I Survived 1,100 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

Joylandi 12-Iyn, 2021
1,200 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: uzfire.info/camera/video/nozGoKOhtKd4aos

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist: uzfire.info?list...

Tutorials I used for this video:
Music Disc Farm - uzfire.info/camera/video/rYaWoGOOq958eGo

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! uzfire.info...

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  • ❤️

  • i subscribed

  • Sb in the 3000 days: "Ok we are making a red stone farm"

  • 9:13 Sb: does that makes sense probably not considering my explanations Me: Who gets it and always explains things like that 😐

  • i just bet that sb will make a contraption that will make minecraft just an afk farm

  • Wait you can enchant shears

  • When he says netherite is useless that's when we get amethyst armor and tools

  • Make a diamond block palace

  • A

  • 2B737: must be crazy to start a project like this Ph1lza: And insane to end it

  • On day 5000 I made a command block farm in hardcore minecraft

  • He was at day 1070 at 7 mins. What were the other 30 days

  • He always organizes but his main chests are cluttered 🤣🤣

  • diamods are for peasants but iron isn't?

    • you can do so many things with iron that diamond can't

  • how do u get in blocks while mining

  • diamonds r good for netherite only

  • Sb: uses blaze rods as fuel Me: mines tree for charcoal

  • مپ بزار واسه دانلود

  • Thankfully, I have millions of hoppers already **Proceeds To take out 18 hoppers** 20:03

  • Where are from?

  • 4:39 Its just as zuzzuzzuz as it needs to be

  • His

  • What is hus seed

  • Man really wish Tommy innit would reply wonder what he would say he would be very jealous of the discs

  • "im very disorganised with my chests" same buddy same here i have a whole room full of chests of usless stuff

  • SB737's famous quote: what's the point of playing Minecraft if you don't have a ridiculous amount of items that we don't need

    • I have 3 chests with random stuff in my 2 player realm

  • /:

  • Hmmm

  • It wouldn’t be an sb video without him using 100 billion chests and hoppers😆

  • Dream is overrated, this guy deserves 10mil for making such good content

  • Ur content is amazing I started watching u because of this series u r really underrated

  • Well good thing I cleared out ocean ruins ocean monuments I have built up a collection of five million houses made out of temples, ruins, monuments, strongholds, and much more


  • Sb build the bridge to access the village but ends up flying over the water

  • Jukebox

  • For the love of god pls just get those daimonds

  • Meack a temple

  • The real question is how do sbs tools feel being invincible

    • he has mending so if he gets xp it will repair itself

  • honestly, at this stage its surprising that u need to play the game at all

  • I didn't know that blaze rods are fuel, thanks SB

  • How in the world you have 2 million subscribers , you deserve like 30 millions subscribers

  • J aime trop tes vidéos continue comme ça

  • Laik theat

  • 3:55 You don't mine trees, You chop them. 😂

  • Bro diamonds are not for peasents OK see how could you make netherite Armour huh with iron that's what u thought

  • You don’t have an enderman head

  • STOP MAKING DURATION 1 ROCKETS! You have a massive creeper farm! Just put three gunpowder for every 1 paper.

    • he should definitely do it to make him fly a lot longer

    • you and me are probably the only one who says that

  • Sb is the only one who uses honey comb for building

  • i know what to do with the diamonds make a throne!

  • Make diamonds are for pesetas merch pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • day 3000 be like okay guys im going to make a barrier farm now

  • I don’t give a frick just take the god dang diamonds!

    • Diamonds are not for peasants they are for rich peasants

  • SB ignoring diamonds Me- Kill me, kill me, KILL ME NOW !!

  • Can you make video's how you make that kinda farms, like the villager farm pls? I like your video's btw

    • Watch the previous episodes, as I do everything in the videos

  • Bye);

  • U said a levere it’s a lever

  • "But get,what's the point of playing minecraft if we don't get ridiculous amounts of items we don't even need?" *SB737*

  • tower of slavery perfect

  • yo mama

  • 6:09 day 1069

  • Sb737: "Diamonds are for peasants" The Peasants:

  • make the bamboo farm a bit taller it just makes sense since bamboo grows more.

  • He has the 3rd longest hardcore world I know in second place LTN and 1st Is loony with almost 5000 days

  • Yeet nice armor

  • Fnaf music man

  • please automatic chicken farm with world

  • You know your OP when your at the point red stone is more precious than diamonds.

  • 13:28 omg look what happened comment and keep this up top for me to fool more people

  • At the start it was really hilarious when he said I expand my tower of slavery.

  • U were building a creeper farm in this ep but u already have one, can’t you just get discs from that

  • 12:08 tommy

  • Ur the king Minecraft player

  • the king of redstone

  • SB should build an auto miner like the one from friend or foe. That way, he could get infinite redstone

  • I just knew that “SB” is actually sonic boom

  • the smp

  • ok 77777 yyyy 8888 ffff

  • 22 sebellinin da--

  • 1:48

  • U survive 1050 2 2000

  • Wow you are so cool 😊👍

  • Lol we have a monument near out base and were draining it and i went to drain it one day and he had all the sponges so we were literally just placing gravel and breaking it and it was about a fifth of the way done when we started and half the way done when we ended so i feel your pain but times 5

  • Everyone was talking about the diamonds because you can make a room out of diamond blocks

  • make a witch farm for redstone

  • Sb is rich but still go mine redstone then trading with willager and surport the economi

  • guys dont tell sb about stonecutters

  • don't say crazy to wadzee. he does not do small project and this is a giant project.

  • Day 1100 but he make flight duration 1 firework and not flight duration 3 😉 why??

  • "But hey, whats the point of playing minecrafit if we dont get a ridiculous amount of items we dont need?" -sb737

  • hi sb737 i love your episodes make a endermen farm please. you are so funny.

  • Sb-day47 full Netherite Me-day 2000 full leather armor

  • New armor: gets released Sb: NETHERITE IS FOR PEASANTS

  • he missed cyan wool

  • 6:20 how did the redstone he placed turn to a dirt block?

    • I think its a glitch like what happened to the snow

  • People in 100 days -he used creative mode he has a stack of blaze rods People now- he has 20 shulker boxes of blaze rods

  • If diamonds are for pencents than nethite is to since you need diamond tools to make netherite tools

  • Hey, please make a tutorial building an exact replica of your gold farm.

  • Shoutout to tommyinnit

  • Ok guys and I've finally finished my castle made of Netherite blocks, diamond blocks, gold blocks, iron blocks, and Netherite scraps, with of course 9 full beacons shooting out of every tower in the corner. Plus a lava moat with all source blocks. And we can't forget the dragon egg at the top of the middle of the front of the castle and dragon heads and elytras lining the top of the walls. It looks ok... But it could use more stuff.... Maybe some guardian laser towers.... Maybe elder guardians... Yeah I.

  • Who is winning at hardcore, wadzee or SB?