How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

Joylandi 21-Fev, 2021
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Amine gas treating

Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:

Reverse Osmosis:

Lithium Hydroxide:
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    • Awesome job

    • I'm not an expert but... shouldn't this be kept secret? xD :D

    • You may know physics but grammar isn’t you’re strong suit… between you and me* I is a subject, the noun that completes the action. Between two things must be between two indirect objects (me is the first person pronoun used to describe direct or indirect objects in a sentence).

    • Why not just use potted plants to keep the oxygen level right :D

    • Interesting tidbit about the lunar lander. The landing gear was built by Canadian company Heroux Aerospace which is is just outside of Montreal. Since the lander was supposed to be an American success story NASA could not have something made in Canada touch the surface of the moon first. So NASA in a high tech move took a series of American made antennas from the top of the lander and strapped them to the landing gear destroying them on surface contact, but it effectively having an American made product be the first thing to "touch" the moon.

  • I know know how to start my own biodome, just called Pauly shore he said he’s down

  • Shout out to a great band Nine Inch Nails

  • These submarine videos are incredible, impressive, and leaves me in awe of these fine navy men. God Bless them all.

  • Name 'Clinker': There is a stone used in construction which is made of clay, baked at high temperatures. It sounds exactly like the 'clinker' remainder from the candle (just a guess).

  • How does a youtuber get on a submarine?

  • Your videos always scratch an itch. I've always been curious about how things work so I love what you do. Have you ever covered wave pools? How those work is cool

  • FOUR CANDLES .. they should have used fork handles for a longer burn.

  • I love how people get taken aback when you get all excited for the details. They explain things thoroughly but you always want more info and to see the things they talk about in action. This is the perfect channel for those of us with endless curiosity. Thank you, and keep it up!

  • Great channel 👍

  • and what if your atmosphere sampler brakes or malfunctions?

  • Princess booper snoot

  • Any submariner will tell ya, we buy our oxygen from the mermen of the deep, they especially love our jumbo shrimp! We also buy our whisky and ciggarettes from Davey Jones Locker, your go-to store of the deep since 1868!

  • that black sailor is cool.

  • This one trick that Oxygen companies hate!

  • or they could just use plants.... duuh

  • Just some good ole Americans, in an American made machine teaching Americans about how our rights are protected. this is why we don't speak Russian now

  • Submarines are so scary , i would feel safer on space ship surrounded by vacuum then in sub surrounded by enourmous pressure

  • God this channel reminds me so much of Mythbusters. Such a nostalgia trip watching a channel I love

  • The amount of absolute atrocities that have occurred in that very machinery room 😂

  • start at 8:15

  • Well let me explain! Why would they in first place !

  • So this is why we dont have free dental.

  • Lol nothing against this video really interesting and that was all great...but isn't raycom the company started by the guy who made Kim Kardashian's career? 😂

  • Submariners are a different breed

  • That was interesting..but imagine if subs battle each other and all the stuff they have to go thru just to keep alive.

  • so the term clinker actually come from smithing.. it refers to the metals found in the bottom of the forge after heating metal.. but it usually means you got the metal too hot. in short a clinker is waste metal.

  • Outer space , lmao, prove it! Why don't you do a video on how we have pressure without a container, bet this video will never get made!!

  • Outer space , lmao, prove it! Why don't you do a video on how we have pressure without a container, bet this video will never get made!!

  • Great video sir I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I'm a ground pounder it's still interested to see all this

  • Princess boopersnoop; take my money please

  • Hay. Watching from Bangladesh.

  • My man some much of a nerd he annoyed the navy nerds with all he’s questions

  • The sailor in glasses is cute 😍

  • I love that intro cause it gave me some Mythbuster vibes.

  • Couldn't the hydrogen be fed into fuel cells to provide backup power?

  • Does the MEA stay hot? Is recirc air warm? What do they do with spent candles?

  • 24:34 I knew before it's coming 😅😂how intelligent I am.. should probably apply for a job for sub-crew.

  • could it be plausible to use plants like algae since they convert co2 into oxygen or would this take up to much space to be effective

  • Thanks sir

  • This video didn’t have to be this long

  • 4:56 look at the guy behind destin make that face

  • Pinging @Veritasium because I heard "visual learner".

  • They should grow food on the sub

  • Looks like '80s computer

  • There's no men in space. They're in a pool.

  • Its pronounced Amine. Am-eye-n

  • I thought there was like a garden Inside of a submarine 😂

  • I've been on submarines for 5 years and still watched this. It's quite interesting to see a civilian perspective describing it rather than the military description I learned. I already knew how the systems worked but still learned a few new facts I didn't know before. Great video.

  • Love your vids but please stop with the raycon ads I realise they are a sponsor but it depressing me because I am on a limited budget and can't afford such luxuries having said that it would be awesome if they wanted to hook me up i am 67 years old but still active and would love some of those earbuds

  • still no limitless oxigen if the submarine is damaged.

  • Great video

  • at least its not methyamine. Breaking bad on a sub

  • I vote these submarine videos some of your best stuff. Please invite yourself onto some aircraft carriers, oil rigs, or other stuff like this.

  • Can you visually detail how lithium hydroxide scrubs the co2?

  • I imagine there's a great deal of precision involved in off-boarding the CO2. Remaining silent, remaining undetected, are crucial to the mission so you wouldn't want escaping gas or bubbles to make a lot of noise. I'm curious if the off-boarded CO2 comes out as bubbles or if perhaps the pressure matching allows for near immediate absorption?

  • A-Ganger: “We own practically 90% of the boat” Electricians and Mechanics: “Are we a joke to you?”

  • yes, capitan

  • Raycons are absolutely terrible for sound, he might love them but only if he hasn’t tried any others cos they’re easily beaten for sound quality.

  • Destin - 'laminar flow is the best'....creates whole UZfire video explaining why Derek- 'i disagree'.....creates whole rebuttal video Destin- ‘I’m a visual learner' Derek- 'I disagree'....creates whole UZfire video debunking the idea

  • Hey Dustin, first well done again as you always supply great videos. You mentioned been a visual learner yourself, I would be interested in you take on if you believe their is such thing as the 4 learning styles and have you thought about doing a test to prove or disprove them.

  • The nutty table laparoscopically wish because stone biologically tug including a abundant vietnam. curvy, disillusioned person

  • At 2:37 that was my senior chief at one point in time

  • I saw someone on you back at the wall

  • An built-in baseline reading.... that's genius!

  • I already know that but it talk about submarine so it's cool

  • Very accurate. Thank you

  • What about a plant did nobody think of that

  • This is the best kind of youtube video! It thoroughly answers an interesting question that I never even thought to ask lol

  • Why don't these guys have military haircuts? Isn't this the navy?

  • hmmm a 9 inch nail he says? My inner grunge child is singing some tunes right now

  • U also breath recycled farts as well

  • Me: Half an hour video? I'll just skip parts like I do on cooking videos. Me after 30 minutes: (wait, I didn't skip even once....) Fantastic video!

  • Why don’t they just put a fan infront of a bush? (I know that they can’t)

  • This video brings back memories, I recognize that staircase, the middle level hallway, the path to the officers quarters and the fwd machinery room. I don't remember it being that small though. I was on board 688's for 4 years and the guys weren't that nice, mostly they would answer questions with go look it up yourself, might have stayed in till retirement if I had a similar experience to yours.

  • As a layman in science and engineering I could fully understand this and enjoyed it thoroughly. Great job to you and the crew of the sub. Super informative and educational

  • Ive heard "ash tray on a motorbike" and "chocolate teapot" but "Hat on a submarine" is next level

  • You should talk about no sulfates fast hair growth shampoo.

  • The plan: Fast Forward to the end to find the answer. What happened: Watched the whole dag gum vid, was too good :)

  • Learning about how something works is always interesting.

  • I thought you were holding a white kit kat bar in the thumbnail.

  • I think I am a fairly smart guy - but then I watch this stuff and realize I am not nearly as smart as I think I am. The intelligence to come up with these systems just blows my mind.

  • Very interesting!

  • Did not know about sea water and electrolysis creating chlorine gas! Great video - learnt something new! 😊

  • pretty crazy they let you on a sub with a camera...

  • I thought they just kept a couple of houseplants.

  • 06:26 his face when that noise started..

  • i didn't realize how life on a sub is that much on a fine line. There's sooo much science going on that folks on a sub have to be on point. They're mostly lab techs and scientists on board....AWESOME job guys!

  • I use to build the VA class submarine weapons sector. If you need any Info on them or carriers, lmk. Oh and by the way they use H2o "scrubbers"

  • I just found this channel and I’ve been watching g non stop for like four hours

  • I was so confuse when they say light candles because combustion consumes oxygen Then they explained it with a very special candle that can produce O2 So amazed

  • how does the engines work underwater?

    • @Đăng Phạm thank you sir!

    • Nuclear reactor heats water, steam turns the turbine

  • So where do farts go? 🤔 can the sniffers detect that too? 🤣

  • They no where to look for leaks because they know all of the areas that have bad gases and they no the pipes that carry refrigerant gases. To check it’s called knowing your environment.

  • Is he the guy from Jimmy Kimmel?

  • Holy Toledo

  • Burn a candle to make oxygen. HUH?

  • "You all did this in sixth grade science I'm sure." Making some kindhearted assumptions of our public school systems...

  • For anyone wondering a Class D(elta) fire isn't just a military thing, it refers to combustible metals like magnesium and needs a special type of extinguishing agent

  • I wonder if the designers ask for feedback on things like cooling rack design among a million other things where functionality is important