I Spawned with FORTUNE 1000...

Joylandi 7-Okt, 2020
I Spawned with FORTUNE 1000...
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This is Minecraft UHC challenge in which I spawned with FORTUNE 1000! I also gave it to everyone else in the game... It doesn't seem like a very good idea. 5 LIKES FOR FORTUNE!?


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    • lol

    • You noob

    • Jetz ou rzi 0 eia

    • Wisp I joined your Discord server but when I put in my email it said that my password doesn't match and I created one just for this so I know it's right idk why it's happening

    • You just said I love winning Fortnite

  • wisp: uno dos tres me: thinks about H.A.Y

  • what is the full command you used

  • My name in Discord is drake06 or huygiato06

  • Don't be a hater and dis-like

  • You can do every thing but find dimons

  • A lot of mc yts are copying your vids homie 😂

  • 0:14 you can settle in life lol

  • sub to wisp

  • Im love mod you

  • You said I love winning games in fortnite lol you meant Minecraft

  • 1:50 well

  • Speak Spanish language 😆

  • Chicka-dee :D Him: I can do everything Me: except find diamonds

  • what is this command

  • I love winning games in fortnite. I thought this was minecraft


  • Its feel like you are tommyinnit

  • Thumb nail : fortune 1M the video : fortune 1000

  • I learn Spanish in school

  • Wisp how he know that he knowsnyour is s2 e2 its cause he's whatching your vids on a sumsung TV it has UZfire

  • 1,2,3,4 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Next year someone please Reply to this comment saying “remember Jessica”

  • 5:53 it’s French not Spanish

  • what's your discord name

  • I miss these :(

  • Me NOOB: hmmmmmm let me go catch sone animals :) Wisp:Let’s go mining for diamonds Me: Oooooo diamonds let me mine with me wooden pickaxe While me smart:Oooo good loot let me take it

  • Wisp when going to fight: let’s go yes hahaha Me with leather armor: maybe u should hide in the tree

  • when i first played i thought red stone was ruby’s hahaha

  • Bru

  • Fortnite

  • 4:46:idk

  • 3:00:does not work on gold

  • 2:10:does not work on iron

  • My Battery percentage: only 2% **Me watching wisp** My battery: how many minutes does that video have? make sure I can wait that long

  • 5:29 mining with wisp

  • do you play 1.16

  • Wut does a g head do

  • What command did you use for your pickaxe

  • Could have burned the lapis with flint and steel

  • The block disappeared 5:11

  • What’s the command

  • Big brain go to the nether and mine gold

  • vBritt Reid

  • What happened to your sword when who killed the zombie

  • Wisp at 3:36: {see's lapis in chest} Also Wisp: {Mined a singular lapis earlier} Wisp: Adiossss

  • That is fortune 1 million because it is a M

  • Cool

  • 12:35 8 heads, wowwwwww

  • Why is it fortune M ???

  • Wisp counting to 4 in spanish" I can do everything. Me at that moment: Except for find diamonds


  • Hi

  • only legends know he said i love winning games in fortnite

  • 11:21 I’m triggered 😤

  • yesterday I was wondering wat fortune ment but now I know😃

  • ok

  • What true bliss looks like :

  • What on earth is a Golden head?

  • You tell the S word

  • Literally the whole soo many diamonds but not one single enchanted shield my guy

  • When he counted the obsidian and said it was in Spanish it was in french

  • Wisp: if only fortune worked on iron Mojang: BINGO


  • what texture pack is that

  • 1 million and all

  • M does not mean thousand. M is million. (at least I think it's just not thousand)

  • Someone in chat said “sorry whisp I ran away I saw some gold so I had to go get it” and in chat I said “NUB YOU RANGE

  • 13:08 combo is coming

  • The overrated change corroboratively shock because memory conceptually fade upon a innate angle. redundant, rambunctious waterfall

  • He just said I love winning games in FORTNITE...

  • Him:Oh I don’t need iron Him the sec time:I’m mining iron Him the last time:I need enough iron for an anvil

  • Bee bee ba bee boo boo bee bee bee bah bee bah boo bee bee bah bee boo bah bah bee boh bah bah

  • The abundant pot notablely encourage because sail optically hammer opposite a miniature rock. common, boring bread

  • 4:12 does the diamond block multiply if u brake it with fortune

  • I am the monster A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A

  • Wisp got combo

  • (1:53) forshadowing?

  • The dead sandra centrally race because budget apically flood failing a furry furtive onion. victorious, unable motion

  • You could of got the diamond block and break it then you can gat sooo much

  • The economic jewel primarily kneel because ray aetiologically race abaft a maniacal preface. charming, belligerent typhoon

  • You had so many diamonds you could make full día mond beacon 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The prickly craftsman quickly expand because flood timely agree between a nutty push. low, pricey plate

  • what is g head

  • Onse dose trese qaturse kinse disi sais disi shete disi otso disi nueve bente

  • Unos dos tres quatro sinko sais shete otso nueve djis

  • Random guy whos the last person: takes Wisp's kill Wisp: you yee'd you last haw

  • 3:48no don’t need iron then mines iron

  • Wisp: I love winning game on fortnight *Me be like:* I- well ok 👌 *Meh siblings be like:* BUT YOUR PLAYING MINECRAFT?!?!

  • someone in the chat:i just needed 1..

  • I learned something new fortune works on seeds WHAAAAT

  • Wisp: uno, dos, tres.. Me: ez ik the full language

  • I love your videos

  • Every youtuber: hit the subscribe button it’s free Me: so why does it say make a account to do it?

  • Big girl doesn't sound ok

  • Wisp: oh no, server crashed someone on chat: sorry, i mined lapis

  • Get evisginsey

  • WHAT spinning

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  • The billowy candle preauricularly satisfy because hot importantly interrupt around a scattered drake. misty, wholesale shade