I'm finally going pro in Rocket League...

Joylandi 2-Mar, 2021
Happy to announce that I'll be joining the pro NRG Rocket League team as a sub with @SquishyMuffinz, @GarrettG, and @JSTN being the starters
In the main portion of the video, I do a two different 2v2 tournaments: 1 with @GarrettG and 1 with @Sizz. Whoever I can get more goals with by the end of the tournament will be crowned champion!
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🎮My Rocket League Coaching Profile🎮
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0:00 - announcement video
3:03 - how it all happened
6:42 - garrett tourney
14:20 - sizz tourney
Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com
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  • 'LETS GO' chain below 😤😤😤

  • We knew this would come. CONGRATS MUSTY!

  • This made me feel better about rocket league because i believe I suck at it.

  • Can I please play with you I know your busy and stuff I want to play with you it would be my dream

  • Did anybody notice how sizz name change to wizzy?

  • 13:29 *the screams of when you step on a lego.*

  • 1 h later

  • Can you give me your settings please I beg you

  • 2:06 dead inside

  • hiii

  • Hey gamer will finally like to welcome you to the pro squad baby let's go musty congratulations

  • Let's go

  • must is beast rocket league player

  • That from tim

  • Let's go musty

  • YEA

  • so many hey gamers in one minute system overload

  • I love of how timthetatman helped him stay focused to go pro

  • That beat tho

  • Letsgo musty you shoudl go pro im your biggest fan your the best youtuber continue your centant

  • Well done musty!!

  • 4:46 Chicago in his party

  • whats the song after that call from Sizz?

  • What was the song in the after speech montage?

  • musty sounds so nervous in front of them lol

  • when that edit came in, it gave me chills

  • Garret 👏 Doesn’t 👏 Miss

  • hey gamer

  • Didn't finish watching yet but I'm sorry Musty u will be a pro for me

    • Maybe because I'm a bronze but I was silver 2 once I need help train me plz

  • Yo he used Tim's speech lmaooo😂😂😂. Shit goes hard tho ngl

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • My guy musty still dont remember me i was their since 100k

  • squshiy and gargetg bruh squsihy dont laugh because a few months ago he bet you squishy so don't talkand gargetg he played with sizz and he got 54 but you and musty got 46 so yea

  • I love the part where garrett does a dubble tap

  • Nise montage at the start


  • Hey gamer


  • But u are actually a legend broo

  • But if u say yes? My account is imposing-stem6

  • I know how to air dribble

  • I'm actually a legend at rocket league for 10 years old

  • Yo musty can I play with u


  • Your not bad your good


  • This inspired me to get better, thanks musty.

  • Most inspirational part was Tim's Speech

  • 3:52 what just happened?

  • i wish i got that motivation from a pro

  • Song name?

  • Musty your videos is amazing and btw I’m jayden

  • Why's Chicago in the party ?

  • Ik I’m late but, that intro, put a gamer in tears

  • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Haha I saw though ur blur at the start 45 total lol 49 lol

  • I love how the editor just REFUSES

  • Musty in the beginning is how I feel when I play valorant with my friends LMAO

  • You wearing the merzty mertch

  • Msta 42

  • Big E

  • It is ok I love U

  • This editors an our mvp

  • My favorite part was when he said HEY GAMER

  • Nice edits

  • Be strong hope you win!

  • 0:48 made me cry

  • 0:40 when you remember your high school days.

  • The amount of times sizz said yes sir 👇

  • Musty I’m a big fan btw can you add me I’m c_ghost2014

  • Musty in 2016 hey gamer literally 5 years later HeY GAmer

  • 13:28 aaaaAAAHAHHH F F F Lmao

  • Tim always got our backs👌

  • Obama would be proud

  • What

  • I’ve been having really bad teammates who leave after 10 seconds or own goal no less than 6 times. Any solutions? They’ve just dropped me from diamond back to plat

  • lmao

  • What is the song?

  • Im proud of this man

  • this song drip

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I just got clickbaited and so did you

  • @amusycow 18:15 we know thats cap boy keep up the good work though

  • "YOU CANNOT RUN FROM YOUR SHAME" -Musty's editor

  • DUDE NO WAY DID YALL SEE HOW GOOD THAT EDIT WAS DOG ITS INSANE congrats on making the team musty

  • That hey gamer hit different

  • Hey gamer hey gamer hey gammer

  • Your the best please add me on rocket league my name is Halciugnicolas


  • musty becomes a pro on my birthday

  • Song of the montage: Pep Talk by Xavy Rusan

    • @Tumtumsavage TL2 no worries ;)

    • Yo this helps a lot 😅 thanks man

  • GarrettG is cracked at rocket league my guy

  • If you see this musty I want to say congrats 🥳and also what is the song name in the montage

  • The amount of likes on the video is how many times they said "Nice"

  • how do you teleport the ball like that on pc???

    • Its probably part of bakkes mod

  • Song name is pep talk Xavy Rusan

  • amusty is rich

  • Lets gooo

  • I'm on xbox name is Adawg5013 three really want the lime octane iv got the nrg decal

  • Yoooooo that’s Tim in the beginning