Hermitcraft 8: A New Hermit has Arrived! Episode 1

Joylandi 19-Iyn, 2021
New hermitcraft server member alert!! This is my very first episode from this amazing server. In this episode we have lots of silly interactions, create a starter house, and set up some early game farms and enchanting.

Find all the hermits here: hermitcraft.com/

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Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
Minecraft version 1.17
Optifine 1.17

Hermitcraft Logo by @DnatorGames

Minecraft skin artist:


  • Gem finds god apple Me not finding it after opening 1000 of chest

  • Your soft voice never let my day down : D

  • I like your videos 😍😍😍😍😊😍😊😊😍😍😊😍😍

  • My first time watching one of your videos and I absolutely love your Content! You have gained a new subscriber Ma'am.😁👍

  • Sort of the girl verson of Grian but she will be put to death by prank wars because her and Grian have a very similar style… a diffrent favorite biome taste tho.

  • Me in empires: *Watches every youtuber's perspective* Me in hermitcraft: *Don't even think about it*

  • I would like to see a magical cave for the axolotls.

  • etho was slain by iron golem, *everyone else* YYAAAAAAAY

  • Omg I have been watching hermitcraft since season 6 and I started watching you a year ago so this is a wonderful surprise 😁

  • I am a Big Grian fan and Canadian. I think I just found my new favorite youtuber.. Good job..

  • If i was you i would just let them give the stuff to me and then leave the game and join later and when they leave i would join takke all the good stuff and put it in my inventory then when they join i would leave and keep doing that until they give up :)

  • Heard you say you were a Newfoundlander and subbed.

  • Seed money


  • Yes Birch is da best

  • Stocks

  • Eight episode 1 later and its all coming together im now a fan of the hermits

  • This is such a contrast from Mumbo's stuff that I usually watch, which I love. Such variance. Keep up the great content, Gem!

  • I'm so happy for you Gem :)❤️❤️🎉😄😄

  • Ahh fate is being weird! I was painting a girl with orange hair and a mushroom hat with a green background, I've never seen your videos before and you just started playing while I was painting and it looks just like your skin!

  • So happy that you are going to be graduating college

  • My starter house: a weird dirt hut Gem’s starter house: an absolute master piece

  • You dont sound Newfinese at All! you must of grew up in sin jawns. People from st johns don't sound like they've been raised like wild ski doos

  • I'm sure u already knew this, but u could've gotten bones from fish, there's a possibility of fish dropping bones, so ye.

  • I'm watching this week's after the start of the season. Gotta say I love to see this perspective of things

  • My most hated enemy birch Forest The reason is I can't escape them they last forever 😃✌️

  • I love you house so much 😻it looks so nice

  • At 31:49 you missed amethyst clusters

    • But you have got them later also, my bad

  • 10:25

  • I'm so early and new episode yay

  • my sister forced me to watch you, I don't regret listening to my sister

  • You started your youtube canal 2 years before I was born

  • I totally love Gem! Her personality adds a nice contrast with the other Hermits

  • Did anyone else see her pass a geode?

    • @Haley Anne I think she came back to it later.

    • It was in the mine right in a tunnel next to a chest in a mine cart

  • Wowie, New Found land! Dude, I could visit you XD jk

  • It’s really hard to tell whether Gem is sarcastic or not

  • honestly i love your voice and your laugh 🥰❤️

  • Meanwhile Grian and the crew create a cult

  • How much fps is Gem's Minecraft running? I have so much fps but it never quite runs as smoothly even on optifine...Can someone help me?


  • give me your gender

  • Wanna say I love Stress's accent

  • My brother doesn’t like birch and thinks the birch forest is terrible but he’s crazy. Birch forests are beautiful, I prefer dark oak or spruce but love birch planks to add contrast

  • I love her voice soo muchhh

  • 16:06

  • 11:31

  • gem in empires: umm Joel why do you have all those heads.... gem in hermitcraft: ya so I have like all the heads in the game and most of the other players ones

  • Watching everyone’s videos to try to catch up and hearing “hey everyone I paid Cleo to kill Bdubs come watch!” never gets old 😂

  • for some reason since im a girl i love watching other girl creators and hermitcraft has a lot of those. I guess I don't feel as alone on youtube or minecraft

  • You are now my favourite hermit, hope you get a few more million subs from this

  • Umm Build Something With help of Grian Maibi ...

  • you are now my new comfort youtuber (with grian ofc)

  • gem i've never watched you before today and i figured i'd give you a try and oh wow i love you so much, definitely my new comfort youtuber

  • 😄😄😄😄😄🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😗😗😗😗😗🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊

  • Wait,I forgot to say welcome to hermittcraft

  • No,the mooshroom biom is the best cuz hostile mobs can't spon on Mysilium

  • Congratulations!

  • dont get sad mumbo and G are gust prankesters

  • You’re a hermit niw that’s amazing! Congratulations! =D


  • i’ve never watched gemini tay before, but i saw your base over on grian’s channel and i’m in love. gem is definitely going to be my new comfort youtuber

  • So funny seeing your guys perspective in the beginning from the hole after watching other POVs 😂 welcome to hermitcraft!☆

  • this as made my day gem xx

  • You have a great UZfire channel and I hope you continue your empires smp

  • You are the first youtuber I've ever watched from Newfoundland

  • my dad reccomended i watched you because i love cottagecore, im in love

  • Earlier in the video: BDub jumped me for diamonds. Later in the video: Isn't BDub the nicest?

  • maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this happen!!!

  • I know I’m a month late, but I just caught a stream of yours and LOVED your build style! Welcome to Hermitcraft!

  • Wow there's a Newfie on Hermitcraft holy cow

  • 17:04 I literally said JEEZ as well...

  • i like your tree transition

  • Finally another person who likes Birch forests

  • I love you gem but this is so chaotic

  • 3 boys fighting over gem😂

  • Yay u should make alot of time there its fun!

  • You missed a amethyst in the mineshaft

  • Her voice is so soft play calming😋😋😋😀😀

  • poor little enchanted apple... -.- he's doing his best, you know!

  • As someone who stopped watching you for a few months i can see how much you changed maybe you’re very tired these days or you’re tired of the same things…i love you gem🙍

  • I am from nl too, I have subed to you for a while and had no idea

  • I watched since you hit 300k love your videos

  • Not be Rude But Hermitcraft Is NOT Smp GeminiTay Its One of Oldest Servers Back in Season 1 - Season 7

    • @GeminiTay ohh Ok.

    • SMP means survival multiplayer, this is definitely survival multiplayer lol


  • Did anyone else hear a British accent? 27:10

  • I like how she tries to match BdoubleO's energy. It's very cute.

  • hey gem i love your vids and i just wanna say thank you cuz if it wasn't for you i wouldn't of met some of my closest friends, (ps.keep up the great videos and builds :D)

  • Birch is best wood. Fight me.

  • 1:06 when you walk into the wrong class

  • 2:27 is that a dead bush in the middle of a swamp-

  • You mist a amethyst Giode in the minechaft

  • Gem there was a amathest cluster in that mineshaft pls check it again

  • I started watching you and was like I love her videos I love you guys like katherine and all of you guys that's how I got ur channel off of Katherine channel I cant wait to watch another hermitcraft

  • A great new addition to the Hermits and your voice is so nice and confy =D

  • Good job getting to 1m!

  • Congrats on 1 mil! You're quite witty and the interactions with the other hermits was absolutely hilarious

  • Congratulations new hermit!!!

  • Damn I want to be part of the server ☹️

  • I love the gasps of false and stress when gem show them the powers of the moss lol