Agent Orange (The Vietnam War)

Joylandi 4-Apr, 2021
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Undoubtedly, the jungle terrain was a tremendous obstacle for the Americans in fighting the war. For that reason, they fought it by all means possible.
The best, but also the most controversial weapon in their arsenal were chemical defoliants such as ‘Agent Orange’.
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Created by Daniel Turner (B.A. (Hons) in History, University College London)
Script: Dejan Milivojevic
Chris Kane
Music Credit:
Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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  • Ah, the classic Nam' war. A war the U.S doesn't have to fight, y'all talking bout' how yo grandpas passed away (RIP) but never talks about how Vietnamese people were affection by it.

  • The american army's little bit of trolling

  • Agrnt Orange was dropped in Vieques before Vietnam. They ruined that island

  • My grandfather, a medic in the army during the war, has Parkinson's, which is probably due to Agent Orange. Between Parkinson's and the tumors in his brain, it will kill him. He didn't want to go, and it will eventually kill him. Way to go USA. Killing your heroes.

  • Agent orange was made 5-10 minutes from where my parents grew up

  • Absolutely loved the first person animations, great work!

  • I am proposing we use this prior to protests to defoliate the vegetation so that the protesters can have more light...

  • I thought it was a spy

  • I bet it's fun being the biggest hypocrite of all time

  • If they can't win the current war, they destroy the future of their enemy.

  • This guy is literally my history teacher

  • If you cant beat them gas them - sun tzu the art of war.

  • Caca

  • This stupid Anget Orange make millionaires Vietnamese still unhealthy to this day.Many children were distorted by it

    • @UwU The worst part of this toxic is, the distorted is going through many generations:( Even 50 years later, the distorted still here:(

    • That's the sad part of it all

  • my grandfather served on the carriers during the vietnam war and was heavily exposed to agent orange. due to this exposer he died of cancer in 2011.

  • My grandfather has Agent Orange and he was a US Soldier in the most heavily sprayed areas (he was artillery). He has lost his stomach, his lower body is somewhat affected mainly his legs. It can cause cancer and tumors. He feels like he was betrayed by his country.

  • I know of three disabled Vietnamese people, two I know personally. Now I know why... 😞

  • If the American people set up a fund to restore the environment, the landmines left over, the Agent Orange problem for the Vietnamese people who in their mind are sure that they are paying the debt to the country, it deserves to be accepted. . If not, online humanity is cliché. There is no need to contribute to rebuilding the bullshit Americans do, because the Vietnamese have more than enough ability to revive and build their nation into a future powerhouse. The real sinner still tries to look like a truly despicable hero.

  • Remember kids, it's only a war crime if you didn't win

  • soo much atrocities and war crimes USA gotaway with 🤭

  • Agent lemon lime

  • Seriously how cruel and brutal were the CIA and the American armed forces... Such a shame !!!

  • video starts 1:30

  • The Vietnamese had to use asymptomatic warfare. The war was unwinnable by the West. Jane Fonda was right. Vietnam become Communist.

  • The military didn't follow the manufacturer's directions for using it

  • Sodom?

  • But but the jungle the animals heck the locals.

  • Are you ah soldier because you know all this stuff

    • What of course not, they aren't soldiers.

  • 11:48

  • My wife’s grandfather was in the U.S. Amry 101st Airborne In 1967-1968, his name was “Alfred Goate”. He was greatly Affected by Agent Orange years after he left the Amry. Alfred would tell his wife “Nancy” he would get Skin rashes from Exposure to Agent Orange, and yes he did suffer from PTSD

    • Think bomber pilots suffered most from PTSD.Burning all these commie toddlers alive with napalm and poisoning the soil for generations with AO .

  • My grandpa was apart of the operation and died from it

    • @Sarah Gesheft The Americans used agent orange not the vietnamese

    • Ruthless commies killed your grandpa.

  • Make a video of the Manchurian Operation (1945)

  • What an irony when America, Australia, South Korea, etc. invaded Vietnam after the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin everyone in the West kept saying this to fight communism which allegedly threatened America even though the distance from Vietnam to America is 13348 km, and this was not considered aggression by the United States and its allies, when America used chemical weapons and poisoned Vietnam for years, no one condemned America for this although now, 46 years later, people with genetic diseases are born in Vietnam, but when the USSR allegedly invaded this country in Afghanistan and allegedly used chemical weapons in this country against > who then settled on September 11, yes, the USSR barbarians and murderers. Funny irony isn't it))

  • Fun Fact: Agent Orange didn't go away, it was rebranded as weed killer under the name RoundUp.

  • 1:34

  • My grandpa Greg was practically sprayed with this stuff every time him and his unit set up a new artillery fire base.

  • I just cant fathom the men whom were told that it was safe to them actually believing them. I mean heres a chemical that attacks people. About the same as people believing hiding under a table or desk would save them from a nuclear explosion.

  • Americans have superior weapons and supplies, yet they still used these harmful chemicals that could even harm innocent children and civilians. What a shame, not to mention how a small "Southeast Asian" Country like Vietnam win this war against them.


  • Mmmmmmmm forbidden fanta

  • My next door neighbor is a Vietnam veteran. He was exposed to Agent Orange, now he's in his like 70s or so and his shoulders are deteriorating and he can barely walk. That stuff is f'd man.

  • The U.S.A. is the most immoral enemy a nation can have.

    • @Dot JPEG let's not make excuses for ourselves. Agent Orange is a dark point in American history. We deserve the criticism

    • Yeah, Imperial Japan, the USSR and Germany were way more moral than the US

  • Ok so maybe it wasnt a good idea to use hyper carcinogen on your enemies

  • bullets: people die agent orange: Earth die

  • still many vietnam soldiers who have died from it and suffer from it now.

  • NVA general: Ah what a beautiful peaceful day seems like there won’t be any planes dropping water today Meanwhile: Operation rolling thunder In the distance: Boom! Bang! NVA general: oh that must be the Vietcong shooting rockets at those annoying planes that spray that weird water things Napalm screams falling down*

  • My great grandfather died of agent orange 1 month before I was born I wish I could have met him


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  • I’m starting to think simple history is racist

    • @Amar Sanaa My God, you clearly haven't seen their videos.

    • @Rice County it’s hurtful for Germans calling them coward anyway it’s not like American made they’re own hun Germans made they’re nuke

    • @Amar Sanaa Dude, just stop replying you're making me laugh more and the others too, from how stupid you are.

    • @Amar Sanaa Yeah, they definitely haven't made many WW2 videos...

    • @Rice County yeah so that’s just about German soldier betraying his country he never made a video about German soldier killing many allied soldiers

  • This is far worse than the Holocaust....

    • @Javier Garcia that is very try

    • @Dot JPEG Regardless, those two should never have happened in the first place

    • No. Not even close

  • That the one them claim,to save the WORLD?

  • do a video about the srilankan war

  • remember kids,you cannot be accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity if you're world strongest super power

  • Great videos man! Always seem to learn something new while watching your videos. Keep up the great work.

  • Do about the Tiger 2

  • Do a video on the depleted uranium bullets we use in the middle east. I'm sure its causing neurological damage to the population and u.s. soldiers.

    • @ceerw buty I didn't say a thing about support for any war

    • How can some of you f@cks still support any war engagement of the U.S. every place they go, they bring suffering and destruction.

  • Do the malayan uprising pla

  • My father was soaked in that poison at least 4 times. In 1976 he was diagnosed with cancer on his liver with in about 3 months it spread to almost every organ but his lungs and heart. Agent orange contained dioxin at levels up to 75000 times the strength outlawed in America. Then they lied and tried to wait for the army to die. It didn't. The murdered their own soldiers and destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people for generations inflicting monstrous deformities on innocent children to this date.

  • did the US pay any reparations for this war crime?

    • Sort of, but not really

  • I think my grandpa was hit by either agent orange or napalm on a small part of his body, I believe his left arm because he doesn’t talk about it, and he doesn’t like to, all I know is he was hit by either napalm or agent orange

  • remember kids,you cannot be accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity if you're world strongest super power

  • My grandfather died from a brain tumor brought on from Agent Orange exposure. He was only 57 years old when he died.

  • So basically another war crime done by u.s army in the name of "Democracy" and "Freedom"

  • these chemicals should get together and do a robbery,and they should get Quentin Tarantino to make a film about it

    • @Ailsa Ni i know what Agent Orange is knew about since i was a i teenager it's Vietnam war 101,i think they tell it to everybody when you learn about Vietnam

    • government would rather it remain buried. No pun. There's videos all over the interwebs that cover this topic.

  • "Chemtrails are just a conspiracy theory"

  • This killed my best friend he was Vietnam vet he was a good man God bless his soul.. R.i.p JR

  • My father tall me this chemical they used. He when to vietman back in 1964 to 1964 Army. They where using for to kill the forest trees so they can see have more visual where the enemy's on the ground.

  • Actually many rail lines in north america sprayed agent orange for defoliant in the 60;s and early 70;s.

  • Any country: **adopts communism** America: you are being rescued please do not resist

  • 3:45 prevention of food, dear god we're Nazis

  • How can some of you f@cks still support any war engagement of the U.S. every place they go, they bring suffering and destruction.

    • I don’t support any engagement of the US, I support a majority

    • Because they don't care.

  • The US propaganda calls it "defoliation" - because "the trees were so in the way and that" -and not illegal chemical genocide. Strange. When they knew exactly what they were doing and what the effects were because the British told them. Shame on the US. Shame on Britain.

  • 2:04 : POV Rising Storm 2

  • Not sure if it's true or not, but I heard of stories of the U.S. government actually sabotaging ak rounds that were being supplied to the NVA by the Chinese, what they would do was put a small explosive in the primer in the primer so that when it was fired the round would explode and disable the gun. However the war ended before this would happen. What I find the most interesting is that there might be some still floating around, so if your firing an ak or sks and the gun explodes out of nowhere, that may have been one of them.

  • My uncle died from cancer because if it. He served in the war as a machine gunner and a sniper. His name was Lester Rheaume and I barely knew him.

  • Agent yellow is when your RV toilet over flows when your pissing because you dad was emptying the septic tank and he failed

  • Had a teacher who passed from his time in Vietnam. He developed brain cancer that was determined to be caused by agent orange and other defoliants used in the war. Extremely sad to see such a great man go due to the irresponsibility of their own government...

  • Wait a minute . . . this isn't Sodom

  • America just couldn't take the L on this one, huh?...

    • getting reservation fishing permits and was warned not to approach any metal drums I happened across while fishing because they are still hazardous to this day.

  • Ahhh yes American war crimes. My favorite topic

  • "I do not move out of the way." - Agent Orange

  • They spray democracy 😉

  • War crimes

  • the brits never defoliate any forest during the malayan insurgency. how the communist lost in malaya because there's no political support from the locals. And its not considered a war too because the jungle police were sent in instead of the army. Vietnam war is just a proxy war like syria, where superpowers take advantage of a disunited nation too increase their own power. Americans never learn anything from the malayan campaign. They just throw in more guns and money to solve a problem. And let their soldiers being punked by the Chinese and Russians.

  • When I think of Agent Orange I only think about the most underrated band I know

  • Orange is sus

  • :(

  • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 4:5, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV.

    • I'd say I'm surprised that the Americans didn't say "If it's doing that to the plants, I wonder what it's doing to our guys" But realistically, they more than likely just didn't care

  • Much respect to the allied and central powers of ww1, the allies and axis forces of ww2, the allied side of the Korean War and both sides of the Vietnam war including the Viet cong

    • Damn so they lowkey polluted the vietnamese jungles with chemicals weapons for 9 years. Didn't know that

  • So they could have just used salt water rather than chemicals. You be amazed how effective salt is at killing and rotting everything in soil and it does it insanely quickly as well. You also can't replant for ages as it poison the soil. I rock salt on the ivy in the garden. One treatment lasts about 5 years so it's cheap and really effective

  • In the first years of the 1960's the U.S. government tested a defoliant very similar to agent orange on the Apache reservations here in Arizona. I only found out because I was getting reservation fishing permits and was warned not to approach any metal drums I happened across while fishing because they are _still_ hazardous to this day.

  • I knew a few people who died from agent orange and were paid by the VA for agent orange exposure...

  • i saw the word agent and i was like no no no no why this... speaking about something else

  • Hey! My uncle was exposed to this during vietnam, he died a few years ago from cancer. The doctors linked the cancer to agent orange. Thank you for teaching people about this!

  • the ccp war

  • when you go hiking with your friends: 2:02

  • Did America pay reperations for poisoning the people and the food for TEN years?

    • Not really, but at the same time a little