Customizing A Mansion In 50 Hours ft. Steve Aoki | ZHC Crafts

Joylandi 15-Dek, 2020
Customizing A Mansion In 50 Hours ft. Steve Aoki | ZHC Crafts
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Thanks to Steve Aoki and his team for having us over!
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  • 1:55

  • Comments: (I think) 85%: BTS mic drop and truth untold (I think) 15%: others

  • What about mckenzie and izzy

  • When are you going to paint a whole city?

  • J-hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow Zach you even customize DJ's Houses i am also a DJ But i Dont have a channel You always customize good 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍

  • When he said let’s get it I was think of Jungkook

  • :O that is the guy from Mic drop

  • i like your video has anyone heard about art sword online/anime

  • Make a Netflix series

  • He painted a room not a mansion

  • Where does he get his money

  • Did you see my bag did you see my bag

  • he said "biggest project" and then later me watching them customizing a whole house

  • Hey Zach where can I get those Mustard shorts

  • the mic drop oj the first part

  • hes is a part of bts

  • Is that the guy from BTS mic drop?

  • 0:42 THAT SACRED ME-

  • Bts

  • Did anyone recognise him from BTS mic drop Edit : like if u did recognise

  • Coustomizing a wall Not HOUSE 😌

  • ARMY..... MIC DROP

  • Wow, so cool! But the title said ‘mansion’. You painted a ‘room’. But it’s fine, 50 hrs is too less for an entire gigantic mansion! Nice work!

  • when I grow up I'm going to have four biggest mansion ever and I'm going to customize it as far as I can

  • Omg the paintings and house is sick I Love you

  • Me: reads title My mind: BTS Mik Drop Yeah I love BTS

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  • he collab with bts

  • I love art ❤️

  • Was Steve Aoki in bts Mic drop

  • I bet it got my haters hella sick(hella sick) mic drop!!

  • *Me Reads This Title,MIC MIC BUNGEE* *BTS MIC DROP* 🎤💧. *BTS ARMYs* *FOREVER*

  • This man would never get bored

  • Zack are you rich 🤑 you have all of this iPhone and iPads it’s amazing I which if have one I’m in Swisszaland Dubendorf Kirchbachstrasse 12 in Swiss wie speak deutsch I hope I have one by Oakley zach

  • can you

  • Any army's? Mic drop Waste it on me

  • Looks amazing 👏 great job!

  • Who is Joey

  • 50% of comments : About the art Other 50% of comments : ARMY, BTS , Mic drop , a bunch of Armys singing DiD YoU SEe mY BAg

  • Surprise wengie with customised Mansion

  • 🤩

  • Mic drop

  • Zhc in 2020: painting steve aoki s house Zhc in 2025: painting bts's dorm

  • Soo....... MIC DROP Show you me, give you me WASTE IT ON ME ARMYS HAVE BEEN SUMMONED

  • When you paint something you never get paint in your clothes

  • Do a Pokémon mural

  • Hey zhc i am watching this channel for 1 year so can i have a give away because I watched every single video of your so i beg please

  • Remove the ads

  • Steave aoki for bts mic drop

  • That’s the dude from Jonny tsunami

  • He is in the MV in micdrop BTS!!!💜💜

  • I just subscribed! i love your vids ZHC!!😁

  • Nobody: ZHC in 2369:Hey guys I bought the world and now we’re gonna customize it

  • ZHC next you should customise a house and give it away for free

  • challenge someone to build a minecraft house in creative mode and customize it

  • Don't mean to be rude but last time I checked Santa was red not cyan

  • Can u make me something plz I’m a foster kid

  • "9:01" Happy to get a lot of *DIAMONDS* from *FF2.BUZZ*

  • idk who steve aoki is

  • I remember a couple years ago when he did a colab with bts that was when I found out Steve Aoki was even real lmao

  • Steve Aoki

  • lol Michelle doing a tiktok

  • Literally their every painting "DRAGON" i think they are obsessed with it

  • Viv has the cutest personality I love her 🤗

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  • Pls can u costomize a iphone 12 for me for school i really need a new phone im subscribed to both of your channel's pls it would mean the world to me Zack

  • Do you guys get paid for this kind of stuff

  • can i have a 100 dolers


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  • when i read the tittle i was like Armys get raedy and MIC DROP BAM

  • Omg he is the one ho was in a bts mv so nice omg

  • 👇 this how many people watch ZHC crafts

  • Painting a mansion in 50 hours *paints one room*

  • Omg it's like I saw one of your videos and fell in love with them all......i'd really love to learn how to do that

  • Wow you’re rich

  • How do you make comets show on your channle?

  • Yoo

  • Your my favorite UZfirer Zack!

  • give me 1 hour in this house and after that i wont ask for anything

  • You guys are awesome the things you do for people is amazing it's great to see people who care about other's! Keep up the great work and God bless all of you.

  • Hi

  • I know he is the DJ in BTS song MIC DROP

  • The title just chillin MeE: OmG oMg MiC dRoP hAvE yOu seEn mY bAggGgG

  • Im subscribed to both ur accounts PLZ CAN I WIN A GIVEAWAY

  • How much is it to panit my masion

  • That's so cool!!!

  • Hey zhc please give me a phone 🙏

  • I love the videos where he customizes phones

  • He did mic drop from bts

  • 50 hours trimmed to 8 minutes

  • I'm really sad that Jaz isnt there.

  • ml

  • That looks epic

  • I love how this guy respect the Anime culture

  • Can I have an water proof phone case I'm from phillipines

  • pls custom a tripod