HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour - United Launch Alliance) - Smarter Every Day 231

Joylandi 29-Fev, 2020
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2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines and competitors:
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  • Thanks for watching this video. I'm glad you're here. If you feel like this earns your subscription please click here: How this happened: I messaged Tory "If you ever find yourself with an open lunch I'll buy. No cameras, just rocket geek chat." A few months later he changed a flight one day so we could grab lunch, but he also carved out a couple of hours before lunch to give me a personal tour. He's as cool off camera as he is on camera. He allowed me to ask any technical question I had, and I never even got close to the limits of his understanding of rockets. His technical prowess is something I aspire to. We made a video on the second channel where I interview him about more specific things about rockets, as well as how he feels about competitors. 2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines, competitors, and business philosophy:

    • Selamat nk

    • how do the rockets not pop like a balloon high pressure (inside) - no pressure (outside) = POP

    • I absolutely love how he talks this guy up at the beginning saying he’s a rocket scientist and all without saying he is one him self pretty much. He’s a missile tester and never mentions it, he’s a really humble guy who just wants to bring knowledge to us

    • I pay taxes. I deserve to see it all.

    • no

  • just cool guys am so jelous

  • there is no such a company here in germany. we just can build cars and brew beer. the ceo is fully in the game

  • I love this kind of stuff, manufacturing processes, the machines, the ingenuity. So cool.

  • This is what makes this channel so special. Destin is not afraid to ask the questions and get hands in with everything he possibly can. Where most hosts would just sit back and let the interviewee lead the entire conversation, Destin will ask the questions that most would be too timid to. And Tory has to be one of the most intelligent and engaged CEO's of a multi-billion dollar company I've ever seen. He is an absolute legend and his employees and clients are very lucky to have someone like him. He is going to be impossible to ever replace.

  • Destin is the type of guy with a dark secret that dictates his behavior.

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  • Where are the hard hats???

  • I can like that tory is`nt intp the camara

  • This is the coolest thing ever, thanks for making this!

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  • I just love seeing the difference between an engineer as a ceo and a management professional as a ceo

  • Tory Bruno....What a Gentleman...the smartest Chief Executive Officer I have watched..!!!!! love it every bit.

  • That guy comes from a time and space when managers weren't just pencil pushers. Awesome.

  • I love how you get excited and laugh nervously when Tony says you can't film a part or tool 😁

  • God bless AH and the NSDAP without them none of this would be happening

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  • O.o My face looking at the tech!

  • This is great! Thank you! I wonder how 2.7K people don't like this. This is awesome!

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  • Nobody is going to space😅😅 or has been.

  • Fireworks,great

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  • Mr. Bruno's barely-contained excitement is infectious, as is your much less contained geeking out. I love watching this so much.

  • Nashville ftw!

  • Very interesting.

  • This guy thinks he’s so smart! It’s not rocket surgery!

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  • The most human CEO. This was so informative and easy to understand. Thank you. Made me wish I worked for someone like him.

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  • Does the used rocket fall back to Earth and gets recovered or a fate with less recycling?


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  • I didn't know I love this, thank you! 🤩 chills!

  • Ah man this is cool stuff, I studied and love engineering, but I can't help thinking about if most of this effort was spent on correcting our stains on the planet instead of progressing advance to others

  • Call me stupid but wouldn't a rocket be better if you added wings to it like on an airplane if you wanted space travel and full control of the rocket?

  • This is like my ... 10th time re watching this. Still can't compute the whole thing but I love every second of it!

  • watch out that guy is known for hiring snipers

  • This CEO knowing what is he doing, why and how. Amazing person.

  • 21:15 can you tell us yet? :P

  • That ceo guy is like Willy Wonka

  • He has to be one of the coolest CEO's I've ever seen. Not that I've seen all too many in my life but he'ssuper dedicated about this stuff which I like!

  • The Centaur aluminum hull thickness less than a dime. Only 10 feet diameter. "there's nothing there",,,, brought the factory from Swizerland to America . 90% mass fraction. 180k welds .. Engines made off site. Workers on break..centaur is small .. Mars 202020 .. 20th trip to Mars . Those 2 handshakes at the end lol

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  • Tory and destine are like brothers who were separated at birth . one went to a fancy college and landed a cushy 80 million dollar CEo job the others a down home man with a love for science but they meet after 20 years and act like theyve never been separated

  • That was amazing. We just saw the Mars rover land the other day too!!

  • ULA should also get into the reusable rocket business

  • I LOVED seveneves- I think listened to that book because you.

  • I am thrilled with this channel. greetings from Croatia

  • Incredible interview! Thanks to you both!

  • Makes me feel bad about my job 😂

  • amazing !!!

  • Absolutely awesome video! I stayed up too late because I had to watch until the end. Thank you!

  • Dude is boss. He even has CEO saftey glasses!

  • Destins face at 5:45 that's the look of love

  • Wow!! Loved this video so much!

  • Destin, you’re doing an incredible job of bringing the nuts and bolts of science exploration to the masses - which everyone sorely needs. Thanks for your amazing work.

  • I just can't help it. I need to mention that Tori Bruno looks like Scott Manley :D I even feel like they have a similar voice somehow, just with different accents. Great Video!

  • Tory just seems like he wishes he could do this all the time.

  • Considering the fact that we are building a rocket, this seems kinda simple.

  • I'm a little late to the party, but this is the best episode ever. My project has used ULA rockets to launch USGS LandSat missions and I've always had an interest in how the rocket making process works. Amazing video and what an amazing guy Tory is to give us a look inside. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks Destin great video

  • Aresfire, Vulcan heavy

  • "can i go touch that" "of course" (meanwhile during mars landing in 2040) "mayday some wierd virus has entered the ship"

  • I want to go to that factory but I live in europe

  • I would love to work under this CEO for free

  • At 34:47 he say "F@#$ ya"? I did anyway.

  • That is so crazy the 7000 series aluminium they use 8:20 is crazy can support pressure excess of 72,000 pounds per square. Inch!!!

  • SMH i really wanted to make a diy rocket

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  • Dang shoulda been a 6 minute video. Got bored so fast!! Geez for all ur subs I wonder if they put ur channel on to sleep!!! Do what ya do!! I don wanna fall asleep no mo!!!

  • subscription earned! I watched every minute and loved it. Thanks

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  • Tory is a great guy. He knows all the bits and bobs, and just blows away my expectations

  • Beautiful.

  • Tory could show off and talk about this whole facility if it weren't for the government restrictions on ballistic missile technology lol Dudes inspiring

  • Destin, I have to comment that you produce some of the highest quality content on the web. This is fantastic stuff! Thank you for showing us the manufacturing process for ULA and their rockets. This was so fascinating and I have to agree with an earlier comment that this is one of the most engaging videos I have ever seen. Kids need this stuff in the classroom - this is top notch stuff!

  • Great factory but I think space x still has this rocket future

  • I'm not that young but I hope I'm as cool as Tory Bruno when I'm his age.

  • The fact that he wears a cowboy hard hat is enough to make the guy likeable

  • 23:18 "Everyone knows you here..." Yes. He's the boss's boss's boss's boss lol When he walks by you face him, and greet him. Not because you have to, but because you want to.

  • Destin, I have no idea how you could contain yourself from just running around like a little kid on that manufacturing floor. I'd be squealing and giggling like a 3 year old yelling "What's this!?! What's this!?!?" Thanks for showing this! That is freakin' awesome!! I'd love to have a couple hours with that CEO to talk to him. You can tell he is genuinely excited and knowledgeable about every step of the processes.

  • 48:54 that's the Mars 2020 right there but not anymore , it has done it's job 🔥 Congratulations to Perseverance which is at the surface of Mars right now since Feb 18 2021 just 4 days ago from this comment...

  • Can I get a job in that factory, even as a janitor? Please 🙏

  • I Love Torys lil friendly gap when he smiles! What a cute guy & a class act! I bet his wife has a lot of fun with him in bed! 😁🚀🚀🚀🌹

  • ULA have a cool CEO - very interesting stuff.

  • If you wish to build a rocket engine from scratch, you must first invent the universe

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  • I'm so glad I stumbled across your videos! I enjoyed every moment of your tour with Tory Bruno. Gracious and the consummate professional who knows every nut and bolt in that enormous "factory" and conveys that knowledge in such a fun and entertaining way. I feel decidedly smarter today having followed you on this tour...

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  • 2122Russian agents already have every square inch recorded of this manufaturing plant, plus the blue prints for the rockets to be assembled. So what is new about its secrecy.

  • Two Geeks working has one awesome....Great tutorial

  • My third time watching this video. Honestly Tory is more interesting than even his rocket factory. (yes I watched the interviews also)

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