How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246

Joylandi 1-Noy, 2020
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So what about the Pizza Recipe?
There's a thing called the "Armed Forces Recipe Service"
It's not your Grandma's Cook Book
Open this document and Ctrl+F for
I didn't know what "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce was. Here's an amazon affiliate link:
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
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  • I don't know why... but this was one of my favorite videos from the Deep Dive Series. It's so... personal and real. I had no idea that food is literally THE limiting factor on a submarine's ability to dive. Also, I had no idea meals were such a big deal for morale (Ice Cream on Waffles totally works by the way). I have an email list here if you'd like to get an email when I upload a video: Thank you to those who have recently chosen to support Smarter Every Day on Patreon ( ) . You're awesome, and I hope you have received your baseball! I've been seeing a lot of posts on twitter of people showing me photos of their baseball and it's awesome!! If you have not received your yet, please check for status updates! I'm grateful for your support and hope you really enjoy this one. The next video is both amazing certifiably insane, so please look forward to that! Regards, Destin

    • I assume they work in shifts on the boat? So I assume when the cook is cooking dinner, is he also cooking breakfast for the other shift??

    • @ddd aaa thank you for your service

    • Did you know waffles are traditionally a dessert as you see from waffle usage in Europe.

    • Because you ate a 🍕

    • Military people suck balls.

  • I feel so bad for the one chef who’s a little too tall for the kitchen ceiling and has to slouch all day every day.

  • Audible is excellent. You were very fortunate to have the sub experience. Now try a carrier.

  • It was a tradition when I was on a ammo ship that if we were off-loading ammo so the other ship could pull into port they would send us fresh baked cookies, If we were giving them ammo so they could complete their mission they sent us cookies. By the way my ship was the USS Pyro AE-24

  • 71 yr old guy who was in the USN surface fleet 67-71. The guys on Subs are/were totally in their own world. We didnt interact with them much in any way in those days. I do know it takes special personality to fit in a "boat" and live underwater for WEEKS.


  • I like that the freezer is a radiation area

  • I love that the crew is watching Down Periscope for their movie night 😂

  • I take it "Chuck" has lost a bet due to his hair.... 😂

  • Fun fact: If someone farts in submarine then you gotta live with the smell for weeks

    • There is plenty of farting on a sub

  • Before I watched this video I was scared of where the sausages came from.

  • "Do you ever burn the pizza?" Sir that's classefied information.

  • I was just introducing your channel to a friend. Her name is Emily...

  • I really enjoy the submarine videos.

  • am i the only one curious about the radioactivity warning on that door in the kitchen?

  • what ministry fund this submarine?

  • The useful helicopter specially bleach because fog infrequently spare toward a direful east. tricky, jolly banana

  • The Russian Subs probably have all Vodka in their kitchen.

  • I'm a chef and all they make and do on that ship and the fleet in the navy , that's Incredible ! 👍👌🙋🙍🙇🙏👉😎

  • Maaaaannnnnn y’all submariners suck🤣🤣 y’all eat pizza and play video games? Where have I been this entire time? Now I envy my sister who is in the navy

    • Well when you're locked in a giant metal pressurized cigar tube hundreds of feet below sea level with thousands of feet of watery death beneath you, it's really not that surprising. These men and women EARN the right to play video games and eat pizza. They deserve it. More than any of us.

  • I'm joinin the navy just for the food.

  • This series is awesome! Lots of respect to those guys and what they do.

  • So these people in that kitchen are miracle workers. They make amazing food from scratch in such a small space for so many people. Hat down to you people.

  • didn't secure the fans to the freeze box before they went in 😠

  • Just discovered this series. Former Army enlisted and Army officer. I find this very interesting. I’ve always appreciated the military and what each of the soldiers, sailors in this case do day in and day out. Looking forward to watching other videos in this series.

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  • Honestly this puts 10 foward or quarks bar in star trek to shame.

  • The best food is food made from scratch!\

  • Best night was chicken strip night...our cooks were amazing and that was my fave by far. It was even better than surf&turf.

  • Living far from family, being enclosed in small cabin for weeks without seeing the sunlight, eating frozen food, having a pizza nights with TV... they live just like me

  • So this is basically being a chef on thr maximum challenge difficulty where they throw in crazy level modifiers like the stage tilting and being really small.

  • Of course the Sonar Chief is sitting around waiting for poppers.... at least he wasn't in the shower, I guess.

  • Tendies on the nuke boat - love it.

  • 1:34 the two bald spot in his head is questionable but at the same time it made me laugh

  • The erratic staircase markedly include because handicap alternatively encourage throughout a likeable felony. wrong, seemly japan

  • The food part is more fun than a thought.

  • I got claustrophobic watching this! 😱😱😱😱

  • Excuse me sir, might you have any Grey Poupon on your sub? @5:01

  • Even though it's not to this extent, I agree ( being someone who has been enlisted in the army, not navy) that good cooks are crucial to morale and general wellbeing. God bless our military, especially the cooks.

  • My mom and dad had the opportunity (non-military) to go aboard a nuclear sub back in the late 80s while it was ported in Seward Alaska when it came in after the Exxon Valdez spill. They said it was so cool and eerie being in such close proximity to tools and weapons that can start the end of the world. Also, it was huge!

  • Cool series, watched making oxygen before I walk my dogs, sonar when I got back and moments later... pizza night. It looks like fire fighting is next on my agenda. So far this has been educational and entertaining. Looks like you had a good time and the guys on the sub liked the company... and did I hear a female voice in the sonar video??

  • This series is awesome This episode is my favorite/least favorite I'm so hungry now

  • cakes count me in!!

  • This series kinda made me want to be on a sub lol

  • I'm a professional chef on "the hard," and I wish I could watch about ten more hours of this! Thank you!

  • You know it's serious cooking when there is a nuclear clover in the background.

  • Such an awesome series! Thank you man.

  • that funny crew xD

  • I really enjoy your videos, I specially enjoy this series on submarines. I did download Thunder Below and it is an amazing audio book.

  • I wanna know how they filter the air exhaust from the grill and stuff.

  • Nah got Blind Man's Bluff instead of Thunder Below.

  • Im in awe by these chefs, you can tell how important the crew is to them just by listening

  • I'm imagine they have to eat good food to keep moral high on a submarine.

  • You were only on the sub for 1 day?

  • Pizza and wing night was the best. Burnin flicks

  • How did he get to the artic

  • Locker above the pizza dough: BUG JUICE. Me, A Bubblehead: I'm home.

  • I have so much respect for every man on that boat and all the subs at sea. They are all experts in their field. Amazing people! God bless them and see them back home safe.

  • 7:05 "I think one of the most challenging parts of cooking on a submarine is space" *bumps head*

  • 5:50 - “we have 180 people...I mean 140 people aboard. We sometimes get 180...(camera and sound jump cut). Am guessing the extra 40 is when NSW folks are aboard, and they didn’t exactly want to advertise that. Just a guess.

  • today I learned the folks miles underwater in the artic circle eat better than I do

  • Thunder below was a great book

  • Love your videos. I ran across a USN cookbook “Submarine Cuisine” a few years ago. It can be found by searching ‘submarine cuisine maritime’

  • These guys all have such a great sense of humour. "Are we allowed to say that?" "Well I just did" "You don't look so excited about this" "It's because there isn't any poppers out here, yet" Hahaha.

  • I’m curious why at 10:26 I believe that’s the freezer, chilled storage, in the background that says “Radiation Area” on the door with a daily 3 hour access limit.

  • I was already on Audible, but still got the book... Great listen! As a German, I knew very little about the US side of sub warfare during that time. Very interesting to compare it to what I learned about the German UBoot-efforts!

  • This made me wanna join the navy lmao

  • What´s the video where you unboard?

  • Next video: playing madden against the chief petty officer under the water “This is the pizza cam 3000” every one in the mess room laughs

  • "I mark the passage of time by when pizza was." Sounds exactly like how I spent 2020

  • As a retired Air Force aircraft maintainer, some of the best "military" food that i had was when i spent a week on a Navy Aircraft Carrier. Ship living sucks, tight spaces, man overboard drills, annoying whistles and sounds 24 hours a day, but the food was good. If I had to eat MRE's and UGR's while living in such confined spaces, I wouldn't make it.

  • never had square pizza underway, it was always rounded and most of the time the hard pack ice cream was commandeered by the wardroom while us peons got to "enjoy" the soft serve.

  • 1:07 *Smarter Every day*

  • At 3:27 i have one of tjose laps on the wall

  • Why don't they just catch fish and use them as food?

  • ;3

  • I am feeling claustrophobic....hats off to these hard American Super Stars

  • That poor chef appears to be just like 1 inch too tall for his boat.

  • This was such a great episode. Great Food and company keeps us all happy

  • Not even the harshest captain would start an simulation drill during pizza hour

    • during one patrol, my second CO ran drills during halfway night, which is just as bad

  • Wow, the people in the kitchen are some of the main people to keep up morale.

  • Ok all this food, I just have to know how everyone exercises in the sub!

  • these guys always seem kinda happy man

  • I forgot it was a nuclear war submarine, for a second i thought it was a buffet.

  • Why does it seem like so much tension surrounding the food. Like they’re walking on eggshells while talking about what they eat.

    • They can't say "we carry 30 days of fresh, 30 days of frozen, and 30 days of dried food on board so we have to come up every X# of days." there are some time restrictions they can't divulge.

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  • Why doesn't the military use this for recruitment? Like, wtf? Is there any fruit?

    • fresh for about a week and a half after leaving port, then there may be canned stuff

  • Nice video..😊👍

  • What if you’re vegan?

  • All this food, despite the homemade quality, makes me worried about their health... I hope they get enough veggies and fruit.

  • Domino's, now serving attack submarines and live order tracking video available

  • These people are on a submarine and they're eating better than me, a person on land.😥

  • Tight operation. Massive respect to the chefs and the rest of the crew. Making everything from scratch basic ingrediants will ensure freshness and satisfied happy crew mates. Taking care of the crew is really important to any operation. Well done.

  • Just out of curiosity, why does leftover pizza curl up at the tip in the fridge and when you heat it up?

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  • Can you tour an Ohio class now? I've taken a tour in person of one and I'd love to get to see it again.

  • With each video in this series, the more the idea of being on active duty in a sub seems more appealing...

  • I... What... *The Navy gets to eat that good?*

  • Can't imagine living in a tomb. Would be scary when it's on

  • Guys eat better than the marine's lol