FNAF WORLD - Uncovering HIDDEN HORRORS! (Part 2)

Joylandi 26-Yan, 2016
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FNAF World's cute facade is being torn apart. Steph and I are diving back in to uncover the dark, hidden secrets of FNAF world. What does it all mean? What horrors hide behind the curtains of FNAF world? Join us in uncovering the truth!
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  • 54:09 : Funtime Foxy Me in 2021: Has small crisis trying to remember when sister location came out

  • The fan better be in the game because its FANAF not fnaf

  • Every time Matthew makes a bad pun do a push-up

  • Stephanie needs to sing more!!!!

  • I know I’m five years late but when they brought up fiddler I was so happy cause I had been in fiddler on the roof one year

  • The bar in is the crying child’s brain because it head gets bit of by golden freddy

  • “welcome to game”

  • it's PAPER PALS how dare you disrespect their name

  • I like this series

  • 37:17

  • ALL HAIL THE PIZZA WHEEL (and hot cheese)

  • I think with the upgraded map that came out Scott removed the game because people complained of the graphics

  • For myself because I binge watch this a lot > vid starts at 4:25

  • 2:09 oh boy is that an oversight, I hate it when stuff dosnt have tooltips, ambiguity is interesting in the other FNAF games as it leads to the story been more mysterious but in a RPG or ARPG we need them tooltips on skills to plan out stuff. Now that said even though I’m watching the story here I’m inclined to pick this up just for the gameplay even 8 years later.

  • 44:54 Why do I feel like Dogfight is a reference to Snoopy

  • i am eating pizza to lolololol

  • Lol rewatching it hahahah😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  • Watching this in 2021

  • It’s on game jolt tho


  • 2021 anyone?

  • 2021???

  • I thought that the Withered Freddy attack was my screen. I looked around for a fnaf character...

  • When ur 5 years late for a livestream

  • Nightmare Foxy: Out of order since FNAF 1 FNAF 1: foxy is out of order FNAF 2: mangle in ripped apart FNAF 3: mangle again FNAF 4: ripped of head of plush 👀👀👀👀👀

  • The fact that they nearly got into the Chipper's Revenge fight but didn't because they didn't understand that the top of the map icon is the actual hitbox is amazing. Such high tension for such a small moment. Also, on Phantom Mangle, there's a 50/50 chance for it to say either gender.

  • Scott: adds a markiplier reference in FNAF world Mark: *doesn’t play the game*

  • What MatPat doesn't know... Scott is always watching...

  • 1:03:31

  • Bad quality

  • Sandwich

  • You know it really looks like the animatronics are performing in every battle

  • 5 years ago I watched this live. Over the past 5 years, I've watched the series too many times to count.

  • He’s here he’s their he’s everywhere who are you gonna call glitch 8-bit Fredbear

  • L’chaim l’chaim to life!!!!

  • Honestly I like Steph's Markiplier impression better.

  • I am the one that speaks in cheese

  • I dare someone to find all the 69s in the vid

    • My favorite part is 37:30 on where mat starts singing. It never fails to crack me up

  • The realization at 1:16:10 was pretty cool. The map does look like that, and the other one Mat was talking about. 1:30:58 .....And because Nate played him in the Mangled music video which Mat was a part of. That's why he's my favorite.

  • me dying out laughing because it always says "hey internet welcome to GAME" NO GAME THEORY NO THE GAME JUST STRAIGHT UP G A M E

  • I like how they call dust snow,🐈

  • I am I the only that is getting triggered because they are calling the Marionet a he.

    • Because it is a he. In every single game it's referred to as a he. It's just that the one possessing him is a girl

  • 2021 gang 😎😎😎

  • Paper palls

  • 22:32 NOT ANYMORE

  • 23:19 its weird now knowing that crying child is actually Micheal Afton

  • Matpat: once more into the beach Me in 2021: SECURITY BREACH

  • yes leave the bread crumbs but you should also...... GET THE BREAD

  • nobody notice that the endo splits apart when he attacks then comes back together... sad. tho ig it not as noticeable as phantom puppet head growth and degrowth

  • It s been 5 years

  • "I thought Steve removed the game as we were playing"

  • 41:10 a heifer is a female baby cow, and a bull is a baby boy, but a steer is also a boy, calf is the neutral term

  • This was 5 years ago Whattttttttt

  • Mat in part 1; these remind me of the mini game codes in FNAF 3 Steph: Pheph really man?? I dunno.... Mat in part 2: Ohh i know its 395248 Steph: yeah its the code Mat: yes from FNAF 3, my theory holds up Steph -__- then angry face looking at him 21:58

  • Who else is rewatching in 2021??😂😁

  • Anyone here from 2021?

  • Fnaf world: we will get that endoskeleton...eventually...maybe.

  • r/woooosh

  • Has mat not noticed that endo army sometimes does 1050 damage

  • They were so close ti chipers revenge

  • four years ago today this stream was published *I just wanted to point that out*


  • Lol don’t watch those before streams

  • You fools paper pals mimic ball is goood

  • 2021?

  • He’s there he’s there he’s everywhere who you gonna call matpat

  • Is anyone else watching this in 2020

    • Is 2021 now boi

  • Tea🍵🫖!!!!

  • What happens if you where to use the delayes of the lasers form the endo 1 little endo attack in morescose to see a word or something I don’t now motescode but you can pribley do it and see if says something if it’s a Easter egg or a lore bit that can solve fnaf I don’t now but let’s see. (;

    • CyclipzMC "What happens if you were to use the delays of the lasers form the endo 1 little endo attack in Morse's code to see a word or something I don’t now Morse's code but you can probably do it and see it says something if it’s an Easter egg or a lore bit that can solve Fnaf I don’t know but let’s see." Thanks to Grammarly

  • I’m whatching this and I’m having a hot pocket and it has very hot cheese in it

  • 28:00 they predicted cyberpunk!

  • You can still download it using a special code type of thingy.

  • Mark says,"I mean maybe that's Mom making me a tasty sandwich."

  • Cheesus take the wheel.

  • Hey MatPat Stephanie was RIGHT! The FNaF World Map is reminecent of FNaF 2's Map, But not with rooms with camera placments and I know Scott does nothing by coincidence.

  • What do you have against Bonnie

  • 1:06:23 yes only you have Cheesy jokes

  • ⚠⚠ NOBODY BE DECEIVED BY FNAF WORLD BEING RIPPED FROM STEAM ⚠⚠ The game is available on gamejolt, so you can play it for free yourself!

    • @Brewed Tea they did? you're probably right but I personally didn't remember that.

    • @The Necromancer They did say how Scott said that he was going to improve the game and release the game for free.

    • @Brewed Tea Some people do. Hopefully I can help someone who didn't know so they can play it themself.

    • This was 4 years ago. I'm sure people already know that...

  • *laughs in 2020*

  • Bad guys:hot cheese 🧀:fox:HOTTER CHEESE:

  • Have you ever had hot chease then used the restroom (shudders).

  • Pizza pasta put it in a box

  • 1:36:06 he predicted fnaf vr

  • you guys keep me sane during school and in general

  • I can't believe this was 4 years ago I watched this on the day it was on live I feel old

  • Marionet is a girl

  • declan



  • What do you call cheese that's not yours THE START OF AN OVERUSED AND NOT FUNNY DAD JOKE why Matpat, why? Also, I thought everyone knew how random chance moves like unscrew worked in an RPG worked. If you; the player uses it, it will never work. However if an enemy uses it it will almost always work.

  • FNaF 4 takes place in 1987 because of my most traumatizing scene, the bite of '87 meaning the nightmare animatronics existed before FNaF 1, probably from the place that was left to rot so long ago if that wasn't where fnaf 2 took place

  • I like how they don't notice that the mini endos do 1024 to bosses and characters

  • hey matpat

  • rot exaists.. me: Michael but nornal?

  • They forgot about Minecraft

  • Endo frendo

  • Esc key doesn’t do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anybody else watching this in 2020

  • Among us yayy

  • 53:56 It’s actually both. It alternates between he and she in the description.

    • This ??? I got it this time back to back with she. So it seems to alternate each time you get it.

    • Third time, back to he.

    • Speaking of, I got Phantom Mangle nearly back to back when playing and it was he then switched to she.