42 Dugg, Roddy Ricch - 4 Da Gang (Official Music Video)

Joylandi 29-Apr, 2021
"4 Da Gang" by 42 Dugg & Roddy Ricch out now everywhere: 42dugg.lnk.to/4DaGang/​
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Verse 1
Ain’t nothin plain on me nigga
Four chains on me
Ian trippin bout that hoe nigga she came on me
I gotta bitch from the west she ah suck ah nigga soft
Bitch from the east she a fuck a nigga dawg
Still playing with that raw even tho I gotta deal
Had to get up out the city I just got nigga killed
Pause I’m lying kinda still sippin out the Fanta
Oxycotin and Opanas I want 4-2 for each nigga
Niggas up Lou for free nigga
That’s my nigga come and kick it
Mr. Still A Serve The City
I’m the reason it’s some chicken
Why the fuck you in the kitchen tryna turn one
Daire quit pulling on the blender for you burn something
Baby say she wanna real nigga she don’t get it
Why you ain’t never up at night I told you I been sipping
Still gone hold it for my nigga wish I can bring you back
turntest in the city white lows blue flags
naw I keep two flags I’m back
I just dropped years for the gang
Catch me in the city young nigga four chains
Signed to CMG still in the dope gang
Ion swipe propane really got it out the mud
Big fo gang catch me riding with the thugs
I got it on my own ain’t nobody help me
Remain humble sell crack to dope fiends
You can’t lil bro me bitch I really gotta check
Throw two in his shit I be really on that
Put the city on my back still remember hard times
2018 was the year my dawg died
Pull up in frog eyes yeah nigga we winning
Amiris on low if not weed Timbs

Roddy Ricch
Me & 42 pulling up twin villains
Peanut butter seats so my windows tinted

42 Dugg
Naw I keep two flags ion bangg
I just drop urus for the ganggg

Roddy Ricch
Turnt from the D to LA
Always keep it a hunnid K
Number one nigga but they never gone admit it
I was doing two hunnid in a Rarri and got a ticket
Every time they see me they say they ain’t see me in a minute
Prolly fucking on ya bitches prolly running up some digits
Forgiato wheels both lanes
Floor mats say a nigga name
Interrogation Feds try to put us on the board never identified
All my niggas always getting doe it’s always chicken time
I got niggas in the box gone call me collect
I got model bitches that be tryna call me for sex
And you know what they said if it ain’t directed then don’t respect it
You see em out in public they gone act like they never said it
I see by the C side I throw it up two times
Yo nigga got it gangsta Carti bought it off groupon
One of the young niggas that be getting love in the city
From the hood to the dub in the tub pull up with em

42 Dugg
Pull up in frog eyes yeah nigga we winning
Amiris on low if not weed Timbs

Roddy Ricch
Me & 42 pulling up twin villains
Peanut butter seats so my windows tinted

42 Dugg
Naw I keep two flags ion bangg
I just drop urus for the ganggg

Roddy Ricch
Turnt from the D to LA
Always keep it a hunnid K
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Music video by 42 Dugg, Roddy Ricch performing 4 Da Gang. © 2021 CMG Enterprises II, Inc.


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