Game Theory: The Minecraft Warden... SOLVED! w/ Dream

Joylandi 31-Okt, 2020
Special thanks to Dream & the Dream Team for being in this episode!
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Whenever something new pops up in the world of Minecraft, you know I have to talk about it! So, what are the Minecraft Wardens? The recent announcement of the Minecraft cave update adds a new mob of big, horned monsters. Design wise, they are pretty scary but how do they change the lore? Well the rest of the update gives us a LOT of clues. From the cave itself to the SOULS we can see in its chest, I think we are in for some SCARY answers!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • This is literally the collab of the century and I cannot be convinced otherwise

  • What if the warden was made to protect the skulk

  • Dream is at this point the most legendary cheater in Gaming. history after Billy Mitchell. Not a theory.

  • If this is true, why is he new to the game if he is ancient?

  • This is so cringey but Sapnap's "wait, are we on game theory?" gave me a good laugh. Overall good video, I would love to see this collab again

  • Theory: Herobrine was or is a master builder who might be trying to get revenge for some reason

  • the fact that its with Dream is crazy!!!

  • And the man behind the slaughter makes a return

  • *laughs in only 3-5 months left before release on pc hopefully*

  • Okay the wardens backstory is kind of sad their masters leaving them but what if some of the ancient builders that did all the experiments and stuff where a very advanced species of villager which now known today is the pillager they accidentally created hostile mobs some of them went to the end and like you said to find a one-way trip

  • 8:35 yes thats how you make a portal

  • Yes the warden was possibly made to protect the stronghold. And some possible proof is maybe the warden is an iron golem but blue because of the stronghold's power and it is blind because of age, maybe? And like the stronghold, its body rotted away since the builders left it and that's also why strongholds are mossy, cracked, and infested.And uhh the iron golems are only slightly mossy because the villagers polish up the golems. EDIT: apparently dream said something about the golem thing later in the video. I SWEAR that I didn't copy him but I just didn't get to that part yet

  • This is good, but imagine techno and matpat


  • So.... are we gonna ignore the fact that you just watched two dancing cardboard cutouts talk about a children’s game for 11 and a half minutes?

  • Look at the end portal in 8:32

  • When i look at the warden’s chest, i only see a cracked eye of ender.


  • What lore dose mincraft story mode hold???

  • If, and IF the endermen were the ancient civilization, who turned into endermen after only eating chorus fruit which gave them their teleportation power, how was the portal activated for the 1st time? Because you'd have to have eyes of ender which can only be crafted with blaze power, aqquired from the nether, and ender pearls, which can only be aqquired by killing an enderman

  • wwhaaattt dweam

  • them: 4x4 end portal can’t hurt you 4x4 end portal: 8:32

  • And maybe the warden was used to get rid of silverfish after making the mob spawned they got out of control and that's why the warden can sense vibrations

  • Hmmm prison ironic

  • I have a small theory that the ancient people used ender eyes for the worsen but they went in the deep dark and one of the reason of life is also involved and the warden didn’t need eyes they can’t even see anyway so they need vibrations to know where to go but they don’t know if it’s bad so they attack anything that try to kill them

  • I am amazed that Dream is in your video! I need to see more of these videos.

  • Me: i love game theory! *dream and mat pat do a collab * Me: I love game theory

  • what does w mean?

  • Hello mcyt community

  • Can we expect another possible collab?? I’d be so excited!!

  • With recent snapshots, don’t strongholds spawn more frequently near the deep dark? I remember seeing something about that but I’m not sure, that would be further evidence that the warden was created to protect them.


  • Woah that’s one big ended portal there buddy 8:37

  • Warden Is a boss because it's stronger than the ender dragon and wither it has allmost the same health as wither

  • Minecraft went silent when this video came out

  • George at the end: OHHH DREAM Sapnap: wait are we one game theory?!

  • this is a debate and nobody noticed

  • I love how they're trying to touche each other almost in everything it's hilarious this is so far one of the best videos I also really like dream he's cool!

  • 8:35 wait, that’s illegal

  • When all people are waiting for these updates I am eyeing for the upcoming mudkips

  • Theory: they are iron golems infected with sculk material, the souls belong to villagers


  • Dreem

  • I really don't buy this at all. There's definitely a connection with the end, but the idea of the warden having been designed to defend a structure with lighting in it (and lots of lighting in the most important room of it) and yet being blind doesn't make sense, and there's very little reason to believe it should be manmade. A much more plausible theory to me is that the end is in some way located below the overworld and the deep dark's similarities to it come from that

  • my guess is the reward for avoiding / beating the warden will be the end portal, ie moving the strnghold to only bee in the deep dark. i think this also means the next big update might be end related.

  • 6:31 you’d know all about prison, wouldnt u?? /dsmp

  • What if... The souls are more ancient builders that got eaten by this creature maybe it was also a failed experiment.

  • Its Fnaf Cross over

  • Cool vid.

  • Idk if u say this but I have a theory he's blind bec they use his eyes for the portal frame that's why he is blind

  • League players: Thresh, is that you?

  • Maybe the sculk grew onto the warden.

  • Biggest calaberation of the year I call it 😀👌✌️

  • The eye of Ender is actually the eyes for the warden


  • Oh no Ikora we awoke the vex in the black garden. 4:58 only the people who couldn't play halo know what game im talking about

  • 7:52 I did not see that coming and it really made me laugh

  • I just realized something, when Mat said, "When, their masters didn't return, they started to wander away." (Or something like that) I thought the Wardens were wandering into caves and found sculk sensor, were they belong. But then I wondered, what if, the sculk sensors are their off spring. What if they're evolving... (I hope this hasn't been commented yet)

  • The name warden is like a word not a name hint war den-then then it was war in the minecraft past

  • Maaaaatt nooooo, you forgot that you could literally fuse the two ideas together. What if to protect the strongholds the builders made iron golems in there, and they just wandered away. You see evidence of iron golems wandering away from villages, so why not say the same for them wandering away from their strongholds. This would explain why they look like and are as strong as the iron golems, and why they have “souls” in their bodies. Even their names make sense now!

  • Dani

  • Favorite channel

  • minecraft's obsession with golems

  • I’m in shock that my two favorite UZfirers collabed over my favorite video game

  • Wait... Do you know how the eyes of ender is how you go to the end? Well, what if those eyes could allow the wardens to travel through dimensions and you had to fight them to get the eyes? Maybe they are called the wardens because the difficulty of finding and killing things that are bigger beef cakes than the golem while they are protecting the stronghold at the same time while being able to retreat by teleporting? So I think that the warden could be much stronger with there eyes because they have "theoretically adapted" to use the soul sand to make plants as echolocation sources... What makes them supposedly stronger with there eyes is that they are smart enough to remember a task they were given eons ago and adapt to fulfill it smartly and slickly. So I combat the wardens would take every body on like Thanos did in infinity war. However this theory is a bit of a stretch so it could be half taken literally....

  • Dude check out SimplySarc's warden theory.

  • Wait i think i know why the warden is blind the eye we use is the wardens eye

  • 8:36 that is a 4x4 end portal, not a 3x3.

  • Maybe the skulk crawled to the stronghold and the ancient builder's made a iron golem to and they fused inside the stronghold

  • maybe the eye of ender might fit the warden. since he’s blind i can imagine that the eye of ender once was his eye. 👁

  • 8:35 that is the wrong amount of frame blocks

  • Seriously. William Afton in a Minecraft episode? WE CAN'T GET RID OF THIS MAN!!!!

  • Why U have to do jump scare at beginning

  • Ok what if the warden is an adult sculk sensor or like you said the sculk are hive mind like ants with the warden possibly being the soldier or the queen and the sculks beings soldiers collecting food to feed both the warden and themselves

  • I have to ask why not both theories? the skulk is a semi sentient plant it detects the golem's movement as the builders have them down unground while working on something maybe a mineshaft or stronghold and attaches itself to the golem the builders notice this and think they can use it to improve their guards (currently the golems) so they wrap the golems in skulk and perhaps adding soulsand as an additional power source to deal with the extra mass forming what are now the wardens presumably blind as their eyes got covered in skulk as it kept growing on them

  • Me : There are only 8 end portal blocks MatPat : Not anymore 8:36

  • I love the part where the warden hits the zombie in the air

  • Wait what if you are able to build it like the iron gollums?!

  • Warden = End War i just realized that lol

  • Game Theory: This isn’t some video where we say we solved the mystery The title: 👁👄👁

  • Hero brine is from the ancient civilization change my minED

  • I like the warden jump scare at the start

  • When someone watches this video: Minecraft is a horror game

  • 8:35 uhh🤨 that's not how you build it

  • 8:37 its 3 matpat 3 by 3 not 4 by 4 Cmon your a pro

  • Me whose the one on bedrock: Bruh I’m on 1.16 T-T

  • What if the warden was a mob trying to lead us to the strong hold maybe it well be a character in the story that you can befriend the warden

  • I love that ending, "Wait are we on Game Theory?" Love it!

  • Dream loves to cheat

  • The one minecraft theory from matpat that I don't believe because kingbdogz the main guy working on the warden and the deep dark contradicts this entire theory by saying "The warden doesn't necessarily need to be protecting something." And "The name warden does have a meaning but we aren't going to tell you."

  • But isn't the iron golem the warden of the village


  • Honestly i think that the Warden is a monster created by the souls of miners that started mining under y0 and couldn't find a way to go back home

  • It's a 4x4 End Portal 8:35

  • ma fav collabouration so far in 2021 :D

  • 8:35 Definitly an end portal

  • That’s pretty sad like what if the people who were gonna defeat the ender dragon never came back thus the ender man aka the ancient people never defeated it and the warden just sat there, waiting for them to comeback reference: Ballad the dog. Imagine sitting in a dark spot for years with no one to talk to. So the existing stronghold after years crumbled and became that spawned structure you saw in the trailer. And he’s been guarding that spot for years by those sensors since he’s blind. Who knows maybe Mojang might add a little story to Minecraft

    • @Harry Potter lmao

    • Verry nice and poetic for a guy whith the name "Epic Brühl Moment " XD

  • theres a connection between the warden and 9/11...

  • How I think the warden works is like a puppet Or a big robot for the souls Like an animatronic suit from Fnaf And what I think is is that when the old builders died they would go into a warden as a plan B so that if their plan to go to the end went south they would still have humans on the overworld in big strong body’s so they could survive attacks they normally would die one hit to And of course the builders got stuck So now it’s the wardens job To try and bring them back home That’s why the look like portal frames Because thats what they are made of Everything in this cave update and end portal frames So that when they get to the end is some way or another The humans (if they were still alive) would use the warden pieces to go home. BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A COMMENTS THEORY THANKS FOR READING

  • 8:32 Wait a minute...