Can you Crush a Diamond with a Hammer? | OT 1

Joylandi 8-Yan, 2018
It's time for our brand NEW series: Overtime!
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  • Pumped y'all love Overtime! Comment your favorite segment: Betcha -- Wheel Unfortunate -- Cool or Not Cool -- Fun with Dentistry

  • No

  • team shatter train

  • train

  • The best things in ot cool not cool and wheel unfortunate

  • Team Necklace, 100%

  • Bold 😟

  • “Beard, twins, tall guy, purple hoser” 0:38

  • team shater train

  • The question I keep asking....... why is Garrett bald

  • Team Necklace

  • Team necklase

  • Y’all are like the very first channel I ever watched- I watched you when I lived in Mira Mesa, I moved from there 4 years ago.

  • Shatter Train all the way!

  • team necklace

  • I just realized that the intro changed in this one it's ( beared, twins, tall guy, purple hoser dude perfects in overtime ) new ( Tall guy, beared twins purple hoser dude perfects in overtime )

  • The next video we will see cody

  • It’s not really your signature move now: he dose it everyday

  • Listen to the intro song then and now

  • 2021?

  • who have seen all episodes of overtime and come again because they are extremely amazing...??

  • Shatter team!

  • team necklace

  • i knew it go team necklace

  • remember that graphic of the products in cool not cool?

  • 10:01 we... we’ve been lied to our who...whole lives?

  • Can't belive this was 3 years ago

  • Crazy to think that it’s been 3 years...

  • Team Necklace

  • Here to binge for the 4th time

  • Team Nicholas

  • What are you saying shrimping what I said slip like a little tiny shrill you mean shrimp yeu

  • Can we take a moment to say..... OVERTIME WAS MADE 3 YEARS AGO 🥺🤯

  • Seeing the date this was published made me feel old :(

    • This vid isn’t even that old

  • 2:50 Haha I love how the guy started filming

  • Team shater

    • Psych team no shater

  • neklece you cant break dinound without diamond

  • I love the Rage Monsters in The Stereotypes

  • team neklace

  • Team necklace

  • the og cool not cool

  • Beard guy, twins ,tall guy,purple hoser the first ever ot song

  • Get crafty

  • Necklace

  • Team Necklace.

  • Team Necklace all day bro

  • Necklace

  • Crazy how far this show has come in 3 years

  • Team shatter train

  • Non shatter train

  • The sign is now new the tv is new the intro is new everything is sooooo different now!

  • You guys should have did it with a sledgehammer


  • #

  • The numbing cream made Ty’s voice get super high 😂

  • What is overtowel

  • Who is watching this on 2021

  • Dude I’m moving to dallas

  • dude. the intro song sounds wrong 😥

  • It's been 3 years dammm

  • Coby is the chandler from mrbeast !

  • team necklace

  • Me In 2021

  • Cody: gets chosen one time for Wheel Unfortunate Universe: YOU SHALL NOT BE CHOSEN AGAIN

  • team necklace for sure

  • Go to a swimming pool and pretend to drowned for a consequence.

  • Team necklace

  • team necklace

  • Ggg

  • Garret has a MASTERS degree and really thinks that a diamond can be crushed with a hammer.

  • Love you all

  • Team necklace

  • team necklace diomand is the hardest mineral on earth you cant destroy it

    • @Eric Lin Uh, no you cant.

    • Uh, yes you can. Because it's hard, it'll break more easily,

  • so this is the first and the only one that cody jones spun the wheel huh?

  • “Buddy, what a Fuddy Duddy”

  • team necklace

  • Beard twins tall guy purple hozer. That just doesn’t sound right.

  • Team Coby all the way

  • You can’t break a diamond without another diamonds.

    • but your 9 year old brain probally cant understand that

    • you can lol

    • @AdressiveRBLX a diamond is hard, not tough. It can't be Scratched but it can Shattered. Compare a glass bottle to plastic. Go back to 3rd grade.

    • @Eric Lin Uh, no you cant.

    • Uh, yes you can. Because it's hard, it'll break more easily,

  • The Intro Song Changed😀

  • Team shatter

  • Who’s rewatching all the old overtimes

  • Am watching this in 2021 an cant bealive this started 3 years ago it fells like it started this year

  • Love the old series

  • Ok sorry im late to this but in cool not cool i like how tyler says he doesn’t want syrup with the pancake because of the sugar as he brings a giant gummy worm

  • Who’s back here just to see Cody in Wheel Unfortunate since he was never chosen up until now?

  • I still can’t get over Jody Codes

  • Hjdjdkdjfkndm mfkskcjjfjfjdjfjdj

  • team necklace

  • cody looks like the golden boy irl

  • Green for tyler

  • Necklace fo sure

  • shatter train

  • Are we gonna just let the fact that garret said a mix of bro and boy and it came out like wheel burrow 4:01

  • Team necklace

  • Team necklace

  • Team Necklace

  • Team shader

  • I remember when this first came out... wow 3 years. Wow

  • Team shatter train