He Made Friends With a Celestial Beast Who Is Trying to Eat Him | The Law of Ueki (2005)

Joylandi 2-Iyn, 2021
The celestial beast is a tsundere 😂

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About The Law of Ueki:
Middle schoolers represent 100 "God Candidates" in a bizarre tournament to decide the next ruler of the Heavenly World.

Hiroshi Watanabe

Romi Park
Soichiro Hoshi
Mamiko Noto

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The Law of Ueki | RetroCrush


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    • Saw the title thinking what the fuck

    • What ep is this?

    • I'm digging this but all I'm hearing is naruto and gamabunta

    • Hey this is a nice find, I will add it to my Anime watching list :)

    • Wha episode is tha

  • I thought this was hunter x hunter at first

  • reverse naruto kurama budget dynamic..

  • 12:55 Did that celestial beast just say it was a Pokemon or was it just my ears playing tricks?

  • Not really a retro, animation still looks good.

  • Just like toriko

  • Hw nostalgic 🥲🥲🥲

  • Tournament of God

  • Does the celestial beast voice actor is the same as Jiraiya's voice actor? Or is it just similar?

  • Lol 😂 this monster looks like a crossbreed between pikachu and naruto nine tails

  • Oh Yeah this was nice anime.

  • I have yet to see a single clip of this show where Ueki's not getting the snot kicked out of him

  • the one of most underated anime

  • I hear naruto

  • He does kinda look like a chicken

  • Yo I've seen this one

  • Law of ueki was a great show and deserves to be reanimated


  • Now I remember why I hated this series as a kid! Hahaha still hate the humour of it till now.

  • pikachu hit the gym

  • son of Deku and Bakugo?

  • Nostalgia when I was 12y.o

  • I think I watched a lot of animes because a lot of them these days seem repetitive, I am losing interest.

  • The last battle was epic between ueki and hannan

  • Man, I LOVED Law of Ueki. It was so good.

  • this gives me ushia and tora vibes

  • Anime title??

  • Ok that mutated Pikachu thing is cute af no cap😂🥺

  • 3:30 gear 4! Gomu Gomu no King kong Gaaaan!

  • That beast got windows logo on its stomach

  • the day when ueki's power got stuck to the level 2...

  • i have but a faintest memory of this anime. guess i know what imma watch nex!!!

  • He really just talk no jutsu that beast

  • This brings back memories. The need to remake this. Also I’d love to see Zatch Bell remade.

  • This is grown up babybeel

  • Hahaha I thought it was Deku for a second lol

  • Yup,no better way to remind me that I'm old than calling Law of Ueki a retro😒

  • I literally jus saw this ep then UZfire recommends this

  • picachu 🤣😁

  • That's a weird looking pikachu.

  • Law of Ueki, my most favorite childhood anime. The songs were lit. Most of my morals I learned from this

  • 3:34 that looks natsu tho... Copyright

  • Law of ueki screams childhood! ❤️

  • good old anime, watched this when i was in school

  • Ah...the anime that got me inti anime. Even now, I can rewatch this without getting bored.

  • A classic

  • Me thinking ....it this final form of pikachu ?

  • I've been looking for this thing for years

  • 400

  • I don't like law of ueki because he always gave his power to other people

  • Nostalgia got me tearing up that's it I'm rewatching this now

    • Yeah those days.. Law of Ueki, Fate Stay Night, Slam Dunk.. they all used to air on Animax and I would wait everyday for the time when they aired. I am 27 now but animes have been my entire childhood and it still is and will always be a part of my life. At that time I didn't know about to download opening and ending songs so I would record them after the show.. Man those days.. Nostalgia is sometimes so damn painful, but still it feels good.. ^_^

  • I love this anime too.

  • Old anime talk before fight. New anime be like: attack before talk hahahah

  • such nostalgia! Law of Ueki was one of my favourite childhood anime!

  • First anime I watched and prob my top 5, it was so good and unique. Damn I feel old now

  • Kosuke ueki and thenkou

  • When I looked at the thumbnail of the video I don't know why I thought it was midoriya

  • This anime was dog water with trash lv dub

  • reminds me of Ushio and Tora

  • Omg Ueki!!! I loved this anime!

  • This show is super underrated! I love this anime!

  • Is this in the hunter x hunter world?

  • “I will EAT! … That rice bowl sounds good.” Lol.

    • uzfire.info/camera/video/nrK8iKZmzLJyf2o

  • 13:27 That hand movement.... So cute

  • Love this anime. Even bought the DVD last time

  • "im calling you tenko from now on." - of course! why would he ask its name? create a new one for his own convenience. thats so rude.. but so cliche...

  • I wonder who's wood release is stronger: ueki or hashirama.

    • uzfire.info/camera/video/nrK8iKZmzLJyf2o

  • Power to turn trash into something useful

  • What the name of the anemy

  • He sound like naruto..

  • I just see a bit of resemblance between ueki and deku both green hair and obtaining power from someone

  • That little voice it look like Manta from Shaman King

  • Isn't anyone gonna talk about that the floor looks like a pizza?

  • I thought this was boku no hero

  • Gs

  • Ueki or deku

  • He sounds like ed from Fullmetal Alchemist

  • This is the first time I've ever heard of this show, and I'm familiar with most animes.

  • I love how this was recommended to me and Ive been wanting to rewatch it

  • He sounds like luffy

  • Is this from a manga of a boy that can transform trash into tree??

  • Damn anime so underrated but for me this is one of the best I watched.

  • Deku vs Pikachu

  • My guy lookin like the child of Natsu and Deku like jeez bruh

  • Anime name pls

  • Man Deku and Nine tails looking different...

  • Lol why is zoro making out with women in other anime

  • Never fight Ueki in garbage dump

  • Yooo I miss this anime so much

  • Damn law of ueki!! What a nostalgia

  • Anyways, I turned my Pokemon into a weapon.

  • remake for thiss

  • I like how he says its a one of a kind weapon yet after the break it shows everyone using them. That's solid writing.

    • uzfire.info/camera/video/nrK8iKZmzLJyf2o

  • Wait, so he can transform into a smaller version of himself and knows that people are afraid of him in his larger form, yet still chose to stick to it before gettin shot

  • I seriously thought this was MyHero Aca!

  • Man I miss this shit

  • i shall subscribe because you are giving me alot of anime to watch :)

  • Why does this bring back memories

  • What the name of this anime

  • Is saw the thumbnail, then read it. And was like "Wait, that's not Midoria?"