FNAF Ultimate Custom Night - All My Friends Are HERE!! (FNAF 6)

Joylandi 28-Iyn, 2018
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ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT IS HERE! This is meant to be the HARDEST FNAF game EVER! I want to beat this thing and show once and for all that I deserve that cheesy FNAF King crown. Join us today as we take on FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night!
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  • My teacher: okay class what sound does a hippo make? Me af: you know uh one when I was uh a child I uh I would what was I saying?-

  • Imagine having to sit threw mr hippo talk for 6 hours pls 💀✋

  • Wait a minute toy freddy isnt in bears attack 1 so that means deedee put toy freddy in that round

  • its official the hippo is now my fav

  • 12:22 "yarr me bird likes ye i *proceeds to get jumpscared*

  • 3:40 "Turn down for what?😊"

  • Why is he shining the light on bb when he is sitting

  • When can I get a therapy session with mr hippo

  • Voices are the people you got killed from

  • "just because thay Hippo looks cute doesn't mean his sount isn't dealy" the little they knew :)


  • Playyy just phooonnneee guyyy

  • I love how Stephanie is just sitting here watching while Matt squeals like a little girl everytime something happens.

  • I almost lost it when he called rockstar foxy rockstar Freddy but Stephanie corrected him

  • 9:23 What the F. Me well that was close

  • At the start steph should have said “the final fnaf game!” Instead of the final countdown

  • He's here he's there he's everywhere! who you gonna call? Nightmarionne!

  • lol Stephanie's face at 8:06

  • This is my 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.5 time here How about u

  • 9:48 Hippo

  • mat: this is the last fnaf game right scott? scott: *reboots game* well yes, but actually no...

  • did anyone notice Cassidy after mr hippo killed him

  • 7:11 haha steph's reaction

  • Mister Hippo: goes on monolog about how not everything has meaning and how reading to much into stuff takes the enjoyment out of things Mattpat: immediately starts reading way to much into the next voice line and ignoring Stephanie talking


  • This is why I turn off Mr. Hippo

    • Mr hippo is really easy to deal with, just put the audio lure eight outside the open duct and you're good for the entire night

  • I smell you..... it smells like onions.... but more explosive

  • Me when i forget to take my meds 0:52

  • Hi I’m mr hippo and this is my ted talk

  • Watch the 9:46 on 0.25x speed you see crying kid's face in front of game over text

  • 2:28 Scott is just watching this and is like darn it why Matt whhhhy

  • Imagine if the hippo says and that's just a story a mr hippo story 😂

  • 16:57 "Yes, hello hello, for today's lesson we will be-" ●□○□●■○□○■●■○■●□○■○■●■○□●■●●■○■○□●■●□○■○□○■●

  • I'm read to take my clothes off! "It's getting hot in here!" Turn on the fan MatPat!

  • *3 Years into the future.* MatPat missed the clue W.Aston keeps quoting - He always comes back.

  • Just imagine years ago fnaf didnt exist *the dark ages*

  • Ahh 9:46 hippo


  • 9:45 Mr. Hippo jump scare. ... ...You're welcome.

  • They are lucky they got the updates pending thing while having no one on, imagine if they were doing something where they would've gotten killed by it LOL

  • I love how Mat screams through half the new lore being exposited

  • The Japanese doesn't match the English at all LMAO I don't know what it says but I know enough that the translation isn't accurate 😂 Edit: I gotta start watching the whole vid before I comment

  • You boomer,i thought you were very smart with theories but in reality youre kinda stoopid sorry :(

  • Most characters: Small line Some characters: weird noise Mr Hippo: Talking for 12 minutes straight

  • e

  • Im scared..... i dont jump in jump scares

    • Ultimate custom night isn't scary. Sometimes you get startled if you completely forget about an animatronic but for the most part it's not scary

  • Stephanie: 86% dirty minded

  • Everyone hating on Mr. Hippo but the only thing he wanted was to tell his story Meanwhile click bait chica saying she wants to take her clothes off and nobody says nothing

  • The final FNaF game will come out in 3098

  • PiRatE FoxY vErsIoN 15

  • Lets go some where private

  • Matpat: I have so many questions! Me: welcome to FNaF, where everything means nothing and nothing means everything

  • I love how part of aftons heck is the phone guy telling him all about how he was employed here since the mute button never exists correctly

  • Matpat: Scott’s like WHATEVER!

  • i though the pending updates was my computer

  • In my opinion, I think Freddy would sound like Santa

  • 4:30 is the time is 6am

  • "Clickbait Chica"

  • i just realized they put fnaf 6 in the title and its not fnaf 6

  • Steph and Matt's faces at this moment😂 8:06

  • 2:14 little did mat know that fnaf has only just begun

  • Google after I click 1 pixel away from the ad's X button 16:20

  • ultimate custom night is actually the heck willaim afton went to

  • please not mr hippo PLEASE NOT MR HIPPO

  • Man its been two years since this came out man has time flown

  • So this is rockstar freddy Excuse meeee

  • A message from Rockstar Foxy: *”You underestimate me.”*

  • At 14:08Put it at the slower speed wait until he dies and you’ll see a face

  • Do animatronics wear clothes?

  • An im ba im be Mr .Hippo

  • Nightmare Balloon Boy

  • An Futime Chica

  • Mr. Hippo moment 9:43

  • Scott: *fnaf 7*

  • 😂

  • let's try to translate that japanese voice over

  • Can we get an extended version of the game theory/gtlive intro/intro music?

  • Yay! All of my *FRIENDS!*

  • Hello internet welcome to game

  • i really appreciate the fact that you guys listen to like all the voicelines. this game introduced canon voices and most people who i watched play this completely ignored them. its so exciting seeing peoples reactions to these so thank you !

  • Just a game theory but maybe the anime scene signifies that Freddy and Foxy didn’t get along when they were alive

  • 4:11 "this is rockstar Freddy"

  • So are the withered animatronics the same things as the animatronics from fnaf 1? I’m so confused


  • Freddy?!?! Sorry foxy! 😂

  • Gtlive play plants vs zombies 2

  • Anyone else laughing at the subtitles for the first Japanese thing

  • Anyone else watching this in 2021

  • MatPat I'm picking the ones that don't look like a threat. also MatPat- picks Nightmare Balloon boy on 5. (also Nightmarion but BB is harder to deal with on the 1st try.)

  • #1 CRATE!

  • Read the hello neighbor books

  • Please do more fazbear frights book theories

  • Nice video

  • Wow GtLive But it’s Not Live Wow O_O

  • i think there is a glich in the game i have it to im alwas getting fnaf 4 office

  • " Matpat: THIS IS THE END!!!! " " Scott: hold my exotic butters "

  • Anyone gonna tell him about the toy chicka high school cut scenes... no?

  • 2 years later I am eating Mac and cheese in the morning and dancing to the theme song of gtlive

  • So unlucky Getting hippo in the first episode

  • 9:50 get recked