65 Everyday Things I Finally Googled What It's For

Joylandi 15-Apr, 2021
You use those things pretty often but I bet you've never paid attention to some important detail. Here's a list of 65 everyday objects with hidden purpose most of us don't know.
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  • We not gonna talk about how the toblorone was in the exact spot it was made

  • New gas cans don’t have a carb and they’re horrible.

  • Yea sorry. I don't wash my hands after touching doorknobs. Nobody else does either, including the narrator.

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  • Hey Bright Side! Your channel is really interesting, I just have a question: Can planes use NOS (nitrous oxide system) used by cars?

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  • Does it work with milk

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  • "Imagine a house with bubble wrap wallpaper" Me: :)

  • I like on the thumbnail secret dent when it's right in front of you

  • I learned so much today from this video. Which I will forget in the next hour or so ....

  • They make about $5,000,000 sharing stuff most of us know

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  • I thought I was going crazy for a second... The *ding* sound used now and then is the same sound my workplace's ticketing system uses for notifications and I kept checking it but there was nothing...

  • I thought that dent on the Milk thingy was just cuz of inflation lol

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  • 2:40 If any water goes in that hole in my house, it sends water directly down to the WiFi router and could possibly cause a fire. That’s why i patched it up.

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  • Monsters Inc. 2 - Return of Boo (2021) Animated Teaser Concept Trailer #1 - UZfire im trying to link it

  • Monsters Inc. 2 - Return of Boo (2021) Animated Teaser Concept Trailer #1 - UZfire my choice lol

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  • Has anyone successfully pushed a plastic straw through a strawberry without drilling a hole first?

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  • I have a question what if you eat the same thing every day

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  • The escalator brushes explains why my parents say “dont go near the brushes it’s dangerous”

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  • A house with bubble wrap wallpaper, id go around popping my wallpaper lol

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  • or put the knife in the warm water, ^

  • With the glugging in a gas can and the sink it not about air escaping its about preventing vacuums by allowing air into the chamber to prevent the vacuum pressure from building and releasing suddenly as a glug.

  • I am NOT putting my food down in that drawer under the stove🤣😭

  • LOL. Concave circle on milk jug is NOT for expansion . It’s called a plug to adjust the volume .

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  • Please don't hold a vegetable peeler and an onion like that, you can really hurt yourself.

  • 3:52 & 10:44 are the same thing. 8:33 Men's shirts are opposite from women's

  • Please tell me im the only one who uses the coffee stirs for a mini straw

  • Actually the stirring stick is hollow because it uses half the material and increases profits.

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  • 1:02 Me: Wait what SINGAPORE

  • 11:02 sir do you mean bowl or container it’s in.

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  • Please never use that extension cord tie. It is super dangerous and can damage the cable. There is an alternative knot

  • Top Jenna gotta towel Datsun burbs Amma when pokey Ramesh lien hey yeah.

  • Paid attention when he addressed clothes falling off the rack hoping he'd say what to do with shoulder loops that keep clothes from falling off the rack, but keep sliding into view when wearing the clothes. HELP! I've tried some things that don't work.

    • ​@Jeffrey Montgomery Thanks much. I've tried that but some are attached close to the neckline e.g. as in boat necks. Nice hearing from a guy on this ... 😊

    • tie a small knot at the back to shorten them a bit... the only reason they come into view is they're too loose.

  • "You can press the tip the metal of measuring tape against the surface to make Marks" 𝗜𝗿𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗲𝘀

    • I'm surprised he didn't mention that the little metal tab thing shifts slightly because when you pull the measure to length with it hooked, it's not counting the width of the tab in your measurement... and if you have it against something like a wall that pushes it back, the edge IS part of the measurement.

  • I use coconut oil like hard makeup remover, it melts mascara and eyeliners really easy, then just apply the cleanser and you're done.

  • I can use a spoon to open a softdrink

  • First like I open a bottle with a lighter

  • Learning is so much fun when I use this channel thank you for educating me

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  • Most of this video is based on common sense

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