Crawling Down A Torpedo Tube -US NAVY Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 241

Joylandi 16-Avg, 2020
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Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
Another note: The Navy did not ask me to provide a link to their website (or do anything for that matter), but I’m going to provide a link because I want smart people to become submariners. The US Navy continues to provide stability and security in ways no other organization on earth does. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here:
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meed who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch.
Here's a video about loading and firing a harpoon missile from the USS Olympia (I filmed the impact):
Read more about torpedo tubes here:
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  • When I boarded the USS Toledo I did not know I was going to be given the opportunity to crawl down a torpedo tube. Honestly I was thinking I would have a conversation with someone about the periscope or something but it did not occur to me that when you are under the ice you cannot use the periscope. When they asked me if I wanted to see a torpedo tube I didn’t realized I had no clue how they worked. Most people overlook this seemingly simple system, but when you take a moment and analyze it you will realize it is quite complicated. I hope this is the level of detail you were hoping for in the submarine series, because this is what gets me excited. I haven’t decided which video is next but I’ll tell you this, I did not know one of the methods they use on board to make oxygen. Anyways, thank you for watching the series and please consider subscribing if you feel like this is worthy of your time. I don’t know if you’re the type of person that likes to share videos with other people, but I would appreciate it if you could pass the submarine series on to a friend or two. As always, I would like to express my gratitude to people who support Smarter every day on Patreon at . I am thankful for the support, and the next video has a special surprise for you, the Patrons.

    • Jag

    • The Military shows great respect to civilians..Huge respect for them..🙏

    • I was at a facility where they worked on periscopes. I'm curious, and betting they didn't, talk about that part much

    • Only thing I still wanna know is, waht the sliding surface for the torpedo is?

    • Hey Destin! Biiiiig fan of your channel n absolutely LOVED your nuclear submarine videos. They are a fascination of mine well 1 of many. When will we see another 1? N keep up the good work man your channel is 1 of my absolute favorites!!! Thanks

  • *touches torpedo* Can I touch it?

  • "yessir"

  • Air in a sub is made by the powerplant, it's not what they've took with them from the surface!

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  • I’m not a claustrophobic person, but torpedo tube inside a torpedo-carrying water coffin, under water, under ice...may just make me discover something new about myself. Tie a rope to my feet for quick pullback, please.

  • image if he locked you in there IMAO

  • a submarine is basically a large torpedo that shoots smaller faster torpedoes

  • Strange how the naval men all call him 'sir' when he's a civilian.

    • He is ex military which still gets almost the same respect.

  • OMG!

  • Who remembers doing trim parties on a new COW??

  • I'm pretty sure nuclear submarines make their own air and as much as they want or need, fresh water too for that matter.

  • Is that Adm Rickover at 5:12 with Pres Carter?

  • Crew part of the sub is called the People locker

  • I worked at the Electric Boat nuclear sub facility in Quonset Point, Rhode Island and worked on the sister 688 Fast Attack Subssubs when the Toledo was being built in Newport News. I remember installing the electrical and electronic components in the topedo room. I never got to see the finished sub because we did about 90% of the work and all the finish work was done at Electric Boat Groton, CT. Thanks for a really cool trip down memory lane! Now I have to watch the rest of your videos!

  • sorry to say it but i have never been this bored watching youtube

  • Lemme just say this about engineering . its all figured out ! Toledo is the most expect thing on this planet .

  • This series is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I'm retired Air Force, so this was different from my world and a very cool thing to learn about. Excellent series!! You earned another subscriber with this series.

  • You really had me with the air part. Oxygen can be created. But actual air can’t. Made me think.

  • I got claustrophobic watching this video.

  • Worked how I expected it to actually.

  • Not quite the same now with slippery durable materials than U-96 WW2 grey-wolf where everything about torpedo was absolutely covered in vaseline. Interesting video.

  • Ah, so 0:25 is the reason Destin got the privilege of riding on a nuclear sub. Guess I never actually knew what he did for a living outside of UZfire. I thought it was pretty strange he was invited on a nuclear weapon of war lol, but it makes sense now

  • I got the chance to crawl down a torpedo tube on my first boat (USS John C. Calhoun, SSBN-630B) when we were at Test Depth. It's a common tradition on Navy Subs and is quite a surreal feeling as you're crawling down the tube with nothing but a steel door between you and crushing sea pressure. Definitely not for those who have even the slightest smidge of clausterphobia.

  • TM: "He's in." CO: "Quick, he's learned too much! Shoot tube 2!"

  • My 'initiation' on my first boat was to dive a torpedo tube (as a Sonar Tech, I was leery of this but knew it was a right of passage). No headlamp, no flashlight...just dive the tube with a greenie and clean. Get to the outer door and boom, the breach door closed. Pitch black. Rolled over on my back and snoozed til the TM's let me out! Guess I didn't freak out like they were expecting!

  • my claustrophobia just skyrocketed

  • 13:37, but now you have more water than you had, how do you get rid of it???

  • Nightmare fuel: you've crawled inside the torpedo tube to check it out. Suddenly you hear the breach door close and lock. Your breath is rapidly siphoned from your lungs as the air pressure inside the tube plummets, and ice-cold seawater comes flooding in.

  • The first thing I noticed, when you opened the tube, was the Teflon strips. Low tech solution to a high tech problem. 😂 But it makes total sense.

  • I was able to turn around in the tube. That was 50 lbs ago

  • 400 psi > any other psi.

  • I dont know how they retrained themselves not to mess with him and pretend to close the hatch while Destin was in there

    • they might have if TMC weren't in the torpedo room

  • love how much theyre all enjoying his excitement.

  • This is really cool but I would also love to see the WW1 and WW2 physics

  • Hey guys in which video he showing the bathroom inside submarine

  • i suffer just watching this!!! cant enter in there without die by heart attack

  • just when the tube was about to be shown to the camera, a stupid goddam ad showed up

  • I would have been really tempted to say, "Yippee kai yay......" in there. No, not tempted. I would have done it.

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  • Is the ocean on the other side of this? Knows He's under the arctic ice.. Man that metals cold as ice... me thinking , What else would it be

  • i work on submarines for a living. to bad you didnt get to check out the sonar dome. prob my favorite place on subs

    • it's cool going inside the dome. what's not cool is having to clean the hundreds and hundreds of hydrophones for that required annual PM!

  • yesir

  • Man I'm claustrophobic just watching this. You gotta have trust there they don't lock you in and open the other side LMAO

  • I could never crawl down that tube I would die from a heart attack

  • I was waiting for the navy guy to just close the torpedo door behind dustin and say “have a nice trip”

  • "You can't go back on top through the ice" Russian submarines can ahahah

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  • COOL!

  • Imagine destin stuck inside that topiedo tank

  • Still don't understand how they fire the torpedo. It's not just pushing it out?

  • Do one video about Submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

  • make him stop saying ye sir

  • “Can I touch it?” * proceeds to touch it without waiting for permission *

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  • So THAT'S what they did with the LST I served on!

  • the engineering of a sub;s torpedo tube is fascinating...nicely narrated

  • yes sir

  • Imagine they start the firing procedure while he's in the tube

  • bruh i thought tm2 knight was the dude's soundcloud name

  • god i wanted them do to a prank on him and close door and let down the iron thingies scarring him.. XD

  • Can someone go over the transcript and see how may times 'Yes Sir' was said?

  • next on smarter every day: I got to go inside the worlds most powerful bomb

  • sorry if im wrong but I think submarines can produce their own air.

    • They definitely do. My buddy used to do it as part of his job when he was in.

  • I was a nuclear submariner in the Royal Navy, the hydraulic locking ring on the tube also has a backup called "the thetis clamp" a safety device fitted after the loss of hms/m thetis 👍

  • i used to build these just in awe, as i was then

  • so a torpedo is just a water railgun?

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  • awesome podcast and host!

  • I find it funny how Mexico which operates and has sent many times the ARM Usumancita to the RIMPAC exercise which is a Newport-class landing ship like the USS Racine, has basically, indirectly helped in the exercise to practice how to sink one of its flagships in their navy.

  • I was not claustrophobic till I watched this video‼️

  • My mind is just imagining the hatch being closed and the tube being filled while being inside there! That would be such a horrible way to go!

  • Man you’ve lived a crazy cool life.

  • I always assumed they loaded them in the same way they went out, through the torpedo tubes.

    • @cjmmjc That's why I love this channel, you learn something interesting. I assumed it was some kind of classified loader mini sub or something... I never even considered moving water around and unbalancing the ship, saving air, etc. Guess that's why I don't design subs!

    • cant.. tubes are always below water line

  • Exactly how you feel in a MRT ... cold, noisy and tight.

  • Have a video about the polar vortex.

  • imagine if they closed the latch when you were in the tube

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing


  • I served on a submarine tender back in the ‘80s. During your tour did you ever speak with the corpsman? Doc

  • In regards to the air comment (at about 10 min in), you can make Oxygen in a nuke sub using the reactor and seawater, via electrolysis. It is a pretty fascinating process and way cool in a nuke sub.

  • When I first joined the Navy in 1982 all my knowledge of weapons systems was based on television....what I came to learn is that Military weapons you learn about today is declassified and is 10-20 years old. Think about that....the weapons you see today is at least 20 years old. To know what a weapon system can do today would shock you today.

    • the MK48 torpedo is physically the same as it's been for awhile. the only difference is the operating software.

  • You crawling down the torpedo tube, made my claustrophobia kick in. But it was very interesting on how torpedo operate... I was only wondering how they actually get fired out of the tube.

  • Itisvery good though lots of things ididnt know about.

  • Imnotsure beingsmartereverydayincudescralling down atorptube?

  • Well done video. *s/ Retired 24 Year US Navy Submariner - USNA Class of 1965 - Former Enlisted Man*

  • at 5:13 - Jimmy Carter and Hyman Rickover

  • "Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir, Yes, sir. Yes, sir." Lol

  • yessir

  • Thanks for these videos. Many people want to see the ins and outs of what a submarine is like, but there is very little ever shown on them. Its cool to see how they store food, cook, and the cross training that goes on in a submarine.

  • 3:20 Man: how’s your day tmm: yes sir.

  • I would have never thought how difficult it is to reload. 🤯

  • So then what are the fans at the back for?

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  • so scary :(

  • Very interesting and very, very informative.

  • Yes sir

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