How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone) - Smarter Every Day 249

Joylandi 26-Dek, 2020
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  • This was an incredibly challenging video to make. The challenge came with getting the Navy to agree to the interview in the first place, then successfully navigating the interview without it being shut down. In the end, everyone was super professional and it was a really fun topic to learn about! I hope you enjoy, and thank you very much for considering becoming a Patron at (!

    • My dad was a contractor for the navy with IBM for the skipjack class. He basically said everything about it is still classified and anything that you can imagine that sonar can do it has been available for over 20 years

    • ​@kyle32121 Clearance typically lapses with a Job - it makes no sense for someone to retain a clearance unless they specifically need it. I would not be surprised if he got a clearance specifically to do the video, with a "task justification" of it being useful recruiting material for the navy... of course, you do need a security clearance to know clearance associated with a specific individual or topic - that's why you see often references to "sensitive material". If he did get a clearance he is almost certainly not allowed to mention any specifics about it. Interesting to speculate.

    • Ah the waterfall display....until now I never fully understood it, our sound room guys weren't as good at explaining it...mind youbi learned how to identify a 4blade prop from a 3 blade...go deep, go deep, go deep 😁

    • Destin will you do a video on the physics behind a wood fired oven? I've been looking at building one and everything I find on the internet seems more based on hype and popularity, I want to know how they work and what the best way is to build one please.

    • They hate your questions. Expect all your family to mysteriously disappear or just plain bang their head on a blunt object. All this stealth talk makes no sense. Everyone with a sub knows this stuff, so why not say it. Maybe because you called it a boat? Should have called it a sailboat instead. You make it sound like identifying a song is easier than identifying a steady engine sound. You kind suck you know? 6:45 Jesus christ. You expect me to watch this? NO!

  • Looking forward to more videos

  • I am feeling a bit confused, I as many others was experimenting with an ultrasound meter on step motor... And that's how I imagined it... beeping 360, to get a nice layer of distances. But I never really figure out how to get 3d image. Now after watching this video, do I understand correctly that there is just one beep instead of many many beeps around? So there is no good way to get really 3d information about other objects?

  • Hey ! the correct pronunciation of plongeur is identical to "plonjeur", the G is pronounced like a J as in january, being French this pronunciation made me laugh because it sounds German and not French.

  • This guy reminds me of Martin Lloyd from SG 1. Looks and sounds :))

  • Religious Nut.

  • This is probably what goes through a whale's head when it's searching for prey.

  • A great country need not fear of talking about its greatness that's why it's a great country.

  • I knew of the Underwater Sound Channel. Years ago, I found this video lecture on UZfire that explored the Roswell 1947 incident but from a non-conspiratorial way where the lecturer explained that Maurice Ewing found out about a depth range where the temperature allowed a sound to travel a long distance w/o losing much signal strength. The lecturer went on that because of this discovery, the USAF during WWII had pilots carry orbs onboard their fighter planes to throw overboard because they had a crush depth in the underwater sound channel. Maurice Ewing also discovered an upper atmospheric sound channel at a certain height in the sky. This led the US Army to listen for Soviet nuclear weapons tests with Operation Mogul.

  • I can Not thank You enough for this video.

  • Okay, so Destin would have been easier been able to explain all these things without visiting the submarine (and having to deal with military personnel unwilling / unable to talk about things that are known to the public). Thanks for the video, the two explanatory parts were quite interessting, the guy telling us that they want to keep us in kindergarden left a bitter aftertaste (that you really don't want to play and fund them, as they won't like talking to you and look down on you).

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  • 15:35 I'm impressed with his knowledge of his manual. Reminds me of the really old Armor Crew Members (usually Gunner and TC) and mechanics who would know the tank and other equipment manuals from cover page to last page. All Three Volumes.

  • I recommend twenty thousand leagues. Read it. Loved it. If you are into sci fi

  • Thank you Navy for your was AWESOME!!!

  • Geometry was my favorite class in high school. I loved it because I understood it and got A's! lol

  • Great video! Love it!!

  • I only just got to checking out this submarine series now... WOW! Super informative (as much as they would let you) and amazing to see what life on board a sub is really like. The fact that you actually got to spend 24 hours on one is OUTRAGEOUS!!! I don't even want to know what you had to go through to get this video made. Nicely done!

  • 4:44 Call of duty lobbies be like

  • Great video!! Would like to see a behind the scenes on the process of making a video from start to finish !

  • Can sonar hear pings from another ships sonar. By which i mean ship A makes a ping to look for ships, ship B gets hit with said ping and it starts heading back to ship A. Is ship A aware it was pinged.

  • 5:39 actually that is the sound of a distant train using a K5LA horn. Just being nitpicky XD

  • "Noice"

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  • *The same crew crashes that sub in japan recently!*

  • What are these people doing in their free time?

  • Here for the MGS sounds.

  • I like to imagine when he got the footage back from the navy, they didn’t cut everything out, they just replaced it with a silly ‘technical difficulties’ style screen that says ‘Sorry, that’s classified’ with silly music playing for the entire duration of what would be the classified part, that would get old so Destin had to cut it out.

  • I love how cautious they were in this. A lot of what they discussed, and a lot of things they didn't even touch, are already addressed in PC games like 688 Attack Sub way back from 1989. There are more modern games that literally have repeated the mechanics of sonar in Jane's 688(i) and Sub Command. They had things like thermoclines, salinity, depth, pressure, etc. Nowadays, for the most part, the sonar on submarines still works the same way, except they are listening for things differently and use different methods to determine where a contact might be. ;)

  • I'm guessing these sub videos have taken so long to come out because the US Military is reviewing and editing before allowing these to be released.

  • The thing I love most about this video is how there's a cribbage record board between the XO and the CO!! Besidesthat , it's another great video from you Destin. ;)

  • The lower frequencies are down here And The higher frequencies are up here 😂😂 this voice tho 😂😂😂🤣

  • 0:08 that "NICE" sound satisfying

  • This series really takes me back! When I was a ST we had our own sonar room with a door which gave us some privacy to goof off while underway. In the new subs I guess the sonar guys are just out there in the control room like lowly FTs? How sad! Also, its a shame they didn't let you sit at the broadband stack to hear some trawlers and biologics

  • There’s a movie exactly about sounds and stuff in the submarine I don’t remember how it calls but it was exactly about what he was talking about can someone tell me the name of it please?

  • The submariners are the smartest guys on earth. Every one!!

  • That would've been fun to have a second camera on the XO just to watch him squirm as you started asking a question that rubbed up against that nogo zone. But, it was still a very short (interesting) 25ish minutes. On to making pizza... lol

  • CO and XO Cribbage Record at 10:03

  • It's 2:45am i have to wake upp at 7 😵

  • still very disrespectful to sit on a table literally in a nuclear sub. Why would you even think that is okay?

  • Every time you say the name of the ship, I just think of one of those old timey football announcers saying “Holy toledo!”

  • If the twats running this stuff would make all this so called classified information public knowledge, our technology would be much more advanced for the good of all. They act like our adversaries don't already have the same technology

  • I am beyond impressed with the detail and depth of knowledge of the crew

  • I have heard that if a diver is within a certain distance from the sub when it pings active sonar that it will liquify there organs. Is this true?

  • I know how you'd remove the interference from the ice above and the floor below. You'd need to mirror the environment across the boundaries (like looking through a mirror). With that there are some simple geometric ratios that arise, and you can filter out any times that are roughly fit within that. It's actually quite similar to that special relativity experiment in that regard, actually.

  • Your content and example is amazing! Thank you Sir!!!

  • not just submarine, modern anti-ship missile has onboard library of various radar signatures to differentiate ship by classes/types.

  • On the multi-path, you can probably ping multiple times and simply get the baseline for the seafloor (assuming also that the topology/map of the ocean is a given and you know your position you can pinpoint the configuration below and take your depth) below and ice above (which is harder than the seafloor because it changes more than the seafloor and there really is no mapping reliable enough but you can still get the depth of the sub and therefore the relative time it would take for a ping striking the ice at an angle). Those two are more predictable. I would also assume that the ping is not singular. You then factor in that the object you are tracking is in motion (while the sub is the one in motion relative to the static solid ice above and the seafloor below). So the best way is to take multiple samples with these things in consideration and subtract the more static pings that come back.

  • They most likely can't go deep on the frequency discussion because opposing forces can make use of that to derive the range and how those ranges are interpreted. You can then design countermeasures to mimic similar objects emitting what is identified to be non-threats by their algorithm/standards. You can then basically pasa thru at least one defense layer (but there will be countermeasures for that countermeasures so better safe than sorry), among many layers.

  • 14:28 idk what cribbage is but the CO is kicking butt at it hahaha

  • Now what I'm wondering is, in active sonar, is the emitted pulse isotropic or directed? I'm assuming isotropic as that's how it's usually depicted, but can a sub do directional sonar the same way radar is done?

  • You should try to watch the French Movie "Le chant du loup" that came out in 2019. It's about special officers in submarine that listen to the sound around the ship and categorize object manually.

    • I grew up in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, and a bunch of the people that lived around me worked at the NSA in Ft. Meade. Some of them were ham radio operators, and I recall hearing stories about how some of the intercept techs could copy radio-teletype traffic in their heads just by listening to it.

  • I dont understand why some of this stuff is classified honestly, like the formula for best depth. It's like "Haha! Now I can find the perfect spot to put my U boat that I definitely own"

  • Submarines are nuts

  • I wonder how much of the blanked out video was due to asking about clearing the baffles with a crazy ivan or using towed array sonar.

  • I want those toy submarines

  • Obviously the russians know all this already, there driving there subs around too

    • the Russians aren't the only people in the world that aren't americans.

  • All the service men/women were excellent. Super chill and super knowledgeable... you can tell they wanted to be careful but show what they do. More videos like these!

  • Like all the info on sonar isn't already available online

  • Shout out to all of my submariner Brothers! Gets my blood going and stirs up memories of my time on the USS Drum 30 yrs ago!

  • You might be my new most interesting person who I’d like to have lunch with. Thanks again for a hugely interesting video.

  • Watched every episode of the "Smarter Every day" submarine series today. Every entry was incredibly fascinating. I was left with two questions that Destin didn't ask. If fire is their number one threat, then why are there wood panels and other flammable materials all over the ship? The other question, that may be more of why I don't hear NASA and others planing deep space human travel, and that is, it seems that submariners seem like the perfect (already trained) people for such missions to Mars and other multi-month long trips.

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  • What's stupid about this is that it shows anyone with a brain can deduce things about sonar that the navy thinks is "classified"

  • If you want to understand as much about Submarine warfare as you can without becoming a submarine commander/operator, play Cold Waters on Steam and download the Epic Mod in the Steam Forums for the game. It's about as realistic as it gets.

  • This was the longest 26 minute video I ever watched, learned alot

  • at the bottom of the hour, he is going to make a hard left. i call it the crazy ivan.... im totally geeking out. a favorite channel dives deep into a favorite subject. EPIC

  • I have huge appreciation for your videos I enjoy them so much.

  • My Tom Clancy books (fiction and non-fiction) about subs and sonar from 25+ years ago just got an upgrade. This was a very insightful and illuminating education - your graphics and animation really helped with the explanation as well - much thanks!

  • Destin youve had me since day one man and nice to see a fellow alabamian interested in this stuff i use to live in huntsville on redstone and grew up at the rocket center!

  • Love these. Been retired from Submarines for 12 years now after serving on five of them. Brings back great memories.

  • Not very poggers

  • Pings are active sonar... passive sonar is so much cooler... basically imagine being blind and only using your hearing to figure out your surroundings... by the ambient noise around you...

  • Awesome Vid loving this series

  • Former sub sonar man here. Great video! Made me miss my old job.. Read hunt for red October. The movie had it pretty wrong.

  • Your effort is WELL appreciated. This was an awesome video.

  • Brazo Zulu.! SONAR = the eyes and ears of the bought. STSC didn't make mention about the trigonometry used as well. this surely brought back some memories, both good and awful!

  • The polar coordinate graph and reading everything's position while moving has got to be the coolest skill I've ever seen!

  • couldn't an enemy submarine device a system where there sub's responsive ping matches that of the seafloor so as long as they remain proportional to your heading/speed and are under you.. They are essentially undetectable?

  • "How deep did you go?" "Can't say" "How deep can a sub go?" "Well, the boat can dive to just before crush depth."

    • That's like that joke about the airplane that's lost all but one of it's engines. "How far can the airplane fly on just one engine? All the way to the site of the crash, I figure!"

  • Reminds me of Greyhound Movie of starring tom Hanks. The limitations of this technology can be seen back in the WW II era.

  • I'm sorry but they can hear Pistol Shrimp clicking??? Are you serious?!

    • @MdGn722 whales and rainstorms not so much actually. But shrimp are tiny that’s why it’s so shocking.

    • @MdGn722 that’s insane!

    • yes, seriously and whales and rainstorms too

  • I wanna play Battleship now. Submarine Edition :D 13:09

  • I watched all the videos in one sitting. I always wanted to know about what makes a submarine tick and your videos answered my questions. Great job!

  • maybe yo can filter the harmonics with some type of stocastic filter or a fuzzy network

  • "Please consider subscribing to Smarter Every Day..." ~ You are one of about 5 channels, out of over 800 that I'm subscribed to that's actually has that Bell Icon turned on, and you earned that with your amazing content.

  • 4:42 :)

  • 5:40 oh a train. I thought it was a cave sound

  • Great stuff!!!!

  • As a vibration analyst, I find sonar fascinating. I use a lot of the the same terms such as bandwidth, harmonic cursor, Fast Fourier Transforms, waveforms, ect. Thank you for covering this

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  • And the easiest way to explain a bearing graph would be how the grenade symbol works in call of duty when an enemy throws one near you.

  • What is the lightboard on the map behind you

  • 14:00 They could also take the bearing plots, run those through some software processing to deconvolve the bearing vs times to a plain 2d plot map (which he shows a simulation of in the video)

  • Omg I’m so dumb it’s not even funny 😄

  • this is so cool, I hope this aids in the advancement of the understanding of these sub systems

  • really cool video. I always took SoNAR for granted and didn't even consider all the passive listening!

  • I have HONAR. Like gaydar but for hos

  • Great video!