Freestyle rapper STUNS crowd

Joylandi 26-Fev, 2020
Taking any suggestions the audience can throw at him - no matter how challenging - this rapper delivers an insane, off the dome, dope freestyle rap that leaves the audience amazed!

The audience suggested that Chris Turner improvise a rap about:


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Chris Turner is an award-winning comedian, and freestyle rapper with 11 years of sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival under his belt. Based in the USA, he wrote for the latest season of Epic Rap Battles of History and is a regular closing act at the world-famous Comedy Cellar in New York, and the Comedy and Magic Club in Los Angeles.


Beat: ‘Chaos' - Pendo46 :

Recorded at The Comedy and Magic Club, Los Angeles.


For fans of:


  • I am very excited for this tour. Some of the dates are selling v quickly, so don’t wait around if you’re thinking of coming:

    • Whenever someone replies to this comment I’ll be notified and watch this insanity again

    • @C R I'm ooo9 Pmkkm99 Pilil.9 9 0

    • This guy is awesome! I hope that he comes to Dallas, Tx.

    • Chris do you ever watch Mystery Science theater 3000 and are you a fan. I found that show on accident and loved it still love it

    • I could do that. I just don’t wanna

  • 9:00 that was kinda off beat but sounded cool

  • "Hell Yeahhhhh" -marijuana Man

  • Wow.. 🤯

  • ok this is just ... genious i mean come on

  • This guy inadvertently inspired Marsh

  • Ridiculously talent

  • That acronym line!

  • elon musk spittin

  • U are getting so much better than, when I started watching u early 2019 :) amazing!

  • "The competitors are not that good" The competitors:

  • Not to bad, however if Harry Mack stepped on stage then there would be no comparison!!!

  • Wow, this was brilliant. I'm blown away, is your vid on sale again? Drinkin earl grey like a mad feckin alien, singin' bout dogs and a problem wit yer knob, man this was good Chris, salute boy, good job.

  • So ridiculously good!

  • Chills down my spine. Or as the water grandpa's say. Shiver me timbers

  • was anyone else fixated on the (I assume its a black person at the front with the afro) for confirmation on bars? and calm down im black too

  • Let me make this very clear, so that you can take it in, CHRIS DOES NOT HAVE A MILLION SUBS. now subscribe you moron

  • Very impressive and entertaining!

  • Bro i love that he made a freestyle to this beat, i made a song with it and everything. So cool to see how someone else would use it

  • Hahahahahaha


  • This guy is brilliant, I subbed after one of his freestyle raps. I’m sorry but he’s on another level from most American comics. It has to take a certain IQ even if he had time to prep with these esoteric subjects…brilliant.

  • HOW?!?!?!?! This is CRAZY GOOD

  • we've reached the generation that's never heard of "My Favorite Martian"...I'm f... 😐 I'm old af bruh 🤔😓

  • awesome!!!

  • This is freaking genius!!

  • Dude. This is so sick.

  • Genius

  • I just discovered Chris due to a video called "Comedians on Bill Gates", and he is a fucking *GENIUS.* It takes serious brain power to do this at all, much less this well. He even raps as characters & celebrities? JFC, I wanna see CJ on a rap battle with literally anyone.

  • This guy is a genius. He's got sick rhythm as well.

  • "mostly their antennae" was said so matter-of-factly

  • reason y i subbed to u

  • Damn son strait heat

  • Love this guy

  • I caught the part about Grateful Dead

  • Incredible talent!

  • HOOLY fguck that was good

  • The dislikes come from all the mumble rappers.

  • Elon Musk comedian

  • this was dope id come to see this for sure

  • He represents "Be what you want to be" Well done brother, respect

  • The fact that you knew no one got your immigration joke, so explained it to them seamlessly, and just kept rapping amazes me. Usually, if a comedian has to explain a joke, they made an error. But somehow your "error" and explanation, made the show funnier. You're super smart and funny.

  • this is crazy. luv it

  • Bro fire

  • genius!

  • So as a true Hip Hop artist,I will say this: My favorite rappers have done this for years...This is MEMORIZED comedic timing.It took y'all this long to begin mastering rap....35-50 years to come among us and mimic our creation.

  • You are insane mate

  • Jaw dropped 😲👏🏼❤️

  • talent is talent ;)!

  • Fuckin *BANGER*

  • Coming to Ohio anytime soon?

  • OMG!

  • Unreal talent 👏

  • Please tour the USA.

  • Yo he makes it look so fucking easy, but in reality this requires a legendary intellect

  • This is not a party trick. This dude is hella sharp and lightning quick...i'm in awe.

  • Genius

  • Better than half the shit they're playing these days.

  • Hell yeah!

  • Dope rap! He got skills!!!

  • That fucking crowd.... is like looking into a blizzard. White AF.

  • Amazing, truly amazing 👏👏👏

  • wow

  • This guy is not human

  • Incredible. I'm smart but this....amazing.

  • Very incredible. Truly.

  • You must be thinking 2-3 lines ahead while rapping. Incredible.

  • This man can flat out spit.

  • Just incredible!! Love this

  • Re-watched 😂 Still think you did great lol

  • Legendary.

  • some couples do stitches tell me where and from what it it is this where does it come from why do we need needles to stop our itches ..............

  • That was dope bro, just stumbled upon your vid and you now have a new sub.

  • Awsome.

  • This is so embarrassing

  • What the fuck....

  • you and harry mack should make a track 🍻

  • 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • You are an effing genious! ^^ An endless repository of useless knowledge and fun! ;)

  • The illegal aliens joke sent me

  • That's an awfully hot tea pot

  • How is he not on tv everywhere all the time?!

  • It's remarkable to even remember the suggestions, even more so to have in depth knowledge of what everything means.

  • Waw, this one is really up there, top10 material of your channel! Loved it a lot!

  • I would like to hear a rap about spit and mech warriors

  • How can you hate on this people...get over your jeaulousy :)

  • This video has the highest like to unlike ratio I have ever seen.

  • I loved it, just rewatched it a year later, what an Audience, you had so much fun, and just aced that one. The disbelief in their eyes, just priceless!

  • Way too much talent for one individual

  • Would you tour Birmingham UK? I would love to see you live! Why are you not more famous. Let's create a bill and get your face on it!

  • Amazing!!!

  • After 3 videos I've yet to see a topic he wasn't in the know about. Cheers

  • I cannot imagine someone doing rap without writing ..

  • Damn, this guy is fantastic.

  • i think he talks to the people alot also to remember what they said

  • this guy has replaced the chromatic scale with the oxford english dictionary the creativity is astonishing

  • I like to think I could do this too, before my brain damage. The sad truth is my dads peepee was too long. At least I have his genetics.

  • Dude.. Like I said before, you're amazing! Mad respect from Romania!!

  • Why is his not been mention as the goat