Crimson Heist MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY + *NEW* Abilities in Action - Rainbow Six Siege

Joylandi 21-Fev, 2021
Here is everything you need to know about the new season, the new operator from Argentina named Flores, new secondary weapon, new gadgets, new abilities and new map rework!
Thanks to Ubisoft for giving me access to play Crimson Heist early and capture this exclusive first look.
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    • @Charlie Bloxham probably 25k

    • I made the same mistake with sleep it happens

    • You Bullied VarcityGaming! 😅 No hard feelings I hope 😂

    • Dear Coconut Which Programm you used to record your highlights?

    • I whbill not

  • Is that a raspberry pi he uses as a controller 😭 I use that to play Pokémon bruh

  • Is it me or is the explosion sound *C R I S P*

  • When new season out rho

  • i have to see 10 ads just to this video y tf you milking us brah

  • Stream plzzzz

  • Is this a new Change or I am dumb why does it say 1 v 4 when it’s 4 v 1

  • Or ill just wait for the season to be out.

  • He looks like beck from cold war

  • That’s gay af

  • 10:14 - Claymore bug? Little concrete step blocking the lasers

  • RIP varsity

  • I have a question. I know that his drone becomes bullet proof, but could we impact it?

  • Fun fact only amaru and lion players will use the gonne-6

  • i hate how they change maps and do rework of them instead of just making new maps

  • His drone is tnt on steroids roids

  • At 8:41 it says 1 vs 4 but actually it's 4 v 1, whatsup with that mistake? Is that just in the TS?

  • 13:26 thats what he said

  • Gonne 6 is so situational. I would never trade it for a pistol. Console here so ye need that pistol

  • DMR Lol

  • "Or that Echo that has been sitting on site for seven minutes-" Shut up and take my money ubisoft

  • whens the new season coming out?

  • Hii

  • There's only one reason I wont buy him

  • I gotta get the year 6 pass

  • Of course after buying the year 5 pass only shitt operators now year 6 immediately cool operates

  • I disliked the house rework as i like it how it was but i love the border changes!

  • I can't believe they finally reworked thet Border map😒

  • I swear on PC u get acogs and sights that u don't get on console because we don't have that mp5 sight on console

  • Rip game 😕

  • Varsity gaming got owned this entire video, he was made to look like a bronze player lol

  • This season looks poo poo

  • bro justice for varsity 😭

  • When is this out?

  • Begonne TOTH

  • Hey Coco do u play arm or wrist?

  • 4:28 shoutout to ubisoft, we can now run out even easier xDD

  • Bruh how did we not know the border in the ROAD TO SI was the remake but only half of it bc it was a border and coastline mix

  • Oooppp!!!

  • Well I see why Flores is gay smh 🤦‍♂️

  • I feel like this should’ve been a twitch or IQ rework Also I think they should’ve had different guns maybe one of Jackals or soem old gangster gun like an uzi look at him lol and he definitely should’ve had a revolver

  • I love the raspberry pi nod with the new ops gadget

  • should of got blackbeards Scar

  • Bruh that goyo sheid was gonne

  • I feel like they just saw how many times Border gets banned in ranked and just said "Rework the map."

  • I got disgusted when i heard get_flanked talk

  • Give him the R4-C

  • My favourite thing about watching people play the test server is seeing people like Varcity die in funny ways

  • “It was on you” Coconut coming after people 🤣

  • map rework to worse

  • how much renown is the new character

  • i found some cool things in siege i made a video if your looking for a new hiding spot on consulate then this is the video

  • "The most toxic runout on the new border" : uses very old and predictable one

  • I’m going to call this gadget the “bruh look at this dude” device

  • The mans got drip with the rose tinted glasses

  • 7:32 pictures before disaster

  • When is it gonna get into the game?

  • I miss Old oregon

  • Finally they added another ar33

  • this map is a good change

  • What about drone phase does he have like a normal drone or what

  • Drones are gonna be wayy over powered for Bomb, u can easily watch bomb with them and waste time also u have 4 of them. 10 sec to f around 3 sec to explode almost a minute to waste if used right and they bullet proof. Or just followed someone around and keep pinging giving easy kills

  • They should add fov to console

  • Btw it shows the opposite team first in the death counter now

  • Rip varsity

  • When does the update come out on console in the UK

  • Yes stream with baby brah

  • I got in silver 100 MMR from gold, and now I am in bronze bc of smurfs(have chat proofs) hope they are going to do something about it in this season if not I'm going back to "cod bo cw" IN ONE DAY

  • I love how he tricked the smart one varsity gaming

  • You’ve been bullying VG Rag for too long

  • Bruh I can’t get into the car anymore this is not poggers

  • Who else went back to check the timer after he said they changed it?

  • He is totally getting nerfed into uselessness lmao

  • Can't wait to see how many people complain about recycled weapons even though there are over 150 unique weapons amirite fellas?

  • Can’t wait to get dosed

  • It looks like get flanked selling his soul to ubi was worth it. He got to play the new season early

  • New Video Idea: Put mute jammers everywhere once the season drops and wait for the rush of Floores players to rush into site, once the drone is disrupted by the mute jammer, you can wait for attackers to destroy them and ultimately kill themselves with their teammates gadget. :)

  • New IDEA! Mute will jam the drone, however, if you remove the mute jammer the drone will automatically explode. So if you use this mechanic on say Chalet in Basement, Flores will try to get rid of Bandit, however, Mute is there, so when thermite places his charge remove the mute jammer to have the drone explode on the outside killing thermite.

    • Flores would probably pick up his drone before the mute jammer gets removed and Thermite players aren't that stupid you can also shoot the drone, I'd shoot the drone so it wouldn't explode to not risk anything.

  • Operation Crimson heist gonna be fully released on 16.3 (March) 2021

  • Cries in elite valk

  • When’s the new season officially come iut

  • Just imagine hating the new opp because he's gay

  • I wonder how twitch feels

  • Well RCXD’S welcome to siege

  • 7:59 1v3 but its 3v1??????

  • Damn you really kill varsity like that lmao

  • no one cares about u

  • Is the new rc gonna be a counter to clash? By that I mean, can the rc attach to clashs sheild and kill her?

    • No that would be way too op considering he has four of them.

  • what did it say 1vs 4 when brah had the 4

  • Literally Roy’s first time as Flores Coconut Brah: Don’t mind if I SPAWNPEEK

  • imagine injure 4 guys omg

  • Pls start streaming

  • 4!?!?

  • Nugget was in there too

  • A Mozzie can hack the flores gadget?

    • No, the drone can only be active for 10 seconds, so it's already evident that if he could it would be be gone before he even gets to use it l.*The Drone Gets Destroyed After The Pest Catches It*.

  • I’m so glad I’m already great with mute

  • The unadvised parade thoracically live because sail kinetically license amidst a silky fat. testy, halting sack

  • They are ruining this game so much. Clearly running out of ideas since they're stealing the whole RC car idea from cod not to mention we still aren't getting any new maps. They have no excuse for it either. Simply take maps out that no one likes or plays ( lowest pick rate maps ) and replace them with new maps. But they wont do that cause they're lazy. And now attackers can switch characters before the attack phase starts like what? If you dont pick that right character tough shit you shouldn't be able to change. Also dead people can use drones/ echo and mistro can use there shit while dead like??? So a dead guy can stop you from planting and win the round... yes makes perfect sense. Game has been trash for awhile now and it's just getting worse. Not to mention the ddosers and MnK problems on console

    • They also can't do ANYTHING ABOUT THE DDOSSERS OR MNK because MNK is an XBOX/PS4 AND 5 PROBLEM, They can't just ban something that someone got from buying FROM XBOX OR PS4/5, THEY DON'T OWN THE CONSOLE THEY OWN THE GAME, DDossing is also from OTHER GOOGLE WEBSITES THEY CAN'T JUST BAN GOOGLE CAN THEY?! Jesus Christ you are the Stupidest person I have ever seen, little snowflake, if you don't like the game DON'T PLAY IT!

    • Also No Echo and Maestro can't use their drones when dead they can move around and spot like regular cameras but can't actually use them to taze or concus people use some common fucking sense

    • The RC car isn't from COD btw, it's a real thing that the ARMY and everything Uses In REAL LIFE.

  • Nooooo, you outsmarted VG twice!

  • Kinda stupid how they said it was too op to give twitch 2 regular drones with her drone gadget but this guy has 4 drones as a gadget and he still gets 2 regular drones like bruh

    • @What Is My Name they can’t be made i to to sentries or drone the whole floor but you can clear a room with them. Not only that they jump whereas twitch doesn’t get that luxury.

    • His drones only last for 10 seconds they can't be used as scouting devices. After the 10 seconds they explode automatically