 2021 Telluride EX was 47k out the door because. Dealers are ordering with adding accessories that can't be removed like 20in rims, tow package, AWD, paint color, etc. If you don't want the ones on the lot and decide to order one from KIA then the wait is up to 6 months.

    • @Gary .S Is it more expensive? With the huge dealer markup that a lot of these greedy Kia dealers are demanding, not much difference between an MDX and Telluride. I would choose MDX anyday.

    • Its also more expensive than a Telluride. Acura and Kia will depreciate at the same rate.

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Chris.... once again, your review makes me ponder that I may need this SUV. ♥️

  • Kia telluride sexy looks & boxer style but for sure no reliability

    • If there's supposedly "no reliability", KIA really putting themselves into a bind by dishing out 10 year/100k powertrain & 5 year/60k everything else warranties 🤔

    • @Braeton Wilson oh please dumbass. Do you look at specs dumabss.

    • @Braeton Wilson yea not all of em. The 6 cylinder engines from Kia/Hyundai are known to be bulletproof.

    • Do you think car experts do not know abt cars ? How did Telluride get all the car awards like Car of the Year, Car of the North America to name a few and 1 year after its release it still gets all the claps n kudos from consumers n experts.

    • Yep. Kia & Hyundai are known for throwing a lot of features (heated seats, cooled seats, digital key, smart park etc.) to impress gullible people but not much substance underneath. It's like adding a lot of whipped cream and cherries on top of feces and expecting to impress people. I'm sure you've heard of all the Kia/Hyundai engines exploding too.

  • Ah not bad still think CX9 the best.

    • @Braeton Wilson but Hyundai is way up there. Kia isn’t that low. Plus their 6 cylinder engines are great.

    • @Eric Glueckert maybe in a survey like 16yrs ago or he’s a member of scoty’s angels

    • @Stephen HendricksThe reason I chose CX9 cause its different than all the rest.a true sport sedan ride and looks.no one else has with suv versatility at the drop of a hat.real 6 speed automatic,less can go wrong,don't need 9 gears .and a real torgue converter.real nice reliable 2.5 turbo which they use in almost all models. and no start and stop junk. Easy to get in for elderly no stepper needed.This is really a family man suv with a sporty car attitude.and trust me there's a ton of room in It.Mazda been around 100yrs.great product im 100% happy with the CX9.great SUv

    • @Braeton Wilson Kia is actually ranked very highly under Toyota/Lexus.

    • The CX-9 is bland at best.

  • Kia's tend to make nicer exteriors and the sister vehicle at Hyundai tend to have nicer interiors. The Telluride and Pallisade are true to form in my opinion.

    • The Telluride has more of a rugged facade, while still traditional looking it still bears a tasteful interior. The Palisade has a softer facade and looks bit more techy. For me I would go for the Telluride but for those north of the border like myself (Canadians), I would settle for the EX or SX (non-Captains Chairs) for the price, features I would go SX Limited. We in Canada start at the EX equal to your S Trim in the US. However we get the large screen with Navi across the board. Our EX boasts synthetic leather though. Nightshade for us is strictly for SX Limited.

    • @derek flint well... I'm a female and I prefer the look of the Telluride!! ;-)

    • I've heard it said that Telluride was designed more for male buyers while Palisade was designed more for female buyers-perhaps on that interior /exterior comparison. Either is a great luxury suv! It should be noted that they both got top safety ratings too.

    • @Facts matter those were tiny cars and thank god it’s not 2018 anymore

    • 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles In America 9. Kia Rio (2015-18) 7. Kia Forte (2015-18) 6. Hyundai Elantra (2011-16) 2. Hyundai Accent (2012-2017)

  • Kia Telluride is a great value for a premium 3 row family SUV which is why it's in such high demand. However, many Kia dealers nationwide are charging up to $10,000 over MSRP for a new Telluride SX. Such huge dealer mark-up is ridiculous and we shouldn't encourage this crass display of greed by buying a Telluride. As luxurious as the interior is, the Telluride is not worth 10K or even 5K over MSRP.

    • @Mopar Mission Yes each dealership is independently owned and will have different policies.

    • @Braeton WilsonMaybe in your area but my salesman said all Telluride's were MSRP. Its seems that each dealer has their own plans lol

    • @Mopar Mission From what I've been told, it's easier to pay just MSRP on the lower trims. However if you want the desirable top SX trim, you do have to pay heavy dealer mark-up in most Kia dealerships.

    • I'm in New York state and payed MSRP for my EX

    • @Braeton Wilson Dealer markups "suck for Telluride buyers" only if customers choose to purchase from dealers who add them to the transaction price. As for "industry insiders" saying KIA limits production to "elevate the whole KIA brand," that's simply ridiculous. I can just imagine the meeting. "Hey guys, here's an idea. Let's cut revenue so we'll improve our brand's 'reputation.' Imagine how much more respect we'll get in the industry." Anyone who'd make such a suggestion would no doubt be clearing out his/her desk by the end of the day. As for KIA's "unsavory reputation," I assume you need to put on sunglasses when you emerge from that rock where you've been living for the last decade. KIA no doubt retains its reputation as "value" brand that offers significantly more and better features than its rivals for a price somewhat less than the competition but it's been years since its sales reflected a reputation as building "cheap, low quality cars." At least that's true among those who have any actual knowledge of the automotive industry. And no, I'm neither a KIA salesman nor do I work for KIA corporate. I'm a software designer and business executive who has a fair idea of how corporate business operates.

  • I See them on the road ill agree but i see more Ford Explorers than Tellurides...also the Dealership near me has alot on the lot and not many moved... i hear alot of reviews saying they cant keep up with demand but if there still alot on the lot as you said is that statement accurate??

    • @Ed Kelly I suspect that figure would be 8.1K Tellurides not "81K". In the first 3 months of 2021 KIA reported Telluride sales in the US as 22K. It's certainly true that Tellurides sell almost immediately when they're delivered to dealers but a figure of 81,000 sales in a month would dwarf the entire sales of 2020.

    • @Stephen Hendricks I believe Kia sold 81k tellurides last month

    • Moron!!! 1 specific dealer????

    • @Robert Porter When you learn to spell and punctuate perhaps you'll be better understood. I don't usually comment on such matters unless a poster brags about graduating at the top of their class without mentioning that it was a special education class. P.S. The word you were trying to spell was "dominant," not "dominate." Dominant is an adjective while dominate is a verb. Analogous to "ignorant" and "ignore, a verb that now applies to you.

    • @Stephen Hendricks LOL such a bottom.lol Dominate one at that. rather funny.

  • Chris! Long time no see! Great review. Love your reviews. Honest and detailed.

  • C’mon Kia this is 2021, you need to put in LED headlights on all the trims.

    • u mean projector LED headlights