Collected Miscellany - "Rosaria: Purger of the Shadows" | Genshin Impact

Joylandi 6-Apr, 2021
The City of Freedom is old in years but young at heart, innocent in spirit despite a history mired in complexity.
While the pure sleep in safety, a sinner spills blood in the night, taking the act of redemption into her own hands.
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  • Hi genshin impact can you make the drogon spine domain in co-op mood

  • Please add controller support for Android! I got the kishi controller thinking you added support... but it was only for iOS 😭

  • just got her!! my first wish ever too!

  • i need her

  • So Rosaria is like a thicc female Mondstat based Xiao with a different vision

  • I just got Rosaria a few days ago! Good luck to those who want her!

  • first ever 4 star to have a assorted collection

  • I started the game two months ago and this is hands down the best 4 star character.

  • I got her :D

  • 0:45 "Call an ambulance! BUT NOT FOR ME!"

  • She a baddie

  • My sister is jelly cuz i have rosaria

  • I think that Rosaria and Eula will get along really well

  • She's An Interesting Character To Play And I Must Say That When I Get Her, She'll Be My New Favorite Spear User.

  • Fun fact : she has the same VA as Ymir in attack on titans

  • *_Banm BOII SHE IS ThIcc_*

  • i got her on my first pull 😃 I didn't want her but she's v pretty 💞💞💞💞

  • Please, Mihoyo!! Buff her normal attack because it's take 5 hit to fall down those 3 apples and 3 sunsettias from tree 🙄🙄



  • I dont get how u can be a nun and a non believer at the same time...

  • Wow She Sounds Awesome And The Game Control For Her Seems Interesting To.

  • Literally got her in my first pull. It was just meant to be 🤧😩

  • Pls bring to Xbox or don’t take my money

  • So we're all gonna ignore her Constellation? #Corona

  • I got her a few days ago and I love her so much already

  • 3:15 - Rosaria's so powerful, she can harness the light of the moon itself to censor her cheeks.

  • FS6SU367M279 4BNSD3675J8D SBNBUK67M37Z

  • 1.5 STREAM WHEN?

    • About 3 h

  • Genshin impact I'm a big fan of his game and I just wanted to ask them a few things these are that if it's ay a Valentine's day event I would like the character of the game to be able to go out with someone and that there new encounter missions Sincerely:A fan of your game

  • oh yea who is 1.5 character banner

  • what did you get of getting update of genshin impact? free2play player not getting any 5 star like me?

  • Is it true that 2 new characters are coming (ice and fire?)

  • Does anyone know the settings to make genshin impacts graphics and stop crashing the whole app?

  • Please, to Mihoyo. we as a Traveler ask to pin on Teyvat unlimited. This is very helpful for those of us who are beginners. I am one of them. That's all. My advice, sorry if there is a wrong wording. For those of you who don't agree with my opinion, we can discuss it in the comments column ^^. Thank you so much ^^

  • Will the 1.5 livestream be available on UZfire?

    • @ypz ' are you sure? it’s on the korean channel but not this one

    • Yeah its gonna be streamed here soon

  • Rosaria is the first four star character to ever have a "Collected Miscellany".

  • Wasnt it today for the schedule of 1.5 stream ?? Its 3 pm rn i saw 16th apr 11 am schedule

    • @Nom Nom me neither. Perhaps they posted the incorrect time?

    • @SilentMat20 i think it’s only in korean and in chinese, i cant find any info

    • @Kyousuke where’s the stream? Isn’t it time already?

    • @SAMofficial UTC time = Coordinated Universal Time Search it on google and you will know what time is it now on UTC lol

    • @Kyousuke what's UTC time? Lol i am waiting from nearly 4 5 hours Gottit thx its 9:50 rn

  • kaeya rosaria 🤝 teleporting behind their enemies 😎

  • Her voice is so familiar

  • My first wish in 1.4 i got rosaria.. how..

  • I got her on my first wish..Paired with hydro, she is actually good on combat

  • Mondstadt has been blessed with Thickness of Rosaria

  • Mm 69k

  • 0:54 who else was not looking at the cryo vision

  • Finally four star character got interviewed by Genshin impact 👌

  • 16th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka

    • She's gonna get realised with inazuma so in 1.6 or 1.7

  • Guys when you playing genshin impact what are are gadjet using Android or PC Why GENSHIN IMPACT are not compatible any Android phone

  • I got her by chance :D

  • Omg we have rosaria

  • This makes my spear turn into a lance

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Pot for Nintendo y

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Pot for Nintendo switch

  • i wish MiHoYo will put a trading system in 1.5


  • Rosaria looks really happy and her skin looks really healthy.

  • Off topic but I'm still waiting for the Switch port of Genshin Impact finally receive news.. Hopefully at E3 we will finally get some news on the Switch port. I predict that the Switch port specs will be 720p 30 fps docked, 512p 30 fps handheld. With dynamic resolution too if needed.

  • Saiu o Tower of fantasy, está ótimo, ou genshin melhora ou o jogo morreu.

  • Love that I got her and childe in the same 10 pull, now i can save for Zhongli

  • So she's like Catwoman... 😏 I like this one.

  • Pls make a system of trading characters for characters bc I want Klee so bad I wanna trade someone fore her😭✋🏼

  • Di tunggu code primogem gratis nya min:)

  • I am the only one who just noticed that the guy who talks here have the same voice as dainsleif

    • @Loonation oh wow it's really cool

    • He is

  • Xbox? ;-;


  • No live, já vazou tudo a muito tempo. Ainda vem que já vai sair Tower of Fantasy.

  • When are we gonna get paimon as a character?

  • Genshin is badddddd

  • please muhoyo for the love of god, make genshin impact less gb on android.

  • Please just make Rosaria realdolls already

  • When can Genshin have skins?



  • Where is the nontendo switch version!!!!

  • I am simply here to say that i want endora to stay with me during battle plss, dont fix it, its not a bug, its a feature, plsss MIHOYO FCK

  • Русское комьюнити, в бой!!!


  • 15th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka

  • I’m still waiting for a new piece of the map

  • ;-;, ill trade C1 Childe for C0 Rozaria pls...

  • Por qué tienen que poner como un examen al nivel 25 no puedo lo intente y lo intente pero no ayuda🥺🥺

  • Yo please allow the players to change between aether and lumine

  • Genshin Impact x Touhou Project when Mihoyo 😳😳

  • Should have been a 5-star tsk tsk*

  • They should put the game on xbox

  • Пришла сюда для того, чтобы зардиться энергию и наконец выбить себе Розарию, а то всё луки да луки 😶

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters

  • Pls add trading characters