False Advertising - Scott The Woz

Joylandi 13-Iyn, 2021
Scott lies.

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Music Used:
"Athletic Theme" from Super Mario World
"Fight On!" from Final Fantasy VII
"Menu Theme" from NES Classic Edition
"Zombie Panic" from Zombies Ate My Neighbors
"Theme of Solid Snake" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"Enter the Cheatrix" from The Simpsons Game (Nintendo DS)
"Lake Hylia" from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
"Theme of Blanka" from Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers
"Forest" from Mario Golf: World Tour
"Otherwordly Canines" from Shadowrun (SNES)
"Battle Against Belch" from EarthBound
"Bouncy Beanstalk Walk" from Yoshi's New Island
"Staff Roll" from Mega Man 11
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  • I think I could listen to him talk about yogurt for 1 hour, for god sakes I watched him talk about a blue border for an hour and 30 minutes

  • And even better with Cyberpunk 2077? They said they weren’t gonna do crunch right before crush was reported by employees!

  • There’s a fucking weed drying facility in the last of us

  • I still got faith in the CDPR devs. I enjoyed Cyberpunk and look forward to seeing how they update and change it

  • That aim tho

  • Scott, you are a very unlikable person. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just sayin. Your type of "male" aren't welcome in our country. Go west. We will hunt you later, pretty boy! 😂

  • In four months..?

  • Where’s Gardenscapes!? It is the biggest lie in the history of gaming!

  • The Killzone devs never said it was gameplay, SONY DID!

  • I have a question: if you wanted to make a game that pulls a doki doki, where you think the game is one thing but it’s actually another, can you list the game’s genre as what you want people to think it is, or would that be considered false advertising?

  • Scott is always able to find a topic to talk about. Plus since the pandemic, I spend most of my time in the house and channel like this is my salvation.

  • Surprised he never mentioned batman darkknight pc version and anthem.

  • 0:36 I'm honestly down for a 60fps ACNL HD on the Switch. If it was $39.99 max

  • Zombies ate my island

  • The most scariest things to exist: ghosts Spiders Scott crying right in your face

  • So looks like the MVCi saga of Scott the Woz has come to end…with Scott actually buying the collectors edition with the Infinity Eggs.

  • The original motorstorm for the ps3 compared to its e3 trailer. Now that's disappointment right there.

  • Love it

  • Fallout 76 is better now

  • When I was young an older kid told me that if I put a pencil behind my ear my head would turn into an ear. I eventually learned it's not true, but to this day I still don't put pencils behind my ears.

  • Me: *sees title* Also me: *Remembers Fallout 76*

  • yeah but I don't see the 3D0 on that platform list for the simpson's game.

  • The biggest problem with Cyberpunk was that they announced it FAR too early

  • Not to mention Watchdogs you had to use a cheat code to get the good graphics

  • pepto bismol.

  • tf you mean cyberpunk had an intricate open world??? that was the worst part of the game imo. the city felt so fake, and you couldn't even get a haircut anywhere in it.

  • Killzone 2 looked better than the trailer and this example only gets repeatedly brought up because it's been repeatedly brought up. Also, advertising for No Man's Sky straight up lied - they said it had multiplayer but it didn't.

  • Mafia City was one of the mobile games to had false advertising

  • What made Alien Colonial Marines even more hilarious is the typo found years later that fixed a few of the issues it had.

  • The Simpsons game: the game that every one remembers playing and enjoying it but no one has the disk any more. ( I used to play it all the time on the xbox 360.)

  • What about Anthem?

  • The underlying problem is that there is literally NO WAY to do a good *real* demo at this early stage of development because the game simply isn't ready at that point... it barely exists. You have three options: *1)* Don't show anything until the game is basically finished and about to release *2)* Show a scripted smoke & mirrors demo or pre-rendered trailer of what you *intend* the game to actually play and look like when it's done (working on best guesses and plans that may change) or *3)* Show what the game actually looks like at that stage: unfinished broken garbage that will impress no one, because that is what a work-in-progress game looks like... The full experience doesn't *really* come together until the end of development, so it's always uncertain how it will turn out, and sometimes it goes badly despite the best intentions and hard work of the devs. There's no deliberate deception there... the devs genuinely TRIED to make the game they promised, and missed the mark. Sometimes they can salvage it after launch with updates. Reasons for so-called 'downgrades' or cuts may include: lack of time or budget (sometimes you have to cut a feature because there's not enough time to make it good enough to ship), performance issues that necessitate lowering detail (smooth fps OR extra puddles and crowds, pick one), or design... like when a feature turns out boring or unbalanced, so cutting it actually makes the game *better*. Personally, I wouldn't mind if games were only shown just before launch - I don't think it would hurt sales much - but YOU try convincing publishers to do that.

    • btw the Killzone trailer is an interesting one because apparently there the story was that it was never intended to be presented as gameplay by the people who made it, but the marketing person in charge of showing it when asked said "yeah, that's gameplay" and the actual devs were horrified when they heard about this and did their best to match what was shown with the actual game... so it really wasn't their fault that marketing threw them under the bus.

  • No mans sky is good now

  • "The end in 4 months" does Scott know something we don't?

  • I loved the Simpsons Game :(

  • If you like Nintendo you also like halo, or vice versa

  • The Halo 5 Hunt the Truth ad campaign. I don't think I'll ever fully forgive 343 for that misdirection.

  • No Man's Sky: the only game that became good AFTER it came out.

  • What is a Woz?

  • Man, love your vids, but I wish you'd stop screaming. I put playlists of some of your vids while sleeping and you're ALWAYS waking me up cuz you scream all the time. Just stop it bro

  • 14:16 This is why I will forever respect Nintendo for being like "Yo, we didn't like how Metroid prime 4 was coming, so we're restarting. Sorry fellas, we like making good games"

  • I could listen to 20 minutes of Scott talking about the L button.

  • Resident evil operation raccoon city anyone else get suckered into buying it at full price

  • I payed 60 dollars for cyberpunk Biggest regret of my life , I bought it physically and I couldn't even sell it for 10 dollars

  • We can't talk about this without talking about HALO 5. The ENTIRE marketing campaign was a lie. The trailers looked perfect, the podcast told the story, the promises were exciting. What did we get? A literal Uno reverse between what they were telling us about the stories, and what we got. Halo 5's marketing campaign will forever be a stain in my brain.

  • Cyberpunk doesn’t have an interesting world though. It has an interesting facade of a world

  • This is an ongoing problem that isn't gonna stop.

  • Wozaaaaaaaawwwwwp!

  • The marketing for Cyberpunk2077 was disgraceful. They convinced the buyers it was gonna be the next GTA...

  • Bro, good CGI game trailers for terrible games, is like if you find a "free" vpn, but then it has a trial, and after the trial, you have to pay for a subscription service. That's not what free means at all, these companies just do it for clicks and downloads. Also, if you try to do anything, they'll just hire some lawyers saying that it's technically free because of the trial, and you'll lose the case, allowing them to make money off of you that they otherwise shouldn't have.

  • I think PT was the worst case of this. They advertised that we were going to be getting a game.

  • The cut level from Halo 2 they showed off disappointed me so much. I watched that trailer probably 100 times.

  • I don't know what it is, but mirrors and my FPS do NOT like one another in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Never liked just seeing a trailer lol.

  • I work in the games industry and this attitude from the executives is the exact same thing that causes us to be underpaid, overworked, and also makes the game suck more than if they had just told the truth in the first place :-) crunch kills games


  • Your gushers story reminds me of how I got into heroin lol

  • I hate his voice when he's reading his scripts, no one talks like that

  • That's why I like Rockstar

  • Scott wanted to talk about cyberpunk

  • The original skylanders 2011 trailer look nothing like the game

  • dead island was a almost perfect game!

  • I remember Dead Island being disappointing. That one hit hard because it was the first time I was a victim of false advertising in video games.

  • Cyberpunk may not be a great game, but it's not a good game either.

  • You want misleading... how about Elite dangerous Odyssey... misleading trailers... misleading dev posts... misleading...EVERYTHING. 60 bucks for an EXPANSION that's described by most as a "minimum viable product".

  • You know, I never understood why game trailers didn't actually show footage straight out of the gate. LIke... it's a videogame. Why would I care about a cutscene or just an animation done specifically for the trailer? The story is even irrelevant for the trailer. It could have the coolest story ever, but if it's game, not a film, I don't need to know a thing about it. All I need to actually see on a game trailer is actual gameplay footage.

  • This dude knows deblob, he has earned my respect indefinitely.

  • My favourite false advertising campaign was sonic forces.

  • Idk how I wasn't subbed sooner I've been binging your videos for a couple days 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wow, love this channel, but I can’t believe you made a false advertisement video and didn’t talk about Halo 5s “Hunt The Truth” Advertisement campaign

  • I recently bought Cyberpunk on sale with no expectations other than it looks cool and i like the witcher, so i gave it a shot and it's a really good game.

  • You forgot about Gardenscapes!

  • ehat did that line about four months mean?

  • I understand why companies used to use cut scenes to sell games years ago when graphics weren't as good and hardware wasn't as powerful, but with the consoles and PC's we have these days then there is no excuse

  • That closing joke was played so well

  • *points at facebook games*

  • Gotta say, like the vid overall but at 13:35 you saying pretending cyberpunk isnt a well crafted experience, is something i have to completely disagree with. You start with johnny, having night terrors of him, losing your mind, you wake up shrug it off. Go to your car, get hit by the ai car "beep beep mother fucker" then johnny appears and V is all buddy buddy with johnny like they go way back "what was that all about johhny?" I was fucking stumped at the writing... its like they cut out a bunch of content that was meant to lead to that point.Its like eddie brock in venom going, after he wakes up in the tub from seeing venom in the mirror, and says "what was that all about venom" whut? P.S. the bugs never bothered me, i bought a game that didnt exist, thats what bothered me man. Biggest doozey any studio threw at me.

  • 0:43 *KILLZONE 2* is the perfect example of false advertising since before it's release back in 2008, 2 years prior in 2006 they released a tech demo that was rendered in HD and looked insane but when it released in 2008, in wasn't as sharp looking. Still a great game, my favorite game of all time actually. (i got some vids of it lol) Also, I'm glad this channel is back. Funnyest man alive. And fun. The deffinition of entertainment Is here. Here with Scott the Woz.

  • In defense of FFVII... remake isnt a remaster. If you mess up dinner, then remake it... its going to be different.

  • What’s happening in four months? Do I need to move my video games down to my preordered bunk in Vault 76? 😵‍💫

  • "The people who made this trailer, they'll still going to hell". This made me LMFAO

  • back then they would show awesome gameplay but it was actually PC gameplay on the most powerful hardware. then drastically downgraded for the consoles.......

  • fun fact: for watchdogs a hacker noticed that there is a “switch” in the code that enables the watchdogs graphics from the demo. some people theorize that sony/microsoft had made EA intentionally lower setting in order for it to be compatible with console as the game works completely fine on PC with the advanced settings

    • So you can literally hack it to look better. Imagine if that was the final ability you unlocked in the game.

    • EA didn't make WatchDogs

  • as im eating my junior chicken didnt even have lettuc :(

  • Scott. Why is cyberpunk full of discarded dildos. How is that lived in. They're even in the gutters.

  • Wait, so… Cyberpunk is Borderlands but worse and less unique in every way?

  • only reason cyberpunk is bad is because people kept rushing it and asking WhEn Is IT GoNNa Come OuT , or WAs It CaNCELlED

    • "Oh no, some angry trolls on the internet are mad that we delayed the game! Let's just release it broken and unfinished. That'll make them really happy!" Smh with that logic. The real reason is because of the marketing team at CDPR setting unreasonable deadlines to please investors.

  • That dead island trailer was so good i had my grandpa drive me to every store on release day trying to find somewhere that wasnt sold out

  • Im subscribing

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  • What about Age of Calamity? Great game but the trailer was marketed as a prequel to Breath of the Wild, but it ended up being a random time travel story in the Breath of the Wild universe.

  • 13:34 come on, their previous interviews overpromising and overhyping the game as if it were the second coming, were all lies. No excuse, they, all of them at cdpr fucked up.

  • 6:47 Me pretending I can tell the difference: “Absolutely disgusting.”

  • Cyberpunk isn't a well crafted art, It's not taking it to far.

  • Game Hype Marketing: I'll wait till it comes out Game release: it's not as good as it should have been, paid dlc to come Months later: the dlc's are not all that great. Year and a half later: after all the dlc, it's not as bad as it once was. All the players are now moving onto next game. Me: missed out cus I didn't buy it when it was bad... Cycle continues with next game launched bad

  • It better not end in 4 month, I want that last Danganronpa game.

  • Halo 5 is the epitome of false advertisement

  • Wasn’t the colonial marines thing down to a coding error?

  • While the first watchdogs was downgraded yes, I still very mush enjoyed it! The main missions were amezing! The stealth, hacking felt really good! I even enjoyed playing some minigames like drinking, follow the ball and the alien shooting thing. And the multi-player was also good! Butmostly the infiltration and follow missions, the rest not so mush. But the side missions... we're all the same, either this or that, nothing unique just.. the same thing over and over again. Watch dogs 2 on the otherhand... for me it was amezing! Mush better side missions, more ways to play, side activities and a bunch of customization for clothes. Legion? Well...yeah I enjoy it! It's different but good... mostly. I really dislike how they went with the multilayer you have to unlock certain stuff and your operators are separate from the main game.

  • Get gamers chatting about a game enough and even the less hardcore people who don't follow gaming news will have heard about your title. And you probably don't have to worry about those people reading reviews.