JAY-Z - The Story of O.J.

Joylandi 5-Iyl, 2017
Watch the The Story of O.J. From JAY-Z’s new album, ' 4:44 ' Streaming now on TIDAL - JAY-Z.co/444
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Directed by Mark Romanek & JAY-Z

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Producer: Daniel Midgley
Production Coordinator: Lauren Wesley
Creative Director: Lisha Tan Lead
Character Design: Rustam Hasanov
Art Director: Tim Devlin
Title Design: Ilya Abulkhanov
Design: Nathan McKenna, George Fuentes, Ren Chen, Lisha Tan, Amy Graham
Animation: Justin Demetrician, Jason Kang, Kyle Moore, Mikhail Pakhomov, Tim Devlin, Evan Parsons
3D Modeling: Sasha Vinogradova
2D Lead Artist: John Shirley
Storyboard Artist: Vince Wei
Character Animation by Titmouse
Producer: Ben Kalina
Animation Director: Mike Roush
Production Manager: Brendan O’Connor
Animation: Matt Augustin, Roberto Rosi, Richard Mather, Thom McDonnell, Daran Carlin-Weber, Jonathan Peartree, George Chung, Adam Temple, Brian Pak, Mike McCraw, Dante Buford, Marius Alecse, Connie Chan
Cleanup: Jan Naylor, Yi Song, Carl Aspuria, Anthony Parrotta
Editorial by Arcade Edit
Editor: Paul Martinez
Assistant Editor: Pete Dandrea

Music video by JAY-Z performing The Story of O.J.. (C) 2017 S. Carter Enterprises, LLC. Marketed by Roc Nation & Distributed by Roc Nation/UMG Recordings, Inc.



  • This a message. Thank you jay z

  • He was able to say Jewish people own all of the property in America, and the ADL/JDL didn't come for his throat? Why not? That's a message in itself....

  • "I'm trying to give you a million dollars worth of game worth 9.99" $9.99 is how much the album is for ya'll who didn't get it.

  • So is oj honored to have this named after him

  • 2:34 based jay z

  • I cant wait to give this to my children!!! That y I hustle 💪

  • Ron Burgundy is my hero

  • Drug dealin aside, ghostwriting aside

  • Guess how i am feelin dumbest☝️.5✌️🤠

  • I can’t stop watching this I’ve rewatched it about 5 times

  • I'm asian and this is a song that i can naver sing along in front of others 🤣

    • @StopBeingRacist u better change that nickname bruh 🤣

    • It’s not for you to sing. This song isn’t for you.

  • this easily tops all the concious rap ive ever heard

  • I swear jay z is my dad in my past life

  • Who still listening to this in 2021

  • Fillip's

  • Who listening in July 2021?

  • First dude to make me listen to a song bout investments

  • I remember when this came out an hour ago how the time goes

  • The point of the song is to express how white people have viewed and will always view black folks. It’s a hard truth, but they will never actually see us as equals even if they make a conscious effort.

  • 2021??

  • Wtf how is this song all he says is nigga

    • That's literally just the hook...

    • He tells a story 😒 yea he says that a lot but it’s a good story if ya really follow along

  • Don't understand how People are Hating this, Jay is Possibly Giving you a Thousand dollars Advice, all you Got to do is Listen Carefully

  • (say anything)nigga

  • 1:40 I've had dreams like this where I was in the city and a tsunami hit

  • Let's just say that Jay-Z progressed as an artist. At this point his lyrics are sending a wake up call to EVERYONE

  • 1:54: When you a therapist and your client starts rapping.

  • There's so much in it

  • From South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🏆🏆🏆

  • Imagine a old white grandpa with a cigar playing this song in the hood driving around

  • Realistically this is the most wisest and depressing song ever Wise: because Jay is musically teaching/telling us how to buy property and invest in way more Depressing: because the visuals shows us what we’ve endured over the past 400 years and by some people watching this they most likely overlook the importance and message he’s trying to give us and stop us from doing are continuing this cycle of poverty and oppression

  • Everyone knows OJ ain’t ancient he guilty as hell every one knows he killed his wife an maybe if she was with her own kind she’d still be alive today

    • Well yeah most likely she would. But not because she's with a white man, but because she's not with a killer.

    • this.

  • This song should be play in every school in Africa.

  • This is art.

  • man.....

  • I bought some artwork for one million Two years later, that shit worth two million Few years later, that shit worth eight million I can't wait to give this shit to my children

  • کیا پوتکرن

  • Blm ✊🏿 ✊🏿 women and men

  • Stiil Nigga

  • Being a ginger I replace the N word with the G word.

    • @StopBeingRacist it's ginger not red. Calcasian and not white. How disrespectful.

    • It’s just disrespectful and completely out of context. As if being white with red hair at all compares to the message being expressed in this video.

  • What's that drum roll lick sample?

  • Chicanos feel this we going to make it

  • It’s still Mexicans

    • The way so many Mexicans casually practice anti-Blackness and engage in the institutional racism called out in this song…. No, you need to school your own people on what anti-Blackness is before once again appropriating Black art and Black artists.

  • How many Mexicans can feel this!

  • A man once told me "If money is the root of all evil, Be the devil."


  • It's irrelevant what kind of ninja you are because you're still just a ninja 🥺 DEEP!

    • @Einar ninja 😂😂😂😂

    • @Dillan Artis 😂 Still ninja 🥺

    • @Vincent H. fr. Imagine if they accidentally say nigga to 😂😂😂

    • Man I feel bad for white people that love this song 😂

  • Still ninja 🥺


  • Dreams I still hold on two, I flirt with them, the dream of great men been told,

  • I be out here struggling and hustlin. Dealin the deals. And people be out here starving or barely making it. Breaking their backs. If I made a few million bucks I’d keep one and give the rest away. No need to have more than that. It’s just insane. It’s hard to respect anyone who is a multimillionaire. It’s like wtf are you doing.

  • I love it. Jay-z speaking some real shit on this track...

  • @UZfire Thanks for recommending this song😭😭😭😭😭

  • i didnt even hurt anybody all i did was wave a airsoft gun

  • how many years in prison did this guy get out of

  • Jay z can you bring me a car with $2,013,000 in it ?

    • @Boomboom Baby ok

    • God bless the child that can hold his own , go get it yourself.

    • @iDreamer yes

    • @Larry Jr do you have a drivers license?

    • @iDreamer chrysler 200

  • I love this video!

  • 0:46 Pov Me in Brussel

  • i work at a gym and play this song a lot. funny to see white people put in headphones. "okay" 🤷‍♂️

  • It took me until 2021 to realize Jay-Z actually IS a genius. This is brilliant. The Black human is a marvel and a paragon. Live broke, die rich; protect yr legacy.

  • First video is so disrespectful and weird second not a good beat third message is weird like snoop dog booo 👎👎

  • Gjbcgjbuhi

  • This song is deeper than the grave

  • You know how to get people to stop using the N word? Stop using the N word.

  • Jay is a student of KRS one... Old heads think back to late 80s (early 90s) "No matter how rich you become American is not your home... 2020... Still nigga

  • This song motivates me.too invest my money into more money.I’ve purchased properties since 19 years old.

  • Cool looking video tbh

  • lol

  • hard song

  • Not saying it’s jay z’s best but it is my favorite from him


  • He made the House N look just like Samuel L Jacksons character from Django

  • This shit is 🔥 🔥

  • RIP Drake

  • Rich people love saying how easy it is to get rich lol you just need 1 mill to make another mill

  • I'm not black, I'm OJ... lmfao 🤭😆🙃😬🤐🙄😒🥵

  • Who here in 2021

  • I got my friend to help me sing this song

  • when you rhyme nigga with nigga

  • Free game in a song.

  • So many people would get so mad at this im happy the majority of the people here dont mind

  • Societal Observations with Classical Sampling in Post-Modern Song Structure

  • Black Is Rich

  • Working my ass off for a 3-day bender, this is my track.

  • Wild song

  • i sang this song in harlem and they beat me up and called me cracka foo

  • I’ve always wondered why jay z depicted himself( or another black man) as a kkk member. Does it have a particular meaning? Because literally nobody mentions it in video breakdowns....

  • if you truly listen to the song there is a big message

  • If your listening in 2021 you are a legend, #JAYZ

  • First yb remixed dirty Diana and then this. This man goated 🤣

  • Back in the day when racism was violence and roaming we developed a funk, a funk that entrapped the majority of us, gave us this mindset of "this is all i'm every gonna be" after we lost our black hero's, drugs came that made the problems worse, now we are in a new age where we can easily make money and the funk still has control over a majority of us black folk, like he said we gotta build generational wealth, before the white man burn that from underneath our feet.

  • Financial freedom my only hope Fuck livin' rich and dyin' broke

  • “I’m not black I’m OJ…. OK” I know most people didn’t get that line but you would really had to know OJ Simpson life back then too ..

    • @Sakshi Paul oh

    • @Quasar *killing his wife

    • @Mark Murrell OJ used to actually say "I'm not white." Because he had all white friends. So he dissociated with his own race. Then all of a sudden when he got accused of a murder, he found out real fucking quick how black he was.

    • @Mark Murrell it's talking about how OJ tried to disconnect himself from his own race, he also went to jail for beating his wife i believe

    • @Tom Kane what does it mean

  • 1:15 That pause "...ok" carries the most weight out of any bar on the song

    • @Steve Edwards facts

    • 2:35 carries the most truth

    • @YoungPacaso Yes of course :)

    • So are you going to make this in your own voice or not? 🙂

    • @Ana Uluceanu Facts

  • trans rights!

  • lol like 2017 we still had kkk members and slaves sad that people want to keep racism alive by talking about making it still a thing when jay-z has billions and complains about racism

    • @Hidan Kirito are u buddy no so stfu if America is racist then why is he a billionaire. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are born everyone can be what they want and get what they want maybe not as easy as others but anything is possible in the United States

    • He wasn't born a billionaire, he worked and earned it. Are you a billionaire?

  • 👍🏾💎🍭🌼🍉

  • He a billionair but where are you? He rap and you get a cut? nah we call that false hope wake up thats a real nigga

  • 3:05 Hov coin

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