Film Theory: Kung Fu Panda, The REAL Reason Po is the Chosen One!

Joylandi 20-Avg, 2020
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Did you ever expect me to cover Kung Fu Panda? Loyal Theorists, never doubt the extents I will go to for a theory. Today, we are getting to the center of Kung Fu Panda's biggest question - why is Po the Dragon Warrior? Now I know we can just say because the plot says so, but I am a man of science and overanalysis! There has to be a logical explanation of why this panda is the chosen one. It turns out, I was right! Let's dig in!
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Credits:Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I always did hear that nature loving people hate pandas. You mean to tell me that this is all true!? And if is, then why!?

  • Just look at Samo Hung.

  • Just wanna say mat-pat, have you ever thought how you say your ruining childhoods, but I feel like a lot of people, like in my case. You are our childhood

  • Did this movie steal from “Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior”

  • How to rattatwang your panda

  • "Charmin should've used Pandas in there as campaigns" Charmin: *"QuiCK, wRitE tHaT dOwN! WrItE tHaT dOwN!"*

  • "Why worry about 4 billion dumb smelly ol' trees, when there's a thousand whole pandas that need our help" -Samonella

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  • How many of you watched this a 10000000000 times Just me k

  • There is actually a bear style. It's just less common than the other main styles.

  • Body shape and weight DOES influence, and give you a good idea about a person's fitness and sports capabilities!! However, the spectrum is much wider then most people believe. Physics allows you to achieve physical tasks in many ways. Same with sports.

  • The video was going good until it started to rain panda bears Then it became awesome🤣🤣🤣

  • Alright Mat sorry about that but i don't think that's the reason and Oogway was probably lying in the third movie. The actual reason Oogway chose the guy is because he knew that the dragon scroll was empty and he definitely didn't want a second tai lung marching on the valley and destroying everything so he chose Po who obviously seems more tolerant and less harmful than the five and shifu himself, and he hid it in the third movie because he was too embarrassed to admit it xD.

  • Falling from the sky with 0 mastery of skills just kinda proves how awesome he is. Pretty much indestructible. And he used that power right at the end of the movie, he took a direct hit from the sky and is only mildly fatigued, and he got up like, ten seconds later.

  • :Me eating like 7 cows :also me I’m exercising

  • yeah kung fu panda is a bit plump and really swag yeah chubby belly

  • Loved this movie when I was little and actually some people with that body type are actually pretty strong.

  • Butterbean is another boxer who's bigger. Then again, look at WWE and AEW. You got guys like Big Show and Mark Henry, who are 400+ pound

  • Whyd you have to put a crack sound when the pandas fall on their face. I cant xD

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  • Basically pandas could be apex predator if were carnivore

  • Ever seen Jujutsu Kaisen? That panda’s no joke.

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  • 2:05 this kids tongue looks like it's cut open from the bottom hehe

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  • I love how he makes science sound easy to understand

  • Dammit he is right but that dragon warrior is a menace

  • Ruiz, sounds familiar.... oh wait, that’s my last name lol. Cool middle name. I dunno why I made this comment

  • im a weeb i saw anime


  • My brothers name is Po

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  • Someone: She is too muscular to play tenis Me: *slow blink*

  • Kung Fu Panda is better then Zootopia. You can’t change my mind.

  • Not a bad theory, but it is very irrelevant because anyone who watched and understood the movies would be able to know a lot of what's being brought up and even better: research it on their own.

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  • 5:41 Ik they can sustain damage, but i do think that this is overkill lol or too much

  • China is evil Mat Pat. You are evil Mat Pat.

  • this video was posted on my birth day :)

  • While watching this i was wearing my oldest pjs that have Pandas allllll over them

  • "It perpetuates false stereotypes about how a fighting body has to be" Isn't the whole point of the movie that you don't have to be thin and built to fight? Isn't that the ENTIRE point of the movie? To break those stereotypes?

  • MatPat is making us feel good about our bodies. What a nice guy

  • Hey can you make a theory about cobra Kai it has so much and would make a great episode!

  • Oogway picking the dragon warrior from the furious five, he thinks to himself. "Hmmm which of you is the fattest? Hmmmmmm" *po lands in front of him* "oh thank God"

  • If i remember correctly Jackie Chan voices the monkey and he made movies called master of drunken fist another name for that style is drunken monkey

  • I love the theory, but I still believe that Po had a neurological disorder (such as a beneficial version of Guillain-Barré syndrome) that gave him the advantage through neurological degeneration. Just my theory ... A FAN THEORY! Thanks for reading!

  • 4:40 I was really hoping he'd mention Eric Butterbean

  • Kubed

  • The only reason he is the chosen one is cuz, He is a panda, the colors of a panda represent yin and yang. The good and bad.

  • lol, dumb video

  • So pandas are just randomly like ____🌴 ⬇️ \ ⬇️ | ⬇️ ___🐼____

  • (11:07) can someone explain this to me?

  • Imagine if pandas go extinct and everyone ends up believing pandas were all just like po

  • Not trying to be rude but being overweight is really detrimental to your health and I think it’s dangerous and irresponsible to justify it and say it’s ok not saying shame them but don’t encourage their behaviour

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  • I might have misunderstood, but if the pandas digestive system gets clogged from bamboo, why do they unload 40 times a day? He said meet and stuff like that is better so shouldn't they not poop as much unless they ate meat?

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  • Matt: Why is po the chosen one? Because China can make loads of cash. China’s agents: *HE KNOWS*

  • Short answer: why is po the dragon Warrior? Because the movie is called kung fu panda dub

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  • I'm gonna say this before even watching the video... It's because the writer of kung fu panda decided to do so. _case closed_

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  • woahhh wasn't expecting kung fu panda content in 2021, this is great edit: *2020

    • @Max2 oh oops sorry

    • this was uploaded in 2020

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  • i would quite simply save all of china with the power of martial arts myself

  • 11:58 Thats Philipines not Japan

  • Do a video on the third question about 🦷.

  • 1: He is a panda 2: He is (almost) everyone's spirit animal 3: he is a fuking panda

  • po is the avatar confirmed

  • Did anyone try to force feed pandas different foods ?

    • My mom said that she once saw a video of a panda eating eggs.

  • It’s also cause he’s awesome… Panduh….

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  • Pandas = healthy ecosistem No pandas = sad me and wasteland land Edit: I fixed my keyboard errors

  • This is great, now do an episode where you prove that being underweight is a benefit too.

  • Master Oogway: Physics

  • Because Mastery Oogway didn't want to admit that he's wrong and that there in fact are accidents

  • Thanks for not ruining Kung fu panda mat pat

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