Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

Joylandi 12-Sen, 2020
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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • "You still have more, matpat."

    • Fanf music start mat pat thats just a theory a game theory

    • Hi

    • Theres always more

    • Guys listen up I'ma tell y'all something oily black tears what does that sound like? The dead kids in fnaf 3 I'm not making a

    • @the dot giver .

  • Hey i just have something to say- I don't think its William in hell because why would he have spring trap and scrap trap as options? also Micheal is the one who actually gets the full view of each of the characters but then again doesn't explain why fnaf 4 characters are there and how William or Michael are able to know how they look

  • Wait I’m confused about the audible thing, I have some of the books on there and I don’t have the sound effects.

  • 0:21 I love how it’s just a pic of B U R N T anakin skywalker

  • man y’all the devil works hard but scott and his team works much harder

  • Glitchtrap is the only “animatronic” that genuinely scares me and makes me feel terribly uncomfortable every time I see it

  • Ok who's here after the new FNAF trailer was released an alligator mask and the new animatronic Montgomery Gator.

  • 7:02 where in the story is the qoute acatuly where are all the quotes

  • I have bunny call

  • You can pohto shop golden freedy tho

  • I always come back wait no no noo fuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • The seventh book better be a choose your own adventure to emulate the custom night

  • The apathetic barge selectively grease because twig alarmingly level against a tasteless rocket. flawless, knowledgeable purple

  • andrew was the kid in the aligator mask that the puppet tried to realease

  • The slim bill surgically handle because wallet predictably park until a boorish coffee. mean, devilish geography

  • I know who the gator spiriti from fnaf security breach its andrew the mask it's a gator

  • Imagine sharing a body with a person that hates your father and actively torments him. I wonder if Crying Child sees what Cassidy does to his father.

  • Something tells me the alligator mask that Andrew wears has a connection to the gator animatronic from security breach, Montgomery.

  • 6:15 I love it

  • I did *NOT* appreciate that intro

  • i want to now efre feg a bawt fredy tis to hard uhhh why why!! gosh dagit sum times ti can be a noen hh

  • You have a son!?!?!?

  • ............remember the day when all we worried about is how many fingers the animatronics had???? Wow we’re old now.

  • I still love how in UNC the person who’s main line is “I always come back” only comes once per round. almost like it’s mocking him

  • I hate Cassidy's picture. I never got over how creepy it was.

  • 6:10 spoiler afton comes back

  • 10:25 wait, my favorite meme is uvolved with my favorite game? *All stars music starts but with freddys head instead of shreks head*

  • dude i just relized that andrew could be monty the alligator

  • who saw andrew's mask in afton's brain

  • 'wearing an aligator mask...' New fnaf game: has a animatronic which is a animatronic YOUR WRONG HES NOT GOLDEN FREDDY, HES THE NEW ANIMATRONIC IN SECURITY BREACH

  • I have something to add. so Andrew has an alligator mask and what does animal mask bring to mind? The happiest day minigame wat happened at the end of the happiest day minigame? The souls left and the masks were left behind but Andrew in the man in room 1280 still has a mask he refused to go on. idk why I did this I just thought it was cool.

  • alligator mask what if this child is connected to security breach as the new alligator animatronic just a theory of mine don't be mad if its wrong

  • Hey Mat you must watch those Fnaf VHS tapes and i think its more helpful but *CREEPY* but It doesn't scare me. Also in in 8:32 its said "Ackerman" Wait... Ackerman from attack on titan?

  • So is the fnaf 5 the last canon game?

  • So who is the crying child Mike or evan?

  • Bruh. The game is coming out for the ps5 😅😅😅

  • its great how he goes to fnaf 1 7 FReaKING years ago its just amazing on how much peoples childhoods hes been in i know for a fact hes been in mine

  • Ya should make a fnaf lore book of all your theories so far.........just an idea........

  • It ok I'll click no matter the thumbnail

  • So, I've been watching these fnaf videos a lot lately, and just wondering, have you ever like, tried to solve the identity of phone guy? If yes, what video? I'd like to watch that

  • you: theres not just 1 soul there is 2 you mean 3 crying child posses golden freddy

  • someone in my chat in discord say that u steal theries but i was like if it was a app idk i would never knew things u talk about if u never post these

  • he atak he protek and he always comes bak

  • That line from Henry was sick and you can’t tell me otherwise

  • scott adding new thing to lore bc he knows if someone knows everything about lore,no one never care fnaf more

  • MatPat: WE SOLVED GOLDEN FREDDY! Me: ahhh yes that line

  • 7:47 maybe ties in with monty?

  • soul but

  • Allah rızası için Türkçe altyazı ekleyin

  • Thank you. I benefited from this video


  • How many solve cards do you have man?

  • Just wait till security breach

  • After watching the latest fnaf security breach trailer i started watching MatPats fnaf theory videos and in this video at 7:45 caught my attention especially that alligator mask line because it's weird how they had to especially point out it's an alligator mask like it was suppose to be a wink towards something like it's trying to imply that this took place during or after Fnaf Security Breach because timeline wise it should make since Montgomery the alligator is the latest and newest animatronic and through out fnaf history their has never been an alligator base animatronic that means that in the games purple guy is still alive that means counting Glitchtrap which is a part if his soul their are 2 William Aftons now and maybe that's why at the end of the newest trailer it shows a clawed purple arm maybe its not Glithtrap getting a body but William Afton getting a prosthetic body or suit to help him move and kill with glitchtrap/vanny maybe instead of getting animatronics to help him kill kids he'll probably thanos it as in "Fine I'll do it myself" or "If you want it done right you do it yourself".

  • I got a game theory I think I know who the crying child it could be Andrew and I think that he could be possessing the animatronic that in the new fnaf game Gator.

  • We haven’t solved it completely I noted it on another video that Cassidy is actually possessed by the marionette so how did it get into golden Freddy? So that could mean that the marionette could have Cassidy soul still could be in it’s body other than golden Freddy

  • im watching this while im in the basement and i keep getting this feeling like someone is watching me. I and very scared but i want to stay in the basement

  • Idk if I wrote this already but my theory is this: Remember how in The Fourth Closet William Afton is pulled into a furnace and presumably burned alive. But what if the man here is afton?

  • When ever matpat says it’s finished Scott “ha you thought”

  • Maybe the crying child is the one in control and Cassidy is more mad that he/she is not in control and that might be why you are able to control how hard the characters can be. Thank you for coming to my Ty Talk.😅

  • That green alligator mask could be the spirit who imbodies Montgomery gator.

  • the mouthless cartoon type of characters he uses, the noses look like wittle mouths nd I just 🥺🥺🥺🥺 the amOUNT OF SEROTONIN I GET FROM THEM IS CONCERNING-

  • 13:31 but doesn’t it say in the book “I can’t see”?

  • Another thing to note is that in the games, Micheal is said to look like William, so while CC is saying “It’s Me” to his brother, Golden Freddy is attacking him because Cassidy thinks that Micheal is William.

  • So I tend to make connections between things I see or hear that no one else sees, but did anyone else besides me think of Darkiplier when Golden Freddy’s eyes lit up red and blue in this video? Because... you know... Darkiplier is two souls... one of them’s blue, and... the other’s red and stuff...? Anyone?

  • 13:05 2 spirits 1 book, 2 spirits 1 animatronic, 2 girls 1 cup ;)

  • you realise eveyones just giving random theories cos they want clout and for their comments to be showed in a video

  • I watch your videos at night 😭 gotta stop with the scary intros 🤧🤧

  • Liberal skeleton war but with robots and agony

  • It’s really sad to think about the crying child being forced by Cassidy to try and kill his brother if that’s the case.

  • that clicking noise in the background thoughout the whole damn video is driving me n u t s

  • "hE aTtAc" "hE pRotEc" " hE aLwAyS cOmE bAcc "

  • he protecc he atacc but most importantly he always come bacc

  • He protecc He attacc *I ALWAYS COME BACC*

  • My evidence of the hand NOT being glitchtrap: 6:56

  • Hey there is one thing that you have been missing through out your theories where is golden freddy through out the franchise because there isn't a single word of what has happened to the suit since the bite and we know he hasn't been destroyed so what has happened to him

  • You said that the animatronics are either possessed by souls OR agony, so then why is Golden Freddy twitching according to all cutscenes? (mainly referencing 9800 cutscene UCN) you also said that there could be more than just 2 souls in Golden Freddy, so what if, just throwing this out here, Golden Freddy isn’t actually twitching, but there is a soul controlling each moving part and they’re just trying to become in sync or something in that category...also, I’m questioning why in FNAF 2 when Golden Freddy jumpscares, there are no eyes (white dots) seen, yet in the 9800 UCN cutscene there are eyes, (white dots) and it’s even more odd since it’s farther away. That I have no possibly explanation for (none with logic at least) but yeah that’s a thing. :>

  • Ok so you inspired me to look at my fnaf book "the freddy files" and this may not be important at all but the beginning picture for chapter 2, it has a picture of the puppet giving a present to a little kid with red hair and freckles. You mentioned in an earlier video that Fritz, the one who posseses foxy, has freckles. Well in the background of this image, there are 5-7 normal foxys, and 2-3 funtime foxys in the background. Idk maybe this means absolutely nothing but I thought it'd be interesting to point out Edit, it also mentions foxy twice on the page next to it

  • Any chance someone is going to work on explaining why we are collecting remnant during Special Delivery and sending out random endoskeletons to collect pieces for more on and on and on?? Are we sending the StitchWraith out or something? If it is designed by FazBear Entertainment, is FazBear as a company aware of remnant and using it, or are they unaware of what we're using their tech to do?

  • im just waiting for him to make another time line after he get the lord of the first 6 games and all the books

  • I'm 10 and my name is Andrew

  • The man in the room? Oh, that was me. Vaccine shots.

  • William Afton : Finally dies His body : TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING

  • Hold on I have to cough (cough cough it's me cough cough)

  • Matpat:- "I always comeback"

  • Mappa the kid had all alligator mask read what if what if he is the the kids are that’s in a hobbyist day in for Fnaf three

  • You have a CHILD???

  • hold up so theirs a boy wearing an aligator mask right well if you go back to fnaf 4 in the party room were all the kids wore animal masks one was wearing a green mask, you could say it was an aligator mask coincidence *I THINK NOT* their just might be two upset souls mattpat heres your job take care of it lol

  • ya seems like something id do

  • I was the 4000th Comment!

  • Ok hear me out what if springtrap isn’t who you think he is he is really someone else

  • golden fredy is a fanaf horcrucs destroy it with the thearoy sword!

  • The truth is Golden freddy has Cassidy, Evan and Kelsey. It matches up since he tries to lure people into the animatronic, giving us a peaceful brother, a vengeful spirit and a murderer

    • @Diggo OMPO still tho Kelsey's body isn't in it. He escaped at the cost of luring others to the suit

    • But kelsey wasn't canon cuz the fazbear fright books aren't canon?

  • Bro that is crazy

  • Saying hi in 2021

  • What happened to the video about chika and suizie? I thought there was one but I can’t find it. Was it just promised and not made or is it gone?

  • Uuuu

  • So William has been stabbed to death, bled to death, decomposed, and now burned.

  • 13:52 If the crying child can't see, how does he know his brother is there so he can say "it's Me"?

  • But if Andrews soul is in the stictwraith, how is his soul in golden Freddy, and how is his body even there?

    • Strictwraith = Golden Freddy Jake = BV Andrew = Cassidy