Brad comes back after a 3 month break from BJJ and Judo.

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  • I'm a simple man. I see Brad without a hat, I click

    • @Bradley Martyn brad you should put out more videos of you doing jujitsu.....this is great content......your getting really good to, keep it up!! 💪💪

    • I’m losing my hair too ::

    • Lmao

    • @Morgan Vinson How is that a treat? What a weird fcking thing to say about another dude. You guys are strange as all hell.

    • It looks great!!!

  • He was playing with him the whole time but he is learning and doing very well. Much better then I could and I’m Brazilian and horrible. Amazing fun

  • Brad without a hat......GREAT WHITE BUFFALO

  • Oh noooooo the black belt is a butt scooter🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Manhandling a big strong blue belt as a complete beginner is extremely impressive. WOW

  • do more of this brad u beast. big fan! gym bro!! all the way from Nottingham UK

  • No gi is fun…please update when you go back😂

  • Wish you would have stuck to this. You’d be a 4 stripe white belt rn

    • @Scorzi you can tell he when he sticks to something he becomes really good at it I.e. body building and UZfire. Plus he’s a big strong guy, and this was 6-7 months ago I’m sure he’d be a 4 stripe whitebelt.

    • why are you so sure?

  • Brad's breathing technique kinda sounds like a bear!!! 💪😜 Pretty awesome video big guy! 👍🤘


    • Hes tired asf too which isnt fair

  • Respect for trying this

  • thats some good cardio Bradley, good job

  • brad is an absolute unit

  • Brad please join the UFC

  • Just goes to show steroids for show...BJJ for throw.

  • I like brad getting sat on his ass, good video.

  • I learned from this that Bradley COULD be a proficient BJJ practitioner… if he spent the time on the Mat 😉

  • Honestly you would be a good build for folkstyle wrestling

  • i got tired just watching this video from my couch

  • Do they know that he is a drug dealer

  • Bradley sorry to go on about the hair but did you look into hair implants?

  • Almost didn’t recognize you without a hat

  • Embrace the thinning hair Brad. It looks good on you. Dignified and manly.

  • The brown belt was better than the black belt lol

  • EVERY BJJ teacher be like: 6:45

  • he would've finished that triangle if brad could fit between his legs lol

  • brad looks Danish without a hat

  • these are the best

  • LOL

  • These guys somehow made Brad look small

  • The the brownbelt dominated him effortlessly was damn impressive.

  • Watched a videos and folk do anything for money

  • someone take that guys blue belt

  • It shows it doesnt matter how strong you are if you have no techniques brute force only you still can't beat an experienced fighter

  • Brad with the gi on and no hat is giving me Chuck Norris vibes

  • is BM doing jitsu on a reg basis now?

  • i love that hes holding brads belt in the fights lol.. that will never be used.. ever.. that technique '

  • I would love to train with these guys, especially that brown belt, the knowledge from them can be exponential for me.

  • Wtf u have hair?????

  • Who else came for brads hairline

  • I don't think I ever seen Brad without a hat

  • CAN’T WEAR A HAT NOW BRAD!!!!!!! 🧢

  • Bruh nun of this shit would work if they didn’t have these uniforms on where they can snatch u easy tf

  • Love this content Brad

  • Why doesn’t brad go hat-less more often, he looks good without it.

  • Ive never seen this type of this stuff. Are you allowed to grab the clothes like that the whole time? MMA that wouldnt rly work.

  • brad i have been watching a lot of you and steve, this is the one that got the sub, keep up the good work, ill keep watching new and old vids =)

  • I give you a A+ on videos exposing yourself like this lmao

  • Good work Brad.. its very humbling for us white belts but we'll get there. Seems like you have a good group of lads there!

  • 6:40 all of a sudden,Brad become his pet

  • They don't even look strong but they must be very deadly😵

  • When you take it to the ground in jui-jitsu its like swimming, You ether know how to swim or you don't. Anyone that's a Brown belt or higher is basically like a shark in the water. If you cant at least swim (defend), you won't stand a chance.

    • I've rolled with some nasty purple belts and some not so good purple belts. Some seemed like they belong in brown almost and the others definitely should still be blue belts.

    • @Camilo Bayona I think that depends what gym you train at. Some OG gyms are hardcore and make people train for like 4-6 years before they even give you a chance to prove you've learned all the purple belt defensive techniques inside and out. Low quality Gyms just give belts out prematurely to keep people around or so they transfer gyms they can "earn it" faster.

    • Purple belts+

  • 625

  • My boy was holding onto his hair for dear life

  • Just shave the head and leave the beard bud

  • Fuckn awesome dude! Love this shit! Keep this going

  • That guy is Sam Rajabi, the proud Iranian JJ World Championship :)

  • yooo is that edwin najmi

  • Good vid brad

  • Not sure why dude in black kept shooting so low. It’s a no win situation with anyone let alone a bigger stronger guy.

  • The plant risk suprisingly fry because tanker connoly watch beside a sticky partridge. romantic, hesitant cell

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  • That bjj bloke is a machine

  • More of this pal

  • This was AMAZING!!!

  • Why was the black student always put in uke/passive mode?

  • so proud of him

  • So who is the Black belt

  • Hypothesis- he does not do well

  • WTF hair club for men is in the house. LMFAO 🤣

  • i never really understood why BJJ is considered the ultimate martial art, but watching this video seeing bradley get mauled by the trainer shows you its power.

  • Who gave him that blue belt ?

  • Anyone know what brand of gi that is?

  • Brad knows he doesn’t need to fight because he can hire hitmen with his drug money


  • I thought he was gonna keep his hat on

  • Dawg just shave your head

  • For a beginner he's legit enought

  • Do more

  • i like it when these types of guys(brad) get beat up a little haha

  • That professor is one big black belt fuck

  • I love it how tired you are

  • I love this video shows what someone can do to someone that thinks they're big

  • Dope ass video

  • Never in 1 million years would I ever thought I’d see Brad be made into someone else’s bitch

    • yeah finally

  • Inspirational

  • Really loved watching you not in your comfort zone Brad

  • Awesome video i was wondering what it would be like to see brad roll. Love the video you should do more rolling videos

  • When did Bradley get the head of hair?

  • its not all about strength people its about techniques and speed

  • That Brown Belt is a fucking Unit.

  • The camera guy laughing had me cracking up

  • never stop brother Trumpgamestrong....

  • 6:41 Dragged Brad around like a dog with a collar on lol 😂

  • Respect, Bradley💪💪💪doing jiu jitsu👍👍👍but your mission will be tuff🤪good luck

  • Brad is a big ass guy This guy makes brad look small.....hes probably what? 6'6 ?

  • bring schaub for backup!

  • Shave the dome keep the beard Brad 👍 Got lemons? Make lemonade.

  • Seeing brad get thrown around like that, wow 😲

  • Hated seeing him slam the black dude like damn bruh you never done jiu jitsu at all?