#5 South Dakota State vs #3 Northern Iowa Highlights | 2021 Spring FCS College Football Highlights

Joylandi 19-Fev, 2021
South Dakota State vs Northern Iowa Highlights (Northern Iowa vs South Dakota State) College Football Highlights 2.19.21
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  • Y’all notice homie from last chance u?🤔

  • Somebody donate some damn money and get those kids off that a astro turf, before they start blowing ACL's

  • What’s kinda cleats are those ? Turf shoes ?

  • Wow this was a good game. Dang

  • If the FCS playoff has 24 teams like usual this year this loss would probably put UNI out of first round bye contention.

    • There is only going to be a 16 team play off. So WOW! ! It's going to be interesting on how this will all play out. I don't think anybody can afford even one loss, & expect to get into the playoffs.

  • Why is no one wearing cleats?

    • They playing on that old school turf

  • I've been waiting for fresh spring ball for years. I can get with this.

  • Why are they wearing shoes ?

    • They played on Astroturf

  • Are you gonna do Jackson State tomorrow?

  • What high school gym are they playing in?!

  • i notice they have wearing normal workout shoes instead of football clits 🤔

  • I don’t know if anyone noticed this but that o lineman on the jack rabbits it’s mama littering dogging that guy in front of him

  • Does d3 get to play too or naw?

  • Thank you so much I Don’t have ESPN plus

    • Almost every D2 game will be on it

    • It’s worth purchasing I’m my opinion it’s only 6 dollars a month and you can cancel anytime and ya

  • Literally only watching this cause I miss football already 😂

  • Awesome Victor

  • Please tell me your Doing the jsu game Sunday I know they might win because I’ve never heard of the team their playing but I just want to see what they look like

    • 100% im out of town during the day tomorrow but when I get home it will be my priority

  • This is Awesome that the 'lower' tier Programs Will get some spot-light... But still no fans??? sigh


  • It’s hella games coming on tomorrow so post what you can bro appreciate it

  • Thank you so much man... Football all year baby....

  • Never thought I would see football this time of year!!!!! Great job, thanks!

  • If the FCS has a game with the FBS, it'll bring lots of viewers for sure

    • Tarleton state just womped New Mexico State last week

    • @Isaiah W Probably man, I cant believe we didnt get to see that game :(

    • @Kush Sharma And if it wasn't for Covid, they would've beaten Oregon as well

    • @Kadin Mitchell Do you not know FBS and FCS teams play every year and atleast one FCS team wins every year. Couple years ago NDSU literally beat ranked Iowa on the road.

    • nobody gonna watch someone get beat by 60

  • Keep the college football highlights coming 👍👍👍👍

  • Football spring yessssss year round FB

  • God to see football again.

  • Yeah

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    • Scripture

    • Hallelujah! 🙏🏼

    • How old are you? How do you people believe this shit?

    • amen

  • Is Northern Iowa the last team in college football that still uses old school astroturf? Couldn't help but notice that all the players had turf shoes on instead of cleats.

    • @chip Douglas nah man that’s Astro turf, field turf has the rubber pellets in it and you wear normal cleats on it, UNI has the old school Astro turf

    • It's fieldturf.

    • You can tell they’re wearing sneakers

    • I don’t get why you don’t upgrade that man, it’s like the least safe playing surface possible😭 pretty sure UNI could afford the upgrade but I might be wrong, I’m an EWU fan and we’re facken broke rn

  • Great game

  • What is this? Is this real football?

    • Special Agent Randy Beans it’s literally division 1 football

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  • You are the man VV

  • Nice to know there’s some good football to watch right now

  • Glad to have more football

  • THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS THE PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE ESPN+ like me are thanking you right now. Can you do the Furman game tomorrow?

  • Thanks for covering fcs

  • It’s here baby