Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is truly, truly awful (Review)

Joylandi 21-Iyn, 2021
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Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is the worst game I've played this year and it's not even close.

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  • Get 12 months of Curiosity Stream for the price of like, 3 Starbucks coffees (or something, idk - I'm in Australia and we don't have Starbucks here. Well we do, but no one goes there except tourists and people who don't know what good coffee is supposed to taste like): curiositystream.com/skillup

    • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 go play this, its better

    • Actually this can't be the worst game you played all year because madden and fifa comes out every year

    • @Chief Mike Thanks for giving us insight on how you how you play games

    • D&D is gay

    • @nick kondas stand still look a second and it comes back. Or use potions. You can also upgrade the number of potions etc

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Stamina Starved

  • I love that the Body doesn't move one pixel while drawing the Bow... What a shitty animation to draw a Bow

  • I am sad

  • Clueless and pathetic, and obviously have no clue about D&D. this is not an RPG it is a character based storyline and so far It's been pretty accurate for the most part. And it doesn't suck, it's reminiscent of the good old days. So yeah. Don't like it don't fucking play it, it's really that simple. But to shit on the game and try and convince other not to play is pretty fucking childish and petty. Grow up

    • LMAO you are such a pathetic salty fangirl. Go back to your basement where you can silently play such utter garbage games like this one 😭😭😭😭😭

  • BTW, the boss that respawns 4 times acctually has different elemental spells every time he spawns, with having access to all of them the last time he spawns

  • I've played this game for around 30 hours now. And you know what? I like it a lot. It's far from perfect, but it does A LOT of things right. It's major sin is, that it's HORRIBLY tutorialised. It has a lot of original mechanics, that you have to figure aout on your own (max stamina regeneration being one of the major ones). And a lot of SkillUps gripes comes from not understanding those systems. It doesn't invalidate his review, but it does paint a somewhat wrong picture. So, the stamina regeneration issue - the way the game balances it's more powerfull attacks is my limiting your max stamina each time you use them. You regenerate your max stamina by parrying attacks, executing tired enemies and using potions/resting. What it does is encurage you to constantly take risks, especially with the archer character - your're supposed to weave in and out of combat, regenerating your stamina by fighting in melee and then creating some distance to unleash a couple of powerfull bow attacks. When you get the hang of it, it creates a very engaging combat loop. The other thing that doesn't help the game's reception is some missinformation when it comes to gear score and difficulty fine-tuning on low difficulties. When choosing difficulty level, the games shows you your gear score (E.g. 1500) and expected gear score on that difficulty level (Eg. 1000 for difficulty 1, 1200 for difficulty 2). But for my experience, playing in a difficulty level that equals your gear score is really, really hard. My comfort zone is around +500 GS compared to the difficulty level I'm playing at. All in all, I believe that it's a really fine game, bogged down by a myriad of missing bigger and smaller quality of life features, that should provide players witch much, MUCH more information at the beggining (e.g there are more than 20 status effects in the game, with names like "Sapped, Hexed, Cursed etc that are NEVER explained, and people stilldont know that it means. It's bizzare). A tiny exaple of that is Skillup's annoyance at only 1 of 3 bosses he defeated showing up as statues at the home base - after playing some more you realise that only act bosses show up as statues - but i's never explained, so new players will obviously be confused by that. Also...The game was crealy made for melee characters, and they never thought of a way to manage the ranged ones. Some of the design work fine in melee-centric games (like enemies not chasing you after you leave their "engagement area" working perfectly fine in souls-likes) straight-up breaking when you play archer. I think they should have just bit the bullet and cut the ranged option altogether if they weren't going to accomodate for it. Still, I think it's a really cool game if you are able to push through the initial wall of difficulty and confusion. Tip: try out all characters for a few levels and buy their moves ASAP - they play REALLY diffrent, so you might miss a playstyle you enjoy a lot.

  • This game is bullsH*

  • This is a classic review

  • I'm surprised anyone bought the game. Did people not watch the trailer?

  • My wallet thanks you for the save ;) The one and possibly only upside of this game, is WOTC finally moving away from Perfect World

  • you just suck at playing

  • Lol enough said

  • This game sucks asss

  • I really needed this to be a good game

  • I know that this game isn’t the best game ever but when i played it i liked it very much. I would rate it 7,5/10

  • Because having 2 archers could be so overpower they just lock it? I find no reason why they wouldn't allow it, ain't like every person out there play all classes on their RPG games.

  • Ok, rant time, here we go. Honestly, if all this game had was just a generic set of protagonists, it wouldn't be nearly as offensive. Strap on Dark Alliance and The Companions of the Hall, and people are bound to get mad. The story isn't very consistent with established lore, which is something almost all DnD fans love, and the story is also flat out not entertaining. There have easily been randomly generated stories with more consistency and entertainment value than this game has. Sorry for the rant, someone actually spent the $40 to gift this to me on steam and I am not sure whether they were oblivious and trying to be kind or whether they hate me so much, the $40 dollars was worth it just to spite me.

  • The game has no impact, all of the attacks look really limp.

  • console seems to have less of the same bugs but thats not saying its got its own frustrating issues, balancing is just as broken. traps are also bugged. my archer never has a stamina issue but charging attacks sometimes dosent work unless you give the game a sec in between commands.

  • Yikes. A friend of mine picked this up just a few days ago. Wish I'd know about this beforehand. Well, I won't be borrowing that one off him.

  • How is this a thing

  • my friend and i still enjoy it with its flaws

  • The very idea of a trap, itself is a trap. Now that's meta!

  • Great review. I should have watched it before i bought this horrible broken badly designed game. The hacks who put this together should be ashamed.

  • Man I'm nerdraging just watching this...

  • Lol the game designers for this game are cryig rn

  • What is this ? Turning hardcore RPG games into hack and slash 2002 gameplay button mashers with no depth doesn't work out ? Fucjing learn what is a good game casuals anyone who knows basic stuff knew this would be a 1 out of 10

  • A prayer for those that bought this game at full price.

  • Visual world design did look good tho , that is one positive 1/10 .

  • Just play Vermintide II

  • I'm always amazed at how easily brands can throw what made them years ago for the sake of quick cash grabs. A game like D&D that prides itself about creative freedom and imagination... without any character customization... that's what the players want, right? /s

  • Larian is over there laughing their asses off with Baldur's Gate 3.

  • They basically released a beta and expect people to pay a full price so they maybe improve the game 🤦‍♂️

  • I really love DnD, but I wouldn't play this game even if it's free.

    • @ReadyMadeConor You're technically paying to play it though.

    • I got it for free on Xbox game pass and I couldn't play it for more than 15 minutes without just getting bored

  • Completed the game as Barbarian and quickly learned that you could kill some smaller bosses by knocking them back into a elevated platform where they just instantly die. Also at Max level my strongest attack did 7k damage but as a level 1 Archer I did that in about two Charged heavies, not in damage numbers but in the enemies HP bar.

  • Alpha broken garbage, pass.

  • Fish eye lens, pass.

  • This game was soo bad I felt like this video was a waste of my time.

  • I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw that interview by the completionist and how evasive the guy was being. I then look up gameplay and see the most atrocious camera shake I've ever seen in my life... I don't even know how something like this gets okayed for release.

  • i would assume, if the game seemed even remotely functional, that the huge stamina decrease was because you're ranged DPS and meant to burst down bosses so meant to save your high stamina costing but powerful skills for bosses or stupidly hard waves while the barb is tank and is meant to keep agro on himself so has better stamina but less damage. but considering... basically everything, seems more like it's just bugged out. also would have been immediate skip from me anyway after no character maker. it's DnD, one of the major (and arguably biggest) draws of the game is role play/making your own character. i would LOVE a true single/multiplayer DnD game where you can make your own character, cross class to make your own unique job role, do raids with friends.... would be awesome. but... will have to stick with baldurs gate for that fix i suppose.... or as close can be

  • Why is it called dark alliance if it’s barley even related, should have called it drunk DM

  • Holy shit, this is terrible. I can't believe they shipped this game in this state.

  • I really wish that this game stuck more to what Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance did. Amazing hack and slash without a bunch of complicated rules and combat, eerie soundtrack and audio, and lots of blood and gore. Just cutting through endless hordes with your friends!

  • They blew their bug crushing budget on Ozzy Osbourne

  • They should have kept it to just being a Diablo clone. At least then it was fun.

  • holy shit that archer animation is awful

  • Possibly The Top 5 Worst Game I’ve ever played in my life.

  • This game looks so bad I'm struggling to keep watching the video. Got to the point I decided to do my dishes while watching and it felt like a rewarding distraction. I honestly don't see how the video game industry is self sustaining when the market is flooded with these crud grindy soulless 'games'.

  • they should have allowed NPC team members

  • Am I the only one that thinks this game looks really ugly for some reason?

  • why does the arrow make shotgun noises

  • Nobody wants to play these kid games anyway. Who cares about any of these

  • "Doing Netherwing dailies in classic WoW" Not yet, mate, Netherwing reputation faction isn't implemented in the first phase of TBC :P

  • There’s literally no D&D game that’s interesting except Diablo IV when that releases. Neverwinter was pay to win, WOW was a waste of time, this was buggy as hell on PS4/XB1.

  • Angry joe brought me hear "just watch skill ups review...like ok

  • This is a poor review. This game does have some issues, but overall it is a solid fps style game played in third person view. However, unless you want to die of boredom like the OP, a player needs to become skilled at play and not run around like some 8 yr old nubber mashing the hit button. Yes you can sit back with an archer and pick away at foes, but this is total WAI. Every game has a mob disengagement range, however, in this one at that range you can pin prick attack the enemy foes. I suppose this gives really unskilled players a way to advance, but at high play rank, if you want to progress at a reasonable pace you need to learn how to attack foes (placing DOT's, when to execute, how to dodge, and when to block, as well as how to perform your best attacks). You also need to learn how to read the threat meter. In short, don't play this game if you are the guy who sucks at skilled gaming. If you have trouble with Trolls at the point in the game above, you might be that guy.

  • The structure of your videos are always really good. Appreciate the work that goes in to it!

  • I am saving my money for Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042.

  • Why, why WHY are so many triple A games being sent out in a half finished state? are they just trying to take the money and profit and run or something??????

  • I wanted this game to be good, I really hoped it would be, but then we get this trash. Hopefully they patch it so it is playable and worth while. Note: this is an unfinished product and companies should not be allowed to put games out in this state. Feels more like an alpha or beta version.

  • This games actually pretty good. This dumbass just doesn't know what rolls are for dungeon crawlers apparently. Archers are glass cannons. Not fucking melee Champs. Stun locking enemies is a good thing because there's a lot of over crowding that happens. This dude doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Controls are kinda wonky. Thats the only thing he got right

  • Yeah idk about this review, seems you didn't actually understand some of the mechanics or style of game. Played it and been playing it. No issues from me other then occasional bugs. 🤷‍♀️

  • What the funk? I have no problems with this game. I've unlocked 90% of all achievements on Xbox. The game is really good. You guys are tripping mad balls.

  • This makes "Youngblood" seem better.

  • Team of 60 made this, biostatistics had a team of 21. Dark Alliance was made very poorly

  • Once I found out who published this, it hit me that this game was going to get similar treatment as licensed shovelware games. I know that Wizards is about to release a D&D inspired Magic the Gathering set, which means that the release of this game needed to coincide with the set to maximize profits. With that stringent timeline, the video game would falter the same way movie tie-in games would and corners would be cut.

  • How disappointing. I loved BA:DA 1&2 as a kid. It's a shame they messed this up.

  • If you are having stamina issues it's because you are using too many special attacks, which drains maximum stamina - use more basic attacks and manage your resources better. Also the only time enemies respawn is if you die, you probably died and got confused about stuff respawning. this game was a joke though

  • Game straight up wouldn't work for 1 of my friends me and my bro really enjoyed it but there were bugs and issues. I was Cattie bree he was Drizzt. Once I got -stam cost + max stam and unlocked the moves the archer felt MUCH BETTER. I had problems just like you with stam early on. I enjoyed the gameplay and we didn't do any of the cheeseing and fought the enemies in close quarters. The blaring AI problems pathing, hitboxes, lag was there unfortunately. I used the rez skill right away on my bro who was slightly below me and it didn't work was pretty frustrating just like in the video it seemed to only be on your plane. I really just want even more combat just like the video owner said. We got through about 3/4 of the game and my net cut out 4 times and I lost all my obtained including loot 3 legendary weps so I just stopped trying after that since I could not seem to obtain one. Not being able to rejoin or somehow save your progress on a long mission is a terrible thing why do devs do this this is a BIG MINUS. I liked the idea of the combat with the dodging, parry, backstab, 100% crit, team combos, status effects. Even on the hardest setting once I had my archer the way I wanted I would annihilate things extremely quickly with no stam problems (-stam costs mostly) 3 potions, and ult also helped. Think I had 80% crit and 160% crit dmg 28 dex and 28 con 55% CDR. I liked the set bonuses but after maxxing everything out I still had not gotten some of the set bonuses on items that were good quality was pretty frustrating. Could be losing 20-30 items from dcs or so. It didn't seem to take long to get to level 20 unfortunately. Grinding gear and gold after that was the main thing. Overall I enjoyed it but alone was less fun and it is very buggy. I was super into the books involving these charactors so I think alot of my interest stemmed from that and I have played nearly every DND game that came out. Baudlur's Gate, Neverwinter nights, Baldur's gate Dark Alliance. When I saw Dark Alliance I really wanted to try it as I enjoyed Dark Alliance for the Xbox so much as a kid. Unfortnately I think most people will not enjoy it. I am really looking hard for a game like or those oldies this that is good. Let me know if you guys know of any. I loved Mass effect multiplayer, warframe, dragonage. The team combos buffs etc I want a good game please! Hopefully they will put in some patches. TLDR you prolly wont like as the host said =(.

  • Yikes just play neverwinter mmo atleast it’s free

  • Just as a fundamental issue: Why would you take a property with heavy world and character building, role-playing and turn based combat and adapt it in a way that has none of those. Even if the game would be good, it would alienate its pre-established fanbase. If you want a DnD game, make a DnD game, not just some random game and add DnD in the title

    • Funny that Skyrim is a better DnD game than this lmao

  • The game isn't absolute garbage, but it's not good either. It needed more time in development. I hate how this is becoming a trend with new games nowadays. If I'm paying you for something now, it needs to be good NOW. Thank god for gamepass though.

  • They should have just made the game in similar style to the old dark alliance games on ps2.

  • So it's a shitty version of Vermintide...

  • A shame I'm not playing this again Further shame the PS Store can't refund me for it either

  • Bruh the only thing they got right was the voice actor for the trailer.

  • The best thing you could say about this game is it's a great ad for playing Vertmintide 2 instead.

  • It's like they theorycrafted on what the worst game would be like and brought it to fruition.

    • "What if we took Anthem and removed the jetpacks...?"

  • Lol 1k down votes? Wtf would like this steaming pile of doodoo

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Boxed into a Corner

  • Why did the devs stray so far from the original dark alliance games? I really had high hope for this, heck all they had to do was merely clone the Dark Alliance games on PS2 and just up the graphics and change the story slightly. How the heck did they come up with this nonsense?

  • They couldn't even change the space layout for the levels, lol. This is what we call a money grab. Minimal effort to try get maximum results, great if you're a shameless dev, bad if you're a gamer.

  • It's not as bad as people say, but it has some glaring issues, including the fact that my PS4 is a jet engine when i play it

  • Wasn't worth the time to download off gamepass

  • Im good ill stick to final fantasy '-' outside of 1.0 and few issues with 2.0 its track record been good hell even wow looking good at this point wtf is with game devs lately if losing money is what they want hire me ill help you out ;D

  • Just play Vermintide, you’ll have a much better time.

    • completely different games. One is a first person Left 4 Dead style game, this game is a 3rd person dungeon crawler.

  • Glad I didn't buy this trash, got it through gamepass. Uninstaled after about 25 minutes lol

  • In short: Just go play Dungeons and Dragons Online

  • Looks like a rushed broken game that's hoping to trick people into buying and then promising to fix things with a future "patch" I would've thought the industry would've learned from Cyberpunk 🤔

  • So, 7/10?

  • I am truly shocked the gaming industry still has not grasped the importance of a quality day 1 release. So many games have failed or severely struggled because of this.

  • 🤣😃🤣 don’t buy Worst game

  • Thanks for saving me time. I have the game downloaded due to game pass. I can just delete now.

  • Well its a thanks but no thanks from me :-( very sad

  • This is embarrassing.

  • Oh wow, I thought this was a review of a new D&D adventure module. However, a bad D&D video game?Stop the fucking presses.

  • This game looks like it could’ve really been fun. Maybe in an alternate universe it is. In this one though? It’s a potato.

  • Just play dragons dogma instead lmao

  • I've enjoyed this game and done it as a solo player