How We Escaped the Border in the 100 by 100 Minecraft World

Joylandi 12-Iyn, 2021
Yeah Jaron escapes the 100 by 100 Minecraft World border in under five minutes. Much longer than a short

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(The 100 by 100 is a private server for friends)

Xisumavoid's Ender Pearl Launcher Design:

Music Used:
"Andy Griffith Tribute" by Huseyin Aksu
"Land of Green and Gold" - Stardew Valley
"Honeyhive Galaxy" - Super Mario Galaxy
"A Sparkling Day" by Casiopea
"Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape" - Yoshi's Wooly World
"K.K. Groove" - Animal Crossing
"To The Gateway" - Super Mario Galaxy
"NSMBU Sky Edit" - Super Mario Maker 2
"Droopy Likes Your Face" - C418

hahaha youtube analytics go brrrrrr
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This isn't 100 Days Hardcore or I Played Minecraft Hardcore for 100 Days and Here's what Happened. This is the Yeah Jaron 100 by 100 Minecraft World. hi dweam :)


  • And as of this video being uploaded, 100 by 100 World is now in 1.17! Content about that soon!

  • yeah JaroNhRJgYuJyGJh

  • Ok yeah jreon

  • Please try this one Bro use creative mode in your test world

  • "Jaron"

  • I’m surprised his computer says he has a ryzen 5 and an rx 570. This proves you don’t need a 10,000 dollar computer to become a UZfirer

  • What about totems of undying edit i forgot you can’t get them

  • Hey Jaron I have a idea you can do a command that gets rid of the bored but it on,y works in creative

  • You can use TYSONS trick and use a ENDER PEARL STATUS CHAMBER (one in the dream smp) and go farther and when u need to TP back they can right click the door to get ya back :D

  • Jaron

  • 3:46 are you allowed to use commands in 100 by 100 World?

  • You sound like bad boy halo


  • When your done the 100 by 100 world deleate the boarder

  • Go in creative

  • How does the world look like an ant?!? Just because something’s small it doesn't mean you can call it an ant!

  • There is a secret channel called spitting llama with 27 subs

  • I love your videos keep up the good work

  • There is no more borders inside of Minecraft anymore if you travel around the world of Minecraft it’s like a never ending flat world

  • Explode the slab with TNT. It works

  • Arch hr hub f hub yr j yr c yum yr k

  • 1:16 wait what is his friend flying please tell guys

  • You should try to use an enderpearl stasus chamber

  • “Yeah Jaron suffocated whilst trying to escape Yeah Jaron

  • Imagine if the borders break

  • Hi there I hope you are enjoying

  • use /game mode c

  • Ez use a freaking notch apple

  • what bout creative?

  • @YeahJaron, you kinda sound like AntVenom lol.

  • Ahem *cough cough* Jaron there I spelled it right

  • I didn’t even see that this is 4 minutes and 49 seconds long

  • you can do this other ways lmao with boats and combat logging next to the border

  • i did this like 4 months ago in my friends smp


  • Jaron you dumb

  • @Yeah Jaron actually if you use the e-pearl launcher, you can effectively build MUCH farther out of the border with concrete or gravity blocks

  • .

  • yeah jaron

  • Wait what about, just hear me out, craetive

  • It’s actually impossible to get past the border the only way you can get past it is to be in creative

  • New national sport! ( By national i mean this smp only )

  • Hey Joron

  • Jesus loves whoever reads this =D

  • You guys want some dark humor

  • Ya jaron

  • *thats foreshadowing by the way* I loved how he said that

  • You guys have survived 600 days...

  • They cant spell ur name lmao

  • You could explode the stone slab with tnt

  • I saw a tik tok hack That you could taken in the pro and put out

  • Great video

  • Jaron

  • I found out you can place a boat outside the border, sit in it and press shift to get out. You can't place or break blocks, but collect items. If you put a tnt block on the border the explosion can destroy blocks.

  • What you could do is get the trident idea but you have extra and fireworks (if possible of course). Then you could make an ender pearl stasis machine. Your friend could activate it at the last second as you throw your ender pearl. So you dpnt have to waste time coming b back to base your self, and also it will give you a few extra moments because then he can throw healing healing pot on you and when the ender pearl that you sent out would hit the ground.

  • “Fun fact: that slab is there forever now!” You can blow it up…

  • Jason

  • And even dumber you won't use creatives

    • He cant do that. HES IN A SURVIAL WORLD... If he does that hes going to ruin the world. Go to youtube kids

  • You Could've used boats

  • Hey dumb Man you don't use GOLDEN APPLE

  • is it just my or does the totem of undying doesn't work for this experiment?

  • How you make world???

  • JasonX Jaron√

  • 6 ways to die in Minecraft by Yeah Jaron

  • Me be like when I saw the title : Use an ender pearl But you will take damge if you go far.

  • jaron eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I realize now that you did your experiments in the over world ONLY. I think you should recreate that enderpearl launcher ON THE NETHER ROOF! Maybe you could go farther on the roof, without having to worry about terrain generation getting in the way! (BTW I play bedrock where you cannot build on the roof so build limits may be an issue with java.)

  • *Andy Griffith has entered the chat*

  • Jesus loves whoever reads this : )

  • Just do a trapdoor enderpearl where u dig and place soul sand if u have sould sand in the nether and place water and throw enderpearl and when ur near to death ask ur friend to click the trapdoor so it will tp u back

  • Jaron

  • Jdbqrcn now try get into the void in survival mode!

  • Yeah_jaron im in surjen


  • Hi yeah jaron

  • question can i join 100 by 100 listen im new to your channel but love it so for

  • What if you used pistons to build a house outside the border?

  • The enderpearl that got launched was.. wow

  • Idea: totems

  • Jardin

  • Make a 500/500 world

  • i am a bit late, but fun fact: that ghost cobblestone slab can be removed with tnt

  • Theres a cheaper way just get a boat on land or water doesnt matter and put it on or out of the border then sit in it

  • Is this how you spell your name j a r o n

  • Yeah jaron

  • His name is *J A R O N*

  • Totem off undying

  • 3:57 i don't know but that looks cool

  • Make a railroad and use golden apples

  • Me at 3 am: intresting

  • Jaron I said it right and I’m 9

  • My idea would be doing the last metod but using e Pearl Chambers so you could get teleported back as soon as you throw the pearl allowing you to go further

  • jober

  • Jaron

  • Yeah Jaron


  • 🤣Jaron

  • Your CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 lol

  • Hi Yeah Jaron

  • 2 words ( ender peals)