Breath of the Wild's Sequel - E3 2021 Trailer Analysis / Breakdown

Joylandi 15-Iyn, 2021
My initial analysis and breakdown of the E3 2021 trailer for Breath of the Wild's Sequel.

Thank you to my Discord server for helping with the analysis!

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  • Thanks for watching! What part of the trailer are you most excited about? I can't get over how sick the Zonai flamethrower is lol

    • All of the epic new weapons and stuff

    • I can’t get over how GORGEOUS LINK IS

    • Nevermind I'm dumb

    • 7:09 that is his left arm look where the thumb is.

    • @JP because direct sequels usually do that. Plus, BoTW has timeless graphics, so why change them?

  • I did not clear all those shrines just to lose my tunic of the wild.

  • Ugh please no cyberpunk robot arm. Please just be a cast or something covering the arm.

  • The talk about links hair being longer might not be true, because links hair wasn't tied in a ponytail. When you untie your hair it usually looks like it's longer.

  • I hope we have a lot of new places to visit not just the sky or underground

  • Help!!! ¿Como veo estos videos traducidos al Español?

  • Link got a beard. I bet thats what they r hiding... some mean ass facial hair to drive the ladies of hyrule EVEN MORE crazy then they already r for link

  • Lol, a dragon head shield that spews fire? i'd like to think LoZ is taking cues from Dark Souls.

  • amazing

  • I’m starting to think , that Link is from the Tribe of the Zonai. But also the Zonai’s must have teamed up with the Sheikahs , cuz so that way they can put an end to Ganon for once and for all. Cuz they both came first before Ganon came , so that way they can be ready to take Ganon down. Cuz it’s probably why they have setted up everything way early on , so that way it’ll be an all out war on Ganon. But this is my opinion btw. Sorry if this is kinda scary to y’all.

  • I’m praying that Zelda does not die😭

  • It's the same pattern that majoras mask followed after oot.the producers got lazy and used the same engine from botw for part 2

  • To me this looks like what skyward sword was supposed to be but at the time the tech wasnt quite there yet. Not that i dont like Skyward Sword but this is pretty much the same idea

  • This is quite a stretch but u would love to see the master sword be destroyed in the opening to the game and instead of just finding it in the korok forest like in the first game, we have to reforge it to it's purest form to defeat Ganon, the goddess sword

  • I’m a little late but what if beetle has a floating airship again? And what if the ruins are actually remains of skyloft?

  • Here is a theory of mine the start of the game link has long hair at the beginning you go on these islands and you were in some kind of coma for a few years like botw 1 and mid way down your paraglider breaks and you have to build a new one by doing something idk what but then when it is fixed glide of the islands onto hyrule and the bokoblions have evolved from last time like maybe they are smarter explaining why they got the idea to build on the rock golem and there is some way maybe with the shekiah slate u can transfer from the hyrule to the islands or prob using the ability to go threw surfaces

  • by the way the waves of the blue stuff looks like when you unlock more of the map in breath of the wild. idk?

  • All of that would support why the chose skyward sword and the Hd remake may help to understand botw 2

  • I am yet to hear the theory that the green hand could be midna hand from twilight Princess

  • Maybe the ruins of the ooccoo city in the sky from twilight Princess. It has been a while but didn't that temple have egg like statues/structures?

  • I just really really hope they get rid of the weapon breaking system or implement something that'll be a lot better

  • Yeah this is definitely the Downfall timeline. I've had a migraine for over two years trying to find every little thing. My God. Leave me alone now.

  • I think the flamethrower place is one of the islands but it has crashed down. I believe this because of the markings on the wall/roof

  • I still think the person with the arm is Zelda when she fell she fell in to cave and lose her arm and landed in a time frame around befor hylia became Zelda and the sky island fell I think she dose things in the past to help the world in links time to fight ganon but because the master sword and the monsters seems to look more primal I think ganon is become infected demies

  • Maybe a shieikah member found link and put him back into the healing chamber would explain the missing clothes and again time passed and his hair has grown a bit.

  • Something I noticed: At 4:54 , you point out the "Torii" looking structure. This may be a play on words for the Japanese fans. A word-based easter egg if you will. Although those structures are called "Torii"(which means "gate" more or less) the word "bird" in japanese is "Tori", and pronunciation is almost identical. They show 3 birds flying in that scene as well, more symbolism. I might be reaching, But i feel like those gates might end up being a "launch pad" of sorts to get from one sky-island to the next. You must pass through the gate or "Torii" to harness the power of the bird/loftwing or "tori". Just a thought :)

  • Ya know, there's a little piece of malice right where Link's right hand (his sword hand) would have been. The falling scene could have been set after the Master Sword being encompassed by malice, and that is what is left of the Sword. As for the tiny piece of malice again, it moves with Link, just like his hand and the sword would.

  • So Ganon has holes on the palm of his hands and one on his chest? He's Jesus alright

  • Full metal alchemist vibes with that arm!

  • Odd feeling a old friend from the games we have seen will return...and i am scared

  • I have no idea what’s happening but I am very hyped

  • Maybe we get to find out what happened to that race that disapeared with no info about it

  • thanks that was veary helpful

  • The only thing I was able to gather from it was time travel from the long hair and the literal reverse time ability he shows off. It's incredible how much more detail you saw though, blew my mind.

  • The fact that they released Skyward HD made me think we will see stuff related to SS in this game. Im very excited but a lil sad the theory that the game would be more drk and possibly related to Twilight wont happen.

  • Vary up your intonation

  • Holes in PALMS OF HANDS GASTER!?!? (It’s a joke)

  • This may sound crazy but what if Nintendo released skyward sword hd as a little hint that it would be tied into botw 2. It would be a perfect hidden hint because of Nintendo’s anniversary

  • not sure if somebody has said this but i think that the malice irreversibly damaged Links right arm causing him to need some sort of prosthetic and was given a zonai arm that's infused with the green magic and the arm is giving him access to the new abilities and i also have heard a couple theories that the hero of calamity was connected to the zonai so the floating islands might have somthing to do with the zonai

  • I ejoyed the hell out of BOTW while I was playing it. I thought it was one of my fave Zelda games while I was playing it. But looking back on it, it's not as memorable a game as Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask in my opinion. I just don't remember it as fondly (and I have played both OOT and MM recently on emulators). I loved the open world and freedom it brought, but the divine beasts and shrines don't hold a candle to traditional Zelda dungeons. And the lack of life and quirky NPCs also made it less memorable. Clock town, and even Hyrule castle in OOT (and Hyrule Castle Twilight Princess, even though I didn't love that one as a whole) were just sso full of LIFE and CHARM. And while BOTWs music was subtle and beautiful, it didn't make me feel like a giddy kid like previous entries did. For me, a perfect Zelda game would be an open world like BOTW, that you can approach however you want, with towns bustling with life and side quests, and traditional Zelda dungeons that you can do somewhat out of order. Like, maybe you have to find them organically like shrines, and maybe you can choose to do the first 4 in any order. Then you can reach the next, slightly harder ones in any order, maybe thanks to a combo of dungeon items you got in the first 4. Then lastly, some really difficult ones. And of course, bring back the Zelda music that makes me want to set it as my ring tone, and feel like I'm ready for any adventure. The old Zelda formula isn't worse, it's just different. And frankly, while there is a place for the freedom BOTW offers, it would be greatly imrpoved upon by learning from the lessons of Zelda of old.

  • We see Zelda falling. One time link catches her (and the green hand catches Link), and one time he doesn‘t. My theory is, that maybe after he fails to prevent Zelda from falling into the chasm, he has to travel back in time and try to save her again. Everyone‘s saying „this takes place directly after Botw..“ but what if it doesn’t? Or am I missing something that refutes my theory?

  • I don’t think it’s Ganon… It’s probably something way more ancient, more dangerous and dark.

  • People who say that it's some useless shots of gameplay 🤦

  • Oh man, my spirits are soaring, I need to get my head out of the clouds! Also, I bet the gates (Torii) teleport you to different gates or something like that. Oh, and also, I think the "Green energy" is good energy and malice is bad energy

  • Since this game seems more vertical do you think they will bring back the hookshot and with a open world like BOTW where you can climb pretty much anything cause I know when I was climbing mountains in BOTW I kept saying to myself it would be awesome if I had the hookshot

  • What if the golem is actually an evolved form of the loft wing that was possessed by the zonai? Lol. Fun to speculate.

  • In 0:57 it seems like he looses his arm when the malice takes over it and in 7:09 it looks to me like he's in the healing chamber. You're very observant, I enjoyed the video very much. You sir, have a new subscriber.

  • The green/black glowing arm reminds me of Twilight prinzess in terms of color uses

  • At 5:56 could that golem be made out of copper? Because maybe the golem is some kind of ancient guardian?

  • 7:03 Death Mountain has NO lava. Probably means its inside can be explored.

  • People need to keep in mind the possibility that they're trying to keep us confused, and none of the shots are in chronological order of when it happens in the game. I think whenever we see the castle coming up out of the ground, whatever that event is also caused the other pieces of Hyrule's ground to rise up and become sky islands. I also think this game takes place before Skyward Sword, and we're going to see the formation of Skyloft, and the creation of the cloud separation. The ancient tech in Skyward Sword is what we've seen in BotW.

  • What if there’s two links in this game and two main antagonist

  • As for the longer hair, his hair is down. It was a ponytail.

  • K so we defintely know the Zonai play a really big part in something thats going to happen. My theory is that the Zonai helped or did it by themselves and sealed ganondorf where we see him with the green hand somehow. This is probably some sort of tech or something, and that is why wee see that other guardian thing fighting with link, where it seems to be powered by the glowing hand. It has an upside down Sheikah looking thing probably because it was created by the Yiga Clan, with the Zonai's tech or magic of some sort.

  • You missed a small detail. The paraglider structure in botw holding the parachute part in place is made out of wood. But in botw 2 the paraglider structure holding the parachute part is made out of bones. Why though? Also this is just a question and you should not torment Zeltik for a small detail since some ppl do that.

  • #hypehypehypehype

  • ima absolutely ass at botw, but zeltik motivates me to be better just from lore

  • Finally worked out what that moblin a hat keeps reminding me of. He'd like to be excused on account of being turned into a cow.

  • I think their going to add the events from the beginning time to this game (skyward sword and ocarina of time)

  • I think link is different between some shots becuase changed clothing, like in the original game.

  • BungoBungo from below Kakariko Village looks VERY much like the hanging beast Link fights (with his flame-throwing shield) in the new trailer: Will we be venturing below BotW's Kakariko village in the sequel?

  • Ganondorf’s floating castle? Throwback to ocarina of time

  • Bitalock is perfect za warudo. そうだね… ハイラル城とかが天空にいったって考えるのが一番しっくりくるね〜

  • at 9:43 the green in the dragon’s mouth seriously looks like midna’s portals

  • I never considered an eyegore, I was thinking a new forum of sheika tech beamose

  • I think it would be really cool if the sky islands are somehow connected to skyloft, so they can reestablish at least some kind of credible lore and properly place BOTW on the timeline

  • What if this Link is not BOTW Link, maybe he is the Hero of 10k years ago explaining his primitive looking clothes. Maybe the game has some kind of flashback of how Ganon got sealed 10k years ago This might be why he has Links Green Arm stabbing his chest

  • Hopefully there’s unbreakable weapons

  • 11:40 Is that song from Twilight Princess?

  • So, I think the hand holding Ganon? Down is Zonai Link (the hero from impas story in botw) & the game could be a flashback to that time & the current time. I am probably way off but then again I think every theory is pretty far off because Nintendo has a way of piecing together a beautiful story that ties everything together so neatly it's unfair at times. 🤷‍♂️

  • The thing I'm interested in knowing is how is the ground level overworld going to be different from BotW? I hope it's changed enough that if feels like a new game, not just the same game with added story and new areas in the sky (and slightly altered monsters). In that shot with the bokoblins on the talus (which is really awesome btw!) the land around them looked the same as in the previous game, if not even more plain and empty. That's a shame, but maybe it's still unfinished? I really wanted them to give Hyrule a greater population, more towns and at least one big sprawling city, and give a large portion of the rest of the world a more lived-in feel - but still have the really remote areas feel more empty as you then feel more like you've found somewhere remote and wild, where people rarely go - for the first game, almost everywhere has that feel so it doesn't have the same impact, does anyone get what I mean? lol I'm also hoping that the cave cutscenes in the first trailer mean that we actually get to explore underground too. Having the three layers of underground, overworld, and the sky would be awesome and I can see a massive potential for imaginative puzzle solving and intricate exploration possibilities. And I say this in every comment I make on videos about this game, but with the sky islands returning I REALLY want loftwings in this game! At least be able to access them later in the game when you've already struggled to get to the hard to reach areas and hence earned the freedom to fly anywhere, including ridiculously high up areas where awesome treasures and interesting creatures lie!

  • Skyward sword 2 confirmed

    • What of its a prequel and now the earliest point in the timeline

  • Just fix the weapon mechanic and add the old gizmos and gadgets like hook shots and iron boots

  • That eye cyclops kind of reminds me of those eye statues that gives you hints in skyward sword

  • I think one thing this is all showing is that Link LOSES his right arm in the this game and its replaced with either the green arm we first saw in the trailer OR a new type of technology from whatever or whorever created the green arm, which I'm assuming creates link a new arm that the player is then able to unlock a slew of new abilities for in order to defeat Gannon. And I feel pretty confident in saying that I believe that all this green energy and technology is ZONAI in origin. They are the ONLY ones that would have been able to build such things prior to the sheeka and who had technology similar to the sheeka's. So basically my prediction is this......Link looses his right arm when he's attacked by the corruption and Gannon when he awakens from senses the Sword of evil's bane, a.k.a the master sword which he also loses and falls into the depths along with both his arm and Zelda and is why we dont see it anywhere in this new gameplay. His arm is then replaced with a new one using Zonai technology that allows him to unlock a whole bunch of new abilities similar to those from the sheeka slate. Because considering Zelda more then likely had the sheeka slate on her when she fell, link would no longer have access to it. so he now has to complete Zonai shrines(most likely have guardians near them, which is what that big green boss creature we see in the trailer) to unlock the new, possibly more powerful abilities of the Zonai arm before he can fight Gannon and go back down below to save Zelda and either seal gannon again using the Zonai arm OR completely destroy him. Let me know what you think and how likely you think I may be right.

  • I’m gonna be happy if we can ride the dragons since this game is surrounding them a lot

  • *Wow, great analysis!*

  • Maybe the arm means he snapped his fingers with the gauntlet while having all of the stones.

  • My theory is, in the legend picture of Link and Zelda supposedly fighting Ganondorf, what if the character wielding a sword is actually Ganondorf and Link is the dragon like beast fighting Ganondorf with Zelda providing support for Link. I came up with this because the black markings indicate link being transformed and there is a bunch of Dragon symbolism hinted at in this new trailer like the eggs and the shield like weopon that breathes fire. Also the Zoni tribe shows alot of tributes to dragons.

    • And what if the old man referring to a Dragon God long ago that split the mountain was actually referring to link?

  • Le nom de la chaîne m'a séduit. J'ai cliqué sur la vidéo et j'avoue ne pas avoir été déçu. Bon travaille !

  • I wonder if it’s like how Zelda can use her piece of the Triforce to look into other timelines if in this game Link will be able to communicate with his other selves to make it right, and you switch between them as the game advances such as like in Windwaker when you can use Medley and the Korok guy in their dungeons to complete stuff, and you have to change something in their timeline to advance further in another one?

  • Well the title when the game comes out obviously is not BOTW2. Nintendo has found another title instead of BOTW2 but they don't want to reveal it because they are afraid that the title will spoil a lot of things in the game without playing it . Thus, the title still remains unknown. At least that is my opinion

  • Legend of Zelda: The Sands of Time

  • the board meeting for this game must have just been one guy saying sheika slate but what if arm? and everyone else just vigorously nodded in agreement

  • Man, these bokoblins really need a horn cut

  • hand saves link and Zelda. wait a minute wasn't the hand sealing away ganon a second ago???

  • but in the talus camp thing, you see that link has the champion tunic+hylian shirt as well as there are no floating islands

  • Time Travel... Link morphing through solids... reminds me of the so called Philadelphia Experiment.

  • In the scene where Link is paragliding, revealing a talus, in the background there is supposed to be Vah Ruta there but it isn’t in the trailer. Or am I just getting this wrong, is vah ruta like, not, supposed to be there?

  • 🦾 Breath of the Wild: Corruption 🦾

  • I can't be the only one who saw the arm and thought there had to be some kind of connection to the Midna character

  • If your theory about time in hyrule rewinds, i think it would be cool if Master Kohga is revived and reversed to a past state of him where its shown hes extremely powerful and strong.

  • if they finna make me wait tat long, it better be even better then breath of the wild

  • This is a Nintendo Switch game? Certified trash. New game coming out on a 10 year old console lmfao.

  • Imagine if Breath of the Wild's sequel is somewhat like Avenger's Endgame where the split in the timeline happens/time traveling, so the champions are alive but scattered in their respective locations and Link has to find them, reform the team and defeat Ganondorf. But for the castle, it's similar to the Ganon's castle in OoT with different parts so the champions could defeat their parts (Also sort of like MM where you play as the other characters sort of). And so after they defeat their parts, it weakens Ganondorf so you could go fight him and deliver the final blow.

  • @Zeltik this is giving me serious Castle in the Sky movie vibes here anyone else? edit one: DUDE I WANT THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New Theory: Link is holding the Master Sword, as Malice infects Link's arm. I think that the Master Sword fuses with Link to save his life and stop the Malice from corrupting Link. That's why we don't see the Master Sword in the open world, the Master Sword protected Link from dying, and "sealed the Malice" from consuming Link's body.

  • 8:10 I do think that it is just a new stasis like you initially said, just Link using the arm for the power instead of the slate from the game. It’s a pretty similar animation to the first game, and I’m sure that other powers will probably originate from the arm and be the same particle effect with a different color. It’s definitely cool to theorize though!

  • my theory is that the green arm is some kind of manifestation of the hero of time, who has been keeping ganondorf underground for a while. it would explain link's ability to reverse time and why he has the triforce of courage now