Chris Broussard talks Donovan Mitchell after Jazz beat Clippers in Game 1 | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
Game 1 of the series face off between the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers ended in a win for Utah, with a score of 112-109. Donovan Mitchell was explosive, coming away with 45 points and 5 assists, which Kawhi Leonard and Paul George combined for 43 points. Chris Broussard joins First Things First to share his biggest takeaways, and break down why win or lose, Mitchell may come away from this series as a bonafide superstar.

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Chris Broussard talks Donovan Mitchell after Jazz beat Clippers in Game 1 | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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    • d wade was way more efficient even at age 34 then mitchell is now d wade hater.....stop it...typical lebron always hate on wade...hes a top 20 player ever...shut the heck up chris..smdh

  • Wilds was right again...Donovan went off ...AGAIN!!! and the shooters came through at the end

  • Donovan Mitchell is a bona fide superstar in the NBA doesn't get talked about I wonder why.

  • Chris Broussard: Paul George isnt shooting the ball well. Me: well duh!! Its the playoffs.

  • The aboriginal budget unquestionably kiss because acrylic comprehensively miss unlike a nonstop belt. disastrous, wry ghana

  • Please stop giving Shaq credit. He is the dumbest man in sports analysis.

  • I’m a kawhi fan so I’ve come to terms that if the Clippers win it’s ignore if they lose it’s magnified , we’ll just take the W and keep it pushing

  • politics is why... Same reason Dame is crapped on or underrated

  • Its a home game the jazz won i am not surprised , the clippers, with George not scoring they had a chance to tie the game in the end. The series stars when the home team lose. Paul george is the X factor.

  • The Clippers are in for a real series. The Mavs fell when Luka faltered. The Jazz just has too many weapons - Mitchell, Clarkson, Ingles, Bogdanovic and they have Gobert, and coming from the bench they have reliable shooters as well.

  • Shocked right? Yall thought Jazz was #1 seed for nothing huh? Thought clippers was just gonna steam roll them? Some of you analysts are extremely disrespectful not gonna lie. I stand by what I say. Jazz in 4.

    • this team when healthy is making 18 threes a night on 41% these playoffs..they making the finals

  • I'm still upset that Phil Jackson decided to draft Frank Ntilikina to the Knicks over Donovan Mitchell in the 2017 NBA Draft. SMH

  • Donovan mitchell is Dame Lillard but if you just go back in time a few years and put him on a better overall team.

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

  • Them StReEt KiNgS from LA need to get on their GrIzZlE

  • They don’t want to like him because he plays for Utah

  • Clippers are gonna win

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

  • Your Media fault that ignored dude

    • Lol exactly. They talk sometimes like they arent the reason

  • Alright this comment is directed towards nick. How can a person be wrong as often as you and still seem confident in what you say?? For real lol.

  • tatum has already put up about 3 playoff fiddy pieces, including one on brooklyn's super team in a victory with a FAR inferior team having ZERO help. meanwhile mitchell has arguably the best team in the league, so it's much easier for him to look good.

  • It was a close game. Nothing special.

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

  • Nick never splits tens?

  • Man MJ avg nearly 34 pts per game in the Playoffs despite going up against some of the better defensive teams in an era where they allowed hand checking. Can you imagine what his avg would be in this hands off league era?

    • with spacing...he used to play with 2 post playing bigs a non 3 pt threat in pippen and non three point threat bj or harper...put him with a real team in today's nba and he is unstopable...for real...toni kerr hodges for 1 season and paxon were his only real three point threats..

  • Kawhi has to guard him like he did on Luka at the end of the series. If they wait too long to make that adjustment the series will be over fast.

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie.

  • Why do fans lack respect for reporters? Because of takes like this. Fans already knew Mitchell was a beast. How did reporters that get in games for free miss it?

  • Okay I love Spida as much as the next guy but how many shots did he take in this game? Like 40 something shots? Theres a lot of players who would score that much taking that many shots.

  • Mitchell is a Superstar. Any idiot saying he isn't hasn't been paying attention to him and the Jazz. We will see what they're saying when the Jazz win the Playoffs this year. They didn't get the best record in the NBA this year by accident. He had tons of BIG games this year. He plays even better during the Playoffs.

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie.... russ was on that team too

    • the jazz legit could be on a 27 game win streak if he clarkson and conley were healthy this year...

  • Clipps will again check mate Donovan just like Luka...

    • donovan mitchell sent Paul george and russ home as a rookie

    • They may try, but the Jazz will check mate the Clippers--these aren't the Mavs they're playing.

  • How many playoff game Mitchell had again total? They put him next to LeBron, me, Iverson? Really? Ways to go buddy before he can be there

  • Something we admire here in Utah about Donovan Mitchell is his maturity for his age. His humbleness, sense of team work and the way he approaches our community. He was well raised by his family. He has more maturity than Shaq so I don't think he is bothered by Shaq's comments; he was already on his way to lead the team. But in conclusion winning or losing Utah Jazz is a team.

    • @swelly84 Thanks for your kind words. We like our team, and a real fan stays behind them in the good times and especially in the bad times. We can't take these talented players for granted.

    • Great compliment. Good to hear that about from a true local. However , although Shaq was wrong disrespectful and rude to Donovan on live T.V. during his interview. His a mature man as well. Smart business man and funny personality but yeah he Just made a mistake. No one's perfect. By the way I'm glad u are on you tube looking at sports clips. I can tell your a true fan ✊. stay blessed 🙌

  • The Donovan slander is seriously insane

    • These guys don't watch the jazz. Let's be honest

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

  • Everbody right about something but Nick always Wrong. Nick Wrong

  • Nick has been wrong about every take he's had this whole season so anything he says I just threw out the window

  • Donovan has great playoff moments than Jayson TATUM ?! 🤨

    • Jayson has been to the conference finals more

    • russ was on that team too

    • donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

    • Donovan is the better player..and playoff performer.

  • Wyldes was bouta call brussard Lebron 😂😂

  • I’m tired of people saying: “I love Mitchell’s game, but…” Enough! Donovan Mitchell is the real deal!

    • @DubbxGaming idk why y’all get in ur feelings about him not being a superstar star yet, y’all acting like I’m saying that he’ll never be one lol relax

    • @DubbxGaming if he didn’t have that stacked team he alone wouldn’t get out the first round, but ok ok. He’s a superstar right? He got a stacked team and finished as the best team in the nba with the overall 1 seed, then he should make the finals no problem. Who’s gonna stop em, the clippers??? Suns???? If he don’t make the finals he’s not a super star bruh, but if he does then this will be his coming out party and he’ll be considered a superstar win or lose the finals.

    • @andysvt8 Wow lol You clearly said if “HE doesn’t make the finals” ..which means one person not the team but ok I’m goofy 😂

    • @JustTheMessager both are notorious for being garbage in the post season, so idk what’s impressive about that. Play off p remember?

    • @DubbxGaming idk why y’all goofys love to bring age into a debate to bolster ur argument. For the record I’m not calling Donovan Mitchell a bust if he doesn’t make the finals I’m saying it would be a bust for the team of Utah since they’re so stacked.

  • It was never a point in that game where the Clippers made it look like the Jazz didn’t belong. The Jazz missed like 20 straight shots and were only down 13 during that stretch. The Clippers are in for a tough series. Jazz in 6 or 7

  • Let's be real: Mitchell ain't scoring 45 again, and they still won by 3 🥴 Conley coming back is gonna take away some shots from Mitchell. Clippers gonna win this series in 6.

    • did you just see luka? lmao why people trust the clippers? Jazz are winning this series idc what kawhi does.

    • Did you see last year playoffs???? Mitchell can drop 40+ all series. It's not crazy that he will go off every game. Whether that is 45 or 30 or whatever is needed

    • But more shots for Ingles (a 45% shooter), O'Neal (38% shooter) and Bogdanovic. Superstars pick their spots and he won't have to drop 45 if these three mentioned before don't go 4 for 17 from 3. And why won't Mitchell go for 45 again? We just saw Clippers let someone drop 40+ on them consistently and Mitchell did this against the Nuggets last year?

    • Let’s be real, the Jazz aren’t going to miss 20 shots in a row again.

  • The Clips weren't dominating. The Jazz were missing shots....wide open shots. The Clips weren't playing dominant defense at all. Watch closer.

    • the jazz make you guard the paint and hit threes instead so you think your playing good d making them go outside ..thats kinda their mo..and they make them way more this year then not....thats how they trick teams ala the 2015 warriors...they want you to think thats a bad shot but its what they want...

  • They're not Athletic??? C'mon!!. Wish they would've let the young lady journalist in to comment.

  • Spida shows up for playoffs. Spida mentality

  • Street Clothes Conley...

  • I guess Broussard going to say it’s over for the clippers again?? Then change his statement..smh

  • People were so down on Donovan when he was struggling a little at the beginning of the year. Then he quietly becomes a 25-5-5 player on the team with the best record in the league and efficiency high enough as a small guard to have a PER over 20.

  • Donovan Mitchell has already had his coming out party. Y’all just missed it.

    • @Dillon Dean fact. even his rookie year. There was a stat where he was 2nd in history behind Michael Jordan for most playoff points through his first 3 games. And I remember the last game of that series against the Rockets down 3-1 that year he single handedly erased a 17-point deficit in the 3rd quarter and I was thinking to myself this kid actually might bring this team back from down 3-1 to win this series. Then he got injured in the 3rd, didn’t return, and they lost. Dude BEEN a killer. Especially in the playoffs. I don’t care who they play, he’ll be a problem. As we saw last night.

    • They think just because THEY don't say it, that means it ain't true yet. He's been great for a while now. Man was droppin 50's in the bubble

    • He been nice since he came in the league. Ppl too busy trynna push this Booker narrative

    • Cause it was in Utah, nobody showed up.

  • Upper Echelon Superstars-KD, Steph, Bron, Giannis 🔽, Kawhi Reg Superstars-Embib, Joker, Harden, Kyrie...toss up between AD, Lillard , Luka and Tatum for 5th, remaining 3 fall to “Stars Category”. Stars- Booker & Mitchell(Ascending), Ben, Beal, Ice Trae ,Westbrook, PG.

    • @Chapo Supreme Don't get me wrong, I love Tatum! Love all three of these young players, I just think Mitchell and Booker tend to get overlooked because they play for small market teams (though w/ the #1 and #2 records, they're getting some attention this season--much deserved).

    • @Emile Constance I can’t knock you for that, I think he has a more rounded game than Booker and Mitchell but that’s just my opinion.

    • I'd put Mitchell and Booker above Tatum.

  • Not sure whether the Clippers "dominated" the Jazz in the first half. It looked like the Jazz just didn't show up in the first half and at the same time the Clippers were mediocre to border line good. What's sure though is that except for the last spurt closing the quarter, the Clippers looked gassed.

    • @Kenneth Mark Almanzor they were down 13 in the 2nd half and came back and won without an all-star... they’re fine.

    • @Muddy Waters if they play the way they did in the 2nd half of Game 1 for the rest of the series, that might not be enough. They gotta be better.

    • @Kenneth Mark Almanzor Clippers are lucky it was a 3 pt game. Jazz missed a ton of shots from rust and not having Conley hurt them, but the rust is gone now and soon they’ll get Conley back. They’re fine.

    • In fact as a side note, they recovered in the 2nd half because Snyder made that adjustment of spreading his starters better in the 2nd half and Ty Lue veered away from what they were doing in the first half. I actually don't understand why Ty Lue kept playing small in the second half. But with things rolling, Mitchell getting hot and PG and Kawhi still struggling, it was weird that the Clippers closed the gap at the latter part of the 4th quarter to the point that they almost forced an OT. Jazz gotta be better if they want this series.

    • @Kenneth Mark Almanzor ... again their all-star PG didn’t play. Conley sets up their offense and directs everything, plus every basketball player knows when you don’t play for a while you get rusty.

  • What the guys didn't even mention was Mitchell did this as he was "under the weather" with nausea and dizziness. Imagine what he'll do feeling 100%

  • Im a simple man. I hear Brandon's voice. I get off the video

  • Give me mitchell over tatum all days he's the better player and has the better mindset

    • tatum is lucky he plays out east so he looks better then he is ala young paul pierce...he would get exposed out west

    • LMAO...mitchell would disappear in boston.

    • Oh yeah, hey I love Tatums talent...but Spida Mitchell is just a killer.

    • Facts 💯

  • The Clippers found a way to lose to a team that at one point missed 21 consecutive shots.

    • only the pg led clips

    • @andysvt8 I swear bro there's always 2 different sides..anyways we loss gg to jazz...honestly had pg played like pg we would've won

    • @Michael Wilusz and the clippers are with out their starting center in Ibaka

    • @andysvt8 the jazz was also without their starting point guard

    • You say it like the clippers had a good shooting night lol Morris went 1/9 and pg 4/17 😂

  • And here's the other thing. The Jazz missed 21 shots in a row in the first quarter. That won't happen again.

    • @str8Jonesing That's different. The bucks are horrible because the nets defensive style. The Nets switch everything like the 2018 rockets. Why they took GS to 7 games. It makes you wanna iso and ruins you offensive over the course of a game.

    • @str8Jonesing lol 😂

    • I thought that about the Bucks after game one…

  • How about our sorry coach Couldn't come up with a defensive scheme to stop Donovan??? Does Kawhi have to Override Ty Again and check Donovan on his own?? Stay Tuned

    • Mitchell was getting lay-ups. The Clippers will make adjustments on Mitchell, but then they've got to worry about the rest of the Jazz team, which didn't shoot well in this game, but still put the clamps on defensively.

    • Lue kept kennard in. Spider mitchell was like ok bet. Like why tf did he do that

  • The clippers can trade for porzingis and call themselves the pandemic pals

  • To me a superstar is someone who continues to show up in the biggest moments. Mitchell now has the same amount of 40 pt playoff games in his young career as Malone.

    • @danria996 nope not yet

    • @JustTheMessager easy tiger no need to get emotional lol all those players weren’t superstars right off the bat, it took them time. Donovan Mitchell is still young, this year can very well be his coming out party but we’ll just have to wait and see. Relax buddy.

    • @andysvt8 so Dame isn't a superstar???? Luka isn't a super starr????? Cp3, melo are not superstars and never have been? KG wasn't a superstar until Boston???????

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

    • @andysvt8 I guess Luca, dame, harden, and chris paul ain’t superstars either …… Not! He’s a superstar

  • He's borderline superstar

  • donavan reminds me of damian l

    • donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie.... So they have that in common. Both sent pg home

  • If Mitch could stay consistent and the Jazz could remain healthy going forward I could ultimately see them losing to the Nets in 4

    • Didn't the nets lose a game to the Celtics? Jazz at minimum would take a game or two

    • You underestimate Rudy Gobert. He can gaurd KD. Nets are not too great for Jazz.

    • If it's Jazz vs Nets they're going to 7

  • Nick Wright (or Wrong) always hating on the Jazz or their players.... It's never that the Jazz are playing good, it's always that the others teams played bad.... 😂😂😂

    • @Perkyy What did he averaged last series?? Yeah Conley is pretty important lol

    • @J. Reid Garlick lol Conley coming back alright

    • @Perkyy so does quin he saw everything too🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @Perkyy jazz will too. Conleys coming back. uh oh.....

    • It’s only one game calm down lue will make a adjustment

  • Mitchell> tatum

    • I think the only thing you can really look at is height. But i like spida a little more personally.

    • donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie... btw russ was also on that team....

    • @blacc rush facts since his rookie days he never missed the playoffs

    • @Karthikeyan Loganathan what are you seeing. At 22 donovan was already in the second round.. already top 5 playoff avg!! Carrying the jazz to the number one seed... Donovan has gotten better every year.. his team as gotten better every year. Luka has tooo many holes in his game

    • Lol 🤣🤣 how 😂😂

  • Starting to believe anyone can drop 40 on clippers supposed to be best defenders ever series over🤣🤣🤷‍♂️💯🔥

    • @Jose martinez Nope, the Clippers were the better team. If they would have lost the series they would have underperformed. I was surprised by the Mavericks going up 2-0, but I still expected the clippers to at least push it to seven. If the clippers don't pull themselves together the Jazz will win in 5. I don't expect that though. My prediction is Jazz in 7, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Jazz finished it in 6. You need to remember that the Clippers have proved absolutely nothing. Kawhi is great and Paul George has shown flashes of greatness, but the Jazz are a complete team who have been very successful in consistently slowing down Kawhi and George. Without several big games from both, I don't see the clippers winning this series.

    • martinez nah 1 player on mavs different

    • I bet you said that last round after game 2 with mavs...give credit to these superstars instead of just hating on a team..clips in 6

    • @benjamin lieske facts they think clippers a better team

    • The clippers are not a great defensive team. Their rotations are slow and players don't work together. There is a reason the clippers are barely in the top ten defensively. They do however have 2 really good perimeter defenders. The thing is that offensive players always have an advantage, and good offensive players will beat a single defender 7 times out of ten. The team needs to improve at defending together if they want to beat the Jazz. One thing to think about is that the Jazz have a much better offensive rating than the Mavericks, so even though Luka is a better offensive player than Mitchell, Mitchell isn't too far off, and he has a ton of help. The Jazz have also won 4 of the 6 games that they have played against the Clippers since they had Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. It is safe to call the Clippers the underdogs in this series, even though the media disagrees. Yet another thing to think about, is that the Grizzlies were a better defensive team than the clippers during the regular season, so all that talk about the Jazz facing a tougher defense this round is likely false.

  • Paula George is Trash and Kawhi will never when with him period.

    • @Palm Trees donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

    • @Palm Trees donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie

    • @Palm Trees he had an open shot in the last seconds and passed it back...

    • @Music by Terence Yes but if he doesn’t hit that shot they don’t even have the last opportunity to tie Many greats have had bad shooting nights in the Playoffs

    • @Palm Trees 4 for 17 from the field nuff said

  • Chris “LEBRAAAAAAAAAAWN!!” Broussard

  • Broussard clippers haven't changed

  • Clippers still lost to Utah jazz by blowing the lead who were not playing well and Donovan Mitchell balled than Pandemic P' dropping 45.

  • donovan mitchell came out on beast mode last night fr 💯💯

    • dont forget donovan mitchell sent Paul george home as a rookie