26 Mysterious Places You Can Go If You Dare

Joylandi 7-Apr, 2021
Some places look so other-worldly that it's hard to believe they're located right here on planet Earth. Would you like to see them? Let's go on a journey to remember!
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  • Is it just me or did they say snake island twice?

  • The computer was not from Greeks but from Albanians at that time were called Pellazgians or Pellazg than became Illyrians now called Albanians at that time Greeks didnt exist they came from Egypt …but they always tried to steal our History the whole Ballkan tries to stea our History

  • 6mint 19 second....please remove wrong India map replace it adding jammu & kashmir

  • Metagross's X on it's head is inspired by the X on the Antikythera Mechanism

  • you mentioned snake island 2 times

  • Dude these ppl are prob billionaire

  • 👍

  • Man! I know what thins is about ! Let me get my popcorn

  • What about Chernobyl

  • I don’t think I am going over there

  • Amazing😍hopefully each 1 place I will cover👍👌🙋✌

  • the place mentioned at the timestamp 2:30 is actually on my bucket list to visit.

  • A cruise ship will hit the island if the light house (Snake island) isn't on. Does the light house turn on by remote?

  • 1:22 69km,nice

  • hi


  • So we not gonna talk about how they mentioned snake island twice...

  • So invent a snake gitter.

  • The title should be: 26 cool but mysterious places. P.S it repeated 2 of the same locations

  • That steep side on the road is also popular and normal sights in Philippine roads.. We call it "pampang" in Cebuano.. I don't know in Tagalog...

  • Whoa

  • mr bright side what is more Mysterious bermuda triangle or the great sphinx of giza

  • 6:13 red water=rusty iron

  • His merch is la la life related or something like that😀

  • I really like snakes

  • Who is from Egypt here

  • Wow North East India.. And I am from it😆


  • its a comb jellyfish

  • hey they sed orda cave more like "or the cave"

  • FACT" This UZfire channel makes us smart

  • 90% Mystery Things comes from Underwater

  • The voice changed

  • 8:10 are giants exists before?

  • Is going to be 40M!!!!!!

  • Wow bacteria doesn't need oxygen to LIVE

  • 1:55 yall need a new living arrangement lol

  • nobody gonna talk about how the voice changed- or am i tripping. bc it sounds like deku is talking to me in the beginning 💀💀

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  • Han Solo: where’s my ship 🚢 🛳

  • “Snake island” Me: does King Kong like there?

  • Why do you always use the incorrect map of India?

  • 8:12 I saw this in livik map 😂😂

  • is there mudesa on snake island

  • It said the anaconda was really big. Well there was a massive snake called a titanaboa ages ago. Maybe it is still real!

  • Great Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 is a cool place..Stone towers and structures built without any brick mortar over 1000 yrs old..lots of mysterious structures in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

  • Your so close to 40 million subs.

  • The pigowins

  • 2:31 yall i told you we forgot to close the door when we got out


  • B r a z i l

  • 1:25 69Km? does anyone understand what I am trying to say?

  • Hello...from Manipur...Yes the floating grass exist here

  • Will there be a anaconda or the dangerous snake could be a saw-scaled viper there super scary

  • 6:50 its my state

  • Yeah Loktak lake👍

  • I never new that there is something like that0 in Lebanon

  • How many likes did this video get? For me it says N/A


  • Football fields, school buses, subway cars. You must be from the US.

  • On fire for +40 years Simpson's fire tires: *Pathetic*

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  • Where is stone forest

  • How can camera man go there and take a video? And didn't get bited by venomous snake?

  • snake island two times

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  • This Man knows everything except the number of videos he uploads today

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  • I live in Lebanon and our language is Arabic the word اسلام عليكم means hello

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  • The first one looks like Isla Saurna from Jurassic parks


  • So close to 40M

  • Whoever is reading this may you and your loved ones live forever and ever🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Not the original voice !

  • i am speechless ;-; my mind : i wanna go and not go at the same timeee

  • love this 26 mysterious places but i won't dare to go there

  • That’s why earth is interesting

  • Did he repeat some or is that just me??

  • Almost to 40mil

  • Almost to 40mil

  • But you know about magic this is really really real all magic stuff right I don't know I'm a fan of you

  • I enjoyed this video though! 👍

  • You can show mysteries of India also.They are great 👍

  • To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe....

  • My friend is so cheap that when he dies, he’s going to walk toward the light and turn it off.

  • congrats on 40 mil subs

  • I always watching this video because I've learned a lot from this video

  • HEY THE BALTIC SEA IN GERMANY i love that spot i live really near it but that die not happend to me i guess but now am in africa am gonna return there in 5 days by now. Anyways this is great dontent have a wonderful day. peace✌✌✌

  • Everyone on the comments be like “congrats to everyone who is late and fount this comment” lol

  • I swear if you go back in their history you’ll see most if not all of these on the “ Places your not allowed to go” video

  • You repeated 2

  • I miss bright side voice

  • You sound different I used to watch when I was 7 to 10 im 10 now 😲

  • Am I the only one who noticed what snake island came twice Edit: And North Yungas road (thx @Sharmsine Choy)

  • My question is is outa space cold.? Or warm

  • 6:50 use correct map how dare you not mention kasmir and ladak as a part of India...😠😠

  • Does someone have an explanation for why one of the locations is a repeat of a previous one in different words.

  • What's that