Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

Joylandi 20-Fev, 2021
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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.

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  • guess im the crying child guys

    • Same here

    • welp


    • LOL

    • Ive been watching your vids since tha angry birds days

  • his name chris

  • Dude it’s Chris

  • Mat:this theary isnt correct Scott:WERES MY HAMMER

  • Well I mean alotta parents make their kids first initial the same and his sister Elizabeth starts with E and Evan starts with E😊🤭😆

  • Evan. Hm They always say Chris tho. Confusing?

  • I've never once climbed aboard the FNAF Theory train, but I am still captivated to this day watching every single FNAF video :P

  • the crying child is Michal afton

  • "Forget about security breach" - Matpat Who clearly know we'v been waiting for this game since 1 years and a half

    • Ye. And thanks to the gameplay trailer, I wont forget at any cost now!!

  • Wa

  • Waitbwa

  • No it's Chris

  • Bruh is the crying child is chris or evan

  • I don't know why two years ago, i saw a bunch of posts calling the crying child as Chris. Can someone explain me why?

    • No real reason. Chris is just a fan-made name that some people still latch onto.

  • The crying child have two name one is”Christoper Afton” second is “Evan” these two are his name that Clara and William named

  • There is one thing that's been nothing me about the Security Logbook. On what is supposed to be page 29 it says 52. Well, next to the number you can barely see an arrow with 'My name'. Well, when you flip to what is supposed to be pg 52, there is a bloodstain over the page number. But faintly, I can see a faint number 6....idk what is up with that, maybe I'm crazy😨 someone please tell me you see it to.

  • 10:52 N'intended'o

  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • he, the biglizard is smart

  • His name is Chris


    • @Olivia Perez Google is stupid, Michael is the name of crying child's older brother


    • @Olivia Perez Chris is a fan made name created by the gacha life community just so they could give him a name

    • @Michael lavin no he name is Chris

  • what if jake was the crying child and his father is william and he lies about the war and scott is messing around about michel i mean think about it both kids have problem in there head or mabe the crying child is jake and if you think iam wrong some humans have the same name

  • Matpat:crying child is the first on screen death Puppet 8bit crying soul:*anger*

    • I think mat pat meant first death chronologically

  • So I was curious to see if I could make some connections to C.C name so I bought the logbook and tried to find it myself I looked at all possible ways that you could get the letter N and those were 2.3, 4.7 and 9.4 Pages 47 and 94 didint have a question and the page 23 question didint match any answers C.C gives So I thought to try other 4 letter names with the 2nd letter being V because it was the one of the only letter and question that had 1 answer Out of the few names I found that could fit V as the second letter I found Aviv, Ivar, Ivor, Ivey and Iver The only 2 for V were Pages 56 and 32 Page 56 was used and Page 32 only had My Name which is for Cassidy not C.C And for I there was 6.8, 4.4 and 9.1 Pages 91, 68 and 44 had nothing So the questions asked by Cassidy and the answers to them put into the Foxy grid can not make any name which could be C.C I am NOT saying that the name Evan can’t be C.C name though I am saying that this methodology can’t equal his name Note that any number higher than 103 wasn’t included since that is when the last question is asked

  • Wait, think about this, maybe the father Evan is also a cyborg type thing just like micheal, he's just the older version of the crying child, just like in the forth book, it's a stretch but idk

  • Maybe Chris or Evan

  • Why am I the crying child 😂😂 no but my name is actually Evan Also why don't you sing psychic friend Fred bears song anymore

  • Evan is the crying child also what if he had his frontal lobe removed like jeremy fritzgerald also matpat do about an anime character named kamaitachi from karas the prophecy on film theory plz

  • Hey mat pat great theory but it feels off I know I’m no genius but I think the foxy chart has to do with something else because one book having two name drops is a bit weird but let’s go back to the “I’m scared” thing that’s one answer with no question but maybe the chart can tell us the question I know it’s a stretch but also think about how the letters are in the ghostly transparent ink

  • Honestly ive been calling him 2 other names since Even came now thts being added to my list.

  • its Chris / evan ppl call him both

  • Me: waiting for him to find out the crying child's name. Also me: FINNALY YOU FOUND KUT HIS NAME!

  • Evan is not his DAMN NAME!

  • I remembered his name was Evan cuz i googled the Afton family recently...... dont ask why

  • Freddit: Five Nights at Reddit

  • 2:02 Confused Child

  • The crying child's name is Chris

  • Who's that in the beginning ? Is that the same person that Markiplier finds infront of a cave on a desserted island on his A Heist With Markiplier... movie ? series ? experience ?

  • It's Chris

  • Wait the story in the cabinet might be referring to william watching his son using the psychic friend fredbear

  • you say the crying child death was the first on screen death but it's William was the first on screen death

  • I know the answer his name is Chris, you see if look at the panel from Sister Location it says Mike indicating you are Michael and that you are alive once you get scooped you see the blood on your screen indicating that you are alive and when you look at the mini game or 8-bit game after you get the real ending you don

  • the crying child is Cris

  • The crying child is name Chris or Evan

  • I know this is an older video however, I just thought how finding the N fits. The tally marks are written by Mike also probably *Foxy* Bro. We get the other 2 numbers from the *Foxy* magazine. It links because CC and Mike are brothers and Mike scared CC with the *Foxy* mask so foxy would have an important part of CC’s life. Therefore having some importance to discovering CC’s name. Thank you for your time.

  • Ok now I watched the rest of the video only some of this is inaccurate most of it is accurate

  • Young michal afton

  • And crying child is michell

    • @INK DEMON crying child is the bite of 83 victim and one of the two spirits that inhabits golden Freddy

    • Michael lavin wait then who’s the crying child?

    • Michael lavin oHHhhHhHB ok I rewatched the 3:55 part and actually that is accurate

    • But I will look at your suggestion

    • Michael lavin ok I will maybe mike is the older brother idk look maybe there is something I missed in my research and lore digging

  • I’m literally screaming in rage this is inaccurate I can explain why later

  • I feel like Scott hasn't intended to feed us any clues as to what Crying Child's name is yet, it is meant to be huge when we figure it out, almost like a grand finale.

  • Me: *checks the likes and dislikes of the video* Dislikes: 4.6k Me: That’s the Gacha Fnaf fandom right there.

    • Totally

    • our "special" friends over there if you know what i mean

  • wait I thought the crying child was chris? Someone leave a super long detailed explanation in replies I love reading them

    • There really isn't a big explanation for why his name isn't Chris. Chris is just a non canon, fanmade name that people mistake for Crying Child's actual name.

  • This is not click bait

  • The crying child’s real name is Chris

  • wow what a mind blowing video

  • I see this on a way that the Crying Child is a boy called Evan. I see this as FNAF but in the future, maybe Evan is the Crying Child but once he grows up. He probably then doesn’t remember his brother die due to being a robot. And then when his wife dies he shuts himself off from everyone out of grief, so then he joins the army. But soon after Jake gets the brain tumor. Evan thinks he survived his brain injury, so he thinks his son can too, so then at night he talks to him as if he is a friend, not the dad that left him.

  • Eh, I don't know, MatPat. Reddit also "solved" the Boston Bomber, after all...

  • This is my theory for his name And his name is chris afton witch is my theory And the mom of the crying child and liz is Clara afton and that's my theory

  • I've heard that his name is Chris afton

  • wtf my name is evan

  • Its chris

  • I’m confused didn’t you say the crying child was michel Acton who died in the bite of 87 ( I think) and then was re made as an animatronic and put back together as William suggests I could be really confused it’s in the fist part of the entire timeline thing I could be really wrong but if I am can someone help explain 🤔

    • @Michael lavin ok thank you it’s just really confusing

    • @Poppy Han that was in the past where he thought in the security logbook Mike and Cassidy are talking to each other even though Cassidy is talking to the crying child and matpat has a theory that came out 11 months ago proving that Michael is the older brothe

    • @Michael lavin I get that but matpat makes several videos previously to this, the timeline of fnaf and he says the crying child is michel and that William put him back together to make him an animatronic and that’s why we see him so much, but then Ive seen fans name a kid called Chris as the crying child and Michael as still an animatronic but dies somewhere else, cause either way matpat points out that William has three kids, Elizabeth, the crying child and the foxy mask kid. so I’m confused because that video was made 2 years ago but he doesn’t mention it in this to say that, that was a wrong theory so I’m just trying to figure out if he’s gone back on his original suggestion

    • Crying child and Michael Afton are two different people crying child died in the bite of 83 and then either a security guard got killed in the bite of 87 and then Michael took over or Michael was in the bite of 87 and just somehow survived

  • yes but actually no

  • Why did that theme song sound so much like MandJTVs aspitipiay themesong

  • So I was watching this one youtube video right, and it was rare scenes in fnaf sister location. Now it said a rare scene was to see a funtime Freddy endoskeleton with golden eyes. I imminently recognized it as yenndo from sister location custom night. That left me thinking, in custom night does funtime freddy change his appearance to see what we are doing to know when to attack? Thats my theory

  • The name was prolly Eva and was named Evan since he was a boy or something

  • the real name is chris afton

  • He's also known has Chris and Christopher

  • To be honest I wasn't very good Siri actually like it it actually sounds real


  • Me watching these theories again makes me wonder if Matt Pat is the one who's scary or the game theories.....

  • Even Chris

  • I think that foxybro is just a robot because if you look at his eyes they are glowing just like Michael's in the end of the sister location. And for more proof the eye's of the other kids in the sequence of the bite of 83 are glowing.

  • Guys

  • Reddit? Couldnt solve their way out of a wet paper bag. Maybe if you had said 4chan.

  • 7:32 oh no my name is Evan am I the crying child????

  • Thomas is a biofused train

  • I always thought his name was Christopher(Chris)

  • I think the crying child’s name is Christopher Evan Afton

  • Mat: “Scott Cawthon” Captions: “Scott coffin”

  • Why to there so much looooooooooreee

  • His name is Chris afton

  • I think Evan is the real name

  • My younger Brother is called Evan XD

  • halfway through this video before the name of the crying child revealed i got 'Evan' s Remain' ad and in the beginning of the ad it wrote 'my name is Evan'. what a coincidence

  • His name is Chris

  • A weirdo

  • Can you do sally face if you didn’t already

  • Evan, Elizabeth? Maybe they're twins! :o

  • The crying childs name is cris afton

  • He looks more like a Kevin

  • 14:28 bite of 83.

  • Can you do a video that like just explain it in one video instead of making me have to go back and watch every video well I guess I got to go back

  • Well crying childs name is christoper or chris

  • I taught crying child name was Christopher Aston aka Chris

  • Just an observation: There is that Easter egg/secret in UCN where you can get jumpscared by Fredbear by using the Death Coin on Golden Freddy. Possibly drawing a line between the two?

    • @Celsius In the future, can you say stuff like that in a way that doesn’t sound like a put-down? It probably didn’t mean to sound that way, but it sounds disrespectful depending on how you read it

    • That was already established a long time ago. They're one in the same

  • I'm sure his name is Evan but it says sometimes he goes by the name Chris or C.C and I am not convinced of that.

  • Watch The Hug.

  • Is Chris Afton

  • HE IS AN AFTON!!! Bruh, I can't take it anymore.

  • i thought his name was chris...