Kakashi Considers Rock Lee GENIUS!

Joylandi 28-Okt, 2020
Rock Lee shocks everyone when he reveals what he secretly has been working on.

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Boruto Shippuden

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  • Bro i think Lee is gonna open all the 8 gates in Boruto like Guy did in shipudden 1000%....change my mind

  • He still would’ve lost he would have to still fight garra at somepoint

  • He could open the 5th gate when he was a genin., Then in shippuden he could only have 1 level upgrade???? LOL

  • 1:38 konoha senpai

  • aside from naruto ... rock lee is one of the inspiration and friend of gaara... he said that in shippuden when he met a guy that has similarity to lee

  • Naruto has no chill to kankuro

  • Kakashi gotta whip out obito’s sharingan just to watch. Love it.

  • If Lee has either nijutsu or ganjetsu he could have won, Lee has no long range or medium range attack

  • All that just for him to be irrevelant in Shippuden lol

  • I never thought this scene is foreshadowing of guy vs madara, i mean in this exam gaara is the strongest of them all, yes sasuke is strong but still in progress unlike gaara, and fighting lee who uses 8 inner gates but can open up to 5 gates, if lee faces neji and sasuke i think he can defeat them both with his technique in this arc

  • poor kakashi cant differentiate someone being a telented and a genius.

  • The moment you realize.. technically garaas mother was protecting her own son from harm.. garaa at that point.. should have gotten a therapist before entering the exams..

  • Gara, naruto: beast power Itachi, sasuke, madara, obito etc: eye power Neiji: eye power Senjus: blood power Minato,kakashi,lee,guy: pure skills ❤

  • If lee is allowed to drink sake too, gaara will never notice this lee how fast and unpredictable moves lee makes. But well thats a 1st tale beast atleast lee fight gaara with speed and almost whoop his ass

  • When Lee stood up, it has become clear that training is Lee’s state of mind

  • Guy being the strongest yet use to lose to kakashi in small rival competitions they use to have 😂

  • By the movements, hidden lotus is the early stages of Eight inner gate release formation steps to evening elephant

  • The innate timer intringuingly reject because turnover acceptably rule notwithstanding a sincere forehead. spooky, stingy harmony

  • To think Jigen existed even during this time period

  • lee in shippuden .. wasted potential

  • If lee heeded guys advice and destroyed the gourd, his later attack would have been successful. Damn, guy is big brain.

  • Its been 16 years and im still cryin watching this

  • You don't see such good fight scenes in Boruto..

  • Lee clapped a jinchuriki 😆😆


  • What happened if Lee becomes the jinchurki?

  • Fuck the leaf village

    • They lucky to have a beast like Naruto

  • I think this was the second closest moment to death gaara ever had. If he still continued to attack lee at this point ans somehow managed to suceed he would be mincemeat after guy is finished with him

  • Back when Gaara and Lee are actually OP.

  • I know that Justsu is like magic, you can do whatever the hell you want with it, but when Lee kicked Gaara into the the air, for Gaara to replace himself with a clone and then move his body without almost anybody else seeing him, that would mean that Gaara can either move at superspeed or teleport.

  • If it wasnt for plot armor gara would die around 19 times in this match

  • Lee should have gotten the W. They did Lee dirty. The 5th gate should have badly injured gaara despite that sand defense.....

  • Back time when gaara was something different 😄

  • 2:02 Quite ironic from the speaker

  • Bushy Brows Vs No Brows

  • Too sad they have to nerf rock lee so shippuuden characters can keep up

  • Guys,for real,not even all the boruto series can surpass 7:02 ,only that Lee kick is better than the whole boruto series

  • theres is two jinjiruckis in that room is that crazy wth

  • The most unforgettable fight scene ever.

  • Important and strong villains susceptible to Taijutsu Leaf Jounins: We don't teach Taijutsu here

  • So good fight, boruto has no nothinff compared to this

  • If Naruto was a well written series Lee would´ve won but still left disqualified from the tournament due to the eight-gates effects, proving that Lee was capable to win from pure effort against a natural gifted opponent. Driving the point home that with effort and dedication even someone like Lee could shine. But nope, let´s have him lose at every oportunity and make him a side character with no relevancy, yeah that´s better writting.

  • we cant ignore that guy blew away the sand by one hand only.

  • If I remember guy said that rock lee is natural drunk fist user

  • I think in one point we all agree: Guy and Lee are the strongest characters when only the pure will power matters! No kekkei genkai, no jinjuriki power

  • Gaara: this man is really putting these hands on me right now

  • Rock lee that season was badass but when the great ninja war happened the heck he was set aside🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Had Gaara wanted to, at 1:39, he could've instantly grabbed Lee's knee and crushed it. But that wouldn't be so fun for Gaara.

  • Everyone else got matched to a normal ninja, more or less... Lee : the One Tail Jinchuriki!

  • Kakashi: "This kid is a genius!" Naruto Shippuden: "I think not"

  • 8:56

  • Gaara's plot armor is so strong lee couldn't destroy it lol

  • Episode ?


  • Lee fighting gaara and might guy fighting madara are the two best highlights of entire show..

  • Lee to his opponents: Even after two of my limbs have been destroyed and I have lost consciousness, I will still stand up to continue this battle until I cannot fight anymore, for that is what the Nindo I have set in place for myself to follow requires me to do. Neji to his opponents: Noooo, you can’t beat me! It’s not destiny!

  • 表蓮華を下忍、中忍相手にするとかもう殺人。裏蓮華は論外。 相手が我愛羅じゃなかったら即失格やん!

  • When they are licking their lips i will suddenly grt the vibes of orochimaru

  • No one really said it but lee was the strongest genin for a long time and Guy was definitely the strongest amongst all the jonins. Probably even stronger than many kages.

  • Respect to Rock Lee and his incredible tenacity.

  • They ruined Shino, Lee and Neji ong

  • The thing about Gaara's sand is that it can't cause any trouble in someone's eye

  • Lee vs gara was like madara vs guy

  • One of the most thrilling fight in og after this at that time I want genin Naruto Vs genin Lee match

  • Rock lee should of had a clan that all were the only ones to use the 8 gates

  • @6:38 had to get his eye out

  • Oh no gaara is sus 😨

  • Temari underestimate the weight lee brought with him.

  • Rock Lee have the speed and offense but Gaara is a master of defense. That’s proven to most of his fights - dude is literally a walking shield. His sands protects him even if he don’t control them to do so, plus he have mid-range attacks. But this fight (and his fight with Sasuke) are what makes Rock Lee MEMORABLE, ICONIC if you will. Man I was rooting for Rock Lee at that time. When I was a kid I hated Gaara’s mean face lol. I mean look at him, he look so mean and sinister.

  • To everyone saying Lee lost to gaara I'm saying these 2 words :plot armor

  • Chapter???

  • this cant be compare in boruto this scene is lit

  • I'm fine with Gaara winning, but come on, coming from a battle like that without a scratch that's just unfair

  • 6:50 , thank me later

  • Lee nearly destroyed a guy who would become kazekage like what 3-4 months??

  • I started to watch Naruto because of this episode, introduced me to Rock Lee and Guy.

  • Whatsoever the match is,for me,Lee won 😁

  • Back when naruto had regular ninjas and not god level aliens

  • After the weight drop if you weren't hooked on this show you were just a beta male

  • The only reason i think might guy was kept alive was the fact if he was to be reanimated ,he could open all gates without side effects....he could end the battle so fast that nobody will know what hit them..!!

  • Nobody ever looked as good losing a Match as rock lee did during his fight with gaara. Even though he lost I remember thinking this guy is my favorite

  • This gaara yes he's still my cute little meow meow

  • The one who only use taijutsu vs the one who doesn't even use taijutsu Lol nice combination

  • The short transaction steadily hand because cloudy significantly enjoy after a proud liver. gleaming, stupid cow

  • Izanagi is the jutsu that can stop guy

  • hands down THE best fight in the entire anime. I always come back to watch it from time to time.

  • Back when naruto was all about how to use justsu and taijutsu to overowrr the stronger opponent now its just about whoese powerfull then who kinda miss the old naruto

  • 愛をもらえず寂しく恨ましく生きてた頃の我愛羅。でもカンクロウはともかくテマリさんは弟と姉弟として打ち解けようと頑張ってたと思う。

  • Man if they put anyone else against gara they would've died and they would've potentially lost one of the two most powerful shinobi in history. The chunnin exams are dumb lol.

  • Whole Sunagakure Anbu tried to kill Gaara and couldnt do a scratch but a leaf genin nearly won in a battle

  • Ma nigga Choji was happy af 🤣

  • Ahh that legendary scene 😍

  • 3:05 naruto 😆

  • Bruh part 1 naruto was supperior in writing and animation to everything after jesuss

  • Cant front I shed a tear for lee when his body stood up even though he was long gone

  • Classic

  • Rock Lee is clearly in the wrong universe. His speed,combat, and forms. He’d be great to beat king Piccolo for sure.

  • Que Lee hubiera podido abrir hasta la quinta, ya era más allá de las expectativas, y sinceramente ese combate era de el xd

  • They will both met in the finals if they didn't pair them on that early shitty rounds 🤒🤒🤒🤒

  • the good old days when Rock Lee was actually an important character.. lolll..... he wasn't shown much in Shippuden