A Fresh New Take on FNAF 6! | Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator (Part 1)

Joylandi 5-Dek, 2017
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Scott just released a new game! Obviously we have to check this out and see what secrets are in store for Freddy and the FNAF franchise. Join Steph and I as we explore Scott's new game!
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  • “Welll welll welll...Look at where we are today.”-Matpat

  • The key story made me spit out my water

  • 720p 😬

    • This seems like a complaint.

  • My bed looks mightfine about now let me just get comfortable and totally not blockage the ways it

    • English isn't your strong-suit, huh?

  • when matpat laughs he sounds like a bird.....love him though

    • I mean, he did play Wally Warbles in a musical (which is both amazing and terrifying)

  • Watching this on May the 4th, 2:36 caught me off guard

  • What if the core 4 in the opening of the game were actually teasers for the glam rock animatronics

    • Lmao, no. It's the rockstar animatronics, not glamrock.

  • Why don't youtubers pay attention to the instructions

    • @Christian Joyner Like every UZfirer who played this, including Mark.

    • @Sly Reborn ok so like markiplier

    • It's UZfirer-itis. It's a disease people get when they play video games and don't pay attention because they have to be entertaining.

  • 1 lawsuit from Karen

    • Yeah, all concerned parents are Karens. /s

  • After watching this back in 2021 - with regards to the ball pit, did anyone think it was strange that it had a safety/liability risk? When watching this years ago when it came out I just thought this was a joke. However, after the recent book releases in the last couple of years does anyone think it reflects the 'time travelling ball pit'?

    • @Sly Reborn That's completely fair! I didn't think it was a direct link with regards to lore but I didn't know if it was just a fun nod/reference to the ideas of the book. Just a thought :)

    • I am very confident the ball pit in the books has nothing to do with the ball pit in this game. Ball pits are a very common thing for children's playplaces, whether it be a pizzeria, a daycare, or anything else. So obligatory: _"You try to read into every little thing, and find meaning in everything anyone says, you'll just drive yourself crazy. Had a friend do it once. Wasn't pretty. We talked about it for years. And then not only that, but...you'll likely end up believing something you shouldn't believe, thinking something you shouldn't think, o-o-or assuming something you shouldn't assume. Y'know?"_ - Mr. Hippo (Ultimate Custom Night, 2018)

  • Anyone else watching this during security breach era and geting mad glamrock vibes?

    • @Sly Reborn u right

    • You shouldn't get glamrock vibes, Security Breach gives you rockstar vibes.

  • New theory. Is matt a Clone? He has more Screen time hours then the year has hours. So there musst be more then one.

    • @Sly Reborn xD

    • A year has 8760 hours. He's been on the platform for 10+ YEARS. He has 87600 hours of screen time. Delete this.

  • That first jumpscare made me feel like i was going to vomit

  • Listen to ,funtime freddy, speak

    • Funtime Freddy isn't in this game. ;)

  • I was on number 5 nbut I went to number 1 to play at the same time

  • i am candy cadet

  • I’m okay with any toppings on pizza except meat. Everything is delicious If there’s meat I won’t eat it though

  • i did not even hear the jumpsacare only WHAT THE HECK WHAT THE HECK!!! ha.

  • the pizza game is like the cupcake game in sl

    • You must only follow the core games, cuz the minigame first appeared in FNaF World.

  • i look at this in 2021 and all i see is AMOGUS

  • Brings back so many memories!

  • i love candy cadets storys

  • oh oh i like that pizza why the cheese the cheese... IS SO *REAL*

  • GT:didn't know how the sound mechanics worked Markiplier:turns off everything at the slightest noise

  • this is still probably my most favorite gtlive bc the transition of the game from the fake game then to scrap baby, and MatPat's reaction is priceless!

  • A few years later and he is still working on the movie

  • They jump scared me more than the actual animatronics

  • The game: If it moves then tase it. Matpat and steph: Oh hey it moved! Let’s keep going. The game: reeeeeeeeeee Matpat and steph: What is this treachery? We clearly do not deserve this harsh and unjust treatment.

  • I really want to watch this series of streams but they have cuts and edits and it gets too confusing I just want to watch the full thing

  • Theory: Scott is a nerd and eats butter scotch candy

    • @Sly Reborn both

    • Scott the IRL person or Scott the in-game lunatic? There is a difference

  • So are we just gonna ignore how mat got a story from candy cadet insanely quick, even though they're 1 in 10000?

    • @Smotheryaxe 1414 You have to use every play token on each day to get the stories.

    • @Sly Reborn well im exaggerating. The point is that its insanely rare to get it, and so soon

    • 1 - 20% of the comments on this video call this out. 2 - there's literally ZERO evidence to suggest it's a 1 in 10000 chance to get a story.

  • He called lefty shadow Freddy 25:33

  • you were dumb in fanf game 6

    • You couldn't even get the name right. The only dumb one is you.

  • Candy. Candy. Candy.

  • Me and Steph are the same no peppers on pizza

  • *design your pizza!* Me: extra cheese and pineapple :) Oh..

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that matpat got a story from candy cadet and a rare screen

    • This type of comment pisses me off. There's literally 30+ comments that point that out. I know because I replied to ALL of them.

  • imagine ur a child going up to candy cadet hoping for a cute story and then you just get told the story of 5 deaths wait... '5' deaths. the five children. freddy-gabriel foxy-fritz bonnie-jeremy chica-susie goldenfred-cassidy&evan

  • Who else thinks that calling the salvage animatronics the “Freakshow” Animatronics whorls be way cooler

  • The scream of the theorist scares me more than the animatronics

  • Heres a tip sound the aduio away from yourself

    • Here's a tip: this was 3 years ago.

  • Game theory when I when I tried my first time on cadet I go and see the story how do you know what it was those five children a rather came in and killed them all first came back and the kids are all dead he tried to pull the covers all of them but if you could only buy one coughing all the bodies together and you put them in one coffee one night somebody know glazed door

    • Work on your English skills before commenting.

  • Did anyone else hear that the song in the background during the duck pond mini game is the fnaf tune?

    • It's almost as if it's been a recurring theme throughout the series. Oh wait...

  • Matpats screaming is more startling than the jumpscare

  • Matpat's face when Baby appears😂😂

  • "Well that was fnaf 6 guys".................

  • I’m pretty sure this happens after 2023


  • There is mutepule endings

    • @Max Johnson They don't know that there are "mutepule" endings. /s

    • Th-this video is three years old, they know that now

  • They got the rare jumpscare screen on their first jumpscare (well technically the second but I don't know if you can get that screen in the savage).

  • Matpat: calls helpy funtime Freddy me: h o w d a r e y o u

    • You're lying to yourself if you don't see the resemblance.

  • the people watching this in 2021

  • Steph: *MORE PIZZA* Mat: *ALL THE PIZZA* Last kid waiting: ayo where tf is my pizza

  • I think the most disturbing part of this series was, they thought lefty was a rockstar/Funtime animatronic.

    • He technically is, but also not. He's the reject (a la Golden Freddy and the original crew)

  • 1985 was mention Clown was used for the first time

    • Question: when was 1985 ever mentioned in this game? Also, when was the clown used for the first time? (it's not 1985, so when?)

  • 21:25,Did anyone else notice a drawing of a girl that looks like elizabeth?

    • @seroni Literally everyone noticed. It's Elizabeth, aka Baby.

    • @Sly Reborn ?

    • You hear that? It's the sound of millions of people facepalming at the sheer ignorance of this comment.

  • I like how u laugh

  • what the heck is with baby and taking over tapes and voices like the one in sister location... well it was also ennard

  • The moment he saw the sponsor on the computer he realized that he f***** up

  • "I am candy man, I have candy." *2 seconds later* "There was a room with 5 doors and a furnace in it, and also there was 5 keys and a girl that could only choose 1 key to open 1 door, behind each door was a child. She wanted to save all of them, so she melted all the keys together and it didnt work, She wanted to save 5 people but ended up causing the death of 5 people."

  • Candy Cadet is probably god

  • 0:34 I wonder what was there to stop the woman from walking in and out of the room with a different key

  • Is srap baby not FREAKSHOW BABY!


  • fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

  • Have a pepper onion bacon pizza, then you can talk to me about good pizza

    • @Killa Bunny It doesn't count, but you missed the point. xD

    • Nope, my dad does tho, so Idk if that counts

    • *heaves in background* Let me guess. You enjoy pineapple on pizza too?

  • 8:48

  • 4:14

  • Matpats scream scare me more than the actual jumpscares jesus christ

  • So, the lowest the temp can go is 60 degrees, in my opinion, it should be... A P E R F E C T 7 2 D E G R E E S .

  • MatPat: this thing is terrifying That’s what I said before quitting help wanted five minutes in

    • @Remix Wrong. The game files prove "Glitchtrap" is literally an unused version of Springtrap. It has a rig and everything. Edit: I can't post the file dump because my reply keeps getting deleted. Just Google "fnaf help wanted file exploration", and it should take you to a Reddit post by a credible FNaF Redditor (GBAura).

    • @Sly Reborn but his name is glitchtrap. It was revealed in help wanted’s save files.

    • Help Wanted is the worst game in the series for me, because of one character: SpringBonnieMan. Everyone's fixation to call him the wrong name (Glitchtrap) made it toxic. Only true FNaF fans know this.

    • So true 😪

  • OH MY GOD I WAS watching this and something clicked!!!!if there was a party there on satreday it is the party in FNAF 4 !!!!!!!! That is where the bite of 87 happend!!!!!

    • @Eric Ankrim I like how you took multiple events of the timeline and mashed them together and said it made perfect sense. 1 - FNaF 4 took place in 1983 2 - FNaF 3 took place 30 years after FNaF 1, which took place in the early 90s. Since this game is post-3, it has to take place long after 1987. Nothing pisses me off more than incompetence.

    • @Max Johnson ya..... it was just cool

    • @Eric Ankrim u ok?

    • but still

    • jk i dont rage

  • Why do ppl still call it fnaf. Freddy is like irrelevant and isnt even the main character anymore and the whole five nights thing is ling gone

    • Fazbear Entertainment: hi, how are you?

  • F reedy said something

  • They should add bacon pizza...

  • 34:45 ‘We don’t deserve that’ Scott: laughs in inevitable

  • I love how at first Mat is just looking for secrets but little did he know it was an entire game

  • I'm a only peparoni pizza guy

  • We when there just using audio cues to pull him closer to them 😬

  • Some things are best left forgotten, for good.

  • child death story, sure, but you DID get 6000 points

  • molten freddy = ennard

    • @Mangot You are 3 years too late.

    • which means don't salvage it.

  • MatPat just has some sort of joy when it comes to new lore drops Its kinda weird, but I can relate

  • Molten Freddy: *Demonic and inaudible laughter* Mat & Steph: "Oh hey Kelan" Molten Freddy: Wh-

    • Kellen: the most wholesome/terrifying laugher to ever exist

  • Am I the only one that thinks that candy candet is driving a van at daylight

  • 34:41 r.i.p headphone users like myself and i cant hear:(

  • 13:44 Trust you? Okay Purple Guy, totally.


  • Such an over the top and energetic intro. I love it. Also, the ideal pizza is pepperoni, sausage, olives, onions, and cheese.

  • When Candy Cadet said the key story all I thought was. why didn't the lady melt the backs together or make a key chain

    • Because she wasn't a keysmith and she was in a blind panic.

  • Announcer: and that brings us to... Ad: cheesy crunchy satisfaction

  • Candy cadet: exists Matpat and rosana: *OOOOOO00000ooooOoooo*

    • @Sly Reborn ooooh, thanks!

    • @Almighty One Rosanna Pansino. She's good friends with Matt and Steph. She's called him "her brother from another mother" several times, so they're close.

    • Rosana?

  • Candy cadet: 25 token streak active... Tactical Story incoming

  • I love seeing the shock and excitement at the start

  • I love how Stephanie has a problem with "peppers" (or as we call them here in Australia, capsicum) on pizza, when it's very rare that you won't get capsicum on your pizza if you order a supreme in Australia

  • I wonder why only one person has to check out the animatronics

  • Cake Bear? More like, *PIZZA BEAR! XD*

  • I guess we know among us's inspiration

    • Username and profile picture DO NOT MATCH (game files prove it)

    • Amongus

  • Those animatronics that Mat called the OG four those are the Rockstar animatronics

    • Tell me what he said was wrong. The core 4 is Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. That's obvious.

  • Scrap Baby is super creepy

  • Mathew, you scream louder than the jump scares.