AVIATION FAILS Debriefed by CAPTAIN JOE / 10 Incident-Mishaps-Funny Stuff explained 1 minute EACH!

Joylandi 25-Fev, 2021
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0:00 Intro,
1:09 Boeing 787 Bounce
2:23 Boeing 747 Crosswind landing
3:52 Boeing 747 Hydraulic Failure
5:23 Boeing 737 rainy approach
6:33 Airbus A300 birdstrike
8:15 Boeing 747 with 5 engines
9:30 Cat on plane
10:36 Helicopter vs Power lines
11:53 Dancing Ground Crew
12:46 Helicopter in Fog
14:01 Outro

Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!

Dear friends and followers welcome back to my channel and to a brand new video series “1 minute debrief by Captain Joe”

In this series, we'll be taking a closer look at incredible aviation moments and fails. I’ll take you through a short, yet detailed, explanation of what happened, to help you improve your aviation knowledge. I might even throw in a surprise here or there, so stay tuned ;-)

Before we kick off, I’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone that has sent in videos over the last few months, my inbox is exploding! If you want a specific video to be featured in my series, please send me the youtube link via instagram and I’ll do my best to include it.

Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
Wishing you all the best!

Your "Captain" Joe
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  • 3:48 wrong. A 747-400 with all 5 landing gear legs compressed (as in your frozen clip) engine 3 nacelle will strike the ground first with a roll angle of 7.2 degrees.

  • No 10: This is actually special forces helicopter. 658 squadron army air Corps AkA Blue Thunder

  • More cats flying planes please!

  • Were the people who got dropped by the rescue helicopter alright?

  • 2:29 key point of the video

  • a few years ago, I think 2017 a swiss military superpuma heli struck powercables after take off and resulted in casualties and full loss of the heli, scary stuff

  • 8:05 bird dies.... Capt Joe: Lucky, nothing happened

  • Debrief this: uzfire.info/camera/video/aoXFeHWK1bNonK0

  • Best thing with the cat video is that he isn't telling the passenger :D

  • Imagine there's another helicopter flying along the road the opposite direction 🤔

  • Oh wow! Super Außergewöhnliche Szenarien hast du da gefunden oder bekommen! Hut ab. Sind echt unterhaltsam anzusehen.

  • I think the cat used one of its 9 lives for that flight.

  • Number 8, but that’s why they have wire cutters above and below helicopters

  • AOG? Abbreviation after engine bird strike

  • Hey Captain Joe! How can a pilot in bigger plane detect a birdstrike if there is no loud band, vibrations or engine failure? Is it common that flights often keep flying with no idea of a birdstrike ? Unless tower notifies pilots etc ? Best regards// Lars

  • Good to see Prestwick getting a mention, I can just about see it from my house.

  • 3:52 WHO THE FRICK IS SAYING THAT 2 AND 3 GET GROUND CONTACT FIRST?!? 😂 It’s physically impossible for them! Also called „Lever“ or „Hebel“ 🤣

  • Who els thought that the 747 on 5:03 would bulldoze that tiny hut? .... HAHAHA

  • i thought the tech on the ground (the radar or whatever it is on the runway) can takeover to help land the plane (clip w zero visibility due to rain)

    • Not all airfields have it and you have to set up correctly for it before starting the approach.

  • Captain Joe, you are the number 1 person I would love to meet and get an hour of your time to ask questions. You’ve replaced Gordon Ramsay on my list!!

  • Back in Darwin in about 1974 seen a QANTAS 747 doing flight training before the simulators came in, did a flame out just after take off. That's what I called it anyway. Just climbed out as though nothing had happened. Either no 2 or 3 engine. Spectacular. Delivering steel to the airport at the time.

  • Better to be safe than sorry

  • That fifth clip the visibility was zero

  • That helicopter is a uk special forces helicopter operated by 6.5.8 squadron army air Corps

  • Me being mega 5x super duper avgeek Knowing 50% procedures

  • I know that in Quebec/labrador we used (at least once) a piece of wood and a helicopter to fight ice on power line (1998) due to ice storms. (5 in 5 days) But never saw a helicopter fight ice on power lines without the piece of wood ????

  • capt how are you a instructor captain or captain?

  • The DHL at 7:38 was a double bird strike. A second bird bounces off the #2 engine cowling a fraction of a second after the first bird is ingested into the #1

  • anyone hear him swear at 10:47?

  • Clip #5 Fast food xD

  • On the DHL A300 takeoff you didn't mention anything about the bird that hit the right hand engine cowl, which is obviously the one that was retrieved. I doubt the the one that existed the engine along with the big flame was anywhere to be found.

  • how can a whole bird still be intact?

  • "That really looks like a road in England because of the stone walls next to it" - we all know that it's England because of the fog. ;-D

  • Anyone else seeing that other bird hit the right hand side engine on the A300?

  • İmagine using an airbus cdu as a 74 pilot lol

  • Heli pilot here. No, its not a normal technique to scud run. If you fly fully IFR equipped, the only safe way to get down into unknown terrain in IMC where you got an almost 0/0 situation, is to know every obstacle there is around you. Many countries do not mark every power line on their maps, so you can imagine how difficult this is. The instance in the video is not at all normal, nor is it a good situation to be in. I can only imagine they got caught by a surprise. I mean, if every road and city had RNP and LPVs ready for us from any direction going in to any where, flying helicopters would be a blast. But alas, thats not how it is.

  • When are you going to get that 4th stripe? "First Officer Joe" just doesn't roll off the tounge...

  • 9:36 Remove Cat before flight ahaha

  • 12:52 When you are desperate to fly on a foggy day but you are only VFR certified:

  • That airbus A300 bird strike (7:30 mark) was 1 inch away from having a dual engine bird strike. The bird hits the outer lip and flies over the wing, very lucky indeed.

  • What sound does 787 make when it tries to land on windy weather and bounces "boeing boeing boeing"

  • Hi, The American airlines ground crew dancing. This was my colleague at Toronto while pushing back American eagle Emb145

  • What will happen if one compressor blade of the turbine engine is missing during operation?

  • The Helicopter crashing into the Power Lines: Luckily nothing happened. The person being rescued dropped off the line maybe?

  • Helicopter pilots are notorious for failing to commit to emergency ifr procedures, especially if they arent in ifr rated aircraft or the pilot isn't ifr rated. Gets them killed all the time.

  • 1980 in the west indies BWIA operates L1011 a tri jet flew in a 4th engine under wing. And to the ramp guy picking up his bbq dhl menu .well its early thank giving for him

  • Does paper plane qualify?

  • 10:40 everyone down here is talking about how lucky the pilot was. I for one am wondering about what happened to the two that were dangling from the rescue hook?

  • This is channel is so good!

  • No I follow the ground and when I see city center I happy and so to land I collide with a building and go inside of it and exit it. Sounds simple right? Edit: but I am not fr approved

  • Great serie

  • Kobe Bryant's pilot was using the highway to navigate the fog during that flight.

  • If you pause the video with the bird strike at about 6:44 and go frame by frame, you can see that there's another bird hitting right on the edge of the other engine and bouncing out (I think it's actually the bird the guy picks from the runway at the end). One was digested, the other almost too. Really lucky (the flight crew), really sad for those birds.

  • Pre flight good, all pets accounted for,,,,,,where is the cat??

  • PFFFFFFT captain has 4 stripes first officer has 3 stripes on shoulder LOLLLLLLLLL he has 3 LOL

  • 7:44...you missed the other bird smacking into the cowling on the number 2 engine, even leaves a dent!

  • That #4 engine is now a believer.

  • The Helicopter pilots at the airbase in Denmark where I work, use the roads as emergency low level ingress/egress VFR routes (aprox 20km) going into and out from the tower control zone, in case of shitty weather.

  • 9:34, Tom Cruise entering the aircraft

  • Aww .. that plane killed the partner of the other bird. You can see it hovering above @07:55 :'( :'(

  • I was wondering if a pilot who was piloting in one of these videos to be in the comments?

  • 6:45-6:47 in slow mo is hilarious😂😂

  • Cat On A Ultralight Airplane That’s so Funny 😆😂😂😂👍

  • Interessantes Format, toll

  • HOLY F, that electric arcing was insane.

  • 7:27 - "The engine indications were fine" - Unlike the bird...

  • the ground crew thing was at toronto pearson! my home airport

  • That poor kitty! Oh my god, I would have freaked out. My first concern would be for the cat .But then I'd worry that in his panic, he might jump on me -- claws fully out -- and clamp on to my head or chest. That would be quite the distraction, to say the least.

  • That recognition to all ground crew was so nice. Thanks Captain :)

  • Cap joe yay!

  • Classic!

  • Cat wanna airborne 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 12:47 be careful its foggy a car might come out of nowhere *helicopter comes out of nowhere* well I'll be damned

  • 2:35 is even harder oof ._.

  • 1:23 100 50 40 30 20 10 BuTtEr oof tbh that was a no flare landing

  • Oustanding!

  • Ramp agents and TSA officers are underappreciated. Thanks guys.

  • 13:06 i'd have shat myself

  • Captain Cat on the left side wing: My Aircraft! 😸

  • How much do you think it would cost an airline to replace an engine if you were to scrape the runway lol

  • What happened with the winch on the SAR helicopter? Looks like it got cut?

  • Helicopter was probably not flying IFR but by VFR while following the course of a river whilst using the IGE for the AGL.

  • Why bother retracting the gear on a go-around?

  • I am a Helicopter Pilot. You never do this because there is a very high risk to fly into obstacles. This was a IFR equipt heli. He should have landet at the nearest Airport with a IFR approach. Very stupid!

  • You were able to truly encompass the heart and soul of how I would feel being the former appointed senior officer of a ill fated journey. Thank you all for guiding me back home. Each and every viewer would mean the world to me, and please don’t forget to support the content.

  • Joe the lighting and color grading is weeeeeeird. Awesome video tho

  • copying 74 Gear channel. Shame!

  • Number 10 was a Eurocopter Daulphin 2 operated by the SAS, the best of the best pilots.

  • 13:05 actually, looks more like scotland.

  • They actually had TWO bird strikes. One on the right wing as well..

  • Why do they not put motor on the wheel so they not have to change wheel so often, tire to airplane are very expensive ?

  • Joe what Plane do you fly if you even fly? What do you mainly do?

  • Good Job Thank you

  • Boeing 787 “coming into London”. - which airport? The aircraft was “ bouncing inwards” - what are you talking about? Are you really a pilot?

  • Qantas 747😪😪😪Really miss you

  • I think that the aircrews that fly into Gibraltar in their A319/320s (2 airlines) have a book for who gets their plane on the deck in the winter season. Ahh Gibraltar (Never fly there in the winter you may not arrive there but somewhere else)

  • 13:50 That kind of crap is how Kobe got killed.

  • Toujours le même gus! ça y vas la désinformation. Le diable a toujours le sourire (ph)

  • The scariest was the cat video, how did he managed to stay up all that time ???? Unbelievable ☹️ Thanks for sharing your videos Keep up the great work 👋🏻🥰

    • Cause there's not really any wind inside the wing, so when the cat noticed there was a lot more wind to the outside, it probably chose to keep in the calmer side (inside the wing)

  • As a helicopter pilot, in Canada, for 30+ years you NEVER follow a road so low ( or river) in fog. Remember the previous video of the wire strike...and that as in clear vis. So many "chopper stoppers" (wires) across roadways and waterways. Much to dangerous. Best thing to do in weather like that is don't get into it...But if you do LAND !!!....YOU'RE A HELICOPTER !!! and wait for the weather to clear. Question about the previous helicopter wire strike video.....what happened to the 2 people he had on the long line under the machine? Did they survive the fall?