Is This The Scariest FNAF Fan Game Yet? | FNAF Animator's Heck

Joylandi 23-Iyn, 2020
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Today we return to the franchise that will never die, FNAF! I've been seeing this game around and it's been a while since I've played a Five Nights At Freddy's fan game. Plus this one features a ton of FNAF Animators, which is very cool! Get ready to be jumpscared!
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  • *GAME THEORY:* _is the GTLive theme literally just Kana-Boon's "Silhouettes"?_

  • she's here she's there she's everywhere, who your gonna call? valentine wolf girl!

  • Make more plz🥺

  • also when i hear death horse i think of thee red dead undead nightmare zombie horse lol

  • anyone notice audio issues?

  • "and of course a golden freddy stand-in" Me who watches E-Breddy:

  • 5:05 lol

  • Alternative title:Matpat says “This is so cool!” for 45 minutes.

  • I love how every time a jump scare plays, the camera in the room says “GAME OVER”

  • more fan games wuhoo comment for the all powerful algorithm

  • FNAF Joy Of Creation!!

  • No one: Not even Deathhorse: Not even the cup in the corner of mat's webcam: Luna: sOrRy i'M a bIt oF a lUnAtIC, hEhEheheEHEHEHeehehehhe

  • game: *something scary happens* me: "that was scary" MatPat: "this is hilarious"

  • 34:48 I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere Who are you gonna call? Psychic friend Fredbear

  • am i the only one that thinks this intro is similar to "Silhouette" the 16th opening for naruto lol

  • 5:05 I'm sorry?

  • Psychic friend Fred bear reference see if you can find it

  • Nobody: DeathHorse: *B U M P*

  • Never thought I’d ever hear Matpat say “foxy rule34”

  • Lmao joy of creation is scarier

  • When the fan games look better than the main games, you know you have a problem

  • Luna sounds like molten freddy from pizza simulator

  • What I think Cortez is thinking while he's sitting behind in front of the desk: *"just go up there and talk to him.."* *"It's not that hard, Cortez." *"You want more friends, right?"* *"Alright. I'm finally gonna do it."* **Cortez stands up and tries to confront you and you flash him in the eyes with a light** *"GOD THAT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA WHY DID I DO THAT WHYYYY"*

  • Can I just say that MatPat isn’t a problematic UZfirer like a lot of the others

  • Omg play more plz

  • I watched with earbuds, and with enough personal experience, I could tell which vent the laughter dude was in Left vent: left ear Middle vent: both ears Right vent: right ear Right and left vent might swap depending on how your sound works

  • I miss seeing this played... 😩

  • 5:03 killing it with the titles dude 😂😂

  • Everytime he looks at the camera I imagine the security guard just smacking himself in the face with a screen

  • I want more of this game, please mat pat

  • "FNAF: Animator's Heck" me, an animator: o h n o

  • That fox girl is so cute

  • FNAF heck nah that's just being a FNAF theorist


  • THE GIY YOU CALLED FRANK IS FROM INFAMOUS 2 he is the pava monster at the end of the game if u haven't played it you definitely should

  • one sad thing is that they all get hate

  • Matt: *Plays Pac-Man* Cortez (curled under the desk): "Are ya winnin, son?"

  • So um... 5:06, yeah

  • One of the best, top-tier FNAFangame so far, if not the best!

  • 1:25 No Its more like Stockholm Syndrome

  • 0:00 Intro 3:24 Actual Game 44:08 Ending

  • "there's your foxy rule ##" -matpat 2020

  • 16:36

  • the jumpscares are amazing

  • death horse is a creation from derpydeeve who maid death horse a ennerd same with derpydeece's oc

  • 5:03 is no one gonna day anything about how he knows what rule34 is👀👀

  • GG live is my favourite chanal

  • Lmfao I didn't check the date this was uploaded and thinking this is new I'm like "Hmm that story of Matt telling how Ollie keeps bumping his head sounds so familiar and I don't know why" xD silly ol' me

  • do do dooooooooooooo do dou do dod od dooo

  • "There's your foxy rule 34." -MatPat 2020

  • 8:57

  • "Look! These are so unbelievable models! They look so believable(...)" huh?

  • this is the first time i acually want to play smth fnaf like

  • Mat pat you literally said in all your fnaf vr streams that fnaf vr was your favorite and now you say custom night I mean custom is really fun and personally my second favorite but still

  • Fnaf+: *"Aight, bet."*

  • I can never watch a gtlive intro without thinking the song is the Naruto opening 16

  • YoUr EnD iS FeRtIlE .. I .. I MeAn FeUtIlE

  • Death horse is called death horse because he was created by a UZfire named derpy_horse

  • "bloody neural network" Me: "Mat, that's either meat, or raw flesh."

  • Best game ever 5 stars

  • They’re based on Animators that are famous for making FNAF/SFM and they got created by their iconic mascot of their channel

  • Mannn I’m so disappointed he hasn’t played more of this since, it’s such a well made game

  • It's neat how the icon changes to angry when you select an animatronic. Also, can we acknowledge how well done the surface imperfections are?

  • Matpat: how much do these things grow? Animatronic: I'm glad you asked...

  • What’s with the audio

  • Mabey death horse should bang his head first when death horse leaves the window cracked and bits of his tenticals trying to enter your office

  • Did you know the music box plays Kirby music

  • can someone please tell me what pacman’s saying in his second jumpscare? i cant hear him over mat :(

  • Isn't the glasses bunny guy from another fan game? I can't remember what it's called Markiplier played it it was very memey....


  • I really hope he plays this again some day

  • I love this game as much as matpat I mean the animation is so smooth and just AMAZING I love it when fangame creators put a great amount of effort in them I really appreciate the fact that they aren't using that weird like poorly made add infested mobile game type style. Anyway have a great day everyone love you matpat say hi to your son Oliver... wait is your kids name Oliver I can't remember uhm just say hi

  • 4:06 skip past title screen.

  • I have an idea, try and run out of power with no animatronics on, something happens in fnac if u do that, and maybe this too?

  • 18:10 fnaf gone *PUN* y:

  • Alternate Title: Mat saying the animations are so good for fourty six minutes and five seconds.

  • What’s rule 34 ???

  • Do you often over think? Me: *39:15* Noooo

  • Nobody: Ender: Your end was fertial I mean futiel

  • PACman or PATman? These are ligitamit questions

  • “There’s your foxy... rule 34” I legit lost it at that

  • The way that death Horse bashes he's head on the window reminds me of penywise

  • The Character Luna is an animator called LunaticPlushtrap. Here’s his channel:

  • When I hear the bangs in my head I hear “FBI OPEN UP!”

  • I have headphones, so I can hear where the noises are coming from

  • These games need a "streamer/content creator mode." Where they get rid of the static effects so the compression doesn't take me back to 2008 watching piano cat and Numa Numa guy.

  • here we got a version of the puppet or ennard. bruh that is litarly derpy horse you idiot

  • i can see why it was called animators heck because this must have taken a long time to make. and it felt like heck to them

  • My favourite animators are lolbite and derpyhorse

  • some of them look like ship kid's

  • Matpat: Blinds a rabbit Also Matpat: He's cool he's cool

  • Hey there's a double space in the title please fix it Matthew Patrick aka "Matpat" owner of "The Game Theorists" UZfire channel

  • Hey Matpat! Id love it if you played this game again maybe with steph this time, Mostly because you missed a bunch of the features on this game! Theres a vent cam, the heat fox girl, A pair that their mechanics are really fun, and More! Thanks !

  • Who else is just reading comments while mat chose no one

  • While it is great to see Matt play this game..but we all know there wont be an offical game play video until the KING of FNAF plays it !!!

  • MatPat: brand safe Also MatPat: Foxy rule 34

  • Gt not live is better then gtlive

  • MatPat: "What's missing, the lore!" Me: "Oh no! Here we go again."

  • this game is cool more of it

  • when he was laughing it sounded like bonnies groaning