6 Minutes of Bam Surprising Everyone (Tower of God)

Joylandi 8-May, 2021
6 Minutes of Bam Surprising Everyone (Tower of God)
Compilation of how OP Bam is.


All for One Flashback (Boku No Hero Academia season 5)

Demon Lord Rimuru Summons Diablo (Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2)

All Levi Moments (Attack On Titan Season 5)


  • Why is there not a spoiler alert?? Now when I start watching TOG I’m going to go into it… ⚠️⚠️⚠️ !!!!Spoiler if you haven’t seen the ending of the video yet!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ …not liking this Rachel chick…

  • underwhelming ass surprises 💀💀

  • love the show webtoon is even better

  • If the whole of season 2 gets animated. I wont even lie to you guys, it will be the bomb. It only gets better from s1. But it will only be the bomb if the animation is as good as s1 or better

  • he is an offspring of a two irregulars and a first generation child to begin with but i think he become corrupt in the future like fighting with white but i would be more cooler when wangnan kill white

  • 6 minutes of animated material actually, it's way more than that 😂😂😂😂

  • When is the next season coming?

  • not gonna read or watch this shit until Bam kills Rachel, someone let me know if it happens I'll start reading

  • You forgot the scene where he said that he's Irregular

  • There were two things that they did in the anime adaptation that made absolutely no sense to me. One of them being the scene from the crown game, bam didn't release shinsu like that in the webtoon it was just a enough that hwaryan got a cut across the face. Plus black March never came out at the crown game.


  • 5:49 i haven't seen the anime and i am not sure of Bam and Rachael's relationship, but, that, that boys is why you should never simp xD

  • UZfire is creepy. how does it know I am rereading tower of God. I just came from the chapter 20 and this was on my recommendation I haven't gotten tower of God recommendation before this 🚶🏼‍♀️

  • That blonde's voice!!!!!!!!

  • My hatred toward rachel will never fade

  • 5:50 rachel moment

  • Tower of Simp

  • Well thanks for reminding me that I hate Rachel so much

  • it was so good but everytime i see Rachel's face my mood go 📉📉📉

  • god the ost in this show were top notch

  • gonna be like a 15 season show lmfaoooo

  • Isn't this based on a webcomic? Why does this look like it's an at-home animation made with very few people? I assume it's a smaller project...

    • it is based on the Tower of God webtoon. The art style is made this way to reflect the artstyle of season 1 of the webtoon.

  • Is Headon jiraiya?

  • hate the ending of season 1 its just pissed me off

  • Anyone else think it's funny how bam has the black march in the poster buy loses it in the 3rd episode

  • 1:00 shes so brave saying that like its nothing 😭 headon is literally a guardian if he chose to he could stop the flow of shinsu in the entire floor

  • I wish the rabbit was more butler like.

  • Who came here after stray kids song called slump

  • “A monster has arrived” is the most accurate sentence I’ve read here 😂

  • If the author doesn't make khun and bam a pair Im gonna loose my sh#t

  • Why all Rachel hate? Without Rachel, Tower of God series wouldn't exist. And... Don't use your line of thinking when judging what someone who live in other world think of.

  • A monster has arrived **chills**

  • Lecheng rachel to kahit sa manhwa ayaw tigilan si bam

  • this anime is crap, a loss of time

  • Anyone in love with the voice of the tester who did the shinsu wave?

  • Yeah.... That's the moment everyone realized that Rachel was backstabbing beytch

  • What happened to Khun's infinite bag? It disappeared in the manhwa.

    • He gave it to Narae in season 1 of the Manhwa but it was cut off in the anime

  • omg i just realized its jigens voice from boruto

  • What is the name of the nami?

  • Rachel is the new word for Karen.

  • You'd think pushing Bam is the worst thing Rachel can do. But it only gets worse from there

  • 5:51 something is telling me that she gonna die

  • this a good anime?

  • "A monster has arrived"😁

  • I remember when this was only a webtoon

  • man i hate rachel but then i think of the future the sweet revenge we will all have when her wish to be the main character comes crashing down

  • Damn I just started this last week and I'm almost in the latest chapter of it's manhwa today hahaha one of the best manhwa!

  • Season 1, Rachel pushes bam Season 2, Rachel pushes bam Season 3, (not yet)

  • This manhwa/webtoon is very underestimated, Tower of God is as good as One Piece and Hunter x Hunter in overall quality, everyone that reads its >490 chapters will agree with me.

  • Season 2 plz on neflix

  • this is the slowest paced story every its boring asf too with some cringey waifus story has no meaning just a bunch of talking crocs the mc is just basically doing everything for rachel he has that plot armor where he'll do everything just to get noticed by a girl mc is basically a simp with plot armor

  • and 2 seconds of Rachel creating the rage of the masses

  • i didn't know TOG had an animated series. I was always reading the manga. Where can I watch the episodes?

  • I want a second season so badly :(. Tower of God is one of my favorite webtoons.

  • "A monster had arrived" 😈

  • Animate season 2 or we riot

  • Wait did bam died?! Or will we see him again later?

  • F*** Rachel

  • I hate betrayal but I love the combacks

  • I hate Rachel more than Joffery.

  • As soon as the video starts: "Frig you, Rachel."

  • Took years for the fire that fueled my hatred towards Rachel to die only for this video to reignite it again 😡

  • These are good. BUT WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE MOMENT JINSUNG HA STARTED TEACHING BAM. The words he said we're the best of all.

  • We all agree that Endorsi is best girl

  • Is Tower of God a decent anime to watch?

  • If she breathes, SHES A RACHEL!

  • You cut the best parts ...

  • Goddamn I hate Rachel

  • People now are such rachels

  • Me who haven't watch the anime of tower of god

  • I've only read the manga and i did not remember this 4:05 but it looks really suprising

  • Your hatred for Rachel will only grow as you read the webtoon as you beg for Bam to stop being a simp.


  • I hope they make a season 2 since bam does get really strong and bad ass

  • god that was just heartbreaking at the end there.

  • And here we see the story of plot armor and why even batman is jealous of this level of armor

  • ngl on that last epi we as community hated her much more.xd

  • why did u have to show me this

  • One small qwestion,if anyone knows: why do they call him Yoru (or something like that) and they translate it as Bam? Anyone? Ty

  • 2:38 This guy sounds like Nanami from Jjk

  • Little nightmare anime adaptation

  • Music helps us optimistic in the disease days 😷 Hope that those who read this comment will be healthy And I believe : "When I returned to answer this comment, we certainly passed Covit.19"😍

  • If this surprised anyone on here. Youre in for a real treat for season 2.

  • Before seeing ep 12 in the anime i was like why you all hate Rachel and then when i saw what she did i was like THAT FCKIN BTCH

  • Me being surprised even though I finished all 496 Chapters ( as of 5th July) few hours ago😂😂

  • Nanami

  • I am very surprised that they did not show the part when he learned fast skip right away, to me that was like the most surprising moment.

  • Oh right. Fuck Rachel. Forgot about that. It won't happen but I really hope the webtoon ends with Bam killing her.

  • I never watched this and only read a couple of chapters but I immediately dropped this terrible shit cos the mc looks like a lost puppy the entire time willing to do everything for the most despicable person ever. I have zero tolerance to uncharismatic and pushover protagonists, especially a story about a lost puppy.

  • It is better the anime or the manhua?

  • 3:13 Webtoon readers: *Maniac laugh intensifies*

  • So you guys know it's back on webtoon

  • reminding me why Yuri remains my favorite female character, 3rd place overall.

  • I mean even his name screams surprise. like ' BAM'.

  • And then bam gets a suprise in the end

  • 5:52 3 seconds of Bam being surprised

  • Bambang

  • People who hate rachel do you know how annoying it is to stay with a person like that? i mean seriously. I dont care who you are, if you dont get annoyed by an annoying person and who is following you EVEN to another DIMENSION then I dont know what you are anymore. rachel told him straight on many many times to leave her alone but bam would keep chasing her

  • Man, everybody be hating on Rachel, but she's lowkey SIU's (the creator of TOG) favorite character, and I can sorta see why. She isn't Baam, and she's never going to be Baam. She may be an irregular but she doesn't get the same special treatment from FUG or from the shinsu, she's uglier than the other girls, she's forced to work with people that despise her, and she's hated by everyone she gets involved with. And despite all that, she somehow still manages to pull herself up by her shit-eating grin and tries to one up the "good guys" by just doing her own thing. That is the kinda mettle that I can genuinely get behind, and screw what y'all think. She ain't gonna be some standard MC's waifu who gets ignored by the author, *she's her own damn anti-hero in a world she doesn't belong in, and she's here to stay.*

    • @Faruque Khan "she is luckier than baam," what an opinionated statement. Again, she wasn't born with looks comparable to the other female cast, she wasn't born with a wit smarter than Koon, both of those things are heavily luck dependent. Now lets look at Baam: He was supposed to be summoned as a regular, but he instead opened the doors himself which gave him power comparable to administrators from the get-go. He immediately befriends a person with a weapon that would allow him to pass the test he was given, and support him later on. Then goes on to befriend two more people with brain/brawn to carry him through the challenges. He doesn't die from the fall into the concentrated shinsu area (which would've killed anyone else if their shinsu resistance wasn't high enough). He gets trained by high rankers from FUG and the dude on the Hell Train, which is almost silly because of his talent to learn shinsu abilities in unheard of levels of speed. And I could legit keep going on about how many stupid power ups he continues to get, but I'm sure you get the point. Rachel doesn't get any of that special treatment, quite the opposite. Rachel gets the "disposable villain treatment" from literally everyone she encounters, and the only time she actually had some amount of power was when she was given it temporarily only to have it stripped from her later on. Sure, if you compare her efforts to Baam's, its miles apart, but that isn't exactly any different than the other people riding on Baam's coattails either. *She's just a normal person.* It might seem like a miracle that she got as far as she did, but she wouldn't have been able to do any of it without being as cold/callous as she is. The Author of the story said she's a protagonist in her own right, whether or not she allies with Baam along the way. You can call that luck if you want, but I don't see it that way.

    • @Shades of Blue No she is the luckiest person in the story with no power or talent. She is luckier than Baam. Baam has a lot of talent so there are justifications to back him up but nothing for Rachael and not to mention she constantly backstabs people. And she is not anti Baam, it is Baam's obsession with Rachael that makes him chase after her. I do not really care that she pushed Baam much. But it is the subsequent actions in season 2 that make me hate her, which I do not want to spoil for people that have not read it.

    • @Faruque Khan basically, your problem with Rachel is that she has an inferiority complex because everyone she compares herself to is better than her. I mean, if I were trying to compete against a shounen MC and I wasn't receiving any special training or weapon to help me, I'd be pretty bummed out too. But that's kind of the point, she serves as Baam's foil. I imagine there will be a sort of PoV twist sooner or later in the series, and she may even get a redemption arc that has her quietly leave the main story. Either way, she gets a lot of flack for things that aren't really in her control.

    • No, what bothers me with Rachael is that she is the luckiest person and she bitches about how things are unfair. If you are a clever, talented villain who gets up, no problem for me. But Rachael does not have anything like that and right now how is she even going to go up. She is luckier than the MC. She only goes up through the plot, it makes no sense. That is why White was like you are so useless. I really do not know why anyone would need her right now. She kind of served her purpose. And truth be told more than Rachael the ones that I want to kill more is Michael, Apple, and Ha Yura.

  • lol why the black march resembles rachel