Joylandi 21-Iyl, 2021

Thank you all for the support! Make sure to use Code "Bugha" in the item shop!


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  • Bugha is still better than me on 200 ping 😂😂🤣

  • Gg

  • Jätte rolig video

    • Bugha if you use reticle off on your settings your aim will be perfect me and my friends use it and it’s insane.

  • The thing is you guys are complaining about ping when mine is always at 200 soo….

  • U are a absolute legend bro I love your skin and gamemode

  • To be honest the bugha emote is pretty good but if there was a second emote it would be probable be him lifting the trophy in the air and his dog popping his head out the trophy

  • I never thought bugha would play with lazarbeam

  • GG

  • NOB

  • vai se fude

  • Bugah ur skin is fire i copped it im definitely subscribing and congrats

  • 4m

  • You

  • I have the same build settings as me I play on ps4 but on pc there the same

  • Everyone is trying to play with bugha

  • 120 being my normal ping cough* cough*

  • Bugha if you use reticle off on your settings your aim will be perfect me and my friends use it and it’s insane.

  • That boi lagging

  • Wow it’s the guy from Fortnite 😮

  • Wait there’s arena squads 😶

  • Bugha Par When Do You Play With Jelty? 🤑🤝

  • Nicee

  • Ninja

  • Nice Bugha 4Mln subscribers

  • You are the best fortnite player

  • You are better than ninja Ninja sucks

  • Bugha please add me Ethan_Raptor11

  • Nobody: bugha tries to take a wall at 120/150 ping

  • 7:26 we saw that bugha 😉😁👀 Loserfruit look back

  • Yo bugha you should play with them again but in your game mode

  • Pros in one team

  • My guy is at 130 ping

  • Nice on 4mil

  • U should of had the first icon series skin cause u won wc

  • Bugha congrats on the skin you deserved It I wish one day I choud also be like.

  • You can tell bugha plays to much much arena when he asked if the chicken could kill him

    • My name is eskilator in fortnite

  • Code bugha

  • The arena points down the bottom is a glitch

  • Those alien things are alien parasites

  • ‏i love you בוגה אני מישראל

  • Bugha your emote is so good I love I cooped your bundle with bugha in the fortnite item shop

  • Road to 4 mil!

  • I’m surprised Bugha didn’t get the first icon skin seen as he won the World Cup

  • Ur my fav fortnite player

  • Ping:200

  • hi

  • ok

  • So close to 4,000,000!!! 😁

  • Bugha congrats on winning the World Cup and congrats on getting your own skin

  • EPIC NAME Aboodi on 60fps

  • The best squad

  • My name is eskilator in fortnite

  • My name is eskilator and i am better than yuo in fortnite Can we be friends

  • I like how it looks Thatcher bugha has 0 ping

  • Why does bug have look like a 12 year old 🧐

  • Honestly the world champion style is the sweaty style but the the elite one is cool but congrats bugha for the skin!

  • Yoooo

  • Bugha:I'm the world champion Tree:no I'm the world champion

  • Bugha be like :bada bum bam pow

  • Why everyone streamsnipe bugha : to be new champion XD

  • Congratulations on your icon series skin good to see world champion in fortnite

  • I Support your skin and I love it I wear it right now

  • It’s always a good day when bugha uploads

  • First time in my life i see a youtuber playing in 100 ping holy


  • The fact that loser furit is so Irrelevant

  • Bugha you inspired me to do better keep doing what your doing

  • WTF bugha playing with 130 ping ???

  • 100% bugha will win the next world cup

  • felicidades por tus logros

  • Rocking your new skin

  • I'm surprised he's the world champion and died at the start. Like I know he was getting stream snipers but still tho he could probably handle that

  • Your skin is fire I have it and love Zoey

  • I expected bugha to get his skin sooner u know world cup winner and dat

  • Bro wtf are these thumbnails wtf there so trash

  • Trade me how to be good at fortnight my name is executor five either five and I’m bout to go to my dad so in a while so can you train me to do it because I’m not good

  • Lazar? Ahahahahah hilarious. Loser has the most beautiful gamer girl eyes I've ever seen.

  • I love how the sweatiest stream snipers came for them it's weird since the 3 L's usually get the nice ones

  • When u have 4 mill subs but can’t make good thumbnail

  • Hi bugha ur my inspiration I wish to be as good as u btw don’t mind my profile picture haha

  • Congrats you deserve this

  • Grefg: Duren 😔

  • This is proof that everyone dies sometimes , even a World Champion , keep up the good work bugha

  • Bought the skin today using code bugha

  • Your the best you and Zoey

  • im haved BUGHA skin

  • I love you bug ha

  • Hey bro congratulation on getting your own skin you deserve it

  • I loveeee youuuuuu so mutchhhhhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • where is ninja?

  • Lol bugahs dance is the same one clix would do with his dad

  • Falto ninja , the grefg

  • shouldn't you be fortnite freinds with lachy and loserfruit?

  • 6:48

  • Code bugha for ever