HOW TO LAND ON THE MOON - Smarter Every Day 250

Joylandi 30-Yan, 2021
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A very special thank you to Wayne Ottinger
Check out the AMAZING website by Ben Feist that synchronizes all Apollo data:
I had to find a lot of archival footage to make this video. Thanks to Devin for helping me find the original Apollo LLTV footage from Ellington.
A special thank you to steveslater1987 for providing the footage and audio of the Neil Armstrong Interview after flying the LLTV.
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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  • We're going back to the moon, and we're going to need to train Astronauts how to land. This video is the result of trying to understand that control problem better. in the next video of this series, I'll show you footage from an actual NASA Lunar Lander software test I participated in many years ago. Also, I'd like to say express grateful I am to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at . If you've never considered being a Patreon of Smarter Every Day, then feel free to click the link if you'd like to see what it's all about. If not, then no big deal! I'm grateful that you're here. Warm Regards, Destin

    • Where is the helicopter video? No links?

    • @MaGaO the moon landings where recorded like a movie, take after take till perfection like any other movie an played back to the people as it was live. so no way possible could it be interrupted 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂. it was already recorded, 😂🤣😂🤣😂dumbass

    • @hernan jimenez That would make for a stuttering broadcast and wouldn't solve the issues of dust hanging in the air and broadcasting hours of uninterrupted video. It looks like you haven't checked much about the technology available at the time.

    • @MaGaO slows motion?? after recording, they played the moon part in slow motion to make it seem 1/6 of fake gravity 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 u think playback in slow motion was impossible than 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    • @hernan jimenez How did they do slow motion in 1969-1972? How did they manage to have dust not stay in the air? You think it is easy because, nowadays, it relatively is. It wasn't then.

  • There's only three ways to go to the Moon, or one. Step one, resurrect Stanley Kubrick. Step two, rent al large studio in the desert. Step three, buy all media and political influencers to give it credibility. Or Get a bunch of wicked smaht guys to get'em there.

  • U said among us a lot

  • Excellent. Great job. I know a lot more about lunar landing than I did before watching this. Sign me up!

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  • Boots on the moon.

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  • Hey, I know this video is about the moon, but I have had this question on my mind for a while now, and the recent Mars landing has brought it back again (and I can't think of anyone else to ask) so here goes... This is regarding the 7 minutes of terror: Do you think that it is possible for NASA to build signal amplifiers that would be strategically placed between Mars and Earth, and these would boost the signal enough to reduce the delay in communication time? Or is this still too far in the future? I'm thinking 2 or 3 satellites spaced evenly across the distance whose purpose is to catch and slingshot the signals back and forth... Thank you for your response (provided you get this message, or for anyone else who may have a theory/answer).

  • Don't you think the next lander will have highly AI assisted landing if not completely AI assisted landing? Although I agree that manual intervention from the onboard astronauts might be necessary and hence the training on earth is necessary.


  • What a brilliant video. Thank you.

  • I couldnt find video of the crane attached llrv anywhere else. Where did you get the LLRF-LLRV footage, if you can/want to answer?

  • Never heard of the X14 either - wow.

  • Thank you for that video that was awesome I am a space not even though I am not able to go into space but that is so cool that we had that and I bet if we go back to the moon like they want us to we need that version of or a new version of training aid

  • Thanks, dude.

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  • Moon landings were faked, hate to break the news.

    • Ha! You’re an ignorant moron. You know NOTHING about the engineering involved.

    • Hate to break it to you but you are an idiot.

    • @Atlas Seriously, do some thinking and use logic...

    • Wrong.

  • Man I'm excited for this series!

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  • This was such an amazing technical feat that mankind accomplished. Thank you for taking the time for making this video and doing in depth research, analysis, and interviews with folks that were involved in the space program. Side note: Sad to see almost 1k flat earthers have shown up.

  • I love getting smarter everyday with your videos

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  • Absolutely amazing! Keep it up

  • 13:40 *the highest resolution on a film from the 60s ever?* what i mean is that the picture is sharp enough to compare to 480dp

  • It's disappointing I can't like this video more than once.

  • I read Mr. Collins abridged version of his book in Reader's Digest, in a 1974 edition, when I was young, and it is a wonderful book.

  • With style

  • Not thrusting...

  • Great presentation of the topic at hand again, but there where a few operational VTOL planes in the 1960 like the german EWR VJ 101 and Dornier Do 31, so not that surprised to see one on the lander program here.

  • The apollo real time thing is really cool.

  • Another reason why people suspect it is fake is because in 1960s, there were no integrated circuits. All computation was using vacuum tubes. There is no way that they could fit that many vacuum tubes into that small module to achieve the REAL TIME SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR LIVE BROADCASTING. Once you realize it is physically impossible with 1960s technologies, you will realize the truth. Hard science won't lie.

    • @Jin Kuang Noise filtering would have been done at the ground stations. You know, the facilities with godzilla-sized satellite dishes.

    • @Kyle Laurent I know what I am talking about. This is just a small set of technical issues that are impossible to address in 1960s technologies.

    • @Atlas You have no idea what you are talking about. Noise filtering is a main operation for real time signal processing. Back in the 1960s there is a big room in TV station doing it. In fact, not until 80s do we start having broadcasting vehicles small enough to fit into a van. And that is 1980s. Think about what is in 1960s when you need to fit a life supporting system AND a broadcasting system into that landing module.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Of course there were integrated circuits back then, lol. And they didn't need to do any digital processing. It's just live TV. Live TV has been a thing since the early 1900.

  • Landing is relatively easy. Launching the heavy life support module back up to 300 miles orbit is hard, even with 1/6 gravity. That is the real reason why people suspect the US landing and returning are fake. If you have a chance to look at the return rocket combustion video, you will conclude it was a joke.

    • @Jin Kuang It depends on what you think is heavy. The ascent stage, completely fueled, weighted about 5 metric tons.

    • @Atlas I just want to know how the hack they can use that tiny combustion source could propel a heavy life supporting module high up into the moon orbit 300 miles up. Time after time after time. At the end, they don't even bother to pretend and even bring rovers and golfs on the moon surface, as if it is just walk in the park.

    • I think most of it is hard.

  • 5:55 exactly, reason why america has area 51

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  • I still love the space program with all my heart and this video just made me happy. Thanks Destin, for the feels, and the history lesson.

  • Is this useful in kerbal space program?

  • This video was amazing. I hate driving a U-Haul in my hometown because I'm not familiar with how it handles--I never thought that the very first man to go to the moon had to confront the most extreme version of that feeling.

  • 1:45 😮

  • 1:45 😳😳

  • Beautiful

  • Ottinger "I take some responsibility for not imagining that he could have been so dumb" first of all, lol, and second of all, I've had many of those moments in my career. I don't say that to make myself feel superior to anyone else but anticipating things that might go wrong, especially when it involves other people, is a serious challenge.

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  • How to land on the moon? The same way you land on cheddar. Boo-yah!

  • Have you made a video about Vortex Ring State vs “Settling With Power” in helicopters and the seeming controversy about the two terms between the US definitions and international definitions? The helicopter that crashed during the Bin Laden raid sent me down that rabbit hole. It’s interesting and difficult to find specifics. Would be interesting I think.

  • Michel Collins was the loneliest man in the universe when orbiting the moon by him self. He described it as very serene and calming.


  • Carrying the Fire is the best-written book from the Apollo era, Collins is a superb author.

  • they did it in hollywood studios...EZ

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  • Seems like they could have solved their simulation problem by installing 4 smaller jets at each corner and throttle their lift to that of 5/6 the weight of the aircraft. Once they have done that, they could install the 5th main jet to move the 1/6 remaining weight and effectively have exactly what they would need on the moon. Then when they built the lunar landing craft they could do the exact same operation only to a 1/6 weight scale on the trust. Seems a lot simpler than building some giant platform crane that can in no way provide a consistent lift or 90° pull and will in no way be duplicatable on the moon.

  • My brain freezed every time you said Among Us...

  • According to Don Pettit, we've lost the technology to go back to the moon. Maybe bc it was a Hollywood soundstage.

    • We didn’t actually “lose the technology”, lol. We lost the infrastructure. Since you’re a flattard, look up what that word means.

    • We literally did though

    • 'According to Don Pettit, we've lost the technology to go back to the moon'. According to an idiot that means all the Apollo missions were a gigantic hoax....

  • okay so i dont get it if we had to simulate the moon's gravity why not try the free fall thing, just in a very controlled environment where to simulate the moon's gravity?

  • Mr. Wayne Ottiger I love that guy. I hope more people interviewed him, keep him company and leech off from his wonderful mind.

  • Hold up are we being pulled down to the earth or is the earth pushing up against us? Honestly you should do a video on gravity, there are couple contradicting theories

  • Great we’re going back to the moon hopefully start making a lunar base, but it’s cool to think nowadays there are literally hundreds of space simulators, what would take a couple months of calculating some numbers would take mins now

  • are these now rendered obsolete by accelerometer and gyroscope like in a quadcopter drone?

  • 2nd question, as an alternative to the frame built by nasa for testing 1/6th of the weight, can we use hot air baloon instead?

  • Can't you just remove weights, change into lighter frame etc like in automobile drag race, to offset the 1/6th weight in testing?

  • Is the new lunar landing not gonna be made by a computer? Like they did with the Mars Rover now. Would that not be way safer?

  • These guys are smart.

  • Sus at 1:44

  • Love this man

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  • 1:58 is sus

  • All you need to do to manually land on the moon is play video games every day for 2 hours a day for all of your astronaut training, doing that will allow you to have almost instant reflexes and will be able to click at 15 cps

  • @19:43 conventional wisdom states that the phone in my pocket has more computational power than NASA had, in its entirety when Neil Armstrong made that step.... i have reviewed the schematics, and the code, and I am going to go with it.... so now let us consider what scientists and engineers accomplished with slide rules and transistors.... Now let Us push our tools so hard, to accomplish even more....

  • Your interview with Mr. Ottinger is a national treasure... i was weeping nerd tears, when Mr. Ottinger said that engineers of his day were not better than the engineers of today... we use the tools we have, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Amen.

  • @17:00 porting the compressor to bleed off for anti torque. that, friends and neighbors, is how you get to the moon... I believe we men walked on the moon. but the landing was always a rough spot for me. i downloaded something like 30 gigs of Apollo data from the NASA technical report server. it was all rational... but the landing part was really sketchy.... until now...

  • Microsoft moon simulator

  • @8:02 what a delight to see Mr. Armstrong talking shop, after all these years.... NASA used a similar hoist mechanism, inside a vacuum chamber, to develop the ingenuity mars helicopter....

  • 1:45 among us 1:59 among us again

  • They don't need an LLTV trainer to return to the moon. The landing will be automated, like spaceX. Or if it was manual, the trainer would be entirely computer-simulator based

  • Neil Armstrong was a gift to the world who left us all too soon.

  • Mr. Ottinger is so awesome!!!! Such a treat to have that conversation with him

  • 1:45 1:59

  • How did they solve the Van Allen belt problem?

    • @Sam Adams You made the claim about the lead shielding, not me. How do you know you'd need 12 feet of lead?

    • @Atlas You're the one claiming it ridiculous. Where's your link?

    • go thorugh fast enough and in the right place

    • @Sam Adams That claim is ridiculous and not supported by anything. Give an authoritative source

    • @Anders Eriksson I wouldn't pee on Curious Droid if he was on fire. He still owes me $10 bucks he borrowed years ago.

  • I loved that answer 19:52 ❤❤

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  • 1:45 1:58

  • To this day , vertical landing had been a nightmare for rocket engineers. By the time it was not successfully simulated here on earth, yet it was managed to do on the alien surface successfully in the first attempt, bleurgh. It sounds more like a faith talk not tech talk. There are many marvelous achievements by the NASA in space exploration, that it can cover up what was technologically unachievable at the time. It would be interesting to see how one such landing could be made in 2024. With the technological advancement, It should be way easier then in 1969, devoid of the transistor magic yet. It is still thrilled with challenges and risks that can reveal the truth of Apollo landing, people have been fooled for so long. And it is this fear that has stop NASA from making one such attempt.

  • 1:44 among us

  • Hey a series that you haven't done that I think would be super is a SPY series. Such as the SEAL of the United states and how Russia planted a microphone in this gift. A trojan house type warfare. How it ws remotely powered and able to transmit signals back. The interesting gadgets of today, how they can turn your cell phone into a super spy machine. IE able to hear a conversation over a km away. Microdot film and how it worked. The ability to remote power items isn't anything new, but it has interesting applications in industry and life. :D

  • Thinking I've seen everything then seeing all these crazy test vehicles blew my mind. Especially for the time. This is some area 51 stuff.

  • 1:44 AMONG US.

  • The snake story! 😂 He will bruise your heel, but you will crush his head... or ya know crash a frickin lander on you.

  • I think this sums it up pretty well. 20:08

  • That crane could make a pretty big 3D printer

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  • I tend to driv by nasa Langley at least a few times a month and always wondered what that big gantry like thing was. I recently saw news on it being used to test the new space capsules landing in the water but never new it had to do with the lunar lander! Way cool! Thanks for teaching my something "new" everyday! Cant wait to drive by it again now!

  • I just learned that the Ingenuity Helicopter used a similar tethered lifting system to simulate atmosphere on Mars!

  • I love orbital dynamics god