Flores Gameplay & Gadget Overview - Crimson Heist - 6News - Rainbow Six Siege

Joylandi 21-Fev, 2021
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  • A cool rework would be to make the drone bulletproof until it enter the detonation sequence, the drone becomes vulnerable for 2/3 seconds before it explodes


  • When ubi nerfs thatcher just to introduce thatcher 2.0

  • Wait a minute how are you playing as him he is not out yet

  • To be honest, I think Flores will break the game

  • bro i got notification now wtf

  • Even if his drone isn’t the best for kills, with some coordination with atleast a single buddy, you can use him to make people move from entrenched positions and into the line of sight of you buddies.

  • what about Mozie vs Flores

  • im confused about prep phase does he do nothing

  • Man at this rate by the end of year 5 they're just gonna add am operator that can call in a predator missile

  • Wait how did u play flores on xbox

  • It would be really annoying in certain situations. Like if you're behind a cover and you're forced to run into the open or get blown up

  • Imagine a thatcher, flores, thermite, zofia Ying push. Def my new ranked set up if I get lucky enough to not see thatcher banned. Thatcher to disable mutes or bandits then flores comes in with rcxd and claps and attempt to bandit trick. thermite an important wall then smoke Ying plant

  • wait... stunt grenades??? 0:20

  • I can't wait to see all of the clips of tks with the timer being short.

  • Makes you think maybe they got rid of thatchers ability to destroy objects with the EMP so they can have this op to destroy the gadgets....🤔

  • just my opinion, but i think the drone looks awful

  • Now my question is "can the drone pass through drone's holes?" I guess no or it will be really powerful

  • You could definitely guard defuses with this

  • No way he's gonna have 4 drones moving forward, they always give their new ops a shit tonne of charges and then nerf it

  • Hope they start adding new guns

  • You can send multiple drones out at once and one way of killing people efficiently I found was to ram a drone into where someone would run to and get off and get the other drone to chase them, they will then run into drone number 1 and die, ofc this relies on them being close enough to you that you are able to get the second drone there b4 number 1 explodes.

  • So a better twitch

  • glad that this isnt an rc-xd

  • Hate the guns.. well to bad

  • He just sounds like he can do basically everything

  • No way they will leave him with 4 of these. I suppose he will end up with 2.

  • If they aren’t going to make it where moxie can control the drone they need to at least make it where it destroys the drone but then drops back down on the ground

  • Why is it bullet proof

  • Also does the gonne-6 get affected by wamai or jaeger

  • Are they completely bulletproof or only when detonation is activated

  • 5:24 “Ubisoft we got some talking to do big guy” *loads shotgun*

  • Maestro is useless now

  • Can u see if his drone can latch onto clash's sheild? Think if so, that'd be a good clash counter. That way clash can't just sit with her shield up doing nothing

  • I like that the gadget is more grounded but I'd still like to see him wear a helmet at least.

  • Flores gets four drones? Yeah, thats gonna get nerfed.

  • 0:34 anyone else notice?

  • Sooo what's the point of using twitch then?

  • Twitch is now useless

  • I hate to bring this up but seeing these new operator videos always make me sad. I remember when i would always be ready for a new ICEYCAT video to watch and learn about the new things coming. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • so basically this is a mobile C4?

  • I tachter alternative? What kind of thacter uses DRONESSSS?????!!!!!!!!!

  • All the mad twitch mains are in the comments

  • This is literally can I copy your homework sure but make it look different rc xd but siege you can't change my mind

  • 4 drones..

  • Everyone saying he is just a better twitch. Isnt kaid just a better bandit? He can throw his things on walls and electrocute multiple walls, and is way harder to shoot. So why arent people choosing kaid over bandit ?

  • I feel like the bulletproofing in the detonating part is a bit over powered

    • If it weren't bulletproof you could just shoot it... It'd be garbage

  • 4?? Holy cow

  • So it's basically a drone sticky bomb...

  • Definitely getting a nerf😂

  • Flores is the first gay op in siege

  • 5:29 mozzie sad noises​

  • He’s gonna get nerfed mark my words.

  • He gonna be op when defending the defuser

  • Banned. Banned. Poor Flores

  • 3 drones too much he will get a nerf :))


  • Hold up, does rook's armour defend against the explosion? Like if you are wearing the armour and the drone blows up beside you will you die or will you be downed?

  • if his drone, activates the explosion mode in mid air before it goes through an aruni gate, will it be fine and take out the gate? nvm you tested this mid and i was right! woo

  • I think its good for getting kills cause it can flush people out of position. The defender has 2 options, either move or take alot of damage.

  • He’ll get nerfed to 2 drones eventually

  • Again reused guns

  • 4 drones are too many, 2 tops

  • the fact that he has 4 drones and the radius is massive hes bascically a better as with 4 explosives and a better twitch in a way yeah I think hes gonna be op

  • Looks kinda gay

    • @Sunnyd824 its because Flores likes man meat

    • @Leon Russell what kind of joke is that 🤦‍♂️

    • @Sunnyd824 its a joke, you mong

  • When will this update first be implemented v

  • Mute Pickrate📈📈📈

  • Wish Mozzie at least could control it like a normal drone after hacking it. Almost feels like a nerf as Flores could remove a pest with one of his 4 suicide drones and then send a normal drone in

  • What about if mozzie took a twitch drone and shot the rcxd with it?

  • he's gay and has the same gun as Blackbeard. I don't think that's a coincidence

    • Is he actually gay or that just an insult?

  • I feel like they’re gonna take away the bulletproof feature by the time it releases

  • I wonder if you can reinforce trick his drone

  • Twitch needs a buff this is too much for her

  • If flores can have regular drones why cant twitch

  • He has 4 of them? That will be nerfed to 3 (or 2) in no time.

    • Fun Fact: When Kaid and Nomad were still in development, 2 days before their season released, Ubi pulled 1 Kaid claw off of his kit. He originally started with 3. So you're most likely right.

  • Who can i get test server for year 6 ?? On steam and ubisoft connect i have test server for y5 s4

  • Every season is " new alternative to thatcher" or "New alternative to Jager"

  • Defenders should be able to pickup and roll the drone. Seems dumb defenders cannot interact with it

  • Idc that people say it's not OP, it's a fucking guided handgranade

  • hey what about mozzie? is he a counter?

  • I feel like this new operator is really encrouching on Fuze's territory more then anyone else really.

  • can you attach the drone to players? Probably not but that would be so fun.

  • Can u c4 one of his drones

  • So if Flores gets 4 boom boom drones, why does twitch still have 2 shockin boys?

  • Why are the chibis still have clipping issues

  • 6 drones???

  • This guy is built to counter defender that love to hold angles. Yeah, have fun holding those server stairs on bank, Smoke.

  • This operator is a bullsh*t.

  • the fact that there is an indicator makes him useless. All the defense team needs to do is prefire the drone.

    • there's only an indicator when it's about to explode, and therefore bulletproof

  • I really thought he was gonna be a hard breacher not a soft breacher

  • Can you stick it to a normal drone then drive it further with the normal drone

  • Why should you ever pick Twitch after this update????? Stupid game

  • No new map, no new guns, one operator: what a surprise...

  • Do Flores drones fit in drone holes?

  • Can the drone fit through small gaps in walls like normal drones? It's looks bigger than it

  • we all know hes going to get nerf keeping only 2 drones

  • Wait.. shouldn't these segmented cone-tires get entangled in barbed wire like a mf?

  • wholesome crossover

  • My bich twitch just got left behind....

  • When will year 6 go live?