dream DONATES 10,000$ to tommyinnit and george

Joylandi 19-Okt, 2020
dream donates 10,000$ to twitch streamers , this was very funny and fun to edit.

the girl in the video:

This is totally under dream permission , He said that these type of videos are helping his channel grow and he is totally fine with them making money out of his edited clips by the creator (this is an edited subtitled clip) , He has no problem with the video being monetized , the thumbnail is made by me and all the credit are given to the creator and used under his permission .
I do not own any of the clips used on this video , and its considered as a compilation , all the creators mentioned are in this video are linked up .


  • ofc when I said RIP dream's bank account I was joking , we all know he doesn't have a bank account he only keeps his money as diamond rings from mrbeast

  • his bank account is now as deflated as his lungs when he wheezes

  • Lmfao

  • George won fighting tommy for thousand dollar.. Dream: tommy!! my bank account!!.. While sapnap get a 30 000 dollar...Lol😅

  • *This is Why Dream is a Homeless Teletubby.*

  • Dream has got to much Money at this day

  • Click bate

  • Oh yeah dream is a bajillonar

  • \(-w-)/

  • dream's job is being a sugar daddy

  • What was the background music during 0:48 ?

  • When dream is mrbeast lol XD

  • That was fundy not George


  • He’s such a nice guy. It’s sad that people ship and sexualize him.

  • When tommy is typing the second sign it says "dream wa" Is it dream was taken

  • dreams bank account when hes done enough donating: *...* *...* *why did i decide to do this to myself..*

  • Welp rip for dream’s bank account lol

  • Tommy was trying to not put a lot of money into it - ✨very nice.

  • hey dream, thanks for the $0!

  • Is this the yt + twitch money or does this man have another secret job that no one knows about? 💀

  • Whats the link to the vod?

  • george is impressed by dream bank account

  • Verified minecraft youtubers be like:

  • Alterantive title: Dream wanting to beat Mr.Beast6000 on donating money to people on twitch for 9 minutes

  • his poor bank account ._.

  • This is next level robery right here LMAO.Rip dreams bank account.

  • R.IP Dream

  • Dream killing his wallet just to make his friends happy

  • It’s funny not gorge

  • When Mr.Dream is in good mood 😂

  • 5:40

  • hehehehehehe

  • 8:41 do you guys see the hand?...

  • This is just wholesome to me-

  • dream is so sweet ngl

  • dream: donates 10,000 dollars to geogenotfound, tommyinnit, fundy and ect. skeppy: DONATES 50,000 DOLLARS TO BADBOYHALO

  • Lol dream loves George 😂

  • are they doing a batlle to say thank you dream ?

  • Dream gave tommy 10,000 because he’s like a little brother to him and dream gave George 10,000 because he’s a simp.

  • Mr dream


  • Poor Dream 😂🤣😂

  • Dream is rich sheeeesh

  • 7:53 wow, with that even I would betrayed l'manberg

  • Rip @Dream Wallets

  • E

    • @username nothing

    • @꧁•Blos̸s̸om_in_Wonderland•꧂ what do you want me to said then

    • @username nope

    • That better?

    • why e?? It has a lot of meanings? E can make conversation awkward? most of the time gacha people use e and you have a gacha pfp and your watching a dump video to you probably watch mha and dsmp gacha videos. When you where a child you like cookies like most gacha kids (me but I outage that) you're had a hybrid of and a brat oc to. At school you are shy with some friends or you have a lot of friends you get okay grades at school but not the best . You get mad if some one calls you a gacha kid and says you make gacha heat even though you don't . You play roblox but thats it you ran out of space on your phone .

  • He said fundy george

  • Bro click bait

  • All that money and the man is still homeless AND can’t bail himself outta prison

  • Dream just straight up trying to be spoil Gogy, and Tommy until he had enough of it.

  • 9:15 no pun intended?

  • And Tommy said dream ruined his live 😃

  • It's Fundy not George.

  • 4:52 when I get a f on my math test

  • My guy said George it’s fundy

  • Rip wallet

  • Eret's reaction tho

  • I see dream has nowhere to put his money

  • Jesus ! It’s sad cause Dream remind me of how much I’m poor 😭😂😅


  • oh my god dream is crazy insane-

  • dream being a sugar daddy for 9 minutes and 18 seconds

  • girl:dad someone donated 200 dollars dad:omg what im so proud of you MEANWHILE in my life me:dad someone just donated 50 dollars dad: *non existent* mom:im so disapointed in you

  • Where George

  • He gets too much hate and even gets canceled for no reason . He does not deserve this much hate . In irl too I think he would He helping other people

  • where da hecc does he get all that money…

  • dane0473 said - "F A K E" bro really?

  • I thought you said $10,000???

  • I like the part when he donates 10k to tommy and george oh wait

  • Dream really is. A good person he donated to that kid on sky wars and donated to me a Couple months ago he is a really good person sub to him follow him on twitch Twitter @dream

  • Dream's so kind,u guys make sure u guys are subscribed to him

  • HUH

  • Its fundy not george

  • 9:12 the other "dude did i die is this pur- i know he was gping to say purgatory (seven deadly sins)

  • Dream: NO TOMMY MY BANK ACCOUNT Me: Dream, youll be fine, your giving it to your boyfriend anyways

  • Dreams Money said bye 👋

  • 1000* 4:19

  • Wow this is dream wallet abuse

  • "NO TOMMY MY BANK ACCOUNT" ** proceeds to donate thousands to streamers **

  • now is where we ask "HOW RICH IS THIS MAN??????????"

  • E

  • Honestly dream is such an amazing guy outside of lore

  • Now you see dream is a good person but tommy and Sam put dream in prison

  • And we all thought he was the bad guy in prison till now wholsome

  • When the 999 was donated to thunder it said it was 1000 at the money given so it’s 2901.11

  • I think dream is broke now from all of that lol

  • uh thats fundy not goerge ???

  • R.I.P dream back acc

  • Rip dreams money

  • The fact that girl didnt even know who dream was

  • Can we just talk about him click baiting me

  • R.I.P Dream back account We will always remember you

  • Skeppy donating 50k to bbh

  • This should be titled “Dream going broke for 9 minutes”

  • He doesn’t even make videos off of this too, Dream has a very kind soul

  • Mr. Beast: Pathetic, I could do better.

  • Fun Fact = Mr beast made A fake account name Dream and donated instead lol

  • Skeppy donated 50000dollars to bbh

  • Hey thats my irl name