I Spent 100 Days in RLCraft and Here's What Happened

Joylandi 27-May, 2020
RLCRAFT is tough, and if you've watched my RLCraft series, you'll know I'm pretty bad at it. So, I TRIED to survive Hardcore RLCraft for 100 Days and This is What Happened. The original idea cme from LukeTheNotable who graciously gave me permission. I previously Survived 100 Days of Hardcore VR Minecraft and now I wanted to see if I could do it in RLCraft
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Inspired By Luke TheNotable:
#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
Forge Labs
Edited By WiseFish:
More Info about RLCraft can be found from Shivaxi : uzfire.info
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  • Dont mind me I'm just a spider doing spider stuff

  • Hey I'm doing hardcord I'm almost at day 100 but I have bit dims medium house im doing 👍

  • hell yea my man 2:15

  • How much times did we hear “a man like me” 😭

  • Were you using Morrowind music in the background here, if yes, good choice

  • Everyone gangsta until the Boys In Blue are sent out

  • You mind doing a face reveal.

  • "They are so hard to find!" In his series: Them appearing out of nowhere every 24/7.

  • hell yeah my man.

  • Hell ya my man

  • Skyrim player here Slayed hundreds of dragons but NEVER ONE IN RLCRAFT

  • a man like him wants to tame a pet rock

  • Hell yea my man!

  • Synthesis of the whole video: MA MAANNN

  • The bones is. A dragon skull i think

  • not even 1 second in and he dies

  • 27:02 I have said this very sentence but on the toilet.

  • No joke thought he said "Megacumtooth" as the name of the dragon

  • Forge: who doesn’t love spring! Me: I’m allergic to pollen in the spring.......

  • Forge: I write like a four year old! Me: I don’t write every time I make blobs or scribbles instead while trying.

  • the purple crap is the corruption from terraria

  • Forge labs doesn't like his houses "Me wishing i could build half as good as him"

  • "took to the skys and rode the rock"

  • the bois in blue team

  • I hate rl craft during April fools because you have to hear that stupid sound everything I die

  • Haha

  • why didint he just summon a jengu and a aegis in his house since he tried getting a nymph in his house

  • hell yes

  • Hell yeah my man

  • i made that tree that was in day 49 my home once

  • How do you play this mod without being terrified

  • Have a great day

  • Be carful it’s the rapier or the raper

  • I need 40 kill one dragon

  • That's a big button

  • 23:10 My mans went into full on motorcycle mode

  • Hell yeah my man, oo yeah, that’s good!


  • And I keep hereing the oblivion music from the 2006 RPG

  • 200 days

  • Hell yeah my man like uh yeah...

  • Not good thogh

  • I can read bad righting

  • Give me your mods

  • My man

  • Forge labs: on the pirate ship what were the names of the armor and sword? I’m trying to make my own Minecraft map!

  • The only dragon I killed was ended dragon.

  • Does anyone know what version he’s using?

  • Its imposible to hate you

  • 200 days

  • NGL that speech at the beginning was AMAZING!

  • lame

  • There sieriens

  • My man we are all idiots, no one is exempted.

  • Man I freaking love your videos

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  • hell yea my man strong man


  • hm rlcraft

  • Which shader does he use?

  • im so surprised roc's barely spawned for this dude, they come it flocks for me and i just started playing rlcraft (edit) i also remember climbing a battle tower when i had some kinda trash gear besides my bow and iron sword when a shardkado event started and... it was near my house. and i had no summoning staff. i deleted the world.

  • Not easy

  • Hell yeah ma man ohh yeah that's goood

  • I feel like someone said this before, But, I love the World of Warcraft music

  • It's so easy to kill a dragon I can kill one with my bare hands and my eyes closed.

  • You are good at surviving

  • How to get red dragon armour find a dead red dragon bones then use them to make a weapon to kill it

  • This is Fantasy At it’s finest

  • I tried to play this and I didnt even get as far as you did

  • Help yeah my man

  • Numb chucks really got me haha!

  • I- The nostalgia... Around 17:00 there is Oblivion (Elder Scrolls) music...

  • :)

  • Iron rapier More like attack on titan rapier

  • forge is into vore confirmed?

  • 23:07 when car noises get in minecraft

  • hell yeah man!

  • Hell yea man

  • my man kills dragons in his sleep

  • love it

  • the turning point at 37:32 was my favorite part. When in doubt, ask the community.

  • Respect this man

  • When I try and raid a battle tower with the good gear I have lvl3 is hard

  • The first time I killed a dragon was with a bow and I was out of his view range

  • No mater what I do every time I find a good place for a house 50-200 blocks away is a dragon. ALWAYS!!!!

  • That is cool you tamed a rock

  • I play Minecraft to

  • The dragon you want to beat is the rarest one the royal red dragon lucky you it's not the strongest.

  • I almost forget this is Minecraft

  • I like the just Blame X33N

  • same

  • ok thats good now try to spend 100 days in hardcore with atleast 100 mods enabled

  • hell yeah my man hoo yeah that's good

  • 400 day in hard-core

  • He should’ve made a story that the massive pile of pines is a greater monster that ruled these lands but died somehow

    • He really should've!

  • That scene in godzilla kotm : 43:06

  • One word only: Caca

  • I tried 100 days in rl craft but I only survived 30 days..... actually I died 50 times

  • What shader?

  • Man I just realized I wasn’t subscribed lol