Boxing Knockouts | January 2021

Joylandi 6-Fev, 2021
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Boxing Knockouts | January 2021
01) Vasily Shtyk vs Sergey Kozhukhar / 2021-01-07
02) Bejita Ishikawa vs Keisuke Matsumoto / 2021-01-14
03) Yuji Okinori vs Ryutaro Nakagaki / 2021-01-14
04) Jukiya Iimura vs Daisuke Yamada / 2021-01-16
05) Lucas Brian Ariel Bastida vs German Ignacio Peralta / 2021-01-16
06) Kosuke Saka vs Takuya Watanabe / 2021-01-22
07) Yusaku Kuga vs Gakuya Furuhashi / 2021-01-22
08) Alfredo Jorge Luis Soto vs Nelson Edgardo Rios / 2021-01-22
09) Vasily Voytsekhovsky vs Anatoly Belyakov / 2021-01-23
10) Dmitry Yun vs Zhora Hamazaryan / 2021-01-23
11) Jefferson Da Silva vs Roger Giovane Guterres da Silva / 2021-01-23
12) Jose de Jesus Macias vs Steven Butler / 2021-01-28
13) Pavel Silyagin vs Omar Garcia / 2021-01-29
14) Bermane Stiverne vs Trevor Bryan / 2021-01-29
15) Shinard Bunch vs Charlie Dubray / 2021-01-30


  • China and Russia in boxing they already know who wins they have it all premeditated

  • 6:25 Shouldn't have he been disqualified for punching his already defeated opponent?

  • Is this Benny Hill?

  • Bit dramatic how they handle boxers in Japan.....

  • Its April 21...that first guy still hasnt woken up

  • It's good to see some other great boxers

  • Stiverne needs to retire.

  • Wow! Brutal KO in the first episode. 😴

  • @ 8:54, well that ain't fair, how can you punch someone if he got no chin?

  • 0:19 If you look real closely you can see the sniper in the audience.

  • U dont feel pain when u got ko...but its more painful shot in the lever...

  • Best knockout of 2021!!

  • 0:38 pretty low left hook

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • Well, it looks like Japanese folks did the most boxing in January... Good stuff

  • What's up with these idiotic haircuts? O.o Damn, 2 guys leaving on a stretcher, not good.

  • "Bang Bang" went "splat splat"

  • 2:16 bug

  • Some very questionable referring .

  • Must say how EXCELLENT ! the refs are.

  • 8:21 this jose goes to my gym, hes like family to us when it was his fight everyone in the gym crowded around the tv to watch it. such a sick ko

  • Ma man with the video drop enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  • 4:48 definitely one of my favorites


  • lots of albino Japanese boxers

  • Japanese boxing 🔥💥

    • Russian boxing too💥🤯

  • Bakit nagma mask pa, lahat ng tao jan na test and swab ek ek na????

  • 6:11 not great

  • 5:44 These two are not even remotely in the same weight class.

  • Too many replays.

  • We need more exposure to Japanese boxers in America them boys be boxing.

  • *Stevern is Done* *He need to retire and become a coach* What a way to end a career 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • They all got KO'd because they didn't keep their hands up!

  • Last guy was an "opponent" for the young up and comer. 32 years old, only 8 fights, knocked out in 5 of them. Tough way to collect a paycheck.

    • @Daniel oh..... oh shit😧

    • @DRACO FURY 13 he got knocked out in 5 of last 8

    • 5 ko outta 8 isn't that bad

  • Damn prayers to all that got KO'd. This is brutal. Respect.

  • Stiverne needs to retire.

  • 10:10 that was a very unmatched.

  • Those Asians must have they’re field of view turned up all the way to 100

  • Bodies were snatched in this one 😳 💀 lol

  • shinard bunch so nice that he worried about his opponent

  • 2:20 unbelievable head movement and counter. Wow.

  • Why do refs continue with a 10 second count when it is quite clear the guy is not going to get up? as stupid as it sounds those 10 seconds could be the difference between life or death to the boxer KO'd

  • These asian fighters dehydrate to severely :(

  • Boxing heave weight right now is not good looking because many heavy wight fighter have Bad Body only Big Fat not Fit Big 😄😄😄😄

    • And some of them are more pushing than hitting.

  • A few of those guys looked like they died in the ring

  • Some heavy KO’s but you can tell half those guys getting smashed aren’t very good fighters, take nothing away from anyone who steps in the ring but some of these guys were never meant to be there 💯

    • Steven Butler at 8:49 an example 🤣

  • 5:31 ac/dc fan

  • Respect to these warriors cuz jeezzzzzz Check out some of my boxing vids

  • 8:16 i dropped my hands once and got rocked, maybe if i try it again it'll wo....

  • is it just me or are Jan 2021 KO's so vicious. Man these are heavy KO's

  • That first knockout was just like when I was a kid and I cursed in front of my mother boy she let me have it.

  • Some KOs are very devastating and dangerous. I hope those guys are oke

  • Vikapita Meroro vs Tervel Pulev ? ? ?

  • Japan is becoming more and more active in boxing

  • A lot of these clips tested my inner bigot’s patience.

  • Se é loko tio, esses japoneses não caem, ficam nocauteados em pé parecendo zumbis kkk.

  • they need to hang smelling salts on my mans neck like a car air freshener, that was a career shortening K.O!! & what ufck kinda fighting stance was that from Bejita? sending my prayers to Daisuke Yamada, that looked bad him being stretchered out, i never want to see that as a fan😥 praise & love to all these fighters. and remember kids: work the body, throw the left? you'll be a champion 😁😁🥊🥊🥇

  • brutee

  • 5:45 the guy in the silver trunks should be disqualified for hitting while the man was down.

  • Good seeing boxing from around the globe.

  • Some beautifully delivered concussions.

  • in the first knockout did that guy die. status update?


  • Did the dud at 2:35 die?

  • This week’s sponsor is stretchers

    • @Jasper Dane damn! It took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!

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  • I love your work and dedication to this Channel bro keep doing the best vídeos

  • Love this Channel

  • Furry shorts? Hahaha. Nothing furry about the shot that finished it.

  • Is there any place where we can find kozhukhar vs shtyk as full fight?

  • Anyone feel like the Japanese ones are over exaggerated or is it just me?

  • First one was totally devastating :O Wow.

    • He sent the guy flying like it was a cartoon or something lol

  • some good talent in here

  • Seems like the medical attention is going downhill these days especially japan

  • I live for your updates, but i hate seein fighters seriously injured. That may seem like an oxymoron, but I hope everyone in this video is ok🙏🏽

  • Stiverne gotta retire smh !!!

    • It looks like the punch that dropped him rolled off his shoulder

    • Yeah, after that 1st round KO against Wilder it was over...

  • Jesus Christ , the force of that guys head hitting the canvas

  • Why do so many people try throwing an uppercut while someone is throwing an overhand?! They always get knocked out. I have seen that exact knockout over 100 times.

    • You are getting it twisted buddy They are not throwing uppercuts in reaction to an overhand, their uppercuts are getting countered/timed by an overhand. Big difference

  • Level of some of these Japanese fighters is terrible. Some of them look like they have no fighting experience at all.

    • Most of them are not highly ranked fighters. That one dude in the red shorts had some really nice slip n rip shots though.

    • @Donovan Chilton They are working their way up. They are a small country but they come out with solid boxers now and then. Naoya Inoue is one such boxer.

    • No different than any other national level fighter.

    •'s kinda painful to watch.

  • 我が国の事だから言いたくはないが日本のボクシングはあまりにもショボいから見てて恥ずかしくなる…特にこのチャンネルで取り上げる奴ら全員知らない奴だし、これアマチュア選手?

    • 日本人は世界戦以外は取り上げないで欲しいですね。 小さい奴らばかりだしレベルが低すぎる。

  • The gap in quality between som of these Japanese fighters is ridiculous. There's no way some of these fights should be booked

  • Wilder must have taken Stiverne's soul after that fight

  • Lol first guy was dead

  • spectacular KOs 2021

  • Wtf

  • 1